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Best Discount Stock Brokers with Lowest Trading Fees

Stay away from Just 2 Trade. Just 2 Trade has so many issues with their web-site it s ridiculous.I showed a cash balance one night of $479.99 and the next morning it was at $136.00 (no margin activity involved). They gave me some lame excuse about the clearing house not providing the proper updates. Many times their daily up and down percentages don t even come close to reflecting what the stock is actually doing that day. Again I m told that yes we are having issues. I m taking screen shots every day of my account and am looking forward to contacted an attorney to look into this company for everyone s sake. Something smells very fishy here.

Where is Interactive Brokers. $1 to trade stocks and options.

Victor Bunick says:

James E. Haslip, Jr. says:

Do not use OptionsHouse. I sent them a check which did not get there for over a week. I stopped payment on it after such a long time and then closed my account without ever funding. Now I am constantly receiving margin call notices for an account which was never funded. I have never used margins. Of course, I can not get into the closed account to find out what they are calling me on. It has been over a week since the margin call started. Who knows when the harassment will end?

I ve heard a lot of people talking about scottrader, but I think that their fees are slightly higher than comparable platforms. I suppose that s the trade off.

It is the least expensive of the ones that has local presence where you can go talk to someone face to face.

I can easily agree with you about withdrawing funds from that broker. That action indicates that they are hard pressed for income and may be in trouble financially. Based on recent history brokers and hedge funds seem to gravitate easily to bankruptcy and an investor would not like to have his account frozen. Do not delay in moving your account.

Brokerage fees can be negotiable depending on account size and volume. Of course the broker is not going to disclose that he can cut his fees but you can shop around, especially if you are an active trader you can skim quite a bit off the fee. They can also exempt your account from fees if you stress that you are not going to stay with the fee structured account.

avoid anyone who
charges a monthly fee.
charges an inactivity fee.

They will sting you when you least expect it with other small print charges.

Dont let the crooks get away with it. Pay for what you do/want/need, and thats all.

I use my RBC online account to trade. I do not do a lot of trades but they a for a fairly large amount of money. I pay a small fee because I am a Good Customer .

Cutting back on those fees is an important investing strategy. Fees have a large impast on retirement savings. Thanks for sharing brokers with low fees.

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