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Pet friendly hotel chains

When it comes to booking hotels, pet friendly often translates to dog friendly, but there are several hotel chains that welcome feline guests as well! We ve heard from pet travelers that it s challenging to find cat friendly hotels, so we re happy to provide you with a list of hotel chains that we know will welcome you and your feline travel companion.

The Affinia hotel chain consists of five properties in New York and one in Washington, D.C., and all are delighted to have your cat as a guest! One cat is allowed per room and, for a $50 pet fee, he or she will be pampered with food and water bowls, a bed, a toy, and a door hanger to alert the hotel staff that your pet is inside. The program also includes a $10 donation to the Humane Society what a nice touch!

The Drury Inn hotel chain, with 125 locations across the country, is a well-kept pet friendly secret. Located in 20 states throughout the south and mid-west, they bring southern hospitality to the mid-scale hotel experience, and their warm welcome extends to pets – cats are welcome to join you for a $10 per day fee. Two pets are allowed per room and are not to be left alone for more than 30 minutes.

Pet friendly hotel chains

Hilton Hotels

With more than 250 hotels across the US and Canada, you ll find a Hilton in nearly every largish city in North America. Each property in the Hilton hotel chain sets it s own pet policy, but most allow one cat for an additional fee ranging between $35 and $75 dollars. Amenities also very by property and may include food and water bowls and a pet bed.

Kimpton Hotels

The Kimpton hotel chain s 60 properties lead the pack in the pet friendly movement with their HosPETality Unleashed program. They welcome all pets – with no limit on the number, species, weight, or breed – and charge no additional fees or deposits. They go the extra mile to be sure your pets enjoy their stay as much as you do with special amenities like comfy pet beds and treats at check in.

Just yesterday we learned that Kimpton Hotels has been purchased by the InterContinental Hotels Group, but Kimpton reached out on Twitter to let us know that their pet policies will not be affected by the acquisition. Whew!

Pet friendly hotel chains

La Quinta Hotels

With more than 800 locations, you’re never far from a pet friendly La Quinta hotel! Strategically located along major highways, as well as in towns and cities, this chain is a solid choice when looking for an affordable and reliably pleasant hotel. There are a few (less than 10) La Quinta properties that require a pet fee, but the vast majority welcome up to two cats with no additional charges. As always, it s best to confirm the individual hotel’s pet policy before making your reservation to avoid surprises.

Loews Hotels

The Loews hotel chain definitely puts their best paw forward when it comes to pet amenities at their 21 properties! For an additional fee of $50 per night, up to two feline guests are welcome per room and receive pet bowls, an id tag, and treats. Many locations also offer special services like pet sitting, and special selections on the room service menu such as roasted salmon and roasted chicken. Beds, leashes, and litter boxes are available for use during your stay, and the hotel staff is happy to provide details for local pet resources.

Pet friendly hotel chains

Motel 6

Motel 6 is the largest owned and operated motel chain in the country with more than 1,100 properties throughout the US and Canada. Their rooms are among the most affordable you’ll find, and every location welcomes cats. Motel 6 imposes no restrictions on size or number of pets, and does not charge additional fees. (The Studio 6 branded hotels charge a $10 per night pet fee, up to a maximum of $50.) You won t find any pet amenities here, but the price is right!

Red Roof Inns

Red Roof Inns provide pet friendly accommodations at economical prices in 36 states across the country. With 350 locations, you ll find them along major highways and right downtown in some of our favorite cities. One cat is is welcome to accompany you, with no additional fees, and may not be left unattended in the room.

Pet friendly hotel chains

W Hotels

There are 27 feline-friendly W Hotel locations throughout the US and Canda, which is a member of Starwood hotel family. Guests traveling with pets are charged an additional $25 per day, plus a $100 non-refundable cleaning fee. The amenities here are over the top with a pet welcome kit, toy, treats, pet tag, bed, food and water bowls, door sign, turndown treat, litter boxes, first aid kit.

We hope we ve made finding accommodations for your next cat friendly trip a little easier. If you re still deciding where to stay, you might also want to check out our list of hotel chains where pets stay free!

A special thank you to my kitty niece and nephew, Ruby and Keno, for posing for the photos used in this post. Photo credit: Krista Bortolato

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Pet friendly hotel chains

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