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Supply Chain and Logistics Courses

Find out what other logistics and supply chain management students have to say:

The course was very fine and easy to understand. Material was delivered on time; that makes it easy to prepare yourself. Completing my studies opens doors for me as I was promoted to Logistics Operations Manager. Thanks to your staff for a job well done by making sure we understand the modules.

Johannes Khutlane

What will I learn when I study supply chain management and logistics at Oxbridge Academy?

The field of supply chain management and logistics involves managing all the processes relating to the provision of goods and services to the end consumer. It involves activities such as establishing consumer needs, procuring goods, managing the movement and storage of goods, pricing products, and managing inventory levels.

When you study a supply chain management course at Oxbridge Academy, you will learn the fundamental principles of logistics and supply chain management, and you will also learn about related topics such as sales management and project management.

How will I benefit by studying supply chain management and logistics at Oxbridge Academy?

By studying a course in this field at Oxbridge Academy, you will acquire valuable knowledge and skills that you will be able to apply in a wide range of careers in the business world.

By registering as an Oxbridge Academy student, you will also:

  • Receive all the study material you need to complete your course (as part of your course fee).
  • Be able to work through the study material at your own pace.
  • Be able to ask a qualified tutor for academic assistance via telephone and e-mail.
  • Be able to submit your assignments, view your results, and check your account balance online via our Student Portal.
  • Be able to pay your course fees in affordable monthly instalments (without having to take out a student loan).
  • Be able to change your course within the first 5 months of registration, at no additional cost if you decide that you would rather study a different course.

What careers are available in supply chain management and and logistics?

Supply chain management and logistics are essential aspects of business, and career opportunities in this field are available in almost any type of organisation. Due to the growth of the global economy, the number of jobs in this field is increasing. Job opportunities are available at all levels of employment, and there is plenty of room for career growth and advancement. With the necessary skills and qualifications, it is quite possible to work your way up from a junior position to a managerial position within a relatively short period of time.

Jobs in supply chain and logistics cover a wide range of duties and activities relating to the movement and supply of goods, all the way from the point of manufacture to the point of distribution to the end consumer. Some jobs are more administrative in nature, while others are hands-on positions that may require frequent travel.

Here are a few examples of the types of jobs that you may come across in the field of supply chain and logistics:

  • Customs Clerk
  • Distribution Manager
  • Facilities Manager
  • Import/Export Clerk
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Manager
  • Logistics Co-ordinator
  • Operations Manager
  • Procurement Officer
  • Scheduling Clerk
  • Shipping and Logistics Co-ordinator
  • Stock Controller
  • Transport Manager
  • Warehouse Assistant
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Wholesale/Retail Buyer

What skills do I need to pursue a career in supply chain management and logistics?

To pursue a successful career in this field, you will need the following skills and characteristics:

  • Critical and analytical thinking skills
  • Strategic thinking skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Communication skills
  • Time management skills
  • Flexibility
  • Willingness to travel and/or work irregular hours

In addition to these skills and characteristics, you will need the relevant technical knowledge and practical work experience for the particular role that you wish to fulfil.

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  • Logistics: The process of managing the movement and storage of goods (or other resources).
  • Maritime law: The branch of law that applies to activities taking place on oceans, seas, and other navigable waters. Maritime law therefore covers, amongst other things, maritime insurance and the international carriage of goods by sea.
  • Supply chain: All the systems, steps, and resources involved in moving goods or services from the point of origin to the end consumer.

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