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Mystery hotel deals

Am just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience to me with Expedia. We booked a 5 star mystery hotel in Melbourne for $491 with Expedia and upon them revealing the hotel we found out that in fact the same hotel was cheaper ($450) on their own website. When I called to say I felt I was mislead due to the fact it obviously wasn t the lowest rate guaranteed and there was not even a discount which they claimed would be up to 40% and so low it cant be advertised . The only reason it wasn t advertised it seems is because it was a rip off. The call centre was very unhelpful and refused to refund the difference so that we could at least get the hotel for the $450 though this would still not be a discount. They said it did not apply to the mystery hotels and they did not price match! I also asked them what discount did we actually received for which they could not answer. So various emails and a long phone conversation and nothing was resolved. Just wondering if anyone else has been deceived in this way and what did you do?

Word of warning for anyone thinking of booking with Expedia steer clear of the mystery hotels! Better still steer clear of Expedia altogether because if something goes wrong with your booking it s unlikely they will resolve it fairly or logically! After spending time writing various emails and 45 minutes on the phone being shouted out by a manager to top it off all I can say it was a frustrating and unpleasant experience. Staff a are very scripted, uninformed and rude guess thats what you would expect from an overseas call centre.

Mystery hotel deals

Wrong forum, I m afraid.

Support Forum is for asking general questions on how to use TripAdvisor website, how to find things on it and how to use its many features.

Mystery hotel deals

I noticed that you inadvertently posted your complaint in the TripAdvisor Support forum, so I have moved the topic on your behalf to the Bargain Travel forum, which is the more appropriate forum for comments, questions or complaints about a travel-booking site offering discounts and special rates for accommodations, airfares, tours, etc..

Thanks for sharing your concerns with the TripAdvisor Community!

TripAdvisor Support Team

Mystery hotel deals

Ok thanks will post in another more relevant forum

Mystery hotel deals

Mystery hotel deals

Mystery hotel deals

Sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction.

It s most unfortunate that the Mystery Hotel turned out to be more expensive than that of the hotels own website. However there is a few points which may help you for any future reservations, whether it be for Expedia or any other site offering this type of sale , and hopefully this will help you understand how it works on the inside.

1. Mystery Hotel/Deal is an agreement between the hotel and the website. The only criteria enforced by the website, is that the discount offered to this website is lower than what the hotel offers to any other site. So it s calculated on the percentage of the discount, not the a risk rate. If Hotel X offers a 10% discount to its advertised rate to any other website, all they are required to do, is to beat that 10% and guarantee that percentage exclusivity to that website alone. It actually had no bearing in other advertised rates. Wotif Mystery operates on the same principles.

2. The Up to 40% off as advertised by Expedia is across any of their advertised hotels – it doesn t have to be for any particular hotel. As long as that is applicable to one of their advertised hotels, it has fulfilled advertising obligations. Also, that 40% is off the Rack Rate of that room type as advertised by the hotel, not off any of the other discounted rates available anywhere on the net.

3. As you ve already stated, price guarantees usually does not apply to Mystery Deals or any undisclosed opaque sales.

Whilst I understand you ve had an unpleasant experience, it is probably best you put it down to a learning experience. Expedia by volume is the largest agency in the world, and to wholly write off a website based on one poor incident maybe detrimental to selection of options for your future travels. And also to do the shopping around before any future reservations.

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