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Oldham County Parks Recreation

The John W. Black Aquatic Center is located at 1551 North Highway 393 in the Wendell Moore Park Complex. The center is open seven days a week during the pool season and features swim lessons, water exercise classes, pool rentals and many other water related programs.

The center is also home to the Oldham County Piranhas Swim Team. For the complete Aquatic Center brochure in pdf format, click the link below. We look forward to seeing you soon! Questions? Call the Aquatic Center directly at (502) 225-0656.

Click HERE for the 2017 Aquatic Center Brochure

If your child does not have any swimming skills please:

  • Register them for swim lessons.
  • Keep a coast guard approved life jacket (with strap between the legs) on them or have your child wear flotation devices on their arms at all times.
  • Never let a child you bring to the pool out of your sight – even for a second.
  • The water slide is for children 42 inches tall with swimming skills.
  • No swimming skills? A Coast Guard approved lifejacket (with strap between the legs) must be worn.
  • No goggles, arm floats, watches, jewelry, or blue jeans.
  • Lifeguards do not catch swimmers entering the pool from the slide.

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