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The Fragrance Hotel – Bugis is in a very convenient location as it’s near the MRT, a 7/11, shopping (Bugis Junction, Bugis +, Suntec City) and walking distance to the river.

I paid a little bit more to have a Deluxe Room with a window and slightly larger. The view from the 4th floor was OK – nothing special, mainly a tree. It may have been larger than the Superior Room, but it was still very small. OK for a single traveler, but I wouldn’t recommend it for a couple.

Staff were friendly, but as I didn’t require any help, interactions were brief and only at check in and check out. My room was kept clean and bed made daily by housekeeping staff.

A few cons about Fragrance Hotel – Bugis:

The bed: a Queen-sized bed, but it seemed short (even for me at 173 cm) – again not recommended for a couple. The mattress was quite hard. I realized on my 3rd night only that the mattress is covered in leather /vinyl with a thin overlay and then a sheet. Has anyone else come across a mattress like this before? Not I.

The air-conditioning: even setting the air-con at the hotel-recommended 23-24 degrees I felt really cold. Plus it blows onto the bed. I found that having it at 27 was the most comfortable setting. Or on cold for an hour before bed and then switched off for sleep.

The bathroom: while the shower was hot (after you switched on the hot water button inside the hotel room door with the light switches) and had good water pressure, there is no shower cubicle or recess – basically the whole bathroom / toilet is the shower. This meant that the whole floor and toilet seat got soaked with every shower. I used the tiny bathmat and my used towel to dry the floor after my evening shower so that I wouldn’t have a wet floor to tread through to use the toilet in the morning.

Wi-fi: in room 403 the wi-fi was very weak and I often had problems connecting or with it dropping out mid-use. I was also a little bit confused about whether or not the wi-fi was free as when I connected, I had to chose an option: either S$5 for 2 hours or S$10 for 24 hours. I was expecting to have to pay about S$50 at check out but wasn’t asked to.

Accommodation in Singapore isn’t the best value for money – you can’t compare it with other Asian countries like Bali, Thailand, Vietnam or even Malaysia which can be much cheaper.

All-in-all, the Fragrance Hotel – Bugis offers you small, clean rooms in a convenient location at a reasonable price.

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