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Weldmar Hospicecare Trust of Dorset are now able to ensure the welfare and safety of their nurses with Crystal Ball’s Lone Worker Protection


The Trust’s community nurses regularly conduct home visits on their own, so it is imperative that their welfare is monitored at all times.

Prior to May 2012, the Trust had a self-developed paper-based process in place to monitor and report on community nurses’ home visits. However, the system was no longer proving to be adequate and a subsequent internal review identified two clear objectives to replace the system.

Firstly, the existing welfare protection processes required some form of automation.

Secondly, the internal reporting capabilities needed to be improved in order to meet the Trust’s legal requirements to lone workers.

The Solution

Following careful consideration of other lone worker solutions on the market, WeldmarHospice Care Trust made the decision to implement Crystal Ball’s Mobile LWP solution in May 2012.

It provided a cost-effective remedy to all Weldmar’s key requisites, with additional features such as routine welfare checks and panic alarms appealing to management as a means of ensuring the safety of the community nurses.

Today, when the nurses visit patients at their homes, they use Mobile LWP to check in and check out of visits, ensuring their whereabouts can be traced if necessary. The lone worker app also sits discretely on the community nurses’ smartphones requiring minimal interaction to operate.

The Outcomes

The introduction of the system has enhanced the safety and welfare of the community nurses at Weldmar and addressed health and safety legislations.

Joanna Higgs is Head of IT for Weldmar:

“Being able to locate the nurses has been a huge benefit and the nurses feel much safer knowing that if something was to happen somebody would respond.”

She also comments on how the panic alarm feature has been a useful safety aspect:

”The alarms have gone off a couple of times and we have responded and phoned them straight away, this has made the nurses feel a certain sense of security”.

Weldmar has also found the history and audit trails beneficial on a number of occasions where specific incidents have happened, as it has allowed them to gain a greater understanding of these events. Furthermore, with Crystal Ball’s system
being completely web-based, Weldmar have access to the system across several sites simultaneously.

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