Victory Outreach Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment – Free Rehab Centers #non #profit #drug #rehab #centers, #victory #outreach #alcohol #and #drug #abuse #treatment


Provides non-medical drug and alcohol residential rehabilitation facilities in a structured Christian environment, including daily Bible studies, church services, and peer counseling. Program lasts 1 year.

Rehab location: 8348 Cacus Street, Spring Valley, CA 91977

Must be 18 years and older. Different residential facilities for men and for women.

Is this treatment center really free?

Most of the listings on this website are free; however, we decided it would also be helpful for our visitors to see sliding scale treatment centers and low cost rehab centers for low income persons.

Find a free drug and alcohol treatment center in your state or zip code.

Important Definitions

Sliding Scale Treatment Fees that are variable based on the clients ability to pay. Fees are reduced for lower income persons or have less money due to high expenses.

Non Profit Treatment Many non profit treatment programs are free or are lower cost due to the non profit organizations status.

Faith Based Treatment Many religious organizations offer drug and alcohol recovery treatment at no cost as part of their ministry services. Many also offer payment assistance for those that qualify.

Payment Assistance Payment assistance is available at a large group of treatment centers. We list this detail in the description. Payment assistance programs are often structured due to the situation. You will need to call the location to find out specific details on payment assistance programs.

News and Articles

The Access To Recovery Grant Program provides vouchers to substance abuse users who need clinical treatment and/or substance.

  • If you are wondering if there really are free rehab centers available to the public? The answer is, definitely yes!

    About Us is about providing the most complete list of free, low cost, sliding scale, and low income assisted rehab list on the Internet. We scoured thousands of non profit organizations that provide alcohol, drug, another other assistance with substance abuse rehabilitation.

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  • Should you take a NC Workers – Comp Settlement? #nc #workers #compensation #requirements


    Should you take a NC Workers Comp Settlement?

    One of the most critical decisions an injured NC worker will make is whether to accept a NC Workers Comp Settlement. Often an insurance adjuster or even an attorney working for an employer will contact an injured worker to discuss settlement. If you have not already consulted a Board Certified Workers Compensation Lawyer in North Carolina this is a good time to do so.

    Many workers’ compensation claims in North Carolina will eventually settle by “clincher” agreement. A “clincher” is a full and final NC workers compensation settlement. A clincher agreement is a full a final settlement and resolves all the issues in a NC workers’ compensation case, including all medical treatment and wage replacement benefits . A clincher or settlement agreement ends all compensation and is intended to entirely resolve the claim.

    There is no requirement in North Carolina that a workers’ compensation case settle and in fact some cases should not settle. A badly injured worker with an accepted workers comp claim who is permanently disabled and will require continuing medical treatment will usually be better off letting the employer/insurer pay lifetime wage replacement and medical benefits. This employee should focus on coordinating their workers’ compensation with other public and private benefits .

    The decision of whether to accept a NC Workers Comp Clincher Settlement requires an analysis of the value of the benefits the injured worker is giving up. For this reason, great care must be taken in settling a workers’ compensation claim in North Carolina before all critical medical treatment is completed and the employee has reached the end of the healing period, called Maximum Medical Improvement MMI, . Prior to MMI it is impossible to accurately evaluate future medical needs and to identify any permanent physical limitations. In accepted cases it is usually better to wait until the injured worker has reached Maximum Medical Improvement before beginning settlement discussions.

    In order to determine the value of a NC workers’ compensation clincher settlement the worker must first determine the medical treatment the worker is likely to need in the future and the cost of that treatment. This includes future medical appointments, medications, physical therapy and revisions to any medical hardware such as a revised knee replacement.

    The injured worker must also factor in the remaining wage replacement disability benefits, including total disability and partial disability payments . This evaluation should include any assigned disability rating as well as the likelihood of continuing total disability or partial disability payments over the life of the claim. If the employee is expected to receive a stream of future disability benefits then those future payments should be reduced to their current value for settlement purposes.

    Another important consideration is coordinating workers’ compensation benefits with other available benefits . Other benefits include Social Security disability, Medicare, Medicaid, private long or short term disability policies, and Social Security retirement. Settling a workers’ compensation case without regard to how it may affect these other benefits can be a serious mistake. In particular Medicare takes a dim view of a workers’ compensation claimant settling their case and then coming to Medicare to pay for medical treatment related to the injury. In fact, the law requires that injured workers consider Medicare’s interest in settling their workers’ compensation claim.

    Social Security disability payments may be dramatically affected if the settlement documents do not properly “offset” settlement proceeds . There are several methods for calculating these Social Security offsets and the injured worker is entitled to pick the one that works best for them. If the worker fails to do this Social Security will determine how the funds are treated, often to the detriment of the worker.

    Finally, it is important not to confuse the payment of a percentage disability rating with a settlement. The payment of a rating does not cut off medical benefits. (But note that medical benefits may end two years from the last payment of any compensation.) In addition, if a compensable injury worsens after a rating is paid the employee can request additional wage replacement compensation by making a change in condition claim within two years of receipt of the ratings payment. The payment of a rating is not a settlement, but does mark the beginning of an important two year deadline for additional benefits.

    Whether to accept a settlement in a North Carolina workers comp case is a complicated question. There is no settlement calculator for a NC workers comp case.

    If you have questions about whether you should accept a NC Workers Comp Settlement, please call or click for your free consultation with Board Certified Workers Compensation Specialist Kevin Bunn .

    Best Registration Software #online #school #system


    Top Registration Software Products

    Eventbrite provides cost-effective registration software to help businesses manage and promote their events online-while helping people discover events that fuel their passions. From backyard barbecues to classes to conferences to world-renowned film and music festivals, Eventbrite houses events of all shapes and sizes. As one of today s fastest-growing registration platforms, Eventbrite delivers innovative technology and low fees-and if your event is free, so is Eventbrite. Learn more. View Profile

    Eventbrite provides cost-effective, innovative registration software to help businesses set up, manage, and sell out events online. View Profile

    You have selected the maximum of 4 products to compare Add to Compare

    by Cvent

    A complete platform that handles the entire event lifecycle from start to finish. View Profile

    A complete platform that handles the entire event lifecycle from start to finish. View Profile

    You have selected the maximum of 4 products to compare Add to Compare

    by Ticket Tailor

    A ticketing system with no per-ticket fees. View Profile

    A ticketing system with no per-ticket fees. View Profile

    You have selected the maximum of 4 products to compare Add to Compare

    by Jolly Technologies

    Event registration software for all of your online and on-site event management needs. View Profile

    Event registration software for all of your online and on-site event management needs. View Profile

    You have selected the maximum of 4 products to compare Add to Compare

    by DoJiggy

    GolfRegistrations helps golf planners to successfully coordinate the full event life cycle of charity and corporate golf tournaments. View Profile

    GolfRegistrations helps golf planners to successfully coordinate the full event life cycle of charity and corporate golf tournaments. View Profile

    You have selected the maximum of 4 products to compare Add to Compare

    by TRS

    Online registration tool — general admission ticketing, conference registration, volunteer management, and much more. View Profile

    Online registration tool — general admission ticketing, conference registration, volunteer management, and much more. View Profile

    Best Places to Retire U #best #place #to #retire #in #idaho



    Boulder, Colorado and Bowling Green, Kentucky top the list of the best places to retire in the U.S. See below to find out which of our 99 great places cracked the Top Ten ranking and how they did it.

    Click on any city link below to see detailed facts.

    Find top ranked cities that match your priorities at our other Top City Lists later on this page or create a custom City List at My City Rank.

    Boulder, CO

    Ranks high in:Home Price Appreciation, Building Permit Growth, Family Income, Natural Hazard Risk, Man-Made Hazard Risk (Nuclear), Recreation
    City Type:College Town, Mountains
    Climate Type:Cool & Dry
    Local Resources:
    Find homes for sale in Boulder!

    Bowling Green, KY

    Ranks high in:Home Price Appreciation, Building Permit Growth, Taxes, Nearest Big City
    City Type:College Town, Lakes & Rivers
    Climate Type:Temperate & Humid
    Local Resources:
    Find homes for sale in Bowling Green!

    Tyler, TX

    Ranks high in:Water Quality, Medical Care, Diversity
    City Type:Lakes & Rivers, College Town
    Climate Type:Warm & Humid
    Local Resources:
    Find homes for sale in Tyler!

    San Marcos, TX

    Ranks high in:Building Permit Growth, Water Quality, Population Age
    City Type:Lakes & Rivers, College Town, Texas Hill Country
    Climate Type:Warm & Humid
    Local Resources:
    Find homes for sale in San Marcos!

    Greenville, SC

    Ranks high in:Home Price Appreciation, Taxes, Medical Care, Diversity, Recreation
    City Type:Lakes & Rivers, Mountains, College Town
    Climate Type:Temperate & Humid
    Local Resources:
    Find homes for sale in Greenville!

    Colorado Springs, CO

    Ranks high in:Big City Home Price Comparison, Water Quality, Medical Care, Man-Made Hazard Risk (Nuclear)
    City Type:College Town, Mountains
    Climate Type:Cool & Dry
    Local Resources:
    Find homes for sale in Colorado Springs!

    Athens, GA

    Ranks high in:Population Age, Nearest Big City, Diversity, Recreation
    City Type:College Town, Lakes & Rivers
    Climate Type:Warm & Humid
    Local Resources:
    Find homes for sale in Athens!

    Provo, UT

    Ranks high in:Water Quality, Population Age, Man-Made Hazard Risk (Nuclear), Recreation
    City Type:College Town, Lakes & Rivers, Mountains
    Climate Type:Warm & Dry
    Local Resources:
    Find homes for sale in Provo!

    Clarksville, TN

    Ranks high in:Home Prices, Water Quality, Taxes, Diversity
    City Type:College Town, Lakes & Rivers
    Climate Type:Temperate & Humid
    Local Resources:
    Find homes for sale in Clarksville!

    Columbia, SC

    Ranks high in:Home Prices, Population Growth, Population Density, Taxes, Medical Care, Diversity
    City Type:College Town, Lakes & Rivers, State Capital
    Climate Type:Warm & Humid
    Local Resources:
    Find homes for sale in Columbia!

    Master Electrician & Electrical Contractor #electrical, #electrician, #tx, #electric, #electrical #contractor, #master #electrician, #atascocita, #humble, #kingwood, #porter, #spring, #the #woodlands, #texas, #parco #electric


    Since 1995, Parco Electric has provided quality electric services at an affordable price. Serving Atascocita. Humble. Kingwood. Porter. Spring. The Woodlands. surrounding Texas communities, Parco Electric is an electrical contractor who specializes in all types of electrical services, whether for residential, commercial or industrial projects. Whatever your electrical project, Parco Electric is a licensed electrician who can help.

    Residential Commercial Electrical Contractor

    Licensed Master Electrician – #229766

    Over the years, Texas based Parco Electric has installed circuit breakers, completed power efficiency checks, rewired homes, installed lighting, and is experienced with generator installation with fully automatic transfers. Parco Electric takes pride in being operated by a master electrician and electrical contractor who is committed to getting every electrical job finished on time and on budget. Serving Atascocita, Humble, Kingwood, Porter, Spring, The Woodlands, Texas.

    If you live in Atascocita, Humble, Kingwood, Porter, Spring, The Woodlands, or surrounding Texas communities, and need a master electrician with years of experience then contact Parco Electric today. We are a licensed electrical contractor dedicated to providing quality workmanship to all our valued clients. At Parco Electric we are not interested in hard sales, just good, honest results that last for years.

    Call 281-816-3902 today!

    Cheap Port Macquarie Hotels: 61 Accommodation In Port Macquarie #price #hotel

    #port macquarie motels


    Cheap Port Macquarie Accommodation

    Hastings spa room

    I did enjoy my stay here, very modern and pretty, the king size bed was great and the spa was fantastic I loved it would definetly come back just for the spa. Lady at reception made us stand at the desk for more then five minutes while she was answering other phones calls, she couldn’t even smile. Other then that the room was great but we only booked it for the king size bed and the spa haha, the wifi didn’t really work either.

    Traveller from sydney

    Located in the heart of the town and within easy reach of the main road and the shopping centres, the El Paso Motor Inn More

    Hotels In Port Macquarie

    New South Wales’s Port Macquarie is located on the Mid North Coast, and it’s a popular spot for holiday-makers. We have lots of Port Macquarie hotels to choose from for the perfect stay.

    The town takes its name from the previous governor of New South Wales. Europeans first arrived in the area in the early 1800s. It was used as a convict colony for several years due to its isolated and remote location, as well as the plentiful opportunities to make prisoners complete hard labour on the lands.

    Today, many visitors come to Port Macquarie to enjoy the lovely beaches. These include Town Beach, North Shore, Rocky Beach, Flynns Beach, Shelly Beach, Nobby Beach, and Oxley Beach. There are also many waterways, and a river boat cruise is a great way to relax and take in the area’s sights. The surrounding countryside is brimming with natural attractions that are sure to both blow your mind and soothe your soul. Whether you are looking for something calming and tranquil or a high octane activity filled with adrenalin, you will certainly find something that appeals to you here. Chill out with a day’s fishing, enjoy a relaxing game of golf, or luxuriate in one of the blissful spas. Or perhaps you would enjoy the thrill of skydiving, wake boarding, water skiing, paragliding, or pounding through the lush countryside on horseback? Top attractions include the Koala Hospital, Billabong Wildlife Park, Sea Acres Rainforest Centre, and Timbertown. The Georgian St Thomas’s Church is one of the oldest in the whole country.

    Shopping and dining

    You will find a basic selection of shops as well as lots of place to eat and drink.

    Getting here and around

    There are regular flights to Port Macquarie. and, although a hire car is by far the easiest way to get around the area, there are also some local bus services. Book your Port Macquarie accommodation with us to get the adrenaline pumping or just chill out by the sea.

    More Port Macquarie hotels

    Ibis budget Dubbo #austin #motel

    #dubbo motels


    ibis budget Dubbo

    ibis budget Dubbo – hotel description

    Hotel code: 3496

    ibis budget Dubbo offers 65 guest rooms, swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, onsite parking and all-you-can-eat continental breakfast served daily. Located on the corner of the Newell and Mitchell highway and within walking distance of public transport, restaurants shopping. Ibis budget Dubbo is under 5 mins drive to the popular Western Plains Zoo, Airport, and CBD.Please use Hungry Jacks, Dubbo as your destination in your satellite navigation.

    Extras of this hotel

    Offering guests contemporary accommodation at an affordable price, ibis budget Dubbo offers a range of convenient services, which include reduced mobility guest rooms, paid WIFI access throughout the hotel, 24 hour hotel access and free onsite parking.

    Message from the hotel manager

    Mr Simon GRIMMETT, the manager of the ibis budget Dubbo hotel, would like to welcome you.

    Destination overview

    Five hours from Sydney by car or one hour by plane, Dubbo is a fascinating city with many attractions to explore. Located just five minutes from central Dubbo, ibis budget Dubbo is the ideal base for exploring the city and its surrounds. Guests staying atthis convenient Dubbo hotel are within easy reach of Dubbo’s shops, restaurants and bars, as well as Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Old Dubbo Gaol, Dundullimal Homestead, Dubbo Observatory, Shoyoen Sister City Garden and the Western Plains Cultural Centre.

    Work in this hotel

    1. Best price guarantee Lowest prices found over the following seven days.
    These prices may be based on different room types. Depending on the country, these prices may not include taxes, may include VAT only or may include all taxes (VAT and city tax). When prices do not include all taxes, the relevant taxes (VAT and/or city tax) will be stated in the following stages of the reservation process. The price is only guaranteed at the time of reservation.
    2. Paying

    Hotel classifications (1 to 5 stars for France) correspond to criteria laid down by local regulations.

    Blue Diamond Motor Inn Dubbo Motel Accommodation – Best Western Hotels Australia #hotels #edinburgh

    #dubbo motels


    Best Western Blue Diamond Motor Inn


    Stay at this centrally located Dubbo motel situated in a quiet, off the highway location close to the local RSL and City Bowling Club and a five minute walk from fine restaurants and the main shopping street.

    The Best Western Blue Diamond Motor Inn is the most meticulously clean and comfortable accommodation in Dubbo. Being in the heart of town means you will have easy access to Dubbo’s attractions such as the historic old gaol and the Western Plains (open plains) zoo.

    Best Western Blue Diamond Motor Inn offers well maintained 3.5 star rooms with queen-sized beds, split-system air conditioning and Austar satellite TV. Additional facilities at this Dubbo motel include an outdoor pool and brand new gazebo, perfect for relaxing after a long day touring local attractions.

    For friendly customer service and a central location in Dubbo, make a reservation at Best Western Blue Diamond Motor Inn today and save!

    Winner of TripAdvisor 2015 Certificate of Excellence. Learn More

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    For reservations by phone call: 131 779

    Choose a language:

    Best Western Locations in Australia

    Each Best Western® branded hotel is independently owned and operated. © 2002–2016 Best Western International, Inc. All rights reserved.

    The Arden Hotel (Stratford-upon-Avon, England) – 2016 Hotel Reviews #hotel #compare #prices

    #arden motel


    The Arden Hotel, Stratford-upon-Avon, England

    Reviewed 2 weeks ago

    This is really a little gem to find. A great location on the waterfront and friendly staff and lovely spacious room. Lovely little touch of the miniture milk bottle in the fridge for the tea/coffee etc. and the complimentry travel bag provided on check out with water and snack etc. would stay at this hotel again and would recommend it.

    gmardenhotel, Front Office Manager at The Arden Hotel, responded to this review

    Dear 865MariaW865, I would like to thank you for taking the time to share the details of your recent experience with other travellers. Our team and I were delighted to learn that you had an enjoyable stay with us and liked the little touches such as fresh milk in bedrooms and departure packs for journey home. We hope to have. More

    Reviewed 2 weeks ago

    I stayed here before starting my Shakespeare s Way walk with it being situated across the road from the RSC Theatre, it made perfect sense as I was also seeing a performance that evening. From the moment you arrive, you re treated with first class service. Everywhere is immaculately clean beautifully decorated and the staff make your first contact a. More

    gmardenhotel, Front Office Manager at The Arden Hotel, responded to this review

    Dear Jon-Michael L, I would like to thank you for rating your recent experience at The Arden Hotel so highly. I was pleased to find that you enjoyed comfort of our rooms and good quality breakfast. It made me extremely happy to learn that you found our service first class as we take great pride in our staff training and. More

    #1 Luxury Hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon #2 Romantic Hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon #3 Business Hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon #4 Family Hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon

    Official Description (provided by the hotel)

    Located in the heart of historic Stratford-upon-Avon, directly opposite the world-renowned Royal Shakespeare Company Theatres, the Arden Hotel has undergone a multi-million pound refurbishment to create an elegant and sophisticated 45-bedroom boutique-style hotel. The transformed Arden Hotel opened its doors in July 2010, and is fast becoming the flagship destination in the redeveloped World Class Stratford, enticing Shakespeare aficionados and theatre-goers from all over the globe.The luxuriously renovated Arden boasts the chic new Waterside Brasserie, a stylish Champagne Bar and spacious suites with beautiful views over the River Avon, providing an inspirational backdrop for your trip, whether for business or pleasure.Set in glorious Warwickshire, the Arden Hotel with its large car park is an ideal base for exploring some of England’s most famous and picturesque countryside, including the charming villages of the Cotswolds, the bountiful Vale of Evesham and the ancient market town of Warwick with its awe-inspiring castle. more less

    Additional Information about The Arden Hotel

    Address: 44 Waterside. Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 6BA, England

    Location: United Kingdom England Warwickshire Stratford-upon-Avon

    Free Breakfast Free High Speed Internet ( WiFi ) Free Parking Restaurant Room Service Suites Wheelchair access

    Price Range: $166 – $331 (Based on Average Rates for a Standard Room)

    Hotel Class: 4 star The Arden Hotel 4*

    Number of rooms: 45

    Reservation Options: TripAdvisor is proud to partner with Agoda, and so you can book your The Arden Hotel reservations with confidence. We help millions of travelers each month to find the perfect hotel for both vacation and business trips, always with the best discounts and special offers. Also Known As: The Arden Hotel Stratford-Upon-Avon, England

    Is This Your TripAdvisor Listing?

    Own or manage this property? Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and much more.

    Motel 6 – Galveston – Galveston, TX – Motels – Hotels #hospice #touch

    #motels in galveston tx


    Find a Motel

    Motel 6 << "GALVESTON" | titlecaseStateful >>

    Motel 6 Galveston is located near Moody Gardens, Texas A re are other hotels available on the island for maybe just 3-6 dollars more a night that are definitely worth it. This is hotel is. for lack of a better word. CRAP.

    Lori Casper

    reviewed 3 weeks ago

    The worst place I stayed in. Did not like the showers at all having 2 lil girls and trying to shower them flooded the bathroom. The floor was so nasty there feet were black from being in there 5 mins. More The worst place I stayed in. Did not like the showers at all having 2 lil girls and trying to shower them flooded the bathroom. The floor was so nasty there feet were black from being in there 5 mins and went to front desk to ask for mop because it was nasty and the lady said housekeepers were gone that she couldn t get in closet to get a mop. Wth. Didn t ask for my room number to have it took care of the next day either. The beds were hard as a rock hardly no room to walk. And my parents room had mold on shower curtains and shower floor and there floors were as dirty as ours people all hours of the night partying. Will never come back here again.

    See More Helpful Reviews

    Kristin Lyons

    reviewed 3 weeks ago

    Place to lay your head during the week. Clean. Nice staff. We forgot our shampoo and the cleaning guy ran out after us to return it. Pool is basic but clean and they provide pool towels. They have an. More Place to lay your head during the week. Clean. Nice staff. We forgot our shampoo and the cleaning guy ran out after us to return it. Pool is basic but clean and they provide pool towels. They have an ice machine, vending machines, and a laundry room. They were pretty lax about check out time and gave us extra time when we asked. Nothing extra. No fridge, hair dryer, coffee maker, microwave, shampoo, wifi, or breakfast but who goes to the beach for the hotel? (Also, for some reason we caught a ton of Pokémon here just sitting in the room. Different types popping up every 30 min. It s not a stop or nest but they just kept showing up)

    Stephen P

    reviewed 2 days ago

    Not the fanciest place but if you want to stay on the island, stay on a budget, and just need a bed and a shower, this is good for all those reasons. Be sure to take your own personal hygiene supplies. More Not the fanciest place but if you want to stay on the island, stay on a budget, and just need a bed and a shower, this is good for all those reasons. Be sure to take your own personal hygiene supplies as they have none to offer except a tiny bar of soap. Also they tell you check out time is at noon, both when you get your key and also on the door to the room as well, but don t be surprised when housekeeping comes banging on your door at 11:15 telling you rudely to leave. Hence why I am leaving 3 stars instead of 4. Get your staff together and make sure everyone is on the same page.

    Mihoshi Jackson

    reviewed 2 weeks ago

    I stayed here last night and I had a good stay. The staff at the front desk was very helpful, and I was grateful that the air was already on so that it didn t take long to get it cooled to where I wan. More I stayed here last night and I had a good stay. The staff at the front desk was very helpful, and I was grateful that the air was already on so that it didn t take long to get it cooled to where I wanted it. The only problems I had were that the electrical outlets above the table didn t work, there wasn t a outlet right under the t.v. so I could plug up the game, and the gaming hookups for the t.v. didn t work, even though it was clearly advertised on the website. But there are plenty of other outlets I was able to use. Like the other guy said I was able to catch plenty of pokemon while there and I m not talking about pidgies and rattatas. I mean jigglypuffs and ponytas.

    Best Thin Film Solar Panels – Amorphous, Cadmium Telluride or CIGS? Energy Informative #will #solar #panels #get #cheaper


    Thank You

    Your details have been received and are currently being processed.

    You will be contacted by up to three, independent, trusted solar system suppliers shortly (usually within 48 hours).

    Congratulations on taking the first step towards a rewarding green investment!

    Best Thin Film Solar Panels – Amorphous, Cadmium Telluride or CIGS?

    Thin film solar panels accounted for 11% of all solar panel sales in 2011. [1] Production capacity is expected to grow at an annual rate of 24%, reaching more than 22 GW by 2020 (or a global market share of 38% in terms module production). [2]

    There are three primary types of thin film solar panels on the market today: Amorphous silicon (a-Si), cadmium telluride (CdTe) and copper indium gallium selenide (CIS/CIGS). In the overview chart below you can see their main characteristics:

    Protocrystalline, nanocrystalline (nc-Si), black silicon, dye-sensitized solar cells (DSC) and other organic solar cells will not be covered in this article. These technologies still have a long way to go in research and development before they are ready for the market.

    Amorphous silicon (a-Si), cadmium telluride (CdTe) and copper indium gallium selenide (CIS/CIGS) have several other benefits and downsides in addition to what you read in the chart above:

    • Significantly higher temperature resistance compared to crystalline-based solar panels.
    • Many thin-film modules are flexible, which greatly increases the number of potential applications (e.g. curved surfaces, building-integrated photovoltaics).
    • Better resistance against shading.
    • Lower efficiency rates mean you need a physically larger system for the same power output.
    • Installation costs goes up because you need to install more solar panels.
    • Thin film solar panels tend to degrade faster.
    • Silicon costs are declining and silicon-based solar panels (e.g. mono- and polycrystalline) are becoming more affordable.

    Amorphous silicon (a-Si)

    The first thin film solar cells were based on amorphous silicon. The technology is most commonly used in devices that require very little power (e.g. pocket calculators) because of low efficiency rates.

    The future of larger-scale amorphous silicon solar panels does not look very bright: Sharp retired 160 out of their 320 MW production capacity in Japan earlier this year.

    Optisolar, Signet Solar, Unisolar, and many other companies that were touting the amorphous technology are acquired, bankrupt or closed.

    Energy Matters, one of the leading solar installers in Australia, recommend amorphous thin film solar panels for their customers in far North Queensland and the Northern Territory due to performance advantages in high temperatures (better heat resistance).

    Cadmium Telluride (CdTe)

    It’s all about First Solar when it comes to cadmium telluride solar panels. Abound Solar has declared bankruptcy and General Electric`s PrimeStar is failing. First Solar is the world-record holder for CdTe thin film module (14.4%) and cell (18.7%) efficiency, and backs their solar panels with a limited 25-year power output warranty. [5] The company is currently building a 230 MW solar power plant in Antelope Valley and looks to generate $0.8 billion to $1.0 billion of operating cash flow in 2013. [7]

    In some situations, typically multi-kilowatt systems in higher temperatures, CdTe-based solar panels can beat mono- and polycrystalline solar panels in terms of costs.

    There are, however, environmental issues with products that rely on cadmium – a heavy metal and potential carcinogen that can accumulate in plant and animal tissue. While the threat is minimal as long as the compound is contained within the solar panel, the disposal and recycling can be both dangerous and costly.

    Copper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIS/CIGS)

    Solyndra, MiaSolé, Nanosolar, AQT, Solopower and many more – the list of CIS/CIGS companies that have failed goes on and on. In the midst of distress sales and bankruptcies, the Japanese manufacturer Solar Frontier seems to be doing something right. The company recently built out a 1 GW factory and shipped 577 MW worth of solar panels in 2011.

    The CIGS-technology might also see some success via Hanergy, a Chinese company that has gained a strong position in the thin film solar market through the acquisition of MiaSolé and Solibro.

    In 2013, scientists at Empa, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, successfully created CIGS solar cells on flexible polymer foils with a new record efficiency of 20.4%. [3] This makes CIGS-based solar panels the highest performing thin film solar panels to date.

    Also worth mentioning is that less of the toxic material cadmium is present in CIGS solar cells (compared to solar cells made out of cadmium telluride).

    So, which thin film solar panel type is really the best? First of all, a mono- or polycrystalline solar panel is a better choice for the vast majority of homeowners. If you`re looking for a large-scale system, have the extra space required, and live in an area where the temperature is unusually high, thin film solar panels can make sense. If you want a flexible option, your options are amorphous silicon or CIGS.

    The next step would be to predict long-term earnings and costs of specific solar modules. Go for a product that is backed up with a good performance guarantee/warranty.

    If you want expert guidance to find out which solar panel is better in your situation, simply request a Free Solar Consultation .

    Professional mba programs #professional #mba #programs


    MBA – Bloomsburg

    Your MBA. Your Way. Bloomsburg University’s MBA program allows students to complete their MBA in as little as one year, or work at your own pace and complete your degree in two or more years. The MBA on the Bloomsburg University campus offers a unique blend of face-to-face, online, and hybrid courses to offer students exceptional flexibility.

    Registration is Easy

    There is a rolling admission process, so applications are accepted year-round. Students are admitted based on an evaluation of past academic achievement, aptitude for advanced study, professional accomplishments, and motivation to succeed. Degrees earned from non-United States universities will be judged individually.

    An Accredited Program

    Bloomsburg’s business programs have AACSB Accreditation, the hallmark of excellence in business education that has been earned by less than five percent of the world’s business programs.

    Affordable Excellence

    At Bloomsburg, you can save more than $1,500 on tuition for every course compared to competing programs from institutions such as Temple, Drexel and Villanova.

    Complete your MBA in One Year! Bloomsburg University’s MBA program allows students to complete their MBA in three semesters. Students take four courses in the fall, four courses in the spring, and four courses in the summer to complete their degree. The MBA on the Bloomsburg University campus offers a unique blend of face-to-face, online, and hybrid courses to offer students exceptional flexibility.

    Principled Leadership, Ethics, and Professional Development

    Financial and Managerial Accounting

    Human Resource Skills for Managers

    Operations and Supply Chain Management

    Managing People in Organizations

    Strategic Information and Technology Management

    Managerial Decision Making

    Professional MBA

    Complete your MBA in 2 or more years at your own pace! The MBA on the Bloomsburg University campus offers a unique blend of face-to-face, online, and hybrid courses to offer students exceptional flexibility and minimizes professional and personal conflicts!

    Financial and Managerial Accounting
    Marketing Management

    Operations and Supply Chain Management
    Financial Management

    Strategic Information and Technology Management
    Managerial Decision Making

    Principled Leadership, Ethics, and Professional Development
    Human Resource Skills for Managers

    Managing People in Organizations
    Global Business

    MBA Practicum
    Strategic Management

    Graduate Certificate of Management

    Get ahead and stay ahead with a Graduate Certificate of Management from Bloomsburg University. Complete your certificate in as little as two semesters by taking six MBA courses (18 credits)! Courses offered on the Bloomsburg University campus offer a unique blend of face-to-face, online, and hybrid to offer students exceptional flexibility and minimize professional and personal conflicts!

    Schedule of courses

    Financial and Managerial Accounting

    Operations and Supply Chain Management

    Leadership, Ethics, and Professional Development

    Human Resource Management Skills for Managers

    Managing People in Organizations

    Strategic Information and Technology Management

    Managerial Decision Making

    Tax Levy FAQ: IRS Levy Frequently Asked Questions #levy #tax


    Tax Levy FAQ: IRS Levy Frequently Asked Questions manny 2015-08-20T19:44:50+00:00

    Tax Levy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Can a Tax Levy be stopped?

    • A tax levy can be stopped. When the IRS sends their final notice of intent to levy they are giving 30 days for the taxpayer to resolve their problem before the begin to levy. The IRS does not want to levy any taxpayer s assets, it is a last resort effort to collect taxes from the uncooperative taxpayers. Some ways to stop the levy are by appealing the levy, pay the IRS in full, enter into an installment agreement, or to file for an offer in compromise.

    What assets can the IRS take through a levy?

    • The IRS can take almost anything of value from you that can be used to satisfy tax debt. There is a small list of things they cannot take, but most things they can legally take. The most common assets they seize are wages, vendor payments due to you, money from bank accounts, commissions, employee travel advances, SSA benefits, property, rights to property, and anything else of value that can satisfy the tax liability.

    What can t the IRS take through a tax levy?

    • A few things the IRS cannot take are the following: welfare, SSI, disability payments, court ordered child support, school books, clothing, livestock if farmer, tools used for a job, undelivered mail, workers compensation benefits and other exemptions that are related to the annual cost of living.

    What if I don t agree with the notice of intent to levy?

    • The IRS does make mistakes sometimes and will misplace payments or get paperwork mixed up, so it is possible you received a levy by accident. Or even if you don t think they went through the levy process the right way etc, you have a right to appeal the levy. It is important that you both call the notice listed on the levy and file for an appeal .

    Can a tax levy be released?

    • Yes you can release a tax levy. The IRS requires you to get back into compliance with your taxes before they stop the levy. You can release the levy by paying in full, settling through an offer in compromise, setting up a payment plan with the IRS, having the statute of limitations expire on the taxes that are due or by getting declared uncollectible.

    How can I avoid a Levy?

    • The best way to avoid a tax levy is by staying in full compliance with IRS taxes and taking immediate action to any notices the IRS may send you. If you cannot afford to pay your taxes it is important to let the IRS know and arrange some other form of tax debt settlement.

    What is the difference between a tax levy and a tax lien?

    • A tax lien is only the governments invisible claim on the property that is owned by the taxpayer, but a tax levy is the actual seizure of the assets owned by a taxpayer. With a levy the IRS can take money from bank accounts, garnish wages, or even seize physical property owned by the taxpayer.

    Are there tax professionals that can help with a tax levy?

    • Yes, there are many tax professionals out there that specialize in finding solutions for taxpayers that are in trouble. The IRS s complexity has spawned many great companies to hire trained professionals that have lots of experience in making the various different forms of tax filings required when settling tax debt. Find more information on how our tax levy services work.

    Response Rate Statistics for Online Surveys -What Numbers Should You be Aiming For? #response-rate


    FluidSurveys is no longer accepting new signups or payments as of October 1, 2016 .

    Not to worry, we’ve got a great option for you! We encourage you to try SurveyMonkey for your survey needs.
    Questions? Visit our Help Center.

    Response Rate Statistics for Online Surveys -What Numbers Should You be Aiming For?

    In the survey researcher’s world there is little more important than keeping response rates high and drop outs low. In fact, over the life span of FluidSurvey University our articles have been obsessed with combatting low response rates to ensure survey success. Whether it be the preliminary steps of research design or the later stages of population sampling. there are tricks to increasing response rates.

    In our recent article, “What’s the difference between Response Rate and Completion Rate? ” we looked at the definition of each statistic and how low results in either can compromise the validity of your collected data. Today we’ll be revealing data about the average online survey’s response and completion rates, letting you know industry standards and what you should be aiming for.

    What is the Average Online Survey Response Rate?

    In the realm of survey research, the response rate represents the number of people who completed your survey divided by the sample size (or number of people you tried to contact). Of course, here at FluidSurveys. we are interested in online research and will therefore be calculating the average response rate for only online surveys. Our response rate will also exclude all forms of pop-up and embed surveys because these methods of online research do not have a set sample size. (TIP: You can learn your target sample size by clicking here to visit our Sample Size Calculator )

    Using these parameters, we took the average response rate for all email surveys conducted on FluidSurveys. The result was a response rate of 42%. This is an amazing number, but not quite accurate. We can assume many of these surveys are conducted internally (surveying employees usually approaches the 90% response mark!) or are conducted on a very low sample size as is the case with many of our free user clients. So, in order to better represent general public survey response rates we had to change our sample group. After excluding free users, surveys that received less than 100 responses, and the outlying 5% we are left with a much more representative response rate:

    Average Response Rate for Email Surveys = 24.8%

    When surveying the general public, a response rate of 24.8% looks great when compared to the telephone surveying standard of around 8-12%. However, it is no secret that this number can stand to be increased.

    The Two Pronged Defence Against Low Response Rates

    If you are receiving response rates lower than 25%, don’t panic! You may have a difficult to reach sample group or your survey topic may be more sensitive than others. No matter how good your research plan is, your response rate will differ based on its topic and target audience. Inversely, even the best surveys can be tweaked to increase their response rate.

    Improving a survey’s response rate should have two main focuses; increasing email clicks and reducing survey dropouts! Stemming from these two focuses are two equally important statistics. First is the number of views your survey receives divided by the total number of people contacted. This reflects your emails ability to get people to enter your survey. The second statistic is the number of people who completed your survey divided by the number of people who actually entered it. This stat measures your survey’s overall completion rate.

    Looking at the same sample base we used for our average response rate, we found both the:

    Average Percentage of Views per Email Contact = 31.6%
    Average Completion Rate = 78.6%

    So what can we learn from these two numbers. It should come as no surprise that getting someone to click your email and enter your survey will be the biggest difficulty to gathering responses. Beyond factors reliant on the survey topic and its creator, things like spam filters, dummy email accounts, and unreliable email browsers can make it difficult to receive a survey view rate beyond 50%. However, if you’re having a difficult time getting better than 30%, we have a few articles below that can help you make some changes for the better.

    Much more astounding is the average completion rate. 78.6% depicts a dropout rate of around 21%! These are people who willingly entered your survey and decided to leave before reaching the finish. If you find your completion rate lower than 80%, it is time to reevaluate your survey and make some changes. Below we have several FluidSurveys University articles that will help you pump up this number.

    Give Your Response Rate a Power Boost!

    So now that you have these response rate statistics, you know where your survey stands with others. Now it’s time to improve across the board! A good place to start is reading our articles on lowering drop outs and increasing response rates. If you haven’t already, the most essential article to begin with is our last FluidSurveys University post What is the Difference between a Response Rate and a Completion Rate? This goes in depth on the nature of these statistics and what they mean for your survey data. Below are some suggested posts for tips on increasing both email clicks and completion rates.

    Articles on Increasing Email Clicks:

    Articles on Increasing Completion Rates:

    Ready to implement a survey but don’t have a FluidSurveys account yet? Get into contact with us or visit our pricing page. you’ll be gathering responses in no time!

    This article should be required reading for people who are new to conducting online surveys! Average Response Rate for Email Surveys = 24.8% . Was this calculated by averaging the response rate for all surveys in your pool, or by dividing the total number of responses in the pool by the total number contacted? It seems kind of high compared other studies I ve read, which put the average between 10-15%, and my own experience with samples of large populations.

    Hi Matt!
    We calculated our response rate by taking all the email list surveys sent using our software and averaging the percentage of people on the email list who completed the survey. We also added in the parameters of removing the free users, including surveys that have a contact list of at least 100 people and removing the outlying 5%. This is how we received a response rate average of 24.8%.
    That being said it is not surprising that other studies have received lower averages, especially when looking at general public surveys, where respondents are less invested in a survey s success. All surveys will have different response rates based on the nature of the information they are collecting and the group of people they are surveying. The best thing to do is focus on improving your response rates through tightening up your research methods.
    Thanks fore your insights, Matt!

    I don t know the specifics about your survey, but since the survey category is employee feedback you should be able to get a relatively high response rate. 30-50% is already on the high side when it comes to normal surveys though. Setting a goal for 90% without making the survey a required part of employment (like a year end review survey) is an incredibly hard response rate to reach.
    Think about your sample size and your respondents incentive. The larger the sample size, the more likely it will fall in the 30-50% range. Which isn t necessarily bad as the larger the sample size the lower the required response rate to meet your confidence level needs.
    If there is no incentive, your employees will have little reason to invest there time in the survey other than for the importance of the research itself. This is the reason an employee feedback survey will have a somewhat higher response rate on average. Employees have an invest interest in their workplace.
    If your survey isn t a required part of employment for your respondents and you cannot provide a substantial incentive, create a lower response rate goal (say 60%). Then try to meet that goal through implementing the better email and survey writing best practices. The articles linked at the end of this post are a great starting point to learning these best practices.
    Here s one tip. Try sending your survey invites at times throughout the day and week that are least busy for your employees. A respondent is most likely to participate if they have time the moment they open the email. If they are busy when they open the email, they will set it aside for later and most often forget about it.

    Hope this helps,

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    Best Undergraduate Business Schools in the U #best #business #schools #undergraduate, #best #undergraduate #business #schools


    Best Undergraduate Business Schools in the U.S.

    Find schools that offer these popular programs

    • Accounting and Bookkeeping
    • Business Economics
    • Business Finance
    • Business Management and Operations
    • Business Marketing
    • Business Support and Administrative Services
    • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development
    • Hospitality Management
    • Human Resource Management
    • Information System Management
    • International Business
    • Sales and Merchandising
    • Specialized Sales

    School Information

    Undergraduate business programs typically include a core set of classes in finance, economics, accounting, management and marketing. They usually lead to a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Business.

    1. University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA

    School Highlight: Students at this university’s Wharton Business School will be required to study a foreign language.

    In 2015, the University of Pennsylvania had the number one undergraduate business school in the country, according to U.S. News World Report. Undergraduate students can pursue a generalized Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Economics, which offers concentrations in 20 areas, including public policy and business, business ethics and legal studies, real estate, retailing and statistics. Additional school features include the chance to establish professional contacts at recruiting events or use the school’s alumni database to gain advice from business professionals.

    2. University of Notre Dame in Notre Dame, IN

    School Highlight: This university offers approximately 50 centers, institutes and academic support groups.

    Undergraduates can earn a BBA with a major in accounting, information technology or management consulting; majors in marketing, finance or entrepreneurship are also available. Students can also pursue research opportunities and study abroad programs in Egypt, Japan or other locations.

    Top Undergraduate Business Schools

    Undergraduate programs in business usually give students a thorough understanding of all aspects of the field, and most include.

    Business certificates are available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Find out more about these programs to decide.

    Read about some of the best schools for business, which can help students prepare for leadership positions at public and.

    Learn about the top schools for business, which can help students prepare for careers in management, finance, marketing and.

    • B.S. Accounting
    • B.S. Business Administration – Human Resource Management
    • B.S. Business Administration – No Specialization
    • B.S. General Studies – Business
    • B.S. General Studies – Entrepreneurship
    • B.S. General Studies – Marketing
    • A.S. Business
    • A.S. General Studies – Business
    • A.S. Accounting
    • A.S. General Studies – Entrepreneurship
    • A.S. General Studies – Marketing
    • View more
    • BA in Business Administration – Management
    • BA in Accounting
    • BA in Business Administration – International Business
    • BA in Business Administration – Human Resources
    • BA in Business Administration – Marketing
    • Business Administration, BA – Management
    • AA in Accounting
    • Bachelor of Science in Business for Secondary Education
    • BS in Applied Management
    • BS in Accounting
    • BS in Business Admin.
    • BS in Entrepreneurial Studies
    • BS in Finance and Economics
    • View more

  • Portarlington Beach Motel, Queenscliff Motels from $98 #hospice #aide

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    Portarlington Beach Motel


    When you stay at Portarlington Beach Motel in Portarlington, you’ll be by the sea and convenient to Portarlington Golf Club. This motel is within the region of Adventure Park Geelong and Queenscliff Ferry.

    Make yourself at home in one of the 16 air-conditioned rooms featuring refrigerators and microwaves. Flat-screen televisions and DVD players are provided for your entertainment, while complimentary wireless Internet access keeps you connected. Private bathrooms have complimentary toiletries and hair dryers. Conveniences include coffee/tea makers, and both irons/ironing boards and cribs/infant beds (surcharge) are available on request.

    Take advantage of recreation opportunities such as a seasonal outdoor pool, or other amenities including complimentary wireless Internet access and tour/ticket assistance. Additional features include a picnic area and barbecue grills.

    Business, Other Amenities

    Featured amenities include a business center and luggage storage. Free self parking is available onsite.


    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Facilities for Disabled Guests
    • Outdoor pool
    • Air-conditioned
    • Non-smoking rooms available
    • Terrace/Patio
    • Business center
    • Concierge service
    • Pets not allowed
    • Free parking
    • Designated smoking area
    • Storage available

    Less More

    Places to stay listed by area in Plumas County, Northern California #hotels #near #hyde #park

    #local motels



    Welcome to Quincy, the Plumas County seat, nestled against the western slope of the Sierra Nevada range and tucked at the edge of the lush American Valley. Quincy was recently named one of 2013’s “Coolest Small Towns” by Yahoo Travel. The largest community in Plumas County, Quincy is located midway between Oroville and Reno on the Feather River National Scenic Byway (State Route 70). Quincy’s Main Street is known for its attractive downtown historic buildings that have been the focus of preservation and restoration. This enchanting town features a strong commitment to the arts, with numerous musical and dramatic events being staged at the historic Town Hall Theatre and the West End Theatre, both on Main Street.

    Just west of Quincy is Feather River College. a two-year college set on a hill overlooking the valley. “FRC” is well- known for its outdoor recreation, equine studies and natural resource curricula. For more information on the Quincy area, call the Quincy Chamber of Commerce at 530-283-0188.


    Winner of the 2012 Fodor’s Choice selection.

    Four fully furnished, garden level cottages provide a lovely alternative to traditional motels and hotels in Quincy. Located one block from downtown Quincy and a short five minute drive to Feather River College. Free high speed WiFi, no stairs to climb, and parking next to your door!

    Average rates: $110 to $145/night

    7 miles north of Quincy at Keddie
    Unique river rock 3 bedroom, 1 bath cottage with 200 feet of creek frontage.
    No smoking,
    Pets with prior approval.

    Average rates: $175/day/ 3 day minimum or $1,000/wk

    “The atmosphere you came to the mountains for!”

    11 uniquely decorated units in a scenic setting. All units have A/C, DirecTV, free WiFi, a microwave, refrigerator, coffeemaker, and a teddy bear on every bed. Close to Feather River College, Gansner Park, and just one mile from downtown Quincy.

    Average rates: $79 to $89 per night

    Steps from the Historic Courthouse and downtown Quincy
    2 Cottages with European Pillowtop King Bed, Daybed w/ trundle
    5 European Pillowtop Queen Bed Rooms
    Beautifully appointed Cottages and Rooms all have: Free WiFi, Flat screen TV with premium satellite and music channels, microwave, refrigerator, coffee. Luxury organic bath amenities and much more. Old World Charm awaits your visit.

    Average rates: $110 to $145/night

    Guest Ranch

    10 miles east of Quincy

    A relaxing western vacation with comfortable country- style lodging.
    16 one and two bedroom cabins
    10 private rooms in the lodge
    Horseback, restaurant, pool, Open all year

    Rates vary – please ask for quote


    Winner of the 2012 Fodor’s Choice selection.

    Four fully furnished, garden level cottages provide a lovely alternative to traditional motels and hotels in Quincy. Located one block from downtown Quincy and a short five minute drive to Feather River College. Free high speed WiFi, no stairs to climb, and parking next to your door!

    Average rates: $110 to $145/night

    60 rooms, open all year, pets OK Continental breakfast, DVD players w/movies, phones in rooms, credit cards ok

    Average rates: $69 to $136/night

    20 rooms, pool, TV, phones, credit cards ok, open all year

    Average rates: $58 to $95night

    “The atmosphere you came to the mountains for!”

    11 uniquely decorated units in a scenic setting. All units have A/C, DirecTV, free WiFi, a microwave, refrigerator, coffeemaker, and a teddy bear on every bed. Close to Feather River College, Gansner Park, and just one mile from downtown Quincy.

    Average rates: $79 to $89 per night

    4 Luxury downtown suites. kitchens, laundry, nonsmoking, A/C, open all year, minimum stay, no pets, kitchens, TV’s, fireplace, laundry facility, wine bar, credit cards ok.

    Average rates: $109 to $175/night

    Steps from the Historic Courthouse and downtown Quincy
    2 Cottages with European Pillowtop King Bed, Daybed w/ trundle
    5 European Pillowtop Queen Bed Rooms
    Beautifully appointed Cottages and Rooms all have: Free WiFi, Flat screen TV with premium satellite and music channels, microwave, refrigerator, coffee. Luxury organic bath amenities and much more. Old World Charm awaits your visit.

    Average rates: $110 to $145/night

    30 rooms, some with kitchens, fridges and microwaves available, TV’s, phones in room, picnic area, credit cards ok, open all year, pets ok. Some A/C. Nonsmoking.

    Average rates: $66 to $126/night

    28 rooms, open all year, pets OK, TV’s, phones in room, picnic area, credit cards.

    Average rates: $65 to $95/night

    Pet Friendly

    One bedroom apartment in an historic home
    Downtown Quincy
    Murphy bed, full kitchen
    Pet friendly

    Average rates: $125/night – two night minimum
    Listed with Airbnb

    7 miles north of Quincy at Keddie
    Unique river rock 3 bedroom, 1 bath cottage with 200 feet of creek frontage.
    No smoking,
    Pets with prior approval.

    Average rates: $175/day/ 3 day minimum or $1,000/wk

    60 rooms, open all year, pets OK Continental breakfast, DVD players w/movies, phones in rooms, credit cards ok

    Average rates: $69 to $136/night

    10 miles east of Quincy

    A relaxing western vacation with comfortable country- style lodging.
    16 one and two bedroom cabins
    10 private rooms in the lodge
    Horseback, restaurant, pool, Open all year

    Rates vary – please ask for quote

    Contemporary attic loft apartment in 1906 home, located in historic downtown Quincy Nonsmoking, pets okay, kitchen, TV, open all year, credit cards ok.

    Average rates: $150/day/ 2 day minimum or $800/wk

    “The atmosphere you came to the mountains for!”

    11 uniquely decorated units in a scenic setting. All units have A/C, DirecTV, free WiFi, a microwave, refrigerator, coffeemaker, and a teddy bear on every bed. Close to Feather River College, Gansner Park, and just one mile from downtown Quincy.

    Average rates: $79 to $89 per night

    30 rooms, some with kitchens, fridges and microwaves available, TV’s, phones in room, picnic area, credit cards ok, open all year, pets ok. Some A/C. Nonsmoking.

    Average rates: $66 to $126/night

    28 rooms, open all year, pets OK, TV’s, phones in room, picnic area, credit cards.

    Average rates: $65 to $95/night

    Vacation Rentals

    Winner of the 2012 Fodor’s Choice selection.

    Four fully furnished, garden level cottages provide a lovely alternative to traditional motels and hotels in Quincy. Located one block from downtown Quincy and a short five minute drive to Feather River College. Free high speed WiFi, no stairs to climb, and parking next to your door!

    Average rates: $110 to $145/night

    One bedroom apartment in an historic home
    Downtown Quincy
    Murphy bed, full kitchen
    Pet friendly

    Average rates: $125/night – two night minimum
    Listed with Airbnb

    7 miles north of Quincy at Keddie
    Unique river rock 3 bedroom, 1 bath cottage with 200 feet of creek frontage.
    No smoking,
    Pets with prior approval.

    Average rates: $175/day/ 3 day minimum or $1,000/wk

    Contemporary attic loft apartment in 1906 home, located in historic downtown Quincy Nonsmoking, pets okay, kitchen, TV, open all year, credit cards ok.

    Average rates: $150/day/ 2 day minimum or $800/wk

    Brand new one bedroom cabin on three acres. Full kitchen, nonsmoking, laundry, picnic area, open all year. No phone (cell phones work using Verizon network), no TV, pets considered.

    $110 per night – weekly rates available

    Walk to downtown Quincy
    Large farmstyle house
    2 bedrooms, 2 baths

    Average rates $150 to $200
    Two night minimum

    Portarlington Beach Motel #dog #hospice

    #portarlington beach motel


    Portarlington Beach Motel

    Portarlington. Great beaches, taste-tempting food, top-quality wines and excellent accommodation

    Portarlington Beach Motel – affordable accommodation a short drive from Geelong and Melbourne. Portarlington has a rich history as the preferred seaside escape for Melburnians. Located on the northern tip of the Bellarine Peninsula you will find a village rich in history with sweeping views across the water to Melbourne’s skyline and the You Yang’s.

    Portarlington Beach Motel has 16 neatly presented rooms with personal outdoor settings attached. Excellent foreshore reserves with play equipment for children and picnic and barbecue facilities add to the resort atmosphere – a great choice when searching for accommodation along the Great Ocean Road.

    Portarlington, Victoria is located accross Port Phillip Bay south of Melbourne.

    Portarlington Beach Motel

    153-155 Newcombe Street Portarlington. VIC 3223 Australia

    Tel: 03 5259 3801 | Fax: 03 5259 3993 | Toll Free: 1800 059 639

    Lat: -38.1160899226247 Long: 144.663677215576

    Port Macquarie Accommodation #home #health #and #hospice

    #port macquarie motels



    We offer quality Port Macquarie accommodation at affordable rates at the Mid Pacific Motel. The Mid Pacific Motel is perfectly located in the very heart of Port Macquarie. Our perfect position at the edge of Town Wharf on the beautiful Hastings River means beaches, shopping, restaurants and entertainment are just outside your door. Relax in one of our newly renovated, comfortable rooms which all overlook the water and come fully equipped. Book your next work trip or holiday in Port Macquarie with us.


    Standard Twin

    • Queen and Single beds
    • Balcony with waterview
    • Free Wifi
    • Free Austar
    • Free off street parking
    • In the heart of town


    Executive Double

    • Refurbished 4 Star comfort
    • Queen size bed
    • Balcony with waterview
    • Free Wifi
    • Free Austar
    • Free off street parking


    Executive Twin Suite

    • Refurbished 4 Star comfort
    • Queen and single beds
    • Balcony with waterview
    • Free Wifi
    • Free Austar
    • Free off street parking


    2-Bedroom Executive

    • Refurbished 4 Star comfort
    • 2 x Queen size beds
    • Balcony with waterview
    • Free Wifi
    • Free Austar
    • Free off street parking


    Waterfront Suite

    • Refurbished 4 Star comfort
    • Queen size and single bed
    • Balcony with waterview
    • Free Wifi
    • Free Austar
    • Free off street parking



    Motels in Drysdale from $79 #motels #near #yosemite

    #portarlington beach motel


    Drysdale Motels

    Prices are either the average per night price per room, or first night of stay. You can select to display the prices with or without our estimate of taxes & fees (which may not appear on provider’s booking page but will be charged at hotel checkout). Before you complete your reservation, verify the total cost on the provider’s site. Prices and availability are not guaranteed .

    We’re not the seller
    At KAYAK we don’t set prices, so it’s not possible for us to guarantee what other companies are selling.

    We aggregate tons of data for you
    Our service lets you quickly and easily compare results from hundreds of travel sites at once. In this sense, KAYAK is a search engine and we don t guarantee prices we find.

    Why aren’t prices accurate 100% of the time?
    Prices on airline seats, hotel rooms and car rentals can change frequently. Several people may also be trying to buy the same travel option simultaneously. As a result, you may find on occasion that certain prices are no longer available.

    More questions or if you have a bad price to report to us
    Please send us an email and someone from our team will get back to you promptly.

    “Est total” is an estimated total which includes our estimate of the taxes and fees which may be charged by the provider. Please verify the total cost on the provider’s site before you complete your reservation.

    “Est total” is an estimated total which includes our estimate of the taxes and fees which may be charged by the provider. Please verify the total cost on the provider’s site before you complete your reservation.

    “Total” includes taxes and fees charged by the provider per room per night.

    Total cost for all nights including taxes and fees.

    “Est total” is an estimated total which includes our estimate of the taxes and fees which may be charged by the provider. Please verify the total cost on the provider’s site before you complete your reservation.

    “Est total” is an estimated total which includes our estimate of the taxes and fees which may be charged by the provider. Please verify the total cost on the provider’s site before you complete your reservation.

    “Total” includes taxes and fees charged by the provider per room per night.

    Total cost for all nights including taxes and fees.

    Unless noted below, prices include all taxes & fees (which may not appear on provider’s booking page but will appear at hotel checkout).

    Unless noted below, prices include all taxes & fees (which may not appear on provider’s booking page but will appear at hotel checkout).

    Birmingham criminal attorney #birmingham #criminal #attorney


    Lightfoot Franklin White LLC Trial Appellate Counsel

    R. Ashby Pate

    Ashby may have the most interesting resume of any lawyer practicing in the State of Alabama. He has served as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Palau, where he helped design the island nation’s first-ever jury trial system. He also served as a judicial clerk to United States District Judge U.W. Clemon, one of Alabama’s civil rights pioneers. Ashby was the Editor-in-Chief of the Law Review for Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law, and he later earned an LL.M. in International Commercial and Business law from the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England, where he graduated first in his class and was awarded the Sir Roy Goode Prize in international law. He is one of only 50 distinguished lawyers and judges in Alabama currently serving on the American Law Institute, where he contributes to many of the Restatement projects published by that prestigious body.

    Since he returned to the firm in 2016, he has resumed his role as an advocate in some of the most important, and sometimes controversial, matters the firm handles. Most recently he was appointed co-prosecutor in the widely-publicized judicial ethics trial of Alabama’s “Ten Commandments” judge, Chief Justice Roy Moore. Ashby delivered closing arguments in the trial, arguing that a January 6, 2016 Administrative Order issued by the Chief Justice constituted defiance of the U.S. Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision in Obergefell v. Hodges. In a unanimous verdict, the Alabama Court of the Judiciary suspended the Chief Justice from office for the remainder of his elected term, without pay.

    Ashby is also a sought-after public speaker. A recent speech of his, Be the Light. which has already garnered thousands of views on YouTube, stresses the importance of human connection in the practice of law. Ashby has been invited to speak to organizations across the country and the state, including giving the keynote address, alongside Justice Anthony Kennedy of the United States Supreme Court, at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ Law Clerk Orientation in San Francisco, a speech to the American College of Trial Lawyers’ spring meeting in Maui, a presentation to the Alabama State Bar annual meeting, and many more.

    Before his appointment to the bench, Ashby worked at Lightfoot from 2010 – 2013, during which time he cultivated a general commercial litigation practice and was voted a 2013 Top International Law Attorney by Birmingham Magazine’s Survey of over 2,000 Alabama lawyers. Today, Ashby focuses his practice on international disputes, appellate practice, white collar crime, and medical device litigation. He is married to Christine Caiola of Birmingham, Alabama, and the couple now have two young girls. Prior to law school, Ashby toured regionally in the Southeastern United States in two different bands, releasing two albums of original music. Ashby is also the author of a children’s book about Palau, titled “Sweet Dreams Palau,” published by the Etpison Museum.

    NEWS about R. Ashby

    Presentations Publications

    Biological Sciences Marine Biology #florida #institute #of #technology, #florida #tech, #fit, #college #of #science, #cos, #biological, #marine, #biology


    What is Marine Biology?

    Marine Biology spans a broad range of biological investigations, including the study and experimental use of marine organisms like mammals, fish, crustaceans, corals, molluscs, seagrasses algae and echinoderms.

    What Will I Study?

    Florida Tech’s undergraduate marine biology program was one of the first of its kind in the United States, started in 1971. Students are provided with a strong background in general biology, such as biometry, genetics and biochemistry. Additional specialized courses that focus on the biology and ecology of marine organisms include invertebrate zoology, fish biology, marine biology, marine ecology, marine mammals and summer field courses in Australia, Jamaica and the Bahamas.

    What Courses Will I Take?

    Review the core courses online at the University Catalog. In addition to the required program core courses, elective courses can be selected in biology, chemistry, environmental science and oceanography.

    What Research Opportunities are Available?

    In addition to research opportunities provided through our Office of Sponsored Programs and other university sources, we offer unique and exciting field research opportunities as part of the curriculum.

    Our Ecology majors are required to take at least two summer field courses, but students in other disciplines are encouraged to enroll in these courses as well:

    • Tropical Ecology of Costa Rica
    • Tropical Ecology of Peru
    • Field Biology and Ecology in Africa
    • Australian Ecosystem Ecology
    • Smoky Mountains
    • Florida Barrier Islands
    • Bahamas Reef Ecology
    • Rocky Mountains

    Why study Marine Biology at Florida Tech?

    • Ranked #7 among the country’s marine biology programs (Gourman Report 1998)
    • Broad training in biological sciences with specialization in marine topics
    • Intense hands-on field, ship-board and laboratory experiences, beginning in freshman year
    • Undergraduate research opportunities including work-study, volunteer assistant and formal research courses
    • Located on the Indian River Lagoon, the most diverse estuary in North America

    150 W. University Blvd. Melbourne, FL 32901

    How to Make A Rough-In Plumbing Diagram #basement #plumbing #rough-in


    How to Make A Rough-In Plumbing Diagram

    If you are getting ready to build or remodel a bathroom, it is a good idea to create a rough-in plumbing diagram before you do any work. By doing so, you are essentially creating a map of where your plumbing will located. Once you have completed your rough-in plumbing diagram, you will be ready to start construction.

    Gather the necessary tools. You will most likely need a measuring tape, paper and pencil, notepad, and a chalk-line (if applicable). These basics will help you properly measure and pinpoint the location of where your plumbing will be located in your bathroom.

    Measure the size of your bathroom. Once you have done so, record the numerical data on your notepad. With your chalk line, make note of where each individual accessory will be in the bathroom. This includes your bathtub or shower, toilet, sink, and vanity.

    Check to see if you are connected to city water or if you have a septic system. By doing so, you are pin-pointing the source of your water. If you are connected to city water, you will have a drain system coming into your house from the street. In many older houses, you may be able to see the drain line under the foundation.

    Identify the primary drainage stack inside your house. This is where your kitchen sink, toilet, and shower on the main level of your house drain too. Measure and record the distance between the closest point of the street drain system and your house drain stack. This is where you will make a connection point once the concrete has been broken up.

    Record all of your data and call a licensed plumber. He can check your work to make sure everything is accurate and up to code. Remember to not attempt any demolition or construction that you do not think you have the ability to complete. Remember that you will have to obtain all of the proper permits before you complete your bathroom.

    Makgahlela Mashaba Attorneys – Attorneys – Converyancers #attorneys #medical


    Toughest Defense Lawyers for Your Money

    The Founder

    Lodwick Mashaba, an ambitious, dynamic attorney, founded Makgahlela Mashaba Attorneys and Conveyancers in 2008 to serve growing needs in the changing landscape of the legal fraternity.

    Lodwick served his articles at Biccari Bollo Mariano (BBM) Incorporated. He was admitted as an attorney of the High Court in 2004. He was then appointed as an associate within the firm. In 2007, he was promoted to a position as Senior Associate.

    He has a broad spectrum of legal skills and expertise in the private sector. He specialises in corporate, commercial, labour, matrimonial, civil and commercial litigation.

    Lodwick provides legal advisory services to private and corporate clients and to state organisations, including workers unions.

    Lodwick holds an LLB from the University of the North and a Higher Diploma in Labour Law from the University of Johannesburg.

    Banking Finance

    At Makgahlela Mashaba Attorneys and Conveyancers, no transaction is too big or small for our attorneys. Our emphasis on quality and excellence ensures a first-class experience for all our clients.

    Legal Collections

    All accounts are first scrutinised by our internal legal department before being handed over to one of our attorneys. Cases are individually accessed on merit before proceeding with any action, cases that do not warrant legal action are returned to our clients at no cost.

    Consumer Debt Collection

    Consumer debt is on the rise in South Africa with many consumers failing to settle their debts on time leaving businesses with a cash flow crisis. Consumer debt is our core debt collection service and our mission is to maximise our client’s cash flow by reducing their bad debtor’s books and increasing bad debt recoveries through providing a professional collection and debt management service.

    “The law is more than a simple tool or trade: it is the glue that binds society.

  • We may have establishedWe deliver our pro bono services through the various pro bono clients we service and which we may have established

  • We deliver our pro bono services through the various pro bono clients we service.


    • We keep abreast with all technological developments (for example, we have recently moved our network to the Cloud) to ensure secure data and that we are better able to serve our clients.
    • We are prepared to procure any software or hardware that is necessary to ensure compatibility with our clients’.
    • We use advanced billing systems that simultaneously provide our clients with the progress report of each matter.
    • We maintain sophisticated data retention and backup systems.

    We offer a Broad Range of Conveyancing Services

    Our lawyers will also represent you in civil litigation cases such as divorce, child and spouse maintenance.

    • Cancelling bonds
    • Commercial property estate transfers
    • Conventional transfers
    • Lease agreements
    • Evictions
    • Lease agreements
    • Opening township registers
    • Preparing deeds, bonds and consents
    • Sale purchase agreements
    • Sectional title transfers
    • Various endorsements applications
    • Registering bonds

    Makgahlela Mashaba Attorneys is a 100% black owned boutique commercial law firm based in the Woodmead – Johannesburg. We are fast establishing ourselves as a key player in the fields of Litigation, Commercial Law, Labour Law, Conveyancing and Debt Collection.

    We place great emphasis on handling matters professionally and expeditiously while recognizing that each client and each matter is unique.


  • Bioinformatics: Online Master – s Degree #bioinformatics #online #degree, #bioinformatics: #online #master #s #degree


    Bioinformatics: Online Master’s Degree

    A master’s degree in bioinformatics can lead to a career in genetics, biotechnology or the pharmaceutical industry. Read on to learn about program courses and career descriptions. Schools offering Bioinformatics degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

    What Does a Bioinformatics Online Master’s Degree Program Involve?

    Bioinformatics is a field combining information technology with biology, and is one of the newest and fastest growing branches of the biological sciences. Specifically, bioinformatics involves the use of computers to organize and draw inferences from biological data. This is especially important in fields like biotechnology and genetic engineering. The Human Genome Project and other efforts to sequence DNA relied heavily on bioinformatics.

    An online master’s degree in bioinformatics could give one an entry into this advanced branch of science. In these programs, you will likely learn about molecular computer modeling techniques and their application in the study of genetics, genomics and general molecular biology. You can also acquire the skills to deploy, evaluate and develop computational biology and bioinformatics applications, as well as computational, programming, IT and quantitative skills. You should gain the strategic, practical and theoretical skills necessary to manage, analyze, understand and collect bioinformatics data.

    Involves using computers to organize and analyze biological data

    Data management, application development, computer modeling, data analysis

    Molecular genetics, computational methods, functional genomics, macromolecular structure

    Biomedical engineer, database administrator, microbiologist, research scientist

    What Classes Could I Take?

    Some bioinformatics master’s degree programs are offered virtually. If you enroll in such a program, your classes will be delivered fully online via your institution’s distance-learning software. In this format, you may have some flexibility as to your study times, but your assignments and tests may still have set deadlines. Some of the classes you may be expected to complete include:

    • Molecular genetics
    • Macromolecular structure
    • Functional genomics
    • Computational methods of molecular biology

    What Could I Do After I Graduate?

    Bioinformatics is a new and emerging field with positions available in university research, public research and various private industries. Jobs may be found with biotech and pharmaceutical companies, public institutions and IT companies. There is a shortage of graduates with life sciences and computing skills necessary to work in the bioinformatics industry. As a graduate, you could work in the following careers:

    • Biomedical engineer
    • Microbiologist
    • Computer and information research scientist
    • Database administrators

    To continue researching, browse degree options below for course curriculum, prerequisites and financial aid information. Or, learn more about the subject by reading the related articles below:

    The schools below may include sponsored listings but are popular choices among our users.

    Cheap Canberra Hotels: 94 Accommodation In Canberra #park #lane #hotel

    #canberra motels


    Cheap Canberra Accommodation

    Good hotel with wonderful staff and facilities.

    Great location that was central to all activities, Parking a pain in the butt plus you are charged $12 a night to park, Two out of the three nights I stayed I had to park outside and not undercover but still had to pay. Staff were very helpful and room was comfortable. Rooms and Bathrooms are dated and are in need of updating. The shower door never closed properly so water went over the floor.

    Great design and location.

    The hotel is definitely one of the most original I’ve stayed in in regards to the architecture and is worth the visit alone if your a fan of design. Some wonderful considerations and the use of different materials and textures is impressive. However its is very dark! Our room was pitch black during the day. We looked into a central atrium with no sunlight entering.

    Welcome to Hotel Hotel – A place for People PeopleWe have 99-rooms – some cosy -some meandering and some just room room – We More

    Hotels In Canberra

    Take a trip to our nation’s capital and enjoy the sights and sounds that tell the story of Australia’s heritage. When you stay in one of our Canberra hotels, you’ll be close to the country s most significant landmarks and you’ll love how easy it is to get around in this well-thought-out city.

    Things to Do

    First on your agenda is probably a visit to the Parliamentary Triangle, where you can tour Parliament House, City Hill and the Defence Headquarters. Within the triangle, you can also see the Old Parliament House, the High Court, Reconciliation Place, the National Gallery of Australia, the National Science and Technology Centre, and the National Library, so make sure you set aside a decent chunk of time to visit all of these impressive buildings and snap some photos in front of the monuments. If you’re lucky, you might even see our pollies in session and maybe even get to shake one of their hands!

    Politics isn’t all that Canberra is famous for, though. Walter Burley Griffin (the winner of the Canberra design competition) intentionally planned the ACT as a garden city, surrounded by beautiful trees, with wide open spaces and easy accessibility to all of the major buildings and precincts. So, if you’re a nature lover, make sure you that you spend some time in the Australian National Botanical Gardens and the Canberra Nature Park.

    Lake Burley Griffin is another great place to while away an afternoon outdoors in Canberra. You can picnic on the water’s edge or sit down at one of the lakeside cafes or restaurants for a great meal with a view. If you’re keen to get your toes wet, you can dive in and go swimming or windsurfing. But if you’d prefer to remain on the water’s surface, you can go rowing, kayaking, sailing, canoeing or paddle boating.

    Sports enthusiasts should make it a goal to visit the Australian Institute of Sport, where you might have the chance to brush shoulders with some of our nation’s sporting heroes. Make sure you also check the Canberra Stadium events calendar while you’re here and catch a Canberra Raiders NRL game or an ACT Brumbies game if you can.

    Another must-visit is the National Museum of Australia, where you can see the heart of the legendary racehorse, Phar Lap. Or, if you’d like to pay your respect to our fallen soldiers, make your way over to the National War Memorial.


    If you’re here in February, make sure you attend the Royal Canberra Show. In April, those who enjoy the odd tipple will love the Canberra District Wine Harvest Festival and, over the Easter weekend, music lovers will be ecstatic at the National Folk Festival. If flowers are more your thing, don’t miss the Floriade Flower Festival, held over 30 days in August and September.

    Getting Here and Around

    The airport is only about 10 minutes away from the city centre and, as we mentioned, Canberra is an extremely well-planned city, so you won’t have any trouble getting around on the efficient public transportation system. It’s also easy to go green and take care of the environment on your holiday in Canberra, because the walking and cycling tracks are so well laid out that it usually only takes a few minutes to get where you want to go.

    Don’t wait any longer! Book your Canberra accommodation with us now and your flight to Canberra too and live every lastminute!

    More Canberra hotels

    Waters Edge #motel #dresses

    #port macquarie motels


    27th January 2016

    Spoil someone special this Valentine’s Day with a special Valentine’s Day Dinner at Waters Edge. 3 Course Set Seafood Menu* only $65.00 per person Including guitarist Jackson James. Upgrade to include bed & breakfast accommodation plus a bottle of bubbly for only $135.00 per room. Read More

    27th January 2016

    Our magnificent river front setting and beautiful surrounding gardens are available for your wedding ceremony and reception. Romantic riverfront weddings Set packages and custom catering is available. Choose from 3 waterfront venues. Read More

    6th November 2015

    The Deck is now open for lunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 11.30am. Enjoy our fresh produce and a cold drink overlooking the Hastings River. Read More

    30th October 2015

    Whether it is an intimate gathering for 2 or a traditional full wedding celebration for up to 100 people, Waters Edge Port Macquarie offers total flexibility and menus to ensure the perfect Port Macquarie wedding and/or evening reception. Read More

    Mailing List

    Join our mailing list for exclusive promotions great specials

    Port Macquarie imagery courtesy of Greater Port Macquarie Tourism

    Santa Barbara, CA Hotels – View 125 Cheap Hotel Deals #cheap #motels #in #ocean #city #md

    #motels in santa barbara


    Santa Barbara Hotels

    Charming stay, walk to the beach and harbor

    What a great find! This small inn is welcoming and pleasant, with complimentary bottle of champagne, breakfast, daily afternoon wine and cheese reception, and cookies in the evening. Bicycles are available for guest use, which was a very popular choice around the waterfront area. The room was far more spacious than anticipated and well designed with many little extras. The bed is incredible! Hotel staff is exceptionally gracious, helpful, and professional, and the rooms, grounds, pool, and dining/reception areas are spotlessly clean and in good condition. Parking is free. The property is quiet and safe. I would highly recommend staying here.

    Traveller from Albuquerque, NM

    Located in a quiet residential neighborhood, Brisas del Mar, Inn at the Beach, is just a 5-minute walk from Santa Barbara More

    Rating: 3.0 Stars

    Wonderful Older Hotel

    The hotel was well maintained and the staff was great. Every one of them were very helpful. When we were in the bathroom, we could hear noises from the room next door through the vent. It really wasn’t bad at all. Once we were in the bedroom we couldn’t hear those same noises. This is to be expected at least a little bit in an older hotel. As I mentioned above, it really wasn’t bad at all. The area is very quaint and it was easy to walk to local restaurants or just walk around and enjoy the scenery. We stayed because of an appointment at the Sansum Clinic. It was very easy to get to the clinic from this hotel as well.

    Traveller from Central Valley, CA

    On a boutique-lined street in one of Santa Barbara’s most upscale suburbs, Montecito Inn is a Mediterranean-style hotel More

    Rating: 5.0 Stars

    800 Alvarado Place, Santa Barbara – Map

    Beautiful grounds, quiet, w a GREAT dining porch

    This is a lovely, quiet, beautiful, restful hotel. The website doesn’t do it justice. Perched inland and up in the hills of Santa Barbara, the hotel has a free shuttle that will take you anywhere within a 5 mile radius – which means all of downtown SB, beaches, parks, the Mission and other sites. The efficient and welcoming staff hums around the campus and is present immediately when needed. The pool is lovely; the workout room is reasonably useful and the grounds and gardens are fabulous. But, the best feature is the terrace off the dining room where everyone wants to eat; guests and locals alike. The breakfast fruit and eggs bene were among the best we’ve ever had. It was chilly in the mornings this past June and the staff had the heaters cranking and the blankets handy which was a real treat since we really wanted to be outside. We found the salt encrusted meats at dinner time a bit too salty. The rooms were spacious and the staff very accommodating. It’s easy to see why El Encanto gets rated so highly – I wasn’t fully convinced until we stayed. We’ll go back for sure.

    Traveller from New England

    This family-friendly Santa Barbara hotel is located in the historical district, within 1 mi (2 km) of Mission Santa Barbara More

    so much better than the big chain hotels

    The Inn At East Beach is a retro expierence. Frank is hysterical, and so welcoming. The hotel is in a perfect location, walking distance to almost everything. Frank provides a beautiful breakfast that includes eggs, yogurt, fresh made granola and the most delicious pastries from a local bakery. Frank insists that you take more for a snack later. This was the best choice I’ve made in a while and I would highly recommend it.

    Located in East Beach, this motel is within 1 mi (2 km) of Chase Palm Park and Santa Barbara Zoo. Presidio Santa Barbara and More

    Rating: 3.5 Stars

    901 E Cabrillo Blvd, Santa Barbara – Map

    Comfort and character, by the beach, good value.

    Attractive, beautifully decorated, older and didn’t feel like a copy of a chain of hotels; we really enjoyed it. Good continental breakfast with nice fresh fruit. Good bed. The windows open which is great because Santa Barbara has fresh ocean air and a good climate. Very convenient location to the pier, restaurants, shopping. They’re having trouble upgrading TV system so no HBO, just regular cable; fortunately we didn’t care but that might be a big inconvenience for some; be sure and ask if it’s fixed. I highly recommend Eladio’s restaurant by the pier, about a block away, great food! The highway can be a little noisy but not a problem at night.

    tutu59 from Mobile, AL, USA

    This getaway is just steps from the beach; historic Stearns Wharf, the Santa Barbara Zoo, the Zoological Gardens, and whale More

    Rating: 3.0 Stars

    Location is great. Hotel is not.

    For the price paid, this hotel was a disappointment. It was run down, old, and came complete with strange smells. They do a halfway decent job of trying to keep it up, but that doesn’t stop this hotel for showing its age. I think the best way to describe my experience is to say I felt like I was staying in a cheap Motel 6 that had been renamed. Now here’s the good part. This hotel is located right across the street from the beach, so if that’s what really matters to you, then you might overlook the condition of the rooms. It’s also within walking distance to restaurants and shops, so I’d rate this place very highly on location. Unfortunately for me, I was there for the wineries about 25 miles away, not necessarily for the beach. I would have gotten a hotel closer to the wineries, but I wanted to be near more restaurants and stores. Almost all of Santa Barbara’s small hotels are outrageously overpriced because it’s a touristy beach town near wine country, so despite what I’ve said above, this is about the best you’ll get (especially near the beach) for a reasonable price. I’d recommend this particular hotel to others only if they care much more about the location than they do about the condition of the hotel.

    Traveller from San Diego, CA

    Situated in Santa Barbara, the West Beach Inn is just 10 steps from the beach and 3 blocks from Stearns Wharf and downtown More

    Santa Barbara, California Hotel Guide

    Santa Barbara is known as the Riviera of the West, and its combination of excellent wineries, idyllic coastline, cultural institutions, and stunning architecture gives it a beauty and charm found nowhere else. Just 100 miles from Los Angeles, Santa Barbara differs tremendously from its neighbor, and its unique character pulls you in immediately. Needless to say, you may have trouble leaving.

    Out and About in Santa Barbara

    After settling in at your Santa Barbara hotel, start your trip with some cultural lessons. Definitely visit Mission Santa Barbara, California’s Queen of Missions, and make some time to see other attractions such as soul-satisfying Santa Barbara Botanic Garden and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Once you’ve checked these off your list, it’s time to play.

    There are many Santa Barbara beach hotels. and that’s because much of life here revolves around the sea. Shop at Stearns Wharf, play volleyball on East Beach, go surfing, and kayak in Channel Islands National Park. After that, relax by going to a winery to sample unforgettable wines and with weather that’s almost always agreeable year-round you’re bound to find a good seat outside. You can then end your eventful day with a sunset walk on the beach – a must when in Santa Barbara.

    Eating and Drinking

    From fresh seafood to noteworthy Mexican and French cuisine, you can delight in the culinary scene of Santa Barbara. Once night falls, you’ll have many choices for having a good night out. Plenty of hotels in Santa Barbara have great drinking establishments, and you may even be able to find one with a rooftop view.

    Santa Barbara boasts small-town charm and big-city amenities. So, plan your trip here early by searching for deals on the best Santa Barbara hotels. From cheap lodgings to exquisite Santa Barbara B B’s. you can find it on Travelocity.

    More Hotels in Santa Barbara

    Brisbane Accommodation: 343 Brisbane Hotels #find #motel

    #motels brisbane


    Brisbane Hotel

    Hotels In Brisbane

    You know what they say: When life gets you in a tizzy, chill out in Brissie . OK, we made that up, but people should definitely say it more often, because the cool Queensland capital is tops. So join the fun and explore the many awesome traditions and flavours that call this international city home from dolmas to dumplings.

    Looking for places to stay in Brisbane? You ve come to the right place. Use our Brisbane travel guide to pique your curiosity for quirky neighbourhoods and local favourites. Oh, and pack your sunnies!

    Plan Your Trip

    When you touch down on in Brisbane, you ll see right away how gorgeous Moreton Bay is, because you ll probably fly right towards it! From there, you re about 17km east of the Central Business District, which is sitting pretty on the banks of the Brisbane River. Many of the city s most popular attractions and neighbourhoods are nearby, so you ll want figure out where to stay in Brisbane s CBD for at least part of your holiday.

    Public transport is readily available, so cruise the streets in buses and metro trains or wander the waterways with the help of a ferry. But if you plan to arrive just in time for a good night s sleep, check out these great hotels near Brisbane Airport and start your first day nearby Nudgee Beach.

    Eat Your Way Through Brisbane

    The capital of Queensland is all about cultural fusion. Get right in the mix in the West End, where you can sample anything and everything from Turkish corba to Asian ahi tacos some of our favourite things all in one neighbourhood.

    To keep the food tour going dusk to dawn, stay at one of the hotels in Brisbane s Spring Hill district, just across the river, and wake up to a tasty brunch right by the water.

    Love street cuisine? If you just mouthed Heck, yes , then you ll fit right in with Brisbanites. Chances are really good that you ll walk right by a tempting barbeque stand or banh mi truck between your Brisbane hotel and your next adventure. Lunch just planned itself!

    Get Your Float On

    Get ready to flow along the Brisbane River and snorkel with stingrays in the Coral Sea. Needless to say, you won t have to look far to find some fun in the Great Outdoors. Bask in year-round sunshine in the City Botanic Gardens and picnic spots, take a ride on the cycling paths along the river, or hike the bush-walking trails up and around Mount Coot-tha.

    Practically in Brisbane s backyard, Coot-tha is located just 9km west of the city centre, and standing at 287m high, it s kind of a big deal. Plus, you ll be getting nice and knackered near some of the most scenic accommodation in Brisbane!

    Bring the Family

    Bringing the whole crew to Brisbane? Take a drive about 11km south of Coot-tha to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. This safe haven for Australia s indigenous wildlife including Tasmanian devils and wombats has been around since 1927 and covers 18 hectares, making it the oldest and largest koala sanctuary in the world.

    And let s just put it out there: Yes, you can hold the koalas (yay)!

    On a warm day Brisbane has plenty of those take the kiddos to the beach! When they re done splashing around and building sandcastles, check out the awesome playgrounds at Manly, Wynnum and a few other city beaches. The little ones will tire themselves out while you enjoy beautiful bay views. Tuck them in for a nap at one of the waterfront Brisbane hotels and start planning a fab family dinner.

    Bust a Move

    If you want to get in on a party, don your dancing shoes and head to The Valley , Fortitude Valley. Where does this valley get its strength? We re pretty sure classy rooftop bars and underground discotheques have something to do with it. This is the place to be if you don t like to prolong the crawl in bar crawl , because the nightlife options here are endless and right next to each other.

    If your crawl slows to sleepwalking, no worries! The Valley is loaded with stellar Brisbane accommodation for just such an occasion.

    Join the Party

    Speaking of occasions, get in on Brisbane s yearly festivals. Wish happy birthday to Buddha at a three-day extravaganza at the end of April. What better way to get your Zen on than partying sage-style?

    Do you crave cannoli? So does Brisbane. So much so that Italian Week takes place in May an entire week! And if you love a good laugh, check out our Brisbane hotel deals during the Brisbane Comedy Festival, scheduled for the month of March each year.

    Wanna save even more holiday dollarydoos with Wotif? Mix and match airfares and accommodation in one of our brilliant Brisbane packages. It s easy-breezy, just like Brissie. Say that five times fast!

    60 Port Macquarie Hotels #rittenhouse #hotel

    #port macquarie motels


    Port Macquarie Accommodation

    Port Macquarie Travel Course

    Exploring Port Macquarie

    The thriving city of Port Macquarie is the fastest-growing of all New South Wales cities and towns, and is set along the coastline, 390 kilometres from Sydney. Divided by the Hastings River, the city draws visitors to its famous Billabong Koala Park as well as to enjoy the sight of koalas sharing their original habitation with incoming humans. Port Macquarie is also a popular destination for retirees looking to spend time on the beaches and waterways from their new homes in the waterside residential suburbs stretching from the north shore to Lighthouse Beach.

    The city’s sub-tropical climate is perfect for beach-lovers, with nine sandy strands to choose from, and the local airport offers regular daily flights to Sydney and outlying towns. For a day in more peaceful surroundings, Lake Cathie is 15 minutes away by car and boasts a lagoon and beaches, as well as the lovely lake itself. Attractions in Port Macquarie include activities, such as boating, deep-sea fishing, kayaking, heritage tours, Chinese junk cruise, and even camel rides on the sands.

    Sights nearby

    The Hunter Valley, home to Port Macquarie, is known for its vineyards and its stunning countryside, and the city has enough museums and heritage buildings to please history buffs looking for activities after days on the beach.

    – Douglas Vale Historic Vineyard

    Classified by the Australian National Trust, Douglas Vale was one of the earliest vineyards in the region and was famous for its wines between 1867 and 1918. Visitors can tour the acres of vines and the remaining areas of formal gardens.

    This pretty, small beach resort is a 15-minute drive from Lake Macquarie and is known for its lagoon and unspoiled beaches, as well as for the lake itself. Fishing, boating, and water sports are popular and, in the grand old Australian tradition of super-sized landmark objects, the bowling club’s green features an enormous, bright blue bowling ball.

    – Billabong Koala and Wildlife Park

    Everyone’s favourite attraction here is the Koala Park, with its huge number of protected koalas which are well-used to admiration and petting by visitors. Kangaroos and spider monkeys are kept in the park as well as reptiles, wombats, wallabies, and many more indigenous species. The park boasts Australia’s best-known koala breeding centre and makes for a great day out for families.

    – Port Macquarie Heritage Walking Trail

    The city is one of the oldest penal settlements on the Australian continent, with the walking trail leading visitors past 13 fascinating heritage sites and historic buildings. The Historical Society is found in a convict-built house dating from 1836 and St Thomas’s Church is the fifth-oldest house of worship in the country. The North Coast Maritime Museum displays the city’s rich seafaring history through model ships, memorabilia, charts, maps, and old photographs.

    Eating and drinking and shopping nearby

    Port Macquarie’s growing reputation as the gourmet hub of South Wales’ mid North Coast is built on award-winning, locally-produced wines and ultra-fresh, locally-grown produce. Bistros, a la carte restaurants, friendly family eateries, traditional fish and chip shops, contemporary cafés, and romantic hideaways for dinner a deux all contribute to the foodie scene. Seafood is a favourite, and restaurants in the better hotels, such as the Aston Hill Motor Lodge and the Rydges Port Macquarie . will satisfy even the fussiest eater. Retail therapy is an essential part of any holiday, with Clarence and Horton streets hubs for unique boutiques and craft stores, and the Foreshore Market fun as well as a showcase of local produce.

    Public transport

    Getting to Port Macquarie is easy by car, long-distance bus, ferry, or by air to the city’s small airport. Self-drive from Sydney makes use of a scenic route along the coastline and is the most convenient way to tour the Hunter Valley. Coastal walks link many of the city districts, cycling is encouraged, and shuttle buses link the shopping areas, the beaches, and many of the attractions. Two ferries run to nearby points of beauty along the coast.

    What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Forensic Psychologist? #forensic #psychologist,forensic #psychology,clinical #psychologist,psychology #careers,forensics #psychology,career


    What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Forensic Psychologist?

    Forensic psychology can be conceptualized as encompassing both sides of the justice system (criminal and civil) as well as two broad aspects of psychology (clinical and experimental). Forensic psychologists may be trained as either clinical psychologists or experimental psychologists and engage in a variety of roles within each of these two broad areas. The wide variety of roles and responsibilities of forensic psychologists are described in this article.

    Role and Responsibilities of Forensic Psychologists

    The roles and responsibilities of forensic psychologists are many and varied. There is no one particular path to becoming a forensic psychologist and forensic psychologists may be employed in a wide variety of settings. In general, a forensic psychologist will take on one primary role but may engage in additional roles depending on his or her interests and training. The various roles that a forensic psychologist may take on include, but are not limited to: trial consultant, expert witness, evaluator, treatment provider, researcher, academic, and correctional psychologist. Each of these roles will be described in a little more detail below.

    Trial Consultant

    Trial consultants (or jury consultants) work with legal professionals to assist in various aspects of case preparation, including jury selection, development of case strategy, and witness preparation. Many trial consultants rely on their research training to develop and execute research that will assist attorneys in preparing a case. Research and data collection strategies might include community surveys, focus groups, jury simulations, shadow juries, and mock trials. Trial consultants (or jury consultants) may be involved in both civil and criminal cases and may assist at any (or all) stage(s) of the proceedings—in preparation for trial, during trial, or after trial. Typically, trial consultants have advanced degrees in one of the behavioral sciences, such as psychology (clinical or experimental) or criminology.

    Expert Witness

    An expert witness is someone who testifies in court about specialized knowledge that he or she possesses. Forensic psychologists are often called upon to testify regarding matters of mental health (clinical forensic psychologist) or general theory and research in psychology and law (clinical or experimental forensic psychologist). Generally, clinical forensic psychologists are involved as expert witnesses after having evaluated a defendant and thus are called to testify regarding that defendant’s mental state and how it relates to the legal issue at hand (such as insanity, competency, dangerousness, civil commitment, etc). It is possible, however, for forensic psychologists to serve as general expert witnesses where, instead of testifying regarding specialized knowledge about a particular defendant/complainant, they may be called to testify regarding broader psychological principles in which they have specialized knowledge or expertise. This role is usually performed in conjunction with another role, such as that of researcher, academic, or evaluator and thus is not generally the only (or even the primary) role in which a forensic psychologist engages. Forensic psychologists in the expert witness role may participate in both criminal and civil proceedings and are usually trained either in general psychology or in a particular psychological specialty such as clinical psychology.


    Many forensic psychologists take the role of evaluators. In general, this refers to the evaluation of criminal defendants or parties to civil litigation with respect to mental health issues that relate to the legal issue at hand; however, this may also refer to the evaluation of service delivery or treatment programs. In the criminal realm, forensic psychologists may be called upon to evaluate defendants with respect to their competency to stand trial, their me

    ntal state at the time of the offense (insanity), their risk for future dangerousness, or other such issues. In the civil realm, forensic psychologists may be called upon to evaluate an individual’s psychological state after having been injured or in an accident or may evaluate families involved in custody and access disputes. The evaluator role usually goes hand-in-hand with the expert witness role as many evaluators are called into court to testify about the opinions they formed during their evaluations. Forensic psychologists who take on the role of an evaluator are employed in a wide variety of settings, including forensic hospitals, state psychiatric hospitals, community mental health centers, and private practice. Forensic psychologists who evaluate defendants or parties to civil litigation usually have been trained as clinical psychologists and have some specialization in forensic psychology and are usually required to be licensed as psychologists.

    Treatment Provider

    Treatment providers provide psychological intervention or treatment to individuals requiring or desiring these services. Forensic psychologists who are treatment providers work in a wide variety of settings, including: forensic hospitals, state psychiatric hospitals, community mental health centers, and private practice. In addition, treatment providers may work with individuals (or groups) involved in both criminal and civil proceedings. In the criminal realm, treatment providers may be called upon to provide psychological interventions to individuals who have been determined by the courts to be incompetent to stand trial (and require treatment for the restoration of competency), insane at the time of the crime (and require treatment for their mental illness), or at a high risk to commit a violent offense (and require treatment to minimize the likelihood of acting violently in the future), as well as a number of other criminal law-related issues. Within the civil realm, forensic psychologists may be called upon to provide treatment to families who are going through divorce proceedings or to individuals who sustained psychological injuries as a result of some trauma that they endured or a host of other civil law-related issues. The same forensic psychologist may perform both treatment provider and evaluator roles, although ethical guidelines serve to limit the chances that both of these roles will be fulfilled with the same client or patient.


    Forensic psychologist researchers design and implement research on various issues relevant to forensic psychology or psychology and the law, both criminal and civil. In addition, these professionals may conduct research on mental health law and policy or program evaluation. These professionals may be employed in a number of settings including universities and colleges, but also at research institutes, government or private agencies, and psychiatric hospitals or other mental health agencies.


    Forensic psychologist academics are involved in teaching, research, and a host of other education-related activities such as training and supervision of students. Psychologists who take on this role can be trained either generally in psychology or in one of the specialties such as clinical psychology. In addition, these professionals usually have an advanced degree in psychology, typically a PhD. It is often the case that academics will also take on one or more of the aforementioned roles in addition to the role of academic. In general, academics are employed by institutions of higher learning—colleges or universities.

    Correctional Psychologist

    A correctional psychologist is a forensic psychologist who works in a correctional setting with inmates and offenders. These psychologists often engage in direct service delivery—both evaluation and treatment—of individuals who have been incarcerated or who are out on probation or parole. Thus, in addition to the roles of evaluator and treatment provider, correctional psychologists may also take on the role researcher or expert witness.

    Excerpted from: Roesch, R. Zapf, P. A. Hart, S. D. (2010). Forensic Psychology and law. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

    Photo courtesy of

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    Introducing the U by Moen Smart Shower System Create up to 12 predetermined settings over WIFI with your smartphone for a unique and customized shower experience. Read More

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    1. Scholarship Regulation on Application for Government Scholarship for.
    2. Mendeley Hands-on Workshop. The Workshop is on Thursday 2nd March, 2017. All M.Phil and PhD.
    3. Study in China (Beijing). ACEducation Services is pleased to announce that we are accepting.
    4. Examination Postponed Examination of Evening Programs to be held on Wednesday 4th January.
    5. Paper Published M.Phil. students of computer science department have successfully.


    Boarding School for Troubled Teens #on #boarding #program


    We Can Help Your Girl!

    Columbus Girls Academy is a year-round Christian boarding school for girls ages 12-17. We offer a loving, relational, and affordable program just for girls with life-controlling issues. We feature a first-class school, spiritual support and counseling to repair behavioral issues brought on by trauma, adoption, family discord, peer pressure, or substance abuse.

    We Can Help Your Girl!

    Columbus Girls Academy is a year-round Christian boarding school for girls ages 12-17. We offer a loving, relational, and affordable program just for girls with life-controlling issues. We feature a first-class school, spiritual support and counseling to repair behavioral issues brought on by trauma, adoption, family discord, peer pressure, or substance abuse.

    Meet Our Directors

    We believe in teenagers! We also know there is a very real battle for the mind and soul of every young person. We believe that when given the right opportunity, a girl s potential is unlimited. Through the years we have witnessed one life transformation after another and that fuels our passion to help teens every day.

    Bob and Karla Lee, Executive Directors

    Top Academics

    Every student has the opportunity to achieve a premium education that is well-rounded and fully accredited. CGA is a year-round school, which allows students to achieve phenomenal progress towards high school completion and beyond. Our educational atmosphere spurs a desire to succeed and reach their full potential.

    Recent Facebook Posts

    Columbus Girls Academy is a Christian boarding school for teenage girls struggling with life-controlling problems. We offer a disciplined and structured environment that emphasizes character development, spiritual growth and personal responsibility. Our non-profit therapeutic program for girls is designed to develop the whole person in four main areas: spiritual, social, academic and physical. For over 45 years, CGA has shown that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ changes people’s lives. To that end, students participate in chapel services, local youth group, and in biblical studies. We surround our students all day long with a Christian environment to help facilitate life change through the witness and guidance of our staff and counselors.

    Teen Challenge Columbus Girls Academy added 41 new photos to the album: 2017 Unity Night – Revival on the River. Friday, May 19th, 2017 at 8:01am

    Pictures from the recent event Unity Night. The community came together for this awesome event to worship God and enjoy fellowship across denominational divides. Our students ministered with their urban dance routine. It was a memorable night for all!

    Teen Challenge Christian Boarding School for Girls Who are Struggling with Life-Controlling Issues and Misbehavior

    Deutsche Bank cuts ties with 3, 400 clients in trading business #germany,united #states,john #cryan,us,deutsche,bank,cutbacks,united #states


    Deutsche Bank cuts ties with 3,400 clients in trading business

    By Arno Schuetze | FRANKFURT

    FRANKFURT Deutsche Bank’s Global Markets division will cut ties with about 3,400 clients in its debt and equities sales activities, the bank said on Friday. Deutsche Bank will immediately cease debt sales services to some financial institutions and hedge funds as well as equity sales activities, the execution of equities trading orders and equity structuring activities for some clients, a spokesman said, citing an internal memo.

    Germany’s biggest bank is looking to shed clients that cost more to service than they bring in in returns as part of efforts to turn around its business and boost its capital.

    Deutsche Bank Chief Executive John Cryan is stepping up the restructuring process as the bank finalises talks with U.S. justice authorities over a multi-billion dollar fine related to U.S. mortgages.

    In October 2015, Cryan had said at a strategy presentation that Deutsche Bank would reduce the number of clients in its Global Markets and Corporate & Investment Banking divisions by about 50 percent.

    “We expect to off-board about half of the current list of clients as the economic returns in these relationships are inadequate to us,” he said at the time. He also said that 80 percent of the investment bank’s income came from 30 percent of clients.

    Deutsche Bank is still among the top 5 trading houses in debt and top 10 in equities globally, according to research firm Coalition. But the bank has lost market share as it retreats from a period of expansion, in which it had focused mainly on revenue growth and less on profitability.

    Hotel discount websites #hospice #& #palliative #care

    #hotel discount websites


    Пошук готелів пропонує сотні тисяч готелів у більше ніж 60 країнах. Ми пропонуємо зручну пошукову систему, чудові спеціальні пропозиції та унікальну програму для постійних клієнтів – Rewards, завдяки якій за кожні 10 діб в готелях Ви отримаєте 1 безкоштовну. Чіткі описи готелів та наведена подобова вартість номерів полегшують процес бронювання. Завдяки справжнім відгукам клієнтів Ви зможете обрати найкращий готель за справедливу ціну. Не варто також забувати про розташування готелю. На нашому веб-сайті ви знайдете карту з точним розміщенням помешкання і зможете бути певними, що будете в центрі міста, якнайближче до пляжу або ж найбільшої концентрації визначних пам’яток. Куди б Ви не зібралися: за кордон чи в інше українське місто, – не зважаючи на те, чи Ви подорожуєте з сім’єю, чи просто хочете десь переночувати під час відрядження, – у нас Ви точно знайдете підходящий готель. Ми також пропонуємо цілодобову гарячу лінію, куди можна додзвонитися з будь-якого куточка світу. Шукайте, порівнюйте та бронюйте прекрасні готелі за вигідними цінами і насолоджуйтесь відпочинком з

    Оберіть спосіб, за допомогою якого ви хочете розблокувати приховані ціни, щоб платити менше за готелі.

    Ел. адреса

    Підпишіться, щоб отримувати найновіші пропозиції


    Завантажте застосунок та бронюйте, де б ви не були™ Rewards

    Станьте учасником програми зараз і за 10 діб в готелях отримайте 1 безкоштовну*

    Canberra Accommodation: 97 Hotels In Canberra #st #christophers #hospice

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    Canberra Hotels

    Accommodation In Canberra

    Tucked into the southeast corner of New South Wales is the Australian Capital Territory. Named so because yup, you guessed it. The nation s capital city of Canberra is located here.

    But don t think that just because this is the home of the country s government, it isn t a lively place to visit. Quite the contrary. Just wait until you speed down Mount Stromo on two wheels, or listen to tunes at the folk festival or do any number of amazing things, really.

    Would you like to see and experience this city for yourself? Check out Wotif s excellent offers on Canberra hotel deals and be on your way in no time.

    Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance

    Leg One of your journey will involve a flight landing at Canberra Airport (CBR), 8km from the central business district. Hop in a taxi or ride the shuttle to your downtown accommodation or any of Wotif s hotels near Canberra International Airport .

    So Hungry, You Could Eat a

    We re willing to bet you re hungry right about now. If we re right, make your way to Canberra Centre and explore the food court. You ll find plenty of dining options, ranging from Mexican to Asian and Italian. Just think about it you can get a couple of tacos with a side of fried rice and a cannoli for dessert. Now that s what we call a threesome.

    If you re looking for a more high-end dining experience, this city is no slouch. Many of the hotels in Canberra are within walking distance of fantastic restaurants along the London Circuit. Indian, Mediterranean, Vietnamese. it s all there.

    Fun with the Family

    Are the kids coming along for your Canberra holiday. If they are, take them to the Questacon, a science and technology centre on the shore of Lake Burley Griffin. Check out the Awesome Earth exhibit and experience the raw power of the planet in the earthquake simulator. Next, head into the science theatre and catch a show from Questacon s in-house theatre troupe. Yes, comedy and technology go together. How many programmers does it take to change a lightbulb? None. It s a hardware problem. Hahahaha!

    After learning the ins and outs of science (but before heading back to your Canberra accommodation), take the kids back in time at the National Dinosaur Museum. They ll be able to hang out in the Dinosaur Garden, where full-size fibreglass models of gigantic lizards like Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops decorate the garden. You can even get a picture of the little ones inside the jaws of a T-Rex. Supposedly they like 8-year olds as an appetiser.

    Feeling Adventurous, Are You?

    When you re on holiday, you ve got to go on a bush walk. Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve is perfect just such an outing. There are over 20 marked trails to meander down, ranging from 10-minute strolls to all-day hikes. You ll love seeing kangaroos and koalas roaming around in their natural habitat. Just remember, you can t bring one home as a pet.

    We know how comfortable Canberra hotels can be, but you ve got at least one more outdoor adventure in you. How does racing through sloping trails on a 21-speed mountain bike tickle your fancy? If it sounds dandy, make your way to Mount Stromlo and pedal your way along 35km of cross country single trails.

    If you re feeling the need for speed, head for lower elevations on the downhill track. Hopefully the brake cables are still connected.

    Festivals, Fairs and More, Oh My

    Does the sound of mandolins, acoustic guitars and banjos make you feel all giddy inside? If you answered yes, book accommodation in Canberra at the end of March so you can attend the National Folk Festival at Exhibition Park. Good luck picking your favourite act out of the 220+ that perform.

    We think one of the greatest things humans ever did was combine food and wine. If you re nodding in agreement, you ll want to book hotels near the National Convention Centre in the middle of February, so you can take part in the Canberra Food Wine Expo.

    Obviously you ll be able to sample wines from all over the continent, but don t forget about the breweries, whiskey distilleries and a seemingly endless number of food vendors to taste. Have fun getting back to your Canberra hotel after a long day of scarfing down delicious grub and spirits.

    Get Going Already

    Believe us, we d like to tell you more about the country s capital city, but this is all we ve got. Don t worry, it s enough. Don t even waste your time trying to find a better Canberra travel guide, because it doesn t exist. At least not on this planet.

    You know what else is unbeatable? Wotif s offers on places to stay in Canberra. Really, there is no need to look anywhere else. We ve got you covered from here to there.

    Stowe Motel – Snowdrift #deals #on #hotels

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    Welcome to the Stowe Motel Snowdrift

    The Stowe Motel Snowdrift proudly offers a variety of lodging including rooms, efficiencies, fireplace efficiencies, apartments, suites and houses. Guests can partake in our continental breakfast, mountain bikes, snowshoes, hot tub, heated pools, tennis courts, game room and more. Free wireless is also available!

    Nestled between picturesque Stowe Village and the Stowe Mountain Resort, the Stowe Motel Snowdrift is situated on 16 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds, bordered by the pristine Westbranch River. Guests from all over the world enjoy the breathtaking view of Mount Mansfield from our property.

    During the winter downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating and sleigh rides are minutes away. In the summer, enjoy walking or biking on the nearby recreational path, play tennis, swim, golf or hiking in the fresh mountain air.

    The owner and staff at Stowe Motel and Snowdrift pride ourselves on clean, comfortable, affordable accommodations at a great value for your travel dollar. More than half of our guests are returning customers or referred by their friends. We look forward to having you as our guest during your next visit to Stowe.

    Brisbane International – Virginia #cheap #motels #or #hotels

    #boondall motel


    Brisbane International – Virginia – Boondall

    Kallas även

    • Brisbane International Virginia
    • Brisbane International Virginia Boondall
    • Brisbane International Virginia Motel Boondall
    • Virginia International Brisbane
    • Brisbane International Virginia Motel


    Anslutande rum kan erbjudas i mån av tillgång. Gäster kan be om anslutande rum genom att kontakta hotellet direkt på numret i bokningsbekräftelsen.


    Vid användning av kreditkort på området tillämpas en extraavgift

    Tillgång till extrasängar mot en avgift på AUD 30 per natt

    Frukostbuffé erbjuds mot en extraavgift på AUD 17 per person (ungefärligt pris)

    Barnsängar är tillgängliga mot en avgift på AUD 20 per natt

    Närliggande 4-stjärniga hotell i Boondall

    • Novena Palms Motel

    4 stjärnor Bra 3,3 / 5 Från 843 SEK

  • Best Western Airport 85 Motel

    4 stjärnor Bra 3,9 / 5 Från 907 SEK

  • Quest Ascot

    4 stjärnor Bra 3,6 / 5 Från 846 SEK

  • Pegasus Motor Inn and Serviced Apartments

    Topphotell i Boondall

    4 stjärnor Enastående 5,0 / 5 Från 1 511 SEK

  • Reid s Place

    4,5 stjärnor Enastående 5,0 / 5 Från 1 335 SEK

  • Naracoopa Bed Breakfast

    4,5 stjärnor Enastående 5,0 / 5 Från 1 122 SEK

  • Botanica Residences

    4,5 stjärnor Enastående 5,0 / 5 Från 1 850 SEK

  • Nyligen recenserade hotell i Boondall

    • Meriton Serviced Apartments Herschel Street

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    3,5 stjärnor Bra 3,8 / 5 Från 914 SEK 639 SEK Clean room with a great view at 13th floor. Satisfied with the room and the hotel in general, however, the breakfast buffé was really bad for 20 AUD. Instant coffee, buffé… jul 6, 2016

  • Arena Apartments

    4 stjärnor Utmärkt 4,4 / 5 Från 1 092 SEK Big bed in separate bedroom. Very nice with large living room. Large balcony with furniture. Big bathroom. City view was nice. Clean. Would definitely stay there again. jun 29, 2016

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  • Santa Clarita Motel (CA) – Motel Reviews #hotel #combined

    #santa clarita motel


    Santa Clarita Motel Reviews

    Price Range: £50 – £75 (Based on Average Rates for a Standard Room)

    Hotel Class: 2 star Santa Clarita Motel 2*

    Number of rooms: 32

    Reservation Options: TripAdvisor is proud to partner with HostelWorld and Agoda so you can book your Santa Clarita Motel reservations with confidence. We help millions of travellers each month to find the perfect hotel for both holiday and business trips, always with the best discounts and special offers. Also Known As: Santa Clarita Hotel Santa Clarita

    Is This Your TripAdvisor Listing?

    Own or manage this property? Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and much more.

    Questions Answers

    Here’s what travellers have asked, with answers from Santa Clarita Motel staff and other travellers.

    Questions? Get answers from Santa Clarita Motel staff and past guests.

    Typical questions asked:

    • Can tickets for local attractions be purchased at the front desk?
    • Do you have to pay extra for a mini-fridge?
    • At what time does the pool open each day?

    See which rooms travellers prefer

    If you absolutely have no choice but to stay here, ask for a room far away from the road. If those aren t available, don t stay. LisaLoves2Travel, 21 Aug 2016 | Read review

    We were not able to select a room, given the high demand. 122nicholasa, 3 Aug 2016 | Read review

    First floor rooms are more desirable that second floor rooms as there is no elevator. HerschellB, 21 Jun 2016 | Read review

    request an upper room away from the street JPsKid, 17 Jun 2016 | Read review

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    Patient Care Technician Jobs

    Patient Technician Job Overview

    Patient technicians work closely in the care and treatment of patients in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers and other healthcare facilities. In this role, patient technicians work alongside other healthcare professionals, such as nurses, physicians, and X-Ray Technologists when providing care. The main job duties might include taking vital signs and assisting patients with basic functions such as eating, bathing and grooming. Another important role of the patient technician is keeping careful and complete records of the patient’s treatment and progress. Since healthcare jobs are in such a stable career field, it is a great option for those who enjoy working with all types of patients.

    Patient Technician Job Education Requirements

    Most general patient technician positions require education through a community or technical college. After completing the courses in biology, nursing, human resuscitation, human anatomy, pharmacology and other related subjects, the program also includes hands-on training hours in a medical facility. Some patient technicians take courses to learn how to provide more specialized care, such as an education in radiology to work as an MRI technician. There is an option to take a National Certified Patient Care Technician exam, which opens doors for higher paying positions. In order to maintain the license, technicians must complete 14 hours of continuing education per year.

    Patient Technician Job Market

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 21 percent growth of patient technician jobs in the United States in the next decade. This number is higher than the national average for job growth. The increased demand for healthcare services is partly due to new federal regulations, which have given more people health insurance benefits, as well as the aging population that is living longer and requiring medical care. Those who choose to take the national certification exam might be able to find jobs more easily, since more clinics and healthcare facilities are requiring this certification to qualify for jobs.

    Patient Technician Job Salary Information

    The median hourly wage for patient technician is $11.97, according to the BLS. There are opportunities for growth and advancement in the healthcare field for those who are willing and eager to learn more and earn more education. Those who want to go into the patient technician field should have strong organizational skills, be attentive and sympathetic to problems that patients will have, and pay close attention to detail, since they will work with medical records and documentation.

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    Debt Collection Singapore

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    We are very pleased with the services provided and the swift recovery made. We would recommend Thomas and his team and will use them again in the future.


    We had great difficulty recovering payment from a Malaysian company for the past few years. was able to help us recover it in 2 months. We are very satisfied with the services provides would gladly recommend them.



    So if you are tired of empty payment promises or lengthy legal proceedings that often leads to little, why not consider calling us for a non-obligatory consultation today. We are experts in bad debt recovery. We know what paths to take to collect your debts.

    British Airways Credit Card #card, #american #express, #airways #american #express, #british #airways, #credit #card, #avios


    British Airways
    American Express Credit Card

    • Spend 20,000 or more on your Card within an anniversary year and you’ll receive a Companion Voucher

    Companion Voucher

    Terms and Conditions apply to Avios redemptions. Reward flights and companion voucher bookings are subject to availability. Detailed information on companion vouchers can be found here or by calling 0844 493 0750. Please note, calls cost a maximum of 7p per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. All applicable Terms and Conditions will be provided within your Welcome Pack if you are approved.

    valid for 12 months. Redeem your Avios for a reward flight and your companion goes with you, in the same cabin. All you have to pay are the taxes, fees and charges for each ticket.

    • 1 Avios

      1 Avios

      For the Credit Card, you will be awarded 1 Avios for virtually every 1 spent and charged per transaction. Avios are not earned on Balance Transfers, Cash Withdrawals, American Express Travellers Cheques purchases, Foreign Exchange, interest, any spending in excess of your credit limit, charges for returned payments, late payment or referral charges and American Express Credit Card finance charges. Written details available on request.

      5,000 bonus Avios

      For the Credit Card, 5,000 bonus Avios will be awarded onto your Account once you have been approved and you have spent and charged a minimum of 1,000 on goods and services to the Account within three months of Account opening. Introductory offers are not available if you currently hold or have held any other British Airways American Express Cards in the past six months. Please note, it can take up to one month for the bonus Avios to be awarded to your Account once you have met the required spend.

      when you spend 1,000 in your first three months of Cardmembership

    • Spend 20,000 or more within an anniversary year to earn a complimentary Companion Voucher
    • Complimentary Supplementary Cards

      Supplementary Cards

      Supplementary Cards allow you to share the benefits of your American Express Card with others close to you. You will be the main Cardmember and will be liable for all charges made on the Supplementary Card(s). Additional Cardmembers must be 18 years or over. Written details available on request. Applicants must be 18 years old or over. Approval subject to status and Terms and Conditions apply.

      for friends and family members (subject to approval).

    Start planning a new adventure with your Avios.


    Your reward

    • 20,000
    • One return flight from London to Athens* or other great locations in Europe and Africa
    • 15,000
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    • 9,000
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    Examples shown are based on redeeming Avios through the British Airways Executive Club programme for return flights departing from and returning to London. With the British Airways American Express Credit Card you will earn 1 Avios for virtually every 1 you spend.
    *Terms, taxes, fees and carrier charges apply.

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    • Travel Accident Insurance


    Terms and Conditions apply. Please see the Insurance Terms and Conditions for full details. Please read this to understand the limits and exclusions that may apply.

    up to 75,000 on public transport when you buy your ticket with your Card

  • Automatic Enrolment to the British Airways Executive Club including priority on standby waiting lists. Vital when you most need it.
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    • Eligible items you buy in the UK on your Card have Refund Protection

    Refund Protection

    Terms and Conditions apply. Please see the Insurance Terms and Conditions for full details. Please read this to understand the limits and exclusions that may apply.

    . Items are covered up to 90 days and we’ll replace or refund up to a maximum of 200. Even if the retailer won’t

  • You also get Purchase Protection

    Purchase Protection

    Terms and Conditions apply. Please see the Insurance Terms and Conditions for full details. Please read this to understand the limits and exclusions that may apply.

    . If you bought it on your Card and it’s stolen or damaged within 90 days, we’ll replace or repair it, or refund you up to 2,500 per eligible item

  • Don’t recognise a purchase? We’ll remove it from your account immediately and investigate it for you as part of our online fraud guarantee
  • Make your next night out a memorable one with American Express Invites

    American Express Invites

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  • To save time, before applying for your British Airways American Express Credit Card it’s best to make sure you can say yes to the following.

    • I am aged 18 or over
    • I have a current UK bank or building society account
    • I have a permanent UK home address
    • I have no history of bad debt
    • I understand I will not be eligible for any Welcome Bonus award if I hold or have held any British Airways American Express Card product in the past six months

    If you can say yes, go ahead. Your application could take less than 10 minutes and we may be able to give you a response in less than 60 seconds – so apply now.

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    Please ensure that you have read and downloaded these important documents before starting your application.

    Need help completing your application? Click here for more information.

    If you are visually impaired, our online applications are accessibility software compatible.

    Brooklyn Divorce Lawyers – Local Attorneys & Law Firms in Brooklyn, NY #divorce #lawyer #brooklyn #ny


    Brooklyn Divorce Lawyers, Attorneys and Law Firms – New York

    Facing Divorce or Legal Separation?

    You’ve come to the right place. If you are considering an annulment, legal separation, or divorce, a divorce lawyer can help.

    Use FindLaw to hire a local divorce lawyer to work with you on issues like community property division, debt allocation, child custody and support, alimony, and tax considerations.

    Need an attorney in Brooklyn, New York?

    FindLaw’s Lawyer Directory is the largest online directory of attorneys. Browse more than one million listings, covering everything from criminal defense to personal injury to estate planning.

    Detailed law firm profiles have information like the firm’s area of law, office location, office hours, and payment options. Attorney profiles include the biography, education and training, and client recommendations of an attorney to help you decide who to hire.

    Use the contact form on the profiles to connect with a Brooklyn, New York attorney for legal advice.

    How do I choose a lawyer?

    Consider the following:
    Comfort Level – Are you comfortable telling the lawyer personal information? Does the lawyer seem interested in solving your problem?
    Credentials – How long has the lawyer been in practice? Has the lawyer worked on other cases similar to yours?
    Cost – How are the lawyer’s fees structured – hourly or flat fee? Can the lawyer estimate the cost of your case?
    City – Is the lawyer’s office conveniently located?

    Not sure what questions to ask a lawyer?

    Here are a few to get you started:

    • How long have you been in practice?
    • How many cases like mine have you handled?
    • How often do you settle cases out of court?
    • What are your fees and costs?
    • What are the next steps?

    Want to check lawyer discipline?

    MS Degree in Sustainability Management #degree #in #sustainability #management,degree #sustainability #management,ms #in #sustainability #management,ms #sustainability #management


    MS Sustainability Management Curriculum

    The Kogod M.S. in Sustainability Management degree at AU is designed to integrate future-oriented business education with environmental and social science, public policy, and international issues. It is one of the few non-MBA sustainability programs housed in a business school, and is fortunate to have the resources of one of the greenest universities in the U.S. to help advance sustainability both on and off campus.

    Full-time students can complete the MSSM in one year . Part-time students can complete it in two years.


    The MSSM is comprised of the successful completion of 21 credits in core courses and 9 elective credits, with the latter selected from dozens of courses in 4 sustainability career fields.

    Core Courses

    • Sustainability Systems: Business, Science, Policy, and International Issues
    • Social Sustainability Strategy
    • Environmental Science or Environmental Sustainability and Public Policy or Environment and Politics
    • Marketing Management
    • Financial Analysis of the Firm
    • Sustainability International Experience
    • Applied Sustainability Management


    • Managing for Climate Change
    • Marketing for Social Change
    • Environment and Development
    • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    • Social Enterprise
    • New Venture Business Plan
    • Water, Energy, Sustainable Enterprise
    • Sustainable Products Purchasing
    • Consulting Practicum

    Sustainability Communications Executive:

    • Managing Non-Profit Organizations
    • Environmental Sustainability Public Policy
    • Urban Planning and Sustainability


    The Kogod Center for Career Development (KCCD) is committed to helping all students reach their career goals. Through the KCCD, students receive one-on-one coaching, group instruction, and access to customized industry and networking events, and on-campus recruiting.

    Scientific Facts on CO2 Capture and Storage #content #addressed #storage


    Home » CO2 Capture Storage » Level 1

    CO2 Capture and Storage

    Context – Carbon dioxide (CO2 ) is a major greenhouse gas that contributes to Earth’s global warming. Over the past two centuries, its concentration in the atmosphere has greatly increased, mainly because of human activities such as fossil fuel burning.

    One possible option for reducing CO2 emissions is to store it underground. This technique is called Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage (CCS).

    How does it work? Could it really help addressing climate change?

    • Source document:IPCC (2005)
    • Summary Details: GreenFacts

    Latest update: 15 September 2007

    1. What is carbon dioxide capture and storage?

    1.1 Carbon dioxide (CO2 ) is a greenhouse gas that occurs naturally in the atmosphere. Human activities, such as the burning of fossil fuels and other processes, are significantly increasing its concentration in the atmosphere, thus contributing to Earth’s global warming.

    One technique that could limit CO2 emissions from human activities into the atmosphere is Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage (CCS). It involves collecting, at its source, the CO2 that is produced by power plants or industrial facilities and storing it away for a long time in underground layers, in the oceans, or in other materials. It should not be confused with carbon sequestration, which is the process of removing carbon from the atmosphere through natural processes such as the growth of forests. More.

    1.2 It is expected that fossil fuels will remain a major energy source until at least the middle of this century. Therefore, techniques to capture and store the CO2 produced, combined with other efforts, could help stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere and fight climate change. More.

    2. What sources of CO2 emissions are suitable for capture and storage?

    2.1 Carbon dioxide could be captured from power plants or industrial facilities that produce large amounts of carbon dioxide. Technology for CO2 capture from small or mobile emission sources, such as home heating systems or cars, is not sufficiently developed yet. More.

    2.2 A significant proportion of the CO2 produced by fossil fuel power plants could potentially be captured. By 2050 the amount captured could represent 21 to 45% of all the CO2 emitted by human activities. More.

    3. How do CO2 capture technologies work?

    3.1 To capture carbon dioxide (CO2 ) it is first separated from the other gases resulting from combustion or industrial processes. Three systems are available for power plants: post-combustion, pre-combustion, and oxyfuel combustion systems. The captured CO2 must then be purified and compressed for transport and storage. More.

    3.2 It is possible to reduce the CO2 emissions from new power plants by about 80 to 90%, but this increases the cost of electricity produced by 35 to 85%. For industrial processes where a relatively pure CO2 stream is produced, the cost per tonne of CO2 captured is lower. More.

    4. How can CO2 be transported once it is captured?

    4.1 Except when the emission source is located directly over the storage site, the CO2 needs to be transported. Pipelines have been used for this purpose in the USA since the 1970s. CO2 could also be transported in liquid form in ships similar to those transporting liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). More.

    4.2 For both pipeline and marine transportation of CO2 . costs depend on the distance and the quantity transported. For pipelines, costs are higher when crossing water bodies, heavily congested areas, or mountains. More.

    5. How can CO2 be stored underground?

    5.1 Compressed CO2 can be injected into porous rock formations below the Earth’s surface using many of the same methods already used by the oil and gas industry. The three main types of geological storage are oil and gas reservoirs, deep saline formations. and un-minable coal beds. CO2 can for instance be physically trapped under a well-sealed rock layer or in the pore spaces within the rock. It can also be chemically trapped by dissolving in water and reacting with the surrounding rocks.The risk of leakage from these reservoirs is rather small. More.

    5.2 Storage in geological formations is the cheapest and most environmentally acceptable storage option for CO2 . More.

    6. Could CO2 be stored in the deep ocean?

    6.1 Oceans can store CO2 because it is soluble in water. When the concentration of CO2 increases in the atmosphere. more CO2 is taken up by the oceans. Captured CO2 could potentially be injected directly into deep oceans and most of it would remain there for centuries. More.

    6.2 CO2 injection, however, can harm marine organisms near the injection point. It is furthermore expected that injecting large amounts would gradually affect the whole ocean. More.

    Note from the editor: Because of its environmental implications, CO2 storage in oceans is generally no longer considered as an acceptable option.

    7. How can CO2 be stored in other materials?

    7.1 Through chemical reactions with some naturally occurring minerals, CO2 is converted into a solid form through a process called mineral carbonation and stored virtually permanently. This is a process which occurs naturally, although very slowly.

    These chemical reactions can be accelerated and used industrially to artificially store CO2 in minerals. However, the large amounts of energy and mined minerals needed makes this option less cost effective. More.

    7.2 It is technically feasible to use captured CO2 in industries manufacturing products such as fertilisers. The overall effect on CO2 emissions, however, would be very small, because most of these products rapidly release their CO2 content back into the atmosphere. More.

    8. How cost-effective are different CO2 capture and storage options?

    8.1 It is expected that carbon capture and storage would raise the cost of producing electricity by about 20 to 50%, but there are still considerable uncertainties.

    In a fully integrated system including carbon capture, transport, storage, and monitoring, the capture and compression processes would be the most expensive steps. Geological storage is estimated to be cheaper than ocean storage, the most expensive technology being mineral carbonation. Overall costs will depend both on the technological choices and on other factors such as location or fuel and electricity costs. Capture and storage of CO2 produced by some industrial processes such as hydrogen production can be cheaper than for power plants. More.

    9. How could emission reductions be quantified?

    Methods are still needed to estimate and report the amounts of greenhouse gas emissions reduced, avoided, or removed from the atmosphere. While one tonne of CO2 permanently stored brings the same benefit as one tonne of CO2 not emitted, one tonne of CO2 temporarily stored brings far less benefit.

    The methods currently available for national greenhouse gas emissions inventories can be adapted to accommodate CO2 capture and storage systems. Some issues remain to be addressed through national and international political processes. More.

    10. Conclusion: the future of CO2 capture and storage

    10.1 CO2 capture and storage is technologically feasible and could play a significant role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions over the course of this century. But many issues still need to be resolved before it can be deployed on a large scale.

    Full-scale projects in the electricity sector are needed to build knowledge and experience. More studies are required to analyse and reduce the costs and to evaluate the suitability of potential geological storage sites. Also, pilot scale experiments on mineral carbonation are needed.

    An adequate legal and regulatory environment also needs to be created, and barriers to deployment in developing countries need to be addressed. More.

    10.2 If knowledge gaps are filled and various conditions are met, CO2 capture and storage systems could be deployed on a large scale within a few decades, as long as policies substantially limiting greenhouse gas emissions are put into place.

    The scientific consensus views carbon capture and storage as one of the important options for reducing CO2 emissions. If it were deployed, the cost of stabilizing the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere would be reduced by 30% or more. More.

    Sex offender found guilty of downloading, emailing child porn gets life in prison #emailing #newsletters


    Sex offender found guilty of downloading, emailing child porn gets life in prison

    William Mutton Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office

    A registered sex offender convicted of downloading and sharing child pornography over two years was sentenced Monday to life in prison without parole.

    A Clackamas County jury found William A. Mutton guilty of first- and second-degree encouraging child sexual abuse last month. He has two prior felony sex crime convictions and was sentenced under a “three strikes”-like Oregon law aimed at predatory sex offenders.

    In this case, prosecutors said, Mutton, 57, had downloaded and emailed child pornography 10 times between January 2013 and June 2015. His attorney suggested he receive three years and nine months in prison instead.

    The latest conviction marks Mutton’s third in Clackamas County in nearly 11 years, court records show.

    Mutton was convicted of second-degree encouraging child sex abuse in October 2006 in Clackamas County. In that case, he admitted to downloading child pornography and was sentenced to 25 days in jail and ordered to register as a sex offender.

    In December 2010, he was sentenced to one year and eight months in prison as well as five years of post-prison supervision for attempted first-degree sexual abuse. In that case, a 14-year-old girl reported Mutton took her to Timothy Lake, put his hands under her shirt and touched her breasts.

    In the latest case, the Oregon Department of Justice received a tip in May 2015 from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children of a child pornography image that was linked to Mutton’s Gmail account.

    Mutton was still on post-prison supervision at the time and living in transitional housing in Oregon City provided by a nonprofit group called Free on the Outside. He later admitted to investigators that he downloaded child pornography and masturbated to it, court documents said. Child pornography also was found on his computer and other electronics.

    The latest case showed Mutton has an ongoing sexual interest in children, particularly underaged girls, and appears unwilling to follow the law despite earlier prison time, Clackamas County prosecutor Sarah Dumont said in court documents.

    Mutton’s attorney, Stephen Kelly, wrote in a sentencing memo that a life sentence would be disproportionate punishment for the crime. “Sending an email photograph, no matter how lewd or lascivious, should not elevate” Mutton’s sentence to a life term without parole, he wrote.

    Oregon sentencing guidelines call for a conviction on first-degree encouraging child sexual abuse to have a range of three to nearly four years in prison, Kelly said.

    Kelly also argued that his client has a pornography addiction, that none of Mutton’s convictions have been for Measure 11 offenses, that a psychosexual evaluation found he was a “low to moderate risk” to reoffend and that he was open to treatment to manage his “sexual behavior problems.”

    Mutton’s life sentence comes after another man with prior felony sex convictions was sentenced to life in prison Friday in Washington County for his latest crime. Terry Iversen, 49, admitted to masturbating behind a woman on a MAX train last October and convicted of public indecency.

    He has a string of convictions dating back to the 1980s including public indecency, second-degree sodomy and third-degree rape.

    — Everton Bailey Jr.

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    1.Monthly payment is $16.67 for every $1,000 you finance. Example down payment is 15.4%. Must finance with GM Financial. Some customers will not qualify. Not available with lease and some other offers. Take delivery by 7/31/17. See dealer for details. 2.Offer includes discount below MSRP and Cash Allowance. Not available with special finance, lease or other offers. Take delivery by 7/31/17. See participating dealer for details.

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    i.g. Burton Chevrolet of Milford

    Customer Satisfaction is #1

    i.g. Burton Chevrolet of Milford is your trusted Chevrolet dealership in Milford and the reason why our loyal customers keep coming back. From the time you enter our showroom when you service with us, you can expect to be treated like family, each and every visit. We offer an extensive inventory, as well as our competitive lease specials, finance options and expert auto service. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and being an integral part of our community.

    New Cars Near Dover

    At i.g. Burton Chevrolet of Milford, we carry all your favorite new models, including the rugged Chevy Silverado and the sporty Malibu. The new Chevy cars, trucks, and SUV’s on our Dover area lot are available to buy or lease today. If pricing is a concern, your Milford Chevrolet dealer is happy to offer you a quick quote on any vehicle, and our financing experts will work with your credit to make sure you go home happy. Just contact us if you have any questions. There is no better place to find a huge selection of new cars near Dover and Smyrna than at i.g. Burton Chevrolet of Milford.

    Delmar and Smyrna Area Used Car Dealer

    Whether you’re looking for a used car, or want to find an amazing certified pre-owned vehicle, i.g. Burton Chevrolet of Milford will provide you with the best auto dealership experience around. We have used cars of many makes and models available to test drive or buy today at our Smyrna area lot. Our dealership takes pride in providing top-quality pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUV’s, which will serve our Delmar and Dover customers for many years to come. The friendly staff at i. g. Burton is here to help you find the used or certified pre-owned car that best suits your needs – please give us a call at (800) 796-9702 if you have any questions about our Milford inventory.

    We invite you to visit our Delmar area Chevrolet dealer alternative and experience the pride every one of our employees takes in the GM Certified auto service we provide our Dover and Smyrna customers. Because so many of our customers drive in from out of town to take advantage of our body shop and car maintenance services, we’ve designed our website to make it easy for nearby Smyrna and Delmar owners to schedule a service appointment online. You can even order parts and accessories from the convenience of your computer! Whether you need simple maintenance or complex repairs, i.g. Burton Chevrolet of Milford has you covered.

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    The Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities #williams #wood #university


    New Jersey Partners in Policymaking Now Accepting Applications for 2017!

    Deadline Extended to July 19, 2017

    New Jersey Partners in Policymaking is an 8-month leadership development and advocacy education program for adults with developmental disabilities (over 18) and family members available through The Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities with funding from the New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities.

    The goal of program is to prepare the next generation of disability advocates to work toward meaningful change in our state. Participants selected for the program will learn about best practices and important areas for advocacy from nationally-known experts through a series of educational leadership development sessions held one weekend per month, beginning in September of this year and ending next April.

    The Boggs Center is now accepting applications from people with developmental disabilities and family members interested in participating. Visit the New Jersey Partners in Policymaking page on The Boggs Center s website to learn more about the program and how to apply.

    Applications must be received by July 19, 2017. and applicants will be notified of acceptance by August 4 (contingent upon funding).

    The Boggs Center Celebrates Graduation of New Jersey Partners in Policymaking
    Class of 2016-2017

    On June 17, 2017, The Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities hosted a graduation ceremony to celebrate the accomplishments of the New Jersey Partners in Policymaking Class of 2016-2017. New Jersey Partners in Policymaking is a leadership development and advocacy education program for adults with developmental disabilities and family members available through The Boggs Center with funding from the New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities. This year’s graduates include 8 self-advocates and 12 family members prepared to work toward meaningful change in our state.

    Deborah M. Spitalnik, PhD, Executive Director of The Boggs Center welcomed graduates, their guests, and representatives from state agencies and community organizations, and provided an introduction to the New Jersey Partners in Policymaking program. The event featured reflections from a past Partners graduate, Stephanie Pratico, Chair of the New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities (NJCDD). Kevin Casey, Executive Director of NJCDD, addressed the importance of Partners in strengthening New Jersey’s advocacy network. Through panel presentations, this year’s graduates shared what they learned in the program and their plans for advocacy after graduation.

    To learn more about this year’s graduates, their experiences over the past 8 months, and the impact of the Partners program, view the “Program Takeaways” video featuring the New Jersey Partners in Policymaking Class of 2016-2017.

    Congratulations to the New Jersey Partners in Policymaking Class of 2016-2017:

    HTC United States #dallas #phone #company



    CPU Speed

    • Qualcomm ® Snapdragon™ 821, 64 bit quad-core, up to 2.15 Ghz


    • ROM: 64GB, RAM: 4GB
    • Extended memory: microSD™ up to 2TB (Use SIM2)
    • Flex Storage supported

    Front Camera

    • 16MP, with HTC UltraPixel™ mode
    • BSI sensor
    • Live make-up
    • Auto Selfie (keep still or smile)
    • Voice Selfie
    • Self timer up to 10 seconds
    • Auto HDR
    • Selfie Panorama
    • Full HD 1080p video recording

    Main Camera

    Battery and Charging Speed

    • Capacity: 3000 mAh
    • Quick Charge 3.0

    HTC Bolt

    Dimensions and Weight

    6.06 x 3.04 x .32 in, 6.14 oz


    CPU Speed

    Qualcomm ® Snapdragon™ 810, octa-core, up to 2.0 Ghz


    ROM: 32GB / RAM: 3GB
    Expansion card slot supports microSD ™ memory card for up to 2TB

    Main Camera

    Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)
    ƒ/2.0 aperture and 28 mm focal length
    4K video recording with Hi-Res audio

    Front Camera

    ƒ/2.4 aperture and 29 mm focal length
    Auto HDR
    Selfie Panorama
    Full HD 1080p video recording

    Battery and Charging Speed

    Capacity: 3200 mAh with Quick Charge 2.0 support

    HTC 10

    Dimensions and Weight

    145.9 x 71.9 x 3.0 – 9.0 mm, 161g


    5.2 inch, Quad HD

    CPU Speed

    Qualcomm ® Snapdragon ™ 820, Quad Core, 64bit, up to 2.2GHz


    ROM: 32GB / RAM: 4GB
    Available storage for users: about 23GB
    Extended memory: microSD ™ up to 2TB
    Flex Storage supported

    Battery and Charging Speed

    Capacity: 3000 mAh
    Quick Charge 3.0 with cool charge
    Up to 50% charge in 30 min

    HTC Accessories