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Admission and Charges

Once the family or doctor decided that hospice and palliative care is appropriate for the patient, a doctor s referral has to be issued for admission to Dover Park Hospice (DPH).

The following process is for patients admitting from hospitals. For patients admitting from their homes, a similar procedure will be followed.


First, the patient s doctor has to decide that hospice and palliative care is appropriate for the patient; and that the patient does not wish to be at home, or that there are not enough caregivers at home to make home care feasible. The doctor may then make a referral to Dover Park Hospice. Some families prefer to visit the hospice to see the environment before they make any decision.

Preparations Fees

After receiving the hospice referral form from the patient s doctor, and deeming the admission to the hospice appropriate, the hospice will liaise with the hospital regarding when a bed is available and when the patient is fit for transfer. A family member will be notified to accompany the patient during the transfer to help with the registration. Ambulance transfer is usually arranged by the hospital ward nursing staff and paid for by the family.

The ward charge is $275 per day and it covers:

  • Accommodation
  • Medical and nursing care
  • Physiotherapy services
  • Meals
  • Standard medication

Non-standard procedures and items will be charged separately. Patients who wish to apply for subsidy should submit the required documents for means testing within one week of admission. The subsidy for in-patient hospice stay is capped at 90 days (cumulative) per patient, and Medisave may be used up to a maximum amount of $200 per day. The Medisave Authorisation form can be obtained from our office.


On arrival at the Dover Park Hospice, the patient will be settled into his bed and assessed by the hospice ward nurses and admitting doctor. The family will also be interviewed so that a full picture of the medical and social conditions is obtained.

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