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Hong Kong Hotels

Hong Kong Hotels are as diverse as the rest of the city s sights, sounds and smells. From gleaming five-star hotels that overlook the iconic harbour, to modest budget hotels where you’ll save your dollar but still stay in comfort, Hong Kong has it all. This travel guide brings you all the best hotels in Hong Kong, sorted by area, as well as hotel type including Top 10 luxury, budget, business and family hotels to name a few. We ve also mapped out the key areas to stay in the city such as Kowloon, New Territories and Hong Kong Island.

More than a decade of experience in online travel has made us a leader in online travel, and we offer a wide range of places in every style, price category and all popular locations. The best part is that our direct relationships with all the island s top resorts mean we have negotiated great rates for you!

Explore our comprehensive Hong Kong hotels section and click on to see each one up in detail as you browse.

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