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Funding Request Guidelines

The mission of the Foundation is to create funding for education and assistance of Home Health and Hospice patients and their families. In pursuit of this mission, the Foundation raises funds for distribution to home health and hospice care organizations (we do not give grants to individuals) to help cover the costs of equipment, programs and uncompensated care for patients. We measure our success by our ability to raise and effectively distribute these funds.

The majority of the Visiting Nurse’s Foundation income comes from Foundation businesses. A portion of that income pays 100% of administrative expenses and the salaries of a minimal staff. The services of many hard working volunteers enables the remainder and 100% of all fund raisers, donations and memorials to go to benefit home health and hospice patients. The Foundation has a dedicated staff and active, all volunteer board, that works to increase funding to help meet a vital community need.

We are a unique partnership of donors and home healthcare providers, working together to insure that home health and hospice patients will not be denied medical care because of their inability to pay for those services. This relationship is based upon mutual respect and understanding.

The need to maintain a high level of accountability for contributed funds is basic to the partnership. As a condition of accepting funds, the agency in question should include in a year-end report, the number of unduplicated clients served with the funding, and the type of service(s) provided by the funds. They will provide at least three client stories that are representative of the patients helped by funds provided by the Foundation. Patients and communities benefiting from assistance given by the Foundation will be aware of this assistance.

We are aware the need for home health and hospice care, and the equipment and programs to support this care has increased dramatically over the last several years and that there has been an even greater increase in the number of patients who need and want the comfort and healing benefits of that care, but cannot afford it. The Foundation is committed to help home health and hospice care providers in their efforts to serve residents in need of care, regardless of the patients’ ability to pay.

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