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Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a large number of cloud-based products that enable organizations to perform cloud computing. In fact, the product offering is so large that AWS has become synonymous with infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Based on the actions they perform, AWS product offerings are grouped under broad categories such as compute, storage, and databases. Read More

In this article we ll look at some of the networking capabilities of Azure. Read More

This article looks at how the new DevOps trend aims to combine the skills of IT professionals and developers. Read More

In the third part of this article series, we ll talk about mapping common business requirements from the customer to Office 365 Services. Read More

In this article, we ll take a look at what Azure Stack is, how it works and when and why you would use it. Read More

In this part, I will give you an overview of the assessment that was done after I received the requirements from the customer. Read More

In this Part 6, we’re going to wrap up the series by talking a little about CoreOS, Kubernetes (Google’s container management solution), and Microsoft’s entries into this space: Windows Server Containers and Hyper-V Containers. Read More

Change is a part of life and is one of the only things you can completely count on, in IT and elsewhere. There’s an old saying that change is inevitable except from a vending machine, and transitioning to the cloud will bring big changes – some beneficial, some detrimental and some that are both good and bad – to the. Read More

The first part of this article series explains the common Office 365 requirements we might see from a customer. Read More

In this Part 5, we will look first at Docker’s own improved security in the form of Docker Content Trust, and then touch on some of the third party security solutions that are available for Docker. Read More

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