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This hotel is average but the prices are super . It is much more expensive than the Strand and Savoy but not of the same high standard. Limerick has a great surplus of hotel rooms. So check around. Excellent value can be had for €70+. This place now needs to be upgraded. Worn shabby carpets and disinterested bar staff weaken its appeal.It’s location is not great either in a city where you are conscious of such things and if you cancel in advance they will try and charge you for the privilege. With their present prices it’s one good reason why VAT should not be reduced for hotels. They don’t pass savings to the customer.

DonnachaGM, General Manager at Absolute Hotel, responded to this review

Its really disappointing to get feedback like this. Sorry.
After taking the time to read the review I feel that the writing is very emotive so I can clearly see you are upset.
I’ll take on board any feedback but it is important to ensure that all reviews are fair to all concerned. We take complaints very seriously and I’ve not been able to identify if you spoke to any duty manager at the hotel to highlight your issues and give us a chance to remedy regarding the carpet or staff interactions.
The pricing policy we operate is clear and we feel we give value for money. Sometimes we are slightly more expensive or indeed cheaper than the completion but we price based on demand and availability as always the guest will decide. We have no hidden extras and even have free car parking available. For example as I write this the strand is €25 more expensive and the Savoy is €34 more expensive than us.
Location is of course subjective so point taken there.
The cancellation​ policy is very clearly communicated and is not there to catch anyone out. If you book an advance purchase rate for example, it is cheaper and a condition is that you can’t cancel it but if you book another rate it is fully cancellable up to 3pm on the day prior to arrival.
Regarding the VAT rate we have greatly benefited from this initiative. It has helped the business to be more viable and to consequently employ more people and invest in our product ie we now have Nespresso machines in all our rooms for example. I suppose to be very clear if VAT goes up, it will be impossible for the hotel to absorb, so we will have to either employ less people or purchase less in the open economy or pass on to the consumer. Neither is something I would be in favour of doing but for certain something would have to happen if the VAT rate changes.
However, that is out of my control and all I can do is to try be a good employer and a good hotelier looking after my guests so they are happy.
We’ve clearly missed with you on this occasion and that makes me sad as a business manager but I have to dust myself off and drive on.

Donnacha Hurley
General Manager

Great first impressions

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