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Thank You For Your Service

At Compassion Hospice, we honor all veterans I had the extreme honor of meeting one of our local Army Veterans of the Vietnam War just this afternoon and saying thank you for your service. Times have changed, they didn t come home with the respect and gratitude we try to show today. Below is [ ]

  • I Will Never Forget the Loving Care She Gave My Mom

    Loving care, it s the driving mission behind Compassion Hospice. We strive to provide the best hospice experience possible for our patients and their families discussing it every day with every team member and every potential team member in their interviews. The results of our mission is best revealed when a family member takes the [ ]

  • Alzheimer’s Caregivers: When Your Loved One Needs Hospice Care

    Alzheimer s Disease is one of our most challenging diseases to deal with, for both the one experiencing the loss of memory, dignity and function, and their caregivers. When a loved one has Alzheimer’s there are five situations that may occur that are especially difficult for Alzheimer s Caregivers to come to terms with. These include 1) [ ]

  • What Does Giving Up Really Mean?

    I read an excellent recent article on the pallimed website regarding this common question of Am I giving up on fighting cancer when I choose hospice? In it the author Amy Velasquez RN BSN OCN, a palliative care nurse specializing in helping cancer patients, discusses this weighty issue: In my line of work with cancer patients, they have [ ]

  • More Moments, Made Possible by Compassion Hospice

    Over the last year or so we began discussing how hospice can make a positive change in your loved-one s last days, weeks and months. Studies show that on average people have more moments, live longer, more comfortably, and with a higher quality of life when they choose hospice care in their last months of life. [ ]

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