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Welcome to AquaLux
Draining and Plumbing Company

Hire AquaLux’s Plumber Toronto (GTA), Mississauga – 16 Years Plumbing Experience!

Aqualux Draining and Plumbing contractor is a full service company with sanitary engineers operating in Toronto, Mississauga, Scarborough, North York, Oakville, Vaughan, ThornHill, Etobicoke.

With over 16 years of experience in the business. our company has gained customer recognition for its certified plumbing services, for which the company confidently gives a warranty confirmed in writing for up to 25 years .

Affordable Plumber in Toronto (GTA), Mississauga

If required, we can provide 24-hour service for our customers to prevent any possibility of an emergency. Aqualux drain contractor is open and fair always explaining its customers explicitly the entire amount of work to be done by our pipe fitters, making them understand what they are paying for.

Toronto is a heavily populate area with millions of people living in it and so thousands of houses and a huge sewage system that needs maintenance and service. Plumbing is a huge business so how can a customer protect himself from the “cowboy”? Can you actually trust a plumbers that you see for the first time ever?

Our company currently provides a number of Plumbing Services, including:

  • Drain repair
  • Removal tree roots from sewer line
  • Main water line replacement
  • Unclogging drain pipes
  • Reconstruction of sewer lines to meet specific requirements
  • Repair of broken drainage systems
  • Replacement of old sewer lines
  • Clogged drain cleaning services
  • Sewer pipe video inspection
  • Sewer line repair without digging
  • Waterproofing of basement walls
  • Backwater valve installation – subsidy program
  • Installation of sump pumps
  • All plumbing and drain services
  • Sewer system cleaning
  • And much more with ours expert

Licensed Plumbers of our drain company has received a lot of positive feedback from its customers, which you can find here on the company website to make sure that we really are able to perform all the work you need.

We emphasize that we work directly with our customers, telling them in advance the entire scope of work to be done. That is to prevent nasty surprises related to payment for our services when the work is finished.

The Best Plumbing Company are awaiting your orders. To make an order, you simply need to fill in the form on our website, and we’ll find a local expert who will quickly determine your plumbing problems and make up a plan of works to be done for you.

One of our significant projects is the well-known Livadia Banquet Hall located in Mississauga. All the drainage and plumbing works in the hall were performed by our master, so you can evaluate the professional level.

Can you trust the Plumbers in your local area?

You might of course ask your friends and neighbors for some references. Chances are they will tell you about the AquaLux Draining and Plumbing company as we cover all the Toronto and GTA. So what should you ask the customer support over the phone, to make sure they are sending you is really good? We have prepared a small list for you:

  • You need the company to have 24/7 customer service ready to help you and answer all the questions.
  • Does he have insurance?
  • Ask for the detailed quote before the start their job.
  • Ask for the money beck guarantee and warranty on the performed services. Will he sign a contract?
  • Check the online reviews and recommendations. Check the quote in advance and remember that the cheap services are not always reliable.
  • Make sure the plumbing company has been in the business for a long time.
  • Is he a member of the trade union?
  • Make sure they use eco friendly piping materials such as plastic or copper. Family health first right?
  • Ask for the references.

Of course our professional will be there for you when you need it. Call the AquaLux Draining and Plumbing company 24/7 – ☎ (416) 951-0777. People that have a tendency for the clogged drain get really stressed every time. But besides ordinary pipe cleaning there are lots of new eco friendly modern technologies to save you from the headache. So we do know a few things when it comes to looking for the good plumber.

Why the AquaLux Draining and Plumbing company is better than the rest?

Every house owner has to deal with this headache at some point in his life. What Plumber in Toronto and Mississauga to call? Should you pay attention to the advertisement? Should you ask your neighbor for the references? Let us help you with the choice. If you need to find a professional, remember to call us. We have been in this business for nearly 16 years working with the latest technologies.

No matter if you live in GTA or in downtown Toronto our technicians can be there in a few hours, we have representatives in your area. Call our toll free line and we shall consult you and tell you everything you need to know about the plumbing services.

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