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Seasons Hospice Inpatient Center

My experience at Seasons occurred in May 2013. After 18 months of bravely battling cancer there was nothing more that could be done. The most important matter for me was to give my partner of 29 years the best care I could find. In reaching out for recommendations, Seasons was described as a place that would exceed my expectations. When we arrived, the staff immediately attended him. It was evident that there wasn t much time left.

With tumors in the brain, his body began to jerk. Thanks to the quick reactions from the staff, which included a doctor, medications were administered to prevent seizure. It was comforting to see my partner treated with dignity and respect. It was so clearly evident that the staff was dedicated to keeping their patients comfortable and the family informed.

I stayed with him all day and night until he took his last breath. The kindness and attention provided to me, other family members and friends will not be forgotten. Bereavement has many faces. For anyone who has gone through it, it is not uncommon to experience a whole host of feelings. Seasons is aware of the many different ways that people grieve over the lost of a loved one and are trained to care for the needs of the family.

Watching my partner take his last breath wasn t easy, but when he did, all of us who were there in that final moment were given the privacy we needed. I know without any doubt that I could not have made a better decision when I agreed to accept hospice care for him. He parted comfortably and peacefully. He will be missed for as long as I live and for as long as I live I will have peace of mind.

Thank you Seasons for your dedication and service!!

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It seems really strange to review a hospice place on Yelp, as typically I spend most of my time on here trying to figure out which place near me has the most rockin tacos. But, hopefully this admittedly odd review helps someone out there who is faced with the difficult decision of where to take a loved one for end of life care. When I had to make the decision, there were no resources beyond which one was located in the most convenient spot on Google Maps.

My father, who passed away late last year spent the final years of his life totally un-insurable. He was basically the poster boy for why we so badly needed the Affordable Care Act. When you re a family member of a pre-ACA Medicaid patient, you just get used to seeing them get whatever the next vaguely acceptable barebones level of care beyond nothing is. So, when we had the choice of hospice places covered by Medicaid, I was fully expecting our options to be just as terrible as the scary bad hospitals we d spent the previous years in and out of.

Seasons was fantastic, in every sense of the word. The transition to hospice is an uncomfortable one, largely because of the inevitability of the whole situation, but the staff at Seasons go above and beyond to make you feel at home there. They treat their patients with dignity, and the nursing staff would always make sure to fully explain to the family both what they re doing as well as how the various stages of death work and what to expect.

My dad was lucky enough to have a wholly unexpected turnaround when he was first admitted, and after a few days was upgraded to Season s home care system for a couple months. Again, we were used to how things in the Medicaid world works, so when they pitched the idea of moving him back home and outfitting my parents house with medical equipment, I was expecting it to take so long that it wasn t even worth doing.

Not so. They were so speedy and on top of things that the guy who was dispatched that day to meet me at their house to unload a hospital bed, oxygen machine, and assorted other stuff beat me to their house. From there, they assess your needs and figure out how often a Seasons nurse should come out to your house. You d think it d be weird to have someone you don t know stopping by all the time to do various medical maintenance tasks, but again, the nurses go out of their way to be so pleasant that their visits quickly gain a vibe of feeling more like you ve got a friend coming by to hang out and see if you need anything rather than some weirdo coming over to help your dad die more comfortably. The transition back to inpatient hospice was also similarly smooth, with Seasons organizing absolutely everything along the way.

I suppose that brings us to the morbid conclusion of this all: While you can t choose when or how you die, when you re given the option of hospice care, it s worth taking, especially with places like Seasons in Naperville in this world.

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My dad s dr and the social worker from good Samaritan hospital suggested and recommended this hospice and location. The facility was nice and overall the staff was nice and caring. Not sure about every health care assistant though. I understand my dad was placed in this facility to pass in comfort. The day before he passed, I went to visit him and he was in obvious discomfort and duress. It was pretty obvious he was suffering like this for at least 2 hrs. Why was it my role to inform the nurse of my dad s obvious condition. The H.A. at the time didn t seem to understand what her job was and didn t understand what normal wasn t. Not until I informed the actual nurse did my dad finally received some meds to assist in his comfort. At that point and in that condition, I knew he was going to pass very soon. The point of this hospice care was to ensure my dad s comfort before his passing. I believe overall they did a better than average job, but those

2 hrs of obvious neglect and ignorance was something I needed to comment on. To me, I believed I spared the rest of my family s witness to my dad s suffering.

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