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What is Dad s Law?

Father s Rights Attorney in Southern California

Men Sometimes You Have to Fight for Parental Rights

At a time when men s rights are often disregarded in favor of awarding alimony, marital property and custodial rights to women, it may seem as if men have nowhere to turn for legal representation. At Southern California Dad s Law, we stand up and fight for you. Our lawyers have earned a reputation throughout the California family court system for making sure that fathers receive equal protection under the law. Because we handle divorce and child custody matters for women as well, we know that dads often have different concerns from mothers. But that doesn t mean that men are willing to have their interests forgotten about or their rights trampled on. Contact Southern California Dad s Law today.


Paternity is presumed for children born during a marriage, but must be established in a court of law for children of unmarried parents. Many women sue to establish paternity in order to receive child support, but then fight against the father s parental rights and visitation schedule. Paternity confers all legal rights as if the child were born within a marriage to that father. We represent the rights of unmarried fathers, as well as men seeking to disprove paternity. We are committed to aggressively protecting the rights of fathers and the best interests of their children. Whether you are single father or a dad facing divorce, we help you protect your rights as a father.

Military dads must look at all these issues from their unique perspective as active military members. Southern California Dad s Law handles all aspects of family law conflicts for men on active duty in the military.

Divorce and Separation

Increasingly, women are awarded large marital property settlements that often strip the husband of the house, personal savings and retirement income. We aggressively fight to make sure that the wife s potential for future earnings is taken into account before the judge awards an unfair amount of spousal support and property. Our lawyers also work to ensure fair child custody and visitation orders so divorced fathers can continue and strengthen their relationships with their children. We handle post-divorce modification petitions as well, whether to address a mother s failure to allow agreed-upon visitation or to lower child support payments in response to job loss or accusations of unpaid support.

Domestic Violence

Men are often the victims of false charges of domestic abuse. We use our experience to help you fight jail time and other negative effects that can result from a conviction of domestic violence or violation of a temporary restraining order or police order of protection. We don t let your spouse get away with charging you with abuse in order to gain the upper hand against you in your divorce or child custody dispute.

Gender Bias in Divorce is Real. We Fight Aggressively for You.

Our divorce and family court attorneys are attentive to your unique situation and listen to your concerns about gender bias in court. Contact us today to learn how our knowledge and experience can help you through all of your Family Law issues involving divorce, child custody and restraining orders. We provide a free initial telephone consultation and accept all major credit cards for your convenience.

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