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Cameron Highlands, Cuti Cuti Malaysia s Top Destination

Cameron highland hotel

Cameron highland hotel

Cameron highland hotel

Cameron Highlands Accommodation Guide

When it comes to hotels, you will find them in abundance in Cameron Highlands. Among the 3 major towns of Tanah Rata, Brinchang and Ringlet, you will find that most of the big hotels are located in the first two towns.

Ringlet, the smaller town as compared to all does not house many hotels. The Lakehouse Cameron Highlands is the only hotel operating here while you might find some homestays around. The two big hotels in Tanah Rata are the Casa De La Rosa Hotel and The Smokehouse Hotel.

Apartments and Homestays getting more popular in Cameron Highlands

If you are looking for larger space and more homely, there are a lot of apartments available. Unlike hotel rooms, apartment units are a lot more spacious. They usually come with furniture in the units and have multiple rooms. Cooking is permitted with kitchen utensils included while you get to enjoy the dining and living rooms as well.

Fresh air with Breathtaking Sceneries

Imagine yourself admist excitingly fresh, cool, unspoilt highland flora, breathing totally unpolluted air and where forested highlands, tea plantations, rose garden and butterfly farms provide a feast for your eyes. Next, genuine friendlines and warm hospitality that is part of the local tradition welcome you into their world. Brinchang are the coolest point at Cameron Highland compare to Tanah Rata and Ringlet. Welcome to Cameron Highlands Information center.

The Coolest place in Malaysia

Cameron Highlands is one of the three cool highlands located in West Malaysia with their own unique diversity of flora and fauna. Cameron is also the largest tea grower in Malaysia, as well as South East Asia. If taking a breath away from the hectic lifestyle of the city is your cup of tea, then Cameron Highlands can satisfy you perfectly.

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