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Rates For Homeowners Insurance NY Residents Pay Can Be Reasonable

The Empire State of New York is one of the most populous states in the Union and have a wide-ranging variety of family abodes, from condos to apartments to large single family homes with many located in highly dense urban areas and others located in sparsely populated locations. The variety of homes makes the Empire State one of the most stable states in which to buy homeowners insurance.

The average rate for homeowners insurance NY residents pay is about $760 per year, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. But some residents pay a much higher rate depending on their location. While there are many inland areas and urban centers in New York, the wide variety of housing types means there are many types of homeowners insurance NY residents can purchase.

A home located near the Atlantic Ocean but outside of the traditionally large urban centers of New York City, Manhattan and other densely populated areas could be more at risk for criminal activity, civil commotion or other perils generally covered in homeowners, condo insurance and renters insurance policies. But some also might be more vulnerable to flooding and other mishaps, depending on their location.

Because New York was among the first urban areas developed in the United States, many homes, condominiums and apartments might have much older wiring, plumbing, outdated security systems and other issues that could result in a greater susceptibility to loss from many perils. That means there could be a higher rate to insure such homes than in more rural areas.

But many of the rural areas of New York, such as the Finger Lakes region, might have a greater susceptibility to winter storms, flash flooding and other perils generally not encountered along the more temperate Atlantic coast near New York City and other eastern parts of the state. Buffalo has a densely populated urban center, but it also is located along Lake Erie and gets a great deal of lake-effect snowfall, which can lead to blizzards, heavy snowfall and flooding during the spring thaws each year.

So there are many perils that are unique to different parts of the state. Fortunately, because those perils are more localized, it is easier for homeowners insurance companies to spread out the risk with their rates across other areas where there is a lower likelihood. That means a home in a blizzard-prone area won’t have to pay as much for coverage for the weight of snow, ice and sleet as in a state where the danger is much more widespread.

Likewise, homeowners and renters in the densely urban centers in and near New York City don’t have to pay quite as much as might be the case in other urban areas for rates tied to crime, vandalism and other costs that could result in losses that would need to be covered by homeowners insurance NY firms have underwritten. Shopping for the best rates can result in significant savings due to the many insurers underwriting coverage for the millions of households in the Empire State, where risks can be mitigated.

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