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Phone: 210-684-3900
Toll-free: 866-937-4186
Fax: 210-684-3905

Our Services

Optum Palliative and Hospice Care is a CHAP-accredited hospice provider, bringing clinical excellence and compassionate care to patients and their loved ones facing serious illness. Hospice care is delivered where patients live by our provider-led, interdisciplinary team, who helps reduce suffering for the patient and loved ones.

In addition, Optum provides palliative care consultations. specialized care that supplements curative therapies. This care is designed to help address symptoms and pain, while also ensure the care you receive is the care you want. With palliative care consultations, you get the right care at the right time to help you carry on with your everyday life.

Optum partners with Baptist Health System to make palliative care an integral part of Baptists’ patient programs at St. Luke’s Baptist Hospital. Northeast Baptist Hospital and Baptist Medical Center. This palliative program focuses on advancing care for those facing serious illness, helping improve quality of life while reducing unnecessary hospitalizations and emergency room visits.

Optum is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you believe a patient or loved one is ready for our care services. please call 210-684-3900.

Bereavement Services

Optum provides community-based bereavement services to help grieving families and loved ones find peace and comfort. Through our services, bereaved loved ones can receive information and resources to help support them through their grief or choose to participate in our grief support groups. To learn more, contact us .

Volunteer Opportunities

With varied life experiences, individual strengths and unique personalities, volunteers are a vital part of the hospice team, serving as inspiration to patients, families and staff. In return, many people who volunteer with Optum Palliative and Hospice Care find it brings meaning and purpose to their lives.

To learn about our volunteer opportunities, contact us .

Business Office

5859 Farinon Drive, Suite 150, San Antonio, TX 78249

Our Team

Here are some of the many compassionate and talented individuals on our care team.

Mario Barrios, Executive Director

Dr. Justo Cisneros, Medical Director

Dr. Wesam Aziz, Associate Medical Director, Palliative Care

Dr. Rosemary Chacko, Associate Medical Director, Palliative Care

Dr. Paul Garcia, Associate Medical Director

Dr. Ben Getter, Associate Medical Director, Palliative Care

Dr. Joseph Gonzales, Associate Medical Director

Modesta Garcia-Atwater, DNP, Nurse Practitioner, Hospice Care

Erin Perez, APRN, Nurse Practitioner, Palliative Care

Jodi Sacks, PhD, Nurse Practitioner, Palliative Care

Alicia Hysaw, RN, CHPN, Clinical Services Manager

Shelly DeCock, RN, BSN, CHPN, Clinical Services Manager

Teresa Myers, RN, BSN, CHPN, Clinical Services Manager

Dara Clow, Sales Manager

Maribell Turner-Gutierrez, Account Manager

Ryan Matthews, Account Manager

Tracy Pohlen, Operations Supervisor

Wayne McEwen, Bereavement Coordinator

Janet Garza, Volunteer Coordinator/WHV Coordinator

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