Church of Scientology of Battle Creek – All Are Welcome! #narconon #michigan


Church of Scientology Battle Creek

Alex—Professional Baseball Player

Who are Scientologists? Meet Alex, a professional baseball pitcher.

“I found Dianetics,” says Alex, “and I can remember the first time I stepped on the mound and it was just quiet. And it was just like, I’m going to hit the outside of the corner, and then I would just do it.”

Who are Scientologists? Meet Kim, a photographer from Los Angeles.

“I’ve taken courses in Scientology which help me communicate better,” says Kim. “You are essentially communicating through a photograph. It’s something that I’m using all the time.”

Aleksandra—Real Estate Broker

Who are Scientologists? Meet Aleksandra, born and raised in Poland, who came to the US in 1995 and started her own real estate business.

“In the evenings, I’m on a course,” she says. “I study Dianetics 55! It’s all about fundamentals of communication. That’s what I use on a daily basis. The better I am in communications, the better I do in work, and it’s what has given me this better ability to handle life.”

Who are Scientologists? Meet Chris, a college student and athlete.

“I was a good student,” says Chris, “but sometimes there would be some things that would be hard to grasp. And then after doing the course in Scientology about study, it really helped me learn it a lot easier—and my grades actually improved. Scientology for me is a solution to my problems. It’s about life, it’s a way of life, it’s like who I am.”

Who are Scientologists? Meet Jeff, a writer from Los Angeles.

“Using some Scientology in my life, I handled something that I thought I would never handle,” says Jeff. “And it’s never been a problem and I’ve totally handled it. I would say that Scientology has given me back myself.”

Who are Scientologists? Meet David, a dentist with a practice in Florida.

“Scientology has helped me to actually communicate with patients,” says David, “and therefore they seem to appreciate that the most. You can actually get somebody to say ‘Wow, I’ve never been to a dentist like this before.’ That’s what we try for, that’s the fun part.”

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