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Attorney Profile

John Adams, Esquire, graduated from the University of Baltimore School of Law with a Juris Doctorate Degree. Upon taking the Bar Exam, Attorney John Adams was recruited to manage the Maryland State Senate election campaign for Richard Bennett, who is now a Federal Judge. Shortly thereafter, Attorney John Adams was appointed to the position of Assistant State’s Attorney and worked as a prosecutor for nearly three (3 ) years. It was in that capacity that he fully trained and acquired the experience and skills for becoming a successful litigator.

Attorney John Adams was invited by a prominent Law Firm to leave the prosecutor’s office and begin private practice. Attorney John Adams private practice flourished. A few years later, Steve Braun, Esquire, who was the elected State’s Attorney who appointed Attorney John Adams to his position as a prosecutor, had himself entered private practice and started a partnership. Steve Braun, Esquire, proposed for Attorney John Adams to join him in that practice. The firm was named Farmer, Braun and Adams. Attorney John Adams business continued to grow, so he opened his own law firm, which he has now held for over twenty (20) years. The corporate name is Adams law Firm, Chtd. d.b.a The law Offices of John Adams.

Attorney John Adams is a superior litigator concentrating his law practice on defending criminal and serious traffic cases in the District and Circuit Courts all over the state of Maryland, as well as in the District of Columbia, and in Federal Court.

Attorney John Adams has handled every type of criminal and serious traffic case. Traffic offenses have included manslaughter and homicide by motor vehicle while intoxicated, DUI, fleeing and eluding, driving while revoked, driving while suspended, driving without a license, and driving without insurance. Criminal defenses have included murder, manslaughter, distribution, possession with intent to distribute, cds possession, weapons offenses, prostitution, arson, sex crimes, robbery, theft, assault and battery, vandalism, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and child abuse.

Extensive experience gained by focusing his practice to these cases has given Attorney John Adams the sharpened skills and ability to provide his clients with the best representation and consistently securing excellent outcomes. Thank you cards are always pouring into the office from former clients who are so happy and grateful for the results achieved in their cases. These notes contain statements such as “my son gets another chance thanks to your legal defense” and “words alone can never thank you for all you’ve done.” One client commissioned the creation of a plaque commemorating all of the hard work that went into his case and the successful outcome.

Attorney John Adams continues his education in order to provide the most modern, effective and state of the art defense. Attorney John Adams is a member of exclusive and prestigious defense associations. They include the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the National College for DUI Defense, and the Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney’s Association. Attorney John Adams is a member of the NATIONAL TRIAL LAWYERS TOP 100 TRIAL LAWYERS.

Below are just a few of the many excellent dispositions Attorney John Adams has obtained for his clients:

  1. Client was arrested and charged in D.C. Federal Court with drug distribution having been caught with two suitcases containing 2,000 vials of cocaine. A successful challenge of the legality of the search resulted in the case being dismissed.
  2. Client was caught with 100 lbs of marijuana. Fully prepared for trial, Mr. Adams leveraged his trial threat convincingly enough in negotiations with the prosecutor and secured drastic concessions that resulted in the case being dropped to a simple misdemeanor and the client received no jail time.
  3. Client was charged with two counts of solicitation to commit murder. Mr. Adams got it reduced to a misdemeanor and a suspended sentence.
  4. Client was charged with a drive by shooting. Mr. Adams won the jury trial and the client was spared what would have been a heavy prison sentence.
  5. Client was facing fifteen years and a felony conviction for grand theft auto. Mr. Adams had the case dismissed.
  6. Client was facing one hundred and eighty days in jail for violation of probation. Mr. Adams got the probation closed without any jail time being imposed.
  7. Client was exposed to one year in jail, and twelve points for driving while suspended. Mr. Adams got the case placed on the stet docket, which is similar to a dismissal in that there is no conviction, jail or points.
  8. Client was charged with DUI, and Mr. Adams secured a dismissal. Another recent case involving the charge of DUI, Mr. Adams took it to trial and won.
  9. Client was a high-ranking military official that had been charged with numerous cases involving a theft scheme. Mr. Adams kept him from getting any jail time and saved him from a conviction.
  10. Client was charged with hit and run involving a fatality. After a two day trial, Mr. Adams won the case.
  • National Association for Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • National College for DUI Defense
  • Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney’s Association
  • Admitted to Practice in State Courts:
  • Maryland
  • District of Columbia
  • Admitted to Practice In Federal Courts:
  • United States Supreme Court
  • United States Fourth Circuit Court Of Appeals
  • United States District Court

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