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HVAC Salary

HVAC salary is influenced by several factors. The most significant is location, because factors such as variations in regional climate and need for air purification directly influence demand for HVAC techs to service heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Economic factors also vary widely by location, with urban areas tending to pay higher salaries and wages than rural areas.

Experience and specialization also impact HVAC salary on an individual level. HVAC technicians who work in newer technologies, such as solar energy and water heating, have less competition and may charge higher rates.

Another factor influencing HVAC salary is the scope of work contracted to the technician. Although most HVAC technicians are able to perform both installations and maintenance, those specializing in maintenance usually receive more steady work. This is because HVAC installation usually depends on the amount of construction being completed at any given time, while existing HVAC systems require maintenance year-round.

How Much do HVAC Technicians Make?

These are some general HVAC salary figures on a national level:

Maximizing HVAC Technician Salary Potential

There are several things an HVAC tech can do to earn the highest possible salary. By manipulating the factors that influence HVAC salary, technicians can ensure they are earning the highest pay they are entitled to.

Relocating Since location is the largest factor that influences HVAC technician salaries, techs can increase their pay by relocating to a state or city that pays higher rates for the same level of expertise. However, since living costs are generally higher in these areas as well, it is smarter to work in higher-paying areas while living in a lower-cost area within commuting distance. For example, HVAC professionals who service Manhattan but live in less expensive areas of New York benefit the most from Manhattan s higher salary rates.

Becoming Certified Attaining one of the available HVAC certifications is a good way for less experienced technicians to work their way up the chain by establishing themselves as experts in one or more areas of HVAC. Certifications make technicians more attractive to employers, allowing them to earn higher pay than uncertified HVAC techs.

Getting More Education Higher levels of education also make HVAC technicians more attractive to employers, with degree-holding technicians being more likely to gain more responsibility and higher salaries.

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