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CarePlus SUPPLEMENTAL Dental Insurance

I have dental insurance but want to pay less out-of-pocket.

CarePlus SUPPLEMENTAL dental insurance is offered exclusively to patients of Dental Associates that are currently covered by a fee for service (FFS) dental plan. (Have PPO dental insurance? See our ENHANCED dental plan .)

The CarePlus SUPPLEMENTAL dental plan works with your current dental insurance plan by providing additional coverage to reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket expenses. Even if you exceed your annual dental maximum, CarePlus Supplemental dental insurance continues to provide savings from 20% to 30% depending on the services you require.

  • Covers annual deductibles (up to $60 per person).
  • Reduces co-payments on many procedures.
  • 10-day, risk-free Right to Cancel.
  • No annual maximums.
  • No waiting period.
  • No pre-existing clauses.
  • Orthodontics for all ages.
  • Cosmetic treatment (whitening, implants).
  • Procedures not covered by your fee for service (FFS) dental plan.


This will provide coverage for a period of (12) twelve months from the effective date of the contract. Upon application approval by CarePlus, you will receive your dental insurance contract and membership card.

CarePlus SUPPLEMENTAL Dental Insurance

The chart below displays an example of how CarePlus Supplemental works with an existing dental plan to decrease out-of-pocket expenses for dental services.

All plans are subject to the terms and conditions of the respective policies.
* Does not duplicate medical coverage.
** Convenient payment plans available.

Questions about the CarePlus SUPPLEMENTAL dental plan?

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or visit our Savings Calculator to find the dental insurance plan that s right for you and discover the cost-savings for specific dental procedures.

Call CarePlus Dental Plans at 800-318-7007 to learn how you can save on quality dental care!

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