Ettington Park Hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon might be Britain s most haunted hotel, Daily Mail

Is this Britain’s most haunted hotel? Neo-Gothic mansion boasts floating candles, an ethereal dog walker and the eerie sound of mysterious footsteps

Published: 10:32 GMT, 28 October 2015 | Updated: 11:09 GMT, 28 October 2015

It has stood for more than a thousand years – and, according to some, unearthly residents of the past still walk its corridors.

Ettington Park Hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon, a Neo-Gothic mansion with roots stretching beyond the time of William the Conqueror, is considered one of the nation’s most haunted places to check in for a night.

Guests at the Warwickshire property have reported seeing books whizz down the corridors with the help of a poltergeist and candlesticks floating through its antique rooms.

‘Haunted hotel’: Ettington Park Hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, is considered one of Britain’s ghostliest properties

Wandering candlesticks: Guests and staff at the hotel, once the seat of the aristocratic Shirley family, have reported seeing candles and books moved by poltergeists

Ettington Park, which was the setting of 1963 film The Haunting, is also reportedly host to a ghostly man and his dog who take a walk through the manor every Christmas Eve.

Others report the sound of footsteps in the night, and an unknown army officer and an elderly lady are said to inhabit the home’s Long Gallery.

The ornate building took its current form in the 1850s, but was owned by the aristocratic Shirley family for centuries before.

‘Footsteps’: The disembodied sound of walking can apparently be heard in the home. The 1963 scare film The Haunting, a poster for which is shown to the right, was filmed there

The family sold the Grade I-listed building in the 1960s, when it was made a functioning hotel – throwing hundreds of staff and guest into contact with its spectral forebears.

Jonathan Squire, General Manager at Ettington Park Hotel, said: ‘From the day I started working at Ettington Park Hotel the stories of ghostly sightings and strange happenings have fascinated me.

‘The more common sightings appear to happen in the Long Gallery and Library.

Ghoulish stay: Ettington Park is now a functional hotel frequented by paranormal enthusiasts

‘One particular story that I remember well was a guest who on check out complained that she had been kept awake by children singing and dancing from the Long Gallery at around 3am in the morning.

‘Needless to say there was no event in the Long Gallery and in fact the hotel was particularly quiet that night.’

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