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hotel search engine

Hotel search engine

Hotel search engine

Hotel search engine

Hotel search engine

Join the thousands of websites using the FreeFind site search engine:

  • High search capacity
  • Full on-demand re-indexing
  • Scheduled re-indexing
  • On-page results

  • Detailed indexing log

  • Proven technology — used by over 100,000 websites

  • Adjustable relevance scoring — tune the results for your site

  • Flexible searching — use simple searching or advanced boolean expressions

  • Stemming and stopwords — in multiple languages

  • Phrase matching — choose from exact phrase, near phrase or far phrase

  • Word index — shows every word used on your site

  • PDF indexing — include your PDF files in your search results

  • Additional formats — Word, PowerPoint, OpenOffice, OpenDocument and more

  • Automatic site map — generate site maps in three customizable styles

  • Language support — works with many different languages and unicode

  • Search subsections — visitors can search all of your site or a subsection

  • Frame support — flexible handling of framed sites

  • Free optional web search — search your site, the web, or both

  • Adjustable indexing speed — select to match your server speed

  • Complete indexing logs — your current and prior logs are available online

  • Password authentication — index password protected areas of your site

  • Fully hosted — all website search engines run on our servers

  • Data search — database style searching without a database

  • Full on-demand re-indexing — your whole site, anytime you want it

  • Scheduled re-indexing — have your site re-indexed as often as daily

  • Complete templating — give the results the look and feel of your site

  • No FreeFind branding — no advertising or FreeFind logo in pro version *

  • Private domain labeling — i.e. in address bar *

  • Parallel indexing — fast indexing using multiple simultaneous connections *

    All features are available in the free version except those marked with “*”

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