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RN Certificate in Palliative Care

RN Certificate in Palliative Care

This 8-week online course prepares you to join palliative care teams or bring the best of palliative care to the patients you serve. The curriculum provides essential knowledge for nurses who deliver, or want to learn more about delivering, palliative nursing regardless of the setting (hospitals, primary care, specialty clinics or practices, skilled nursing facilities, hospices, or VA facilities). This course will prepare you to work in a palliative/hospice setting regardless of your current/previous specialty experience.

Palliative care is expanding across the country as health systems and organizations recognize the ways that evidence-based palliative care improves patient outcomes and the organization’s bottom line. Nurses trained in palliative care are able to advocate for optimal care that matches patients’ goals and alleviates suffering.

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This course is very comprehensive and thus provides much of the content to help you prepare for the CHPN exam, however, if all you need is a review you may find our Certified Hospice and Palliative Nurse (CHPN) Exam Preparation course more helpful.

Learn more about this RN program from Carma Erickson-Hurt, a member of the faculty.

I have been waiting for someone to create a basic palliative care class like this one, and I was so excited to take it! Thank you!

This 8-week online course is comprised of eight individual modules developed by experts in palliative care. Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Nurses (CHPN) and Advanced Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Nurses (ACHPN) will teach the program.

Module One: Introduction, History and Philosophy of Palliative Care

Module Two. Common Disease States in Palliative Care

Module Three: Pain Management Issues

Module Four: Symptom Management Issues Part One

Module Five: Symptom Management Issues Part Two

Module Six: Special Populations and Settings of Care

Module Seven: Grief and Bereavement

Module Eight: Professional Practice Issues/Ethical Concerns/Self Care

Course work includes activities designed to enhance learning through question/answer sessions, interactive case studies, opportunities for students to apply knowledge in virtual palliative care contexts, and the ability to interact with fellow participants in an online community cohort.

Participants will be expected to complete one module each week, with the entire program taking a total of eight weeks. The program is asynchronous, which allows participants to complete the course work on their own time with assignments due at the end of each week. Students can expect to spend eight to ten hours a week on the reading and assignments for the course.

All participants who proficiently complete the course work will receive a certificate of completion from the CSU Institute for Palliative Care at California State University San Marcos.

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