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Accelerate your digital transformation – with SAP Predictive Analytics

Why SAP Predictive Analytics?

Because our powerful predictive analytics software allows you to create better and faster predictive results, deliver machine learning at scale using a factory approach and bring predictive insights where people interact – in business processes and applications. With SAP Predictive Analytics you can:

  • Automate data prep, predictive modelling, and deployment – and easily retrain models
  • Harness in-database predictive scoring for a wide variety of target systems
  • Leverage advanced visualisation capabilities to quickly reveal insights
  • Integrate with R to enable a large number of algorithms and custom R scripts
  • Deploy SAP Predictive Analytics stand-alone or with SAP HANA

Learn how SAP Predictive Analytics can simplify the lives of business users and IT staff:

  • Automated analytics
    Let business analysts and data scientists use automated technique to build sophisticated predictive models that can be embedded in business processes – in days, not weeks or months.
  • Expert analytics
    Provide a modelling environment for open-source R-based algorithms, SAP HANA PAL, and SAP Automated Predictive Library (APL). Build predictive models with a powerful drag-and-drop interface, and allow users to use their own R scripts.
  • Model management
    Provide end-to-end model management, maintain peak performance for thousands of predictive models, and schedule updates as needed.
  • Data Manager
    Data Manager provides a framework to facilitate automated data preparation. Users can define a broad set of reusable components, which can be applied to automatically create modelling data sets.
  • Predictive scoring
    Get individual variable contributions for every predictive model. Simulate, and score of a specific business question – in real time. Generate predictive scoring for a wide variety of target systems and directly embed the results.
  • Social and recommendation
    Run powerful network and link analysis to understand the connections and relationships between your customers – and discover which customers have a strong social influence. This capability can help you better manage churn, risk, and fraud.
  • Advanced Visualisation
    Advanced Visualisation provides an intuitive way to explore your data. Transform the results of applied predictive modelling into stunning, advanced visualisations that reveal actionable insights.
  • Predictive automation
    Support both SAP and non-SAP environments.
  • Big Data analytics
    Automate the building of predictive models based on data stored in Hadoop. Do data manipulation, model training, and retraining directly on Hadoop data using the Spark engine.
  • Automated predictive library
    Use the application’s automated analytics engine and data mining capabilities on your data stored in SAP HANA.
  • R integration
    Leverage tight integration with R to enable a large number of algorithms and custom R scripts for analysing your data.

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