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Salary for Healthcare Social Workers

Also known as: AIDS Social Worker, C-SWHC, Certified Social Workers In Health Care, Healthcare Social Worker, Hospice Home Care Social Worker, Hospice Social Worker, Hospital Social Worker, Medical Social Worker, Neonatal Social Worker, Nephrology Social Worker


The role of healthcare social workers can be emotionally trying. These professionasl provide support and information to patients and families of patients dealing with acute, chronic, and terminal illnesses. They monitor case status, and refer the patients and their families to community support and service organizations as applicable. These professionals may also be involved in case management services or intervnetion programs designed to prevent illness and disease and to promote overall well-being, or address barriers to equal care. A Master’s degree is normally required for this occupation.

A Healthcare Social Worker can receive an average wage ranging between 32000 – 48000 depending on education and tenure levels. Healthcare Social Workers will normally receive average salaries of Forty Nine Thousand dollars annually.

Healthcare Social Workers can obtain the highest compensation in the District of Columbia, where they can receive job pay of approximating $66270. People working these jobs are paid the highest in Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services, which has wages of $54850.

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The national wage distribution is shown below. To overlay local salaries for a Healthcare Social Worker, please select your state.

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