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The Seasons Hospice House

Nestled on 13 acres of beautiful woodlands on the southwestern edge of rural Rochester, MN, the Seasons Hospice House is calming and homey. Each of the eight private patient rooms has a lovely view of the expansive green lawn surrounded by pine, oak and maple trees. A large deck overlooking rose and flower gardens is available for patients and families to spend precious time together surrounded by nature’s beauty.

The common areas of the house are large and open. A family room and kitchenette are available for visiting families and patients.

How do we pay for care at the Seasons Hospice House?

Payment for residential hospice care varies for each person. Some private insurance companies provide for all or part of the care. The Seasons Hospice staff can help patients and family determine payment specifics as they relate to their particular situation. For patients that lack a payer source, there is a Patient Care Grant and Veterans Care Grant that may be available to offset expenses based on pre-determined criteria.

What services are available to patients residing at the Hospice House?

Residential hospice services include a private room, accessible bath facilities, 24-hour nursing care. meals and snacks as desired, medication administration. assistance with personal care, nurse call system, telephone service, cable television and wireless internet access. Hospice House patients also have access to services provided by Seasons Hospice social workers. music therapy. massage therapy. pet therapy. chaplain services. bereavement support. and volunteers who provide hospitality, cooking, and patient visits. The Seasons Hospice medical director regularly visits patients at the Hospice House.

Inpatient Care and Respite Care

Inpatient care is provided on a short-term basis for acute intervention to manage symptoms, allowing the patient to return to their place of residence when desired. This care is generally provided at the Seasons Hospice House.

Respite care is provided through Seasons Hospice to give the caregiver a needed rest or break from their caregiving tasks. Respite care is provided at the Hospice House.

Nursing Care

Registered nurses provide individualized care to meet the needs of each patient. The care is focused on pain and symptom management, promoting independence and offering choices regarding that care. The patient remains in control of their care and directs that care for as long as possible.

Nurses provide routine personal care, assistance with medications and treatment procedures and support of the patient and family.

Physician Services

The Seasons Hospice medical director visits patients to asses their condition and manage their level of comfort and medications. The patient’s personal physician remains involved in the management of the patient’s plan of care.

Social Services

Licensed social workers can provide psychological and emotional support for the hospice patient and their family and provide referral services for community programs and resources.


Seasons Hospice provides medications necessary to manage symptoms associated with the terminal illness. The goal of hospice care is to keep the patient as comfortable as possible throughout the last months of life. Medication needs are addressed by the hospice team and the physician.

Chaplain Services

Our staff chaplain offers spiritual support for the patient and their loved ones as requested, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy specializes in the needs of the seriously ill by offering massage services to hospice patients at the Seasons Hospice House. Massage may be helpful in aiding relaxation, reducing pain, anxiety and other physical and emotional symptoms. It can create an overall feeling of well-being.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is the use of music within a therapeutic relationship to address a patient’s physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs. It is highly personalized and the focus may be on the patient’s physical state, their emotional or spiritual concerns, or on supporting family or social gatherings.

Pet Therapy

Seasons Hospice’s therapy dog program serves to provide comfort, support, love, and animal companionship to patients, their families, and staff through the use of highly trained therapy dog teams acting in a volunteer capacity.

Registered therapy dog teams comprised of a trained therapy dog and trained volunteer handler, will visit hospice patients at the Seasons Hospice House upon a referral/recommendation from Seasons Hospice staff and permission from patient and/or family.

Bereavement Support

Bereavement support is available at the Hospice House to help patients and families understand and manage their experiences of loss, change, grief, and mourning while providing support and hope.

“My family has commented often on the beautiful Seasons facility that supported us during Mom’s two week stay. The love and gentle caring she received and the wonderful support we received then and during the following year has brought us great peace of mind and comfort. Bless you all for your work. You are Angels!”

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am that my mom was able to spend her last months at Seasons… She was really in her element and blossomed in a very real way through the delicate balance of care and independence that hospice provides….”

“How can I thank you all for the wonderful, caring care you gave my sister while she was with you. In all my years of nursing, I have seldom seen such caring attitudes in all the staff.”

“The services you provided were immeasurable. Not having lost anyone before, it was also unexpected. I got through the experience because I had the support of Seasons Hospice. Thank you!”

“I just am so amazed at how professional and friendly and helpful they are. Iʼve just been so pleased with their professional approach. I canʼt imagine a better setting than where I am now.”

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