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Icon Medical – Car Accident Clinic in Miami

If you are in a car accident and sustain injuries, you have both emotional and physical pain to contend with, concentrating on getting better needs to be your top priority. The physicians and staff at Icon Medical’s Car Accident Clinic in Miamis can assist you in getting better; and the lawyers we work with will help you in your efforts to obtain the financial compensation in Miami that you deserve.

At Icon Medical’s Car Accident Clinic, we give Miami car accident victims’ easy access to the professionals they need to get better and seek the compensation they deserve. Our comprehensive website offers our patients information about the Icon Car Accident Clinic in Miami. It is crucial that the injuries you sustained are properly treated. Without proper care, the injuries you sustained in the Miami car accident may not improve or can even worsen. Your chances of recovering from the injuries you sustained in a car accident increase tremendously when you visit Icon Medical’s Car Accident Clinic in Miami and receive treatment from our experienced Miami Chiropractors and Board Certified Physicians.

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These injuries include:

The treatments utilized by our physicians at Icon Medical’s Car Accident Clinic in Miami include:

  • Infrared Therapy
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Home Management Training/Self-Care
  • Physio Therapy
  • Neuromuscular Re-education
  • Therapeutic Exercise
  • Therapeutic Activities
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Paraffin Bath
  • Surgery

Physicians at Icon Medical’s Car Accident Clinic in Miami will decide which of our treatments will be the most beneficial to you.

There are two factors that our physicians use to determine which of the aforementioned treatments you receive:

1. The amount of pain you are experiencing.

2. How long the physician thinks your pain will last.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

Many times this device is referred to as a TENS unit. It delivers minute electrical pulses to your back. These pulses encourage your body to produce endorphins, thus preventing pain signals from reaching your brain. These pulses are delivered via small electrodes with adhesive on the back of them that are placed on your skin.

Manual Therapy

Our physicians utilize numerous kinds of manual therapy at Icon Medical’s Car Accident Clinic in Miami. These therapies include massage, manipulation and mobilization. The professionals at our Car Accident Clinic in Miami have the knowledge and skills necessary to perform each of these manual therapies.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Therapeutic ultrasounds are not the same as the diagnostic ultrasound that hospitals use. This therapeutic device delivers heat deep into your tissues, which in turn increases blood flow to that area. The increased blood flow encourages tissue repair and accelerates your body’s healing processes.


Motrin/ibuprofen is often effective in relieving pain. However, some patients will experience muscle spasms following their Miami car accident. When the muscles begin to spasm, pain will follow. Because of this, some patients may require a muscle relaxer to reduce their pain level. Our physicians at Icon Medical’s Car Accident Clinic in Miami can assist you in obtaining the medications necessary to decrease your pain.

Lumbar Supports

Once you injure your low back, lumbar support is crucial. It helps relieve your back pain while offering your back the support it needs. At Icon Medical’s Car Accident Clinic in Miami, our physicians will be able to help you obtain the proper back support for your particular condition. Some of the supports frequently recommended by our physicians include braces, pillows and cushions.

Understanding the Treatments Offered at Icon Medical’s Car Accident Clinic in Miami

Regardless as to whether you are suffering with short-term or long-term back pain, you will receive heat and ice therapy at our car accident clinic in Miami. Physicians request the therapists to perform ice therapy treatments to reduce inflammation. The reduction in inflammation usually helps decrease the amount of pain a patient experiences.

Physicians request for therapists to perform heat therapy to help your tissues and muscles relax. Heat therapy also brings blood to the targeted area. The therapists at Icon Medical’s Car Accident Clinic in Miami have experience with using heat and ice to reduce your pain.

Icon Medical’s Car Accident Clinic in Miami is more than just a medical establishment. It is an avenue for you to consult with the best accident attorneys in the Miami area. Our mission is to give our patients the best possible care physically and financially.

At Icon Medical’s Car Accident Clinic in Miami, we assist our patients through both their medical and legal processes to ensure that they have peace of mind. Evidence is the most important piece of a personal injury case. When you have your attorneys, physicians and therapists working together, the evidence of your injuries can be clearly documented, giving you the best chance possible to be successful in your car accident personal injury case.

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