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Bariatric Surgery

CSG for Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery in Austin

Obesity is a medical condition that affects approximately one-third of American adults. It is a chronic disease that increases your risk of developing other potentially life-threatening conditions, including diabetes, heart disease and some forms of cancer. Not to mention that the social and psychological impact can be devastating. Losing weight through diet and exercise alone is optimal, but it does not work in the long run for most severely overweight people.

CSG offers a comprehensive weight loss surgery program to help severely overweight people improve their health and live longer, happier lives. Our surgeons, licensed dietitian, clinic staff and patient advocates understand the unique needs of our bariatric patients and help them reach their goals. CSG bariatric surgeons perform gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, Lap-Band maintenance and removal and revision procedures, and they even offer endoscopic treatment like gastric balloon or Endosleeve in Austin, Round Rock and Cedar Park. Surgeons deliver follow-up care personally at CSG offices in North Austin and Central Austin.

Patients for Life

Because long-term follow-up care is critical for the long-term success of weight loss surgery patients, CSG considers all patients to be patients for life. CSG is committed to serving patients locally and over the long term to address issues that arise after surgery and monitor your health in the coming years. You will see your surgeon before surgery, and your surgeon will personally monitor your health after surgery.

Program Overview

  • Multiple skilled bariatric surgeons with advanced training in weight loss surgery follow-up care
  • Personalized pre-op post-op follow-up care
  • Long-term members of the local physician community, CSG surgeons work with your doctors
  • Always a bariatric surgeon available to care for you
  • Licensed dietitian consults with you before surgery throughout your weight loss journey
  • Patient advocates help with insurance approval financing
  • Pre-op testing consultations to ensure surgery is appropriate for you
  • Surgery at experienced medical centers in Austin, Round Rock Cedar Park
  • Support groups (offered by hospitals)

Your Next Step in Exploring Weight Loss Surgery

If you are interested, you can view CSG s online weight loss seminar free or attend one of CSG s free live seminars to learn more about your surgical options, risks and potential results. Call our office for the location, date and time of the next seminar.

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