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About Seasons Hospice Palliative Care

Seasons Hospice is a community-based organization with an ongoing mission to find creative solutions that add quality to end-of-life care. The caregivers at Seasons Hospice hold steadfast to the patient/family focus of hospice care.

We recognize that individuals and families are the experts in their own care, and we continuously strive for excellence more. beyond accepted standards.

We are born into a world of comfort, warmth and love, and it our belief that we should all leave this world in the same way. To further that goal, we work with communities to increase the awareness of hospice as part of the continuum of care.

Among the services we provide are regular visits by registered hospice nurses who have expertise in pain and symptom management. Also, we provide home health aids, psychological support for patients and families, companionship plus spiritual and bereavement support during and after terminal illness.

We also provide innovative therapies such as speech, music and pet therapy that add quality to our patients lives. less


Seasons Hospice Palliative Care

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Work/Life Balance 2.5 Compensation/Benefits 3.3 Job Security/Advancement 2.6 Management 2.5 Culture 2.9

Featured Review

Executive Director, San Antonio, TX – June 20, 2016

I am not a disgruntled employee. I was an administrator for Seasons. I was taught that honesty was the best policy. I also do not sugar coat anything. I had to write up one of my employees for not doing their job. I had to wait on HR for two weeks before they approved the write up. While waiting on HR, the employee went into my office and found the write up. The employee actually called HR, and ask if she was being written up. Naturally HR told the employee no. The day I disciplined the employee, and gave them the write up the employee had another co-worker email HR to let them know the employee was great. This call was made to the HR department after the employee ask me if she was getting written up. Naturally I told her yes, and we would discuss later. After receiving the write up, this employee made copies and gave it to staff. At Seasons they have The True Hope values. There is no trust,and please do not be honest.

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