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About Us

Our Company

For over three decades HOME HEALTH CARE OF HUNTSVILLE, CO has been serving the health care needs of the citizens along the I-45 corridor from Montgomery County to Corsicana. We are proud to be the first hospice care serving these counties for nearly twenty-five years. This locally owned and operated entity takes pride in serving local communities with health care workers from their communities always striving for the highest level of service with all we serve.

The populations we serve are diverse and we provide four distinct areas of service that allows for clients to obtain comprehensive services all within one agency. The service areas we provide are skilled/therapy care, hospice services, personal attendant services, and private duty care. More details regarding these services are available at the following links: SKILLED/THERAPY, HOSPICE. PERSONAL ATTENDANT, and PRIVATE DUTY.


To provide committed, compassionate, and competent care respecting the individual inherent worth of each client and their right to informed consent and to direct their own care.

The Agency Services

  • Short-term skilled nursing and therapy needs. Each individual client service is physician directed by the client’s primary care physician. Services are paid for by Medicare and individual insurance or private pay .
  • End of life palliative hospice care managed by Thee Hospice’s Medical Director and an Inter-Disciplinary Team that assesses and develops a comprehensive plan that addresses medical, emotional, bereavement, and spiritual needs. Services are paid for by Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance.
  • Personal AttendantServices are also provided for clients that have been approved by a case manager of the Department of Aging and Disability Services(DADS). Services are paid for by Medicaid .
  • Private Duty Services are offered and often provide support for patients on Skilled or Hospice services. The services are directed by the person who hires the agency (not physician) and typically involve private pay. There may be some instances where long-term care insurance policies cover these costs.
  • Partnership agreements and contracts involving in-facility care are sometimes entered into with long-term care or assisted living facilities while providing hospice care

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