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Hospice House

My experience with this hospice was terrible. My husband had pancreatic cancer but he wanted to be home as long as possible. So we got all set up with hospice in our home but I was told I could call hospice if it was too much for me and they would take him to hospice house.

In the night my husband got up and fell and hit his face on the table, he was hurt and it was too much for me so I called hospice, the nurse said he would have the day crew come over in half an hour so I waited. When 3 hours had passed I called again and learned the nurse had not passed on the message,

All this time Joe was hurt and confused, he took off all his clothes because he was incontinent and fought with me because he wanted to get up, blood was dripping down his face and my kids were there to see it all for 3 hours because the hospice nurse didn’t bother to pass on my message.

When the nurse finally got to my home she called an ambulance that took him to the hospice house where he died a few hours later. Then they gave away his clothes and took his wedding ring without telling me, Days later I had to call around to find the wedding ring, I learned they had gotten rid of the clothes and kept the ring, I had to go to hospice to get it back. they offered no excuse for that.

When I spoke to the head of hospice about this later he said We dropped the ball it didn’t make me feel any better.

Later I got a bill from the ambulance company saying Hospice had refused to pay. When I called hospice about this they said they felt I was attacking them and so they didn’t want to talk to me.

Imagine how I feel.

I didn’t think anything could be worse than loosing my husband to cancer but then I met hospice of Spokane and they made everything a lot worse. Save yourself a nightmare and call a different hospice.

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