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Create – Edit – Find – Delete SharePoint Alerts using PowerShell

Welcome to another PowerShell walk-through. In this article I’m exploring Management of SharePoint Alerts using PowerShell!

Enable or disable alerts for Web application

Create Alert in SharePoint using PowerShell

Get all Alerts for an user in SharePoint with PowerShell:

Create Alerts for All users in a Group:

Update SharePoint Alerts using PowerShell
Get Alerts for a Particular User

Find All Alerts of an User in Entire Site collection

Delete All SharePoint alerts from a List using powershell

Delete user alerts in SharePoint 2010 with PowerShell

Finally, some minimized code:

To delete all alerts:
$SPweb.Alerts| foreach-object <$web.Alerts.Delete($_.Id)>

Filter the alerts for a single list:
#For for e.g.”
$SPweb.Alerts| where-object <$_.ListUrl -like "Assets">

Find all the Alerts for a specific user across the web:
#. is the alias for where-object cmdlet
$web.Alerts |. <$_.UserId -like "Domain\Salaudeen">

Get all the alerts for a user across the entire site collection:
$site.AllWebs | select -expand Alerts |. <$_.UserId -like "Domain\Salaudeen"

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