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Optimal Hospice volunteer training

BAKERSFIELD, CA – Optimal Hospice is looking for volunteers. Whether it’s a skill or just time, organizers say everyone has something to offer.

Assistant volunteer coordinator Karen Budnick says volunteers play an important role in hospice.

Budnick said, They’re able to give family members a break so that they can step away and some times it’s just so they can go to the grocery store or go to a doctor’s appointment.

Thursday morning, new volunteers learned more about their role.

It’s end of life, which I think that a lot of us are not comfortable with the end of life, but when you realize that it’s living life to the fullest and helping somebody do that, it really captures your heart, said Budnick.

Volunteer Tim Brewer said, There’s a whole lot of satisfaction in just giving, period.

Brewer is part of the veteran to veteran program, providing support to patients and family members who served in the military.

We would love to have more veteran volunteers, pet therapy, really any type of volunteers. We have volunteers that cut hair, massage, visit, listen to wonderful stories, said Budnick.

No matter what your specialty, the compassion is welcome.

If you’d like to get involved, call Optimal Hospice volunteer department 661-716-4000.

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