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Hospice House

Patients and families face special challenges in the final weeks of life, challenges a Hospice House is built specifically to meet. Only a Hospice House can fill this specific, sacred, important niche in our community’s healthcare network.

As a resident of the Hospice House, you will have a private room with many of the comforts of home and space for visiting family and friends. You will also have all of the medical, emotional and spiritual care services Hospice of Spokane has to offer. Physicians, nurses and nurse aides, social workers and grief counselors, chaplains and volunteers – all coming right to you to help in their own ways. And the door is always open for your personal doctor to care for you in the Hospice House.

When you are in the Hospice House, don’t worry about the prescription drugs related to your terminal illness… we’ll take care of them. If you need special equipment that we don’t have in the house, or your treatment calls for special therapies, we’ll address those needs, too.

Being in the Hospice House means you can get the same level of hospice care you would receive in a hospital or nursing home. Being in the house means you won’t need to move from one location to another as your health changes.

Feel Right At Home
At the Hospice House you and your family will feel right at home. Have a meal in the family dining room, or have it in the privacy of your own room. Sit and watch the day go by from the interior courtyard or in one of the gardens. Play a game of cribbage in the great room. Get a breath of fresh air on your private patio. Sit, contemplate, meditate or pray in the reflection room. Take a bath in the spa room. Children can even play in a room built especially for them. We hope this short video gives you an idea of what the Hospice House is all about.

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