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Residential Care Homes

Residential care homes are state-licensed group living arrangements designed to meet the needs of people who cannot live independently and usually do not require the type of care provided in a nursing home. When needed, help is provided with daily activities such as eating, walking, toileting, bathing, and dressing. Residential care homes may provide nursing home level of care to residents under certain conditions. Daily rates at residential care homes are usually less than rates at nursing homes.

Residential care homes are divided into two groups – Level III or Level IV — depending upon the level of care they provide.

  • Level III homes provide nursing overview, but not full-time nursing care
  • Level IV homes provide neither nursing overview nor nursing care

There are Level III homes which are designated as Enhanced Residential Care (ERC) providers. The ERC designation allows the residential care home to designate a number of beds for residents requiring a higher level of care.

Click on the individual residential care facility for contact information and service descriptions.

Review the findings of Standard Survey Results in the DLP Registry .

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