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Why We re the Best

Experience like no other. Repairing and constructing over 7,000+ foundations. We know homes.

There are a lot of companies offering foundation repair in the Los Angeles area. How do you know which one is best? We believe experience should be the deciding factor. Julian Construction was formed in 1994, and our focus has always been on building foundations, doing repair, replacement, earthquake retrofitting and house leveling. We have inspected over 16,500 foundations .

If you also talk to another foundation contractor, ask how long they have been doing foundation repair. Not how long they have been in business. But how long they have been doing foundation work. There are some contractors in the LA area who have been doing foundation work for a year or less. Would you trust the safety of your home to them?

When the safety of your home and family are at stake, we think you ll want to go with Julian, the company that has been working under homes for nearly 20 years.

Best value. Our affordability comes from the efficiency of expertise and smooth-running crews. All equipment and vehicles are company owned. Julian Construction also offers 0% financing .

100% expert oversight. From start to finish, licensed and expert managers oversee all projects, ensuring perfection, timeliness and safety.

Most Affordable Online Nurse Practitioner Degrees, 2016, College Choice, schools to become


schools to become a nurse practitioner

What if I told you there was a health profession that allowed you to practice independently, diagnose illness, order tests, treat diseases, and earn between $100,000-$200,000 a year. Also, what if it did not require a massive amount of debt, 8-10 years of medical school + residency, and the crippling stress associated with becoming a physician? Sound too good to be true? Well, the profession I have just described is that of a nurse practitioner (NP).

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, NP s are part of the 7th fastest growing profession in the United States —and of the top twenty of these most in demand of occupations, NP s are second only to optometrists in their median pay. NPs are not doctors-lite. Though they do not have the education and clinical scope of full-fledged physicians, studies like this one have consistently shown that concerning primary care and patient outcomes; NPs perform just as well as doctors!

But how much does it cost to become an NP? According to a study done by American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, fulfilling the education requirements for licensure as an NP costs as much as one year of medical school! And thanks to our diligent research here at College Choice, you have access to the most affordable online NP degree programs in the country. No, you are not having a heart attack- you are just dying of excitement for a new career as an NP!

Recommended Nurse Practitioner Degrees

Bradley University Online Master of Science in Nursing – Family Nurse Practitioner

Demand for preventive care continues to rise in the U.S. especially now that millions of Americans have access to medical services through the Affordable Care Act. However, with primary care physicians in short supply, more and more individuals and families are turning to advanced practice nurses for treatment.

Kaplan University Family Nurse Practitioner Graduate Certificate

Kaplan University offers post-master s certificates in the following areas: Executive Leader (30 credit hours); Nurse Educator (30 credit hours), Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner (60 credit hours), and Family Nurse Practitioner (60 credit hours). At Kaplan University, we understand why you re going back to school.

Maryville University MSN Family Nurse Practitioner

Maryville University s online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) is designed to give active nurses the skills, confidence, and autonomy needed to become a nurse practitioner. Maryville s CCNE accredited online MSN-FNP prepares nurses to provide primary care for patients of all ages, including adults, children and the elderly.

What are the most affordable online nurse practitioner degrees?

So how do you get started? Step one is getting the education required to become a registered nurse (RN). College Choice can help you with that! After gaining valuable clinical experience, nurses can either get their Bachelor of Science in Nursing or join an accelerated program that allows them immediately to start work on an MS in Nursing or even a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). Those who have earned an MS in Nursing without an NP focus can take a certificate program to get the education and experience they need to fulfill the last step in becoming an NP: sitting for licensure examinations. Voilà! You are on your way to a fulfilling and financially secure career. Now sit back and let College Choice guide you through the most affordable online NP degrees in the country. Just make sure that these professionally accredited programs meet the NP requirements for your state.

Delta State University

Total Tuition: $10,500

Program Website

Schools to become a nurse practitioner Schools to become a nurse practitioner Schools to become a nurse practitioner Schools to become a nurse practitioner

The most affordable online degree programs for those hoping to become nurse practitioners are at Delta State University- a small, public university in Cleveland, Mississippi. It offers three different options for those intending to sit for examinations as nurse practitioners. The first is a Master’s of Science program for RNs who have already completed their Bachelor of Nursing. Among its three specializations is a family nurse practitioner concentration.

For students who have completed a Master s of Science without a nursing practice specialization, Delta State offers a Post-Master s Certificate that will prepare them for national certification as a family nurse practitioner. Finally, Delta State provides a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree that allows registered nurses without any undergraduate degree to attain their doctorate in as little as four years. Delta State has been regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

The University of Alabama

Total Tuition: $10,800

Program Website

Schools to become a nurse practitioner Schools to become a nurse practitioner Schools to become a nurse practitioner Schools to become a nurse practitioner

The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa is a large, public, research university and flagship member of the University of Alabama system. It has been regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. UA has two different degree programs aimed at those hoping to become nurse practitioners.

The first is a blended Master s in Nursing- Nurse Practitioner Concentration degree. With only RN licensure required for admission, this degree program moves students through requirements for a bachelor and terminates with a Master s of Science degree that will allow graduates to sit for examinations as both family nurse practitioners or psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners. It also focuses on the unique needs of rural communities, making it an attractive option for those hoping to practice in smaller towns. They also offer a traditional Doctor of Nursing Practice degree.

Columbus State University

Total Tuition: $11,550

Program Website

Schools to become a nurse practitioner Schools to become a nurse practitioner Schools to become a nurse practitioner Schools to become a nurse practitioner

Columbus State University is a medium sized public university and member school of the University System of Georgia. It has two campuses in the city of Columbus. CSU’s College of Education and Nursing Professions has combined their resources with Georgia Southwestern University to offer a Master’s in Nursing with a family nurse practitioner emphasis.

Columbus State also offers an innovative Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) program for RNs with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Its asynchronous content and the option to pursue the degree on a full or part-time basis makes it an attractive choice for those who want flexibility and a fast track to becoming an NP. Columbus State University has been regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

Total Tuition:

Program Website

Archived: Best Online MSN Programs, 2016

Schools to become a nurse practitioner Schools to become a nurse practitioner Schools to become a nurse practitioner Schools to become a nurse practitioner

Best Online Nurse Practitioner Programs, 2016

Schools to become a nurse practitioner Schools to become a nurse practitioner Schools to become a nurse practitioner Schools to become a nurse practitioner

Best Nurse Practitioner Programs 2017

Schools to become a nurse practitioner Schools to become a nurse practitioner Schools to become a nurse practitioner Schools to become a nurse practitioner

Average Salaries – Job Descriptions – Annual Job Salaries #p #a #salary


Salary Data & Career Research Center (United States)

Browse Popular Jobs

Administrative Assistant
Median Hourly Rate: $15
“Administrative assistants are employed in a very wide range of fields and provides various types administrative assistance to employees.”
Learn More

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)
Median Hourly Rate: $12
“Certified nurse assistants (CNAs) provide care to patients, often in facilities such as nursing homes.”
Learn More

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
Median Hourly Rate: $19
“Licensed practical nurses (LPN) are responsible for using their extensive training in a wide range of nursing tasks and patient-care objectives.”
Learn More

Office Manager
Median Salary: $44,461
“Aspiring office managers should have excellent communication, problem-solving, and managerial skills, as they are responsible for all activities, projects, and employees of their offices. It is essential that office managers work well in fast-paced environments, as they must oversee several ongoing projects at once.”
Learn More

Operations Manager
Median Salary: $61,177
“Operations managers oversee their organization’s production of goods and/or services.”
Learn More

Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General)
Median Salary: $70,496
“A project manager (unspecified type/general) oversees designated projects for the company.”
Learn More

Registered Nurse (RN)
Median Hourly Rate: $28
“Most of the time, registered nurses (RN) work for hospitals or medical clinics.”
Learn More

Software Engineer
Median Salary: $80,825
“In the world of software design and development, a software engineer plays a key role.”
Learn More

Paralegal Interview Questions, why become a paralegal.#Why #become #a #paralegal


Paralegal Interview Questions

Paralegal interview questions with excellent sample interview answers.

Paralegals are found in many types of organizations including law firms, corporate legal departments and government offices.

Why become a paralegal

Paralegals and legal assistants work in many different areas of the law including corporate law, criminal law, labor law, family law, real estate and litigation.

These interview questions explore the core competencies required by a successful paralegal regardless of the area of specialization.

What are the most important skills for a paralegal?

In your paralegal interview answer include organization and planning, research and analytical skills, writing skills, judgment and decision-making skills, attention to detail, strong communication skills, patience and perseverance, confidentiality and sensitivity.

What tools and methods do you use for the day to day organization and planning of your work?

Describe the systems you use to stay organized. How do you prioritize your workload? How do you plan and schedule your work tasks and activities? How do you stay focused and productive despite interruptions and conflicting demands on your time?

This is a good opportunity to highlight the paralegal software you are familiar with such as Lexis/Nexis, Concordance, CaseMap.

Give me an example of having to organize large volumes of data in order to prepare a report by a tight deadline.

A paralegal must research and analyze volumes of data in order to prepare written reports and summaries. They also have to be able to work under pressure.

Describe the steps you took, using a specific example, to identify key issues from a base of information. Highlight how you applied relevant legal principals to the facts in your analysis of the information.

Tell me about a time you had to interact with a difficult client.

You represent the company to the public and your ability to act professionally at all times is important. Discuss the specific techniques you use to handle a difficult interaction including staying calm, getting all the necessary facts and information, discussing options and coming to agreement.

Describe a complex legal decision you had to make. Take me through the process you took to reach your decision.

As a paralegal you need to be able to make sound decisions independently. Steps include gathering all relevant information and pertinent facts, generating and exploring good alternatives, selecting the best alternative and checking the decision. Focus on presenting a logical and systematic decision-making process.

Tell me about your experience dealing with confidential and sensitive information.

A paralegal needs to use tact and diplomacy when dealing with sensitive and confidential issues and situations. Provide a specific example.

How do you check the accuracy of your work?

Highlight your attention to detail and your focus on all areas involved in the task no matter how small. Describe the systems and processes you use to check your work for accuracy and completeness.

Why are you the right person for this job?

Focus on what you can do for the organization – your legal knowledge, abilities, legal experience and skills.

Highlight your particular strengths (analytical ability, specialist knowledge, research skills, e-discovery) and how they meet the needs of the job. Give examples of your past experience that relate directly to this job.

Why did you choose to become a paralegal? Why did you choose to specialize in this area of the law?

In your paralegal interview be convincing about your passion for the law. A paralegal position offers an opportunity to participate meaningfully in the legal process. It allows you to think critically and analytically and to optimize your communication skills.

As a paralegal you will be constantly learning and growing. Look at your particular specialization – litigation, criminal, corporate, insurance, family law etc – and consider what it is about the specific demands of the job that you enjoy.

These detailed descriptions of paralegal duties for different areas of specialization will help you.

Do your preparation. Use your company research during the paralegal interview to convince the company that you are a serious and committed candidate.

Expect questions in your paralegal interview that explore your legal training and qualifications and knowledge. Show how your training has prepared you for this specific job. Direct your answer to what you know about the organization and the position and relate your training to their needs. The detailed information at What Does a Paralegal Do? can help with this.

Prepare for common interview questions using the sample interview answers.

Prepare for behavioral questions in your paralegal interview. These behavioral interview answers show you what is required from you.

Why become a paralegal

Strathcarron Hospice – Virtual Christmas Tree – Donate and Light Up A

#strathcarron hospice


Strathcarron Hospice – Light Up a Life – Virtual Christmas Tree

Simply write a Message Tag in memory of a loved one and it will be added to our virtual Christmas Tree, and a new twinkling star will appear in the sky. You can browse the Messages Tags below, with the most recent at the top. Just click on a name in the list below to read the Message Tag and their Star will twinkle more brightly. See below to donate and add your own message! (Requires Flash 8 or greater).

Special lights will be shining this Christmas at Strathcarron Hospice and also in Alloa, Cumbernauld, Stirling and Falkirk to honour and celebrate the lives of much loved relatives and friends. You can sponsor as many lights as you wish. For each light sponsored you will receive a special Light Up a Life Card which you can keep yourself or send to someone who shares your memories. The suggested donation is £5 per light, but all donations will be equally welcome. If you would like to sponsor a light in memory of loved one please see the main website or go along to our Light Up a Life Desk at The Thistle Centre Stirling, The Falkirk Mall, Tesco Cumbernauld or Alloa, or contact the Fundraising Department on 01324 826 222.

In the meantime Light Up A Life with our virtual Christmas Tree below.

To create a message simply donate any sum from £5 using the form below. On payment you will be able to enter your Message Tag in memory of a loved one. It will be added to the tree and a new twinkling star will appear in the sky. The name of your loved one will then show on the list enabling the world to share your message of love. It’s as easy as 1- 2- 3. Step 1: Donate using the form below. Step 2: Type in your Message. Step 3: Your loved one’s name appears on the list.

*If you are a UK taxpayer and you tick this box, we can claim an extra 25p in every pound you donate from the Government. Our donations are handled by Secure payments through Paypal. You don’t need a Paypal Account, just pay by credit or debit card. For more information call our fundraising department on 01324 826222.

Loneliness and the Fear of Being Alone, being a psychologist.#Being #a #psychologist



Being a psychologist

Loneliness should not be equated with a fear of being alone. Everyone has times when they are alone for situational reasons, or because they have chosen to be alone. Being alone can be experienced as positive, pleasurable, and emotionally refreshing if it is under the individual’s control. Solitude is the state of being alone and secluded from other people, and often implies having made a conscious choice to be alone. Loneliness is therefore unwilling solitude.

Understanding Loneliness

Loneliness is an emotional state in which a person experiences a powerful feeling of emptiness and isolation. Loneliness is more than just the feeling of wanting company or wanting to do something with another person. Loneliness is a feeling of being cut off, disconnected, and/or alienated from other people, so that it feels difficult or even impossible to have any form of meaningful human contact. Lonely people often feel empty or hollow inside.

Being alone and lonely, and even just the fear of being alone, make many people insecure, anxious and depressed. If you fear being alone you may become over needy of other people and feel as if you must be around people at all times. While we all, to varying degrees, need people in our life, if you feel you must have people around all the time then this need is controlling you.

What is meant by being alone means different things to different people. It is critical to evaluate what makes up your fear and to what degree this fear controls you and your behavior. For example, it is important to note if there are any social elements to the fear, is the fear related to personal violence concerns, and is the focus on one particular person or type of person rather than on the need to have another human being in close proximity.

Clinical and research evidence supports the fact that all too often one of the main reasons that both men and women get into a relationship, and then often stay in a relationship, is related to a fear of being alone. And as any good counselor knows, a relationship that is based on fear is destined to be a very unhappy and unfulfilling relationship. Until a person can learn to enjoy their own company, they may constantly find themselves lonely or getting into relationships that are, or end up, based on fear. All too often, people who are not comfortable with themselves unknowingly stop themselves from not only being the best person they can be but from experiencing deep levels of intimacy with others as well.

At the extreme, the fear of being alone is known by a number of names – Autophobia, Isolaphobia, and Monophobia. This fear of being alone often significantly impacts on a person’s quality of life. It can cause panic attacks, keep people apart from loved ones and business associates, and play total havoc with a person’s life. Symptoms typically include shortness of breath, rapid breathing, irregular heartbeat, sweating, nausea, and overall feelings of dread, although everyone experiences being alone fear in their own way and may have different symptoms.

Effects of Loneliness

The effects of loneliness and the fear of being alone can lead to anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, depression, suicide, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and acute and chronic illness. Chronic loneliness (as opposed to the normal loneliness everyone feels from time to time) can be a serious condition and has been associated with an increased risk of death from cancer as well as stroke and cardiovascular disease. People who are socially isolated also report poor sleep quality and thus have diminished restorative processes.

What causes of loneliness and a fear of being alone?

People can experience loneliness for many reasons, and many life events are related to loneliness. Loneliness is a very common response to divorce or the breakup/loss of any important long-term relationship. In these cases it may stem both from the loss of a specific person, as well as from the withdrawal from social circles caused by the event or the associated sadness.

Loneliness can be a response to a specific situation or event, such as the death or extended absence of a loved one. Loneliness may also occur after the birth of a child, after marriage or after any minor or major life event. Loneliness can occur in marriages or similar close relationships where there is anger/resentment or a lack of loving communication.

The fear of being alone can be caused by by many different things. Maybe you were, or felt, abandoned at some time in life and came to associate being alone with being unloved or neglected. A fear of being alone can be directly related to lack of self-confidence and to the belief that activities cannot be enjoyed or even attempted if you are alone.

Or maybe you just never learned to be comfortable while alone. Like anything in life, what has been learned can be altered. You can learn to be better at being alone without being lonely so that you have the choice of whether to be with others or not. And when you overcome the fear of being alone, you instantly become more independent and confident as a result. In fact, there are many advantages to overcoming fear of loneliness. When you are alone you have time to think calmly and there is a special kind of peace you can experience only when alone. Time spent alone sometimes can also make time spent with others even more enjoyable. Remember that being alone doesn’t have to mean being lonely.

Treatment of Loneliness

The alternative to viewing loneliness and the fear of being alone as a defect or as an unalterable personality characteristic is to recognize that loneliness is something that can be changed. It is also important to know that loneliness and the fear of being alone are common experiences. According to a recent national survey, 25% of all adults experience painful loneliness at least every few weeks, and the incidence among adolescents and college students is even higher. Loneliness is neither a permanent state nor bad in itself. Instead it should be viewed more accurately as a signal or indicator of important needs that are going unmet.

The first step is to admit that you have a problem with being alone and that you would like to feel and behave differently. Remember, we all have strengths and weakness and hiding your weaknesses takes up more energy than it does to work to overcome them or learn to live with them.

The most frequently used form of therapy is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), reality therapy and behavioral therapy. Working with an experienced psychologist, therapist, or counselor you can learn new behavioral approaches, new relationship and communication skills, and specific techniques to help you deal with anxiety and depression.

Relaxation and stress relief techniques are frequently an accompaniment to other therapeutic approaches. Relaxation techniques may include things like specific ways of breathing, muscle relaxation training, guided mental imagery, or soothing self-talk. Associating these relaxation techniques with being alone can help you deal with, and overcome, feelings of loneliness, depression and anxiety.

Medication can also be used. While they do not cure the fears of being alone, they can temporarily suppress the symptoms through chemical interaction.

Additional Information

For more information about loneliness, the fear of being alone, and other mental health issues, please click on the linked websites listed below.

SIP for PBX in a Flash #pbx #in #a #flash


SIP for PBX in a Flash

Simplify Your Communications Infrastructure with SIP for PBX in a Flash™

The SIP.US trunking service is compatible with the Astrisk open source PBX and a variety of Astrisk distributions, including PBX in a Flash. The combination of SIP and PBX in a Flash gives companies a flexible, powerful and easy to deploy communications solution.

About PBX in a Flash

Asterisk PBX is a free, open source private branch exchange (PBX) application. It runs on Linux platforms and comes in many different distributions. Distributions are a complete software package that includes everything required to install and deploy the Asterisk PBX. PBX in a Flash is a free distribution containing a pre-built Asterisk server. It has been developed to run on a PC. PBX in a Flash is popular because it is a complete distribution that contains everything that is needed to install and configure an Asterisk PBX quickly. The flash is about the seed with which the solution can be deployed.

Implementing PBX in a Flash

Although installing PBX in a Flash may seem technically challenging, the website contains excellent documentation that will help walk you through it in a step-by-step manner. The PBX in a Flash development team has eliminated telco jargon and uses simple instructions to ensure that anyone with a working knowledge of the basics of computer operation can successful set-up and maintain the solution. Support services and an active user forum are available to assist.

Why Choose SIP.US for PBX in a Flash?

The Astrisk PBX software at the core of PBX in a Flash provides the functionality required for call control and unified communications features like automated attendants, voicemail and customized call routing. PBX in a Flash contains the other software components necessary to make an Asterisk installation quick and painless. All that remains is the selection of a method to deliver calls from the PBX to the PSTN (public switched telephone network), the network that routes calls to their intended destination. Customers who choose to deploy SIP for PBX in a Flash using SIP.US gain a number of advantages:

  • Deploying SIP for PBX in a Flash represents a significant cost savings vs. more traditional carrier provided toll lines
  • By utilizing a data network, rather than carrier lines, SIP.US gives clients the flexibility to subscribe to only the number of channels (or active calls) that they require. Carriers require customers to buy groups of 23 channels, meaning that customers are often paying for more than they need.
  • Although some providers of SIP services require that clients purchase Internet bandwidth from them, SIP.US does not. Our customers choose the high-speed Internet connection that they prefer.
  • SIP.US has made it easy to administer your trunking solution with online tools. Clients can easily add or remove channels on-the-fly.
  • In order to ensure the voice quality and reliability that our clients expect, we use only Tier-1 upstream providers.
  • SIP.US has been tested and deployed with a number of open-source PBX solutions and distributions, including PBX in a Flash.

Customer Feedback

Here is what our customers have to say about working with SIP.US:

Switching to SIP.US was simple. Our service is smoother and more reliable and our costs have gone down. Miles Fawcett, Urban Alarm

I don’t have any experience with SIP trunking, but connecting my Asterisk PBX to SIP.US was fast and easy. Eddy Pareja, Sangfroid Web Design

Configuring SIP for PBX in a Flash

Instructions for setting up PBX in a Flash for use with SIP.US are available at W e are also avaialble to help clients with system configuration. If you d like this assistance, just visit our support site and open a new ticket.

SIP for PBX in a Flash Frequently Asked Questions

What are the broad-band requirements to use SIP for PBX in a Flash?

SIP.US supports most broadband Internet options including; Metro Ethernet, cable, T1-data and DSL. Many SIP trunking providers insist that clients purchase connectivity from them. We prefer to let our clients select the most cost effective, reliable option of their choice.

Is a dedicated public IP address needed to use SIP for PBX in a Flash?

A dedicated public IP address is not required to use SIP.US with PBX in a Flash, but we do recommend it if possible.

Do you offer a free test period?

Yes. Please feel free to test SIP.US before you provide any credit card information. Click on the get started button on any page in this website and we ll start your free trial. It includes sixty minutes of calling to the lower 48 US states and Canada.

Join our other clients who have improved employee productivity and increased flexibility while saving money with SIP for PBX in a Flash. Start your free trial today.

Get Started Free SIP Trunk in 60 Seconds

A Bluegrass For Hospice Event #lyrath #hotel

#hospice of the bluegrass


Saturday October 22, 2016

Noon – 8:00 PM

Flat Iron Farm

Highway To Heaven Ln

Great Mills, Maryland

Sponsored in part by.

John Feliates Christine Wray

Joan Stanley Williams * Three Mules Welding Supply’s * TDE Incorporated * A T Enterprises * Luke Morgan, DDS Associates, LLC * John R. Bean Construction Home Improvement

Stuff * Quality Built Homes * Guy Distributing Co, Inc. * IAMAW William W. Winpisinger Education Center * Wildwood Medical Care-Dr. John Scott Tidball *

Friends of Tony O’Donnell, Virginia Lee Baines

Bell Boys Bus Service * Cedar Point Federal Credit Union * Hancock Refrigeration Co. Inc. * Vidsec Systems * Cather Marine, Inc. * Take-It-Easy Campground * Anne and Ernie Bell * Lil Margaret’s Bluegrass Old-Time Music Festival * Thomas Son Transport, LLC * J.F. Taylor, Inc. * Community Bank of the Chesapeake * Kieyos * Parrans Flooring Center, Inc. * Patuxent Dental * Dorsey Law Firm * C C Plumbing Septic, Inc. * Aloft Solutions, LLC * St. Mary’s Nursing Rehabilitation Center * Dean Lumber Company * Tom Hodges Auto Sales, Tire, Service Center * Dyson Building Center * Compass Systems, Inc. * Stephen D. Mattingly Insurance Inc. * Taylor Gas Company, Inc. * Dean Lumber Company * Ziner Tax Services * The Dorsey Law Firm *

Charles C. Reel. MD. * A Better Plumber * State Farm Insurance-Philip Riehl, Agent

Keep your business local, please support our local Southern Maryland business’!

Fix Common Plumbing Problems, how-tos, DIY, unclogging a sink drain.#Unclogging #a #sink


Fix Common Plumbing Problems

Unclogging a sink drain


Photo by: DK – Do It Yourself Home Improvement 2009 Dorling Kindersley Limited

DK – Do It Yourself Home Improvement, 2009 Dorling Kindersley Limited

Skill Level

Start to Finish

Table of Contents

Step 1

Unclogging a sink drain

DK – Do It Yourself Home Improvement, 2009 Dorling Kindersley Limited

Unclogging a sink drain

DK – Do It Yourself Home Improvement, 2009 Dorling Kindersley Limited

Unclogging a sink drain

DK – Do It Yourself Home Improvement, 2009 Dorling Kindersley Limited


Photo By: DK – Do It Yourself Home Improvement 2009 Dorling Kindersley Limited


Photo By: DK – Do It Yourself Home Improvement 2009 Dorling Kindersley Limited


Photo By: DK – Do It Yourself Home Improvement 2009 Dorling Kindersley Limited

Unblock Traps

One of the most common areas where blockages occur is in traps. A basin trap is shown here. Snakes can unclog many types of traps, but sinks usually need to be dismantled for the blockage to be removed.

Undo the sink trap (Image 1). Position a bowl beneath it to catch any water.

Remove debris (Images 2 and 3) and wash the trap in a bucket of clean water. An old toothbrush is an ideal cleaning tool.

Replace the trap. It is worth replacing worn washers while the trap is disassembled to prevent future leaks.

1 month car insurance #car #insurance #for #a #month


You need to insure a car for a month? No problem. Short-term insurance like this is now well established in the UK. So, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you can benefit from the modern way of buying insurance which has already helped hundreds of thousands of British motorists to save money by buying cover for just the length of time that you really want it for. You can save time and effort by getting quotes within a minute or so via a quick and simple online form, and when you buy your policy you can have instant cover if you wish, making it ideal for those little emergencies that crop up from time to time when you need to insure a vehicle at short notice.

What sort of car can I insure?

It doesn t matter whether you own the car that you are going to insure or not, provided that you have the permission of the owner. It must of course be roadworthy, taxed and MOT d (unless you re taking it to an MOT station for a test, and you have a confirmed appointment there) and it will have to be on the insurers approved list, which usually covers the majority of cars on British roads. It must be registered and kept in the UK, unmodified (excluding modifications for a disabled driver, or conversion to LPG) and it should have no more than seven seats. These are the main conditions, and you should check the policy details of the insurer you intend to deal with to make certain that your car complies with any others.

How long can I insure a car for?

Any number of days, from one single day to 4 weeks.

Are there restrictions on drivers?

Drivers should be over the age of 20 and under the age of 75. Apart from this the stipulations are the same as with any other car insurance; a reasonable driving record will be expected and a full driving licence should have been held for a minimum of a year. If in any doubt should get a quotation; it only takes a moment or 2 to find out whether or not you would be accepted, and what the premium would be.

Is it expensive?

These policies are designed for temporary use only so it would not be an economical proposition to take one out every month instead of buying a conventional yearly policy! However they can save you a great deal of money if you only require cover for the odd month or two.

Do the insurance details appear on the MID?

Certainly, the details are passed onto the Motor Insurance Database within 24 hours or so of your taking out a policy and in the meanwhile you would be given a link to access all necessary documentation including the all important insurance certificate. You could save this link on your smart phone or print out your certificate just to be on the safe side; it often takes a couple of days or even slightly more at busy times for the MID to be updated so it may be useful to carry proof that you are insured just in case you need to produce it.

What type of cover is available?

Comprehensive cover is provided for driving within the UK. If you wish to drive in Europe you would automatically be given the the minimum legal cover for any other EEC country you drove through but this could be upgraded to comprehensive cover for an extra premium if you wished. You can also purchase roadside assistance, to cover the UK or the EEC as another optional extra. is a trading style of Prudent Plus Ltd of Booths Hall, Booths Park, Chelford Road Knutsford Cheshire WA16 8GS. Quotes are provided by Sky Insurance Services Group Limited with whom we have a trading agreement only and who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority no. 469048. We receive from them a commission per policy purchased; this will not affect the premium you pay for your policy in any way.

Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved

Apply for a morgage #apply #for #a #morgage


Incredibly Low Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Options and Tools

Our Rates and Products

You’ve put in the time and effort to build up the equity in your home and now you can take advantage of all that hard work. A HELOC is a pre-approved loan at an interest rate as low as prime secured by a first or second mortgage. Funds are advanced, as required, up to your approved limit.

The funds are yours to renovate, consolidate, or use as you please and there are no annual fees.

  • Payments are tailored to your needs but can be as low as interest-only.
  • HELOC is used with the ease of our Personal Line of Credit, and may be available for up to a limit of 80% of the appraised value of your property, less any outstanding liens.
  • The HELOC provides ultimate convenience, funds available instantly with no fuss, and requires no further approvals.

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6 Reasons Why Our Mortgages Are A Better Choice For You


Unlike the big banks we don t offer you an inflated posted rate and make you haggle to get our best rate. Our rates are your rates. Simple.


If you need to sell your house during your mortgage term, you pay no penalties with our mortgages.


If you need to break your mortgage mid-term, we offer a variety of ways to save on penalties, including Blend Extend and early renewal options.


If you do have to pay a penalty we calculate it based on our actual rates, not using inflated posted rates. This can also save you thousands.


You can pay down your mortgage equalling up to 25% of your original balance, or increase your mortgage payment by up to 25%, with no penalties.


The most important reason our Mortgages are better is our qualified, accredited mortgage professionals who are ready to advise you on what s best for you.

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How to Act After a Car Accident (with Pictures), steps to take


How to Act After a Car Accident

A car accident can be a traumatic and scary experience, making it difficult to know what to do after it happens. It’s important to act quickly to ensure that everyone involved is safe and that all legal steps are followed. Knowing how to take action after a car accident can also protect you from frivolous lawsuits and ensure that you receive the appropriate compensation for any injuries or damage to your vehicle.

Steps Edit

Part One of Three:

Steps to take after a car accident

Steps to take after a car accident

Steps to take after a car accident

Steps to take after a car accident

Steps to take after a car accident

Steps to take after a car accident

Steps to take after a car accident

Part Two of Three:

Steps to take after a car accident

Steps to take after a car accident

Steps to take after a car accident

Part Three of Three:

Dealing with Claims and Lawsuits Edit

Steps to take after a car accident

Steps to take after a car accident

Steps to take after a car accident

Steps to take after a car accident

Steps to take after a car accident

Steps to take after a car accident

MLM shopping cart and ecommerce site, build a ecommerce site.#Build #a #ecommerce


build a ecommerce site

Build a ecommerce site

Build a ecommerce site

Multi Level Store, inc.

Address: 10152 University blvd. Orlando, Florida 32817, USA

Phone: 1-866-457-1317 Fax: 1-888-359-2819

Build a ecommerce site

Build a ecommerce site

Build a ecommerce site

Build a ecommerce site

Build a ecommerce site

Build a ecommerce site

H ow will you react, if we were to tell you that within just a few days from now, you too can become the proprietor of a successful business on the Internet, which will soon be making financial deals, accepting orders and serving many customers.

We would like to introduce you to a new business concept called a Multi-level Store , which is a powerful merger between a state-of-the-art On-Line Store and a fully automated Network Marketing management tool.

The power behind the concept of a Multi-level Store derives from the fact that it provides a highly advanced marketing tool that can be managed by everyone. Its user-friendly design and affordable price allow anyone to promote any product whatsoever, by using the same tool that Fortune’s 500 companies are using!

This powerful web-based tool will enable you to design an attractive On-Line Store, where you will be able to sell wholesale items or information products (We will guide you to locations that can offer you wonderful merchandise which you will be able to sell in your On-Line Store.)

Embedded within your On-Line Store will be a powerful Network Marketing (Referral Marketing) management tool. This management tool will enable you to turn your store into a bustling virtual community of people on-line, which will literally strive to help you make money. This is precisely what the network-marketing concept is all about!

S tart Now. You can start your own business without any cost and within 15 minutes! Take advantage of our free evaluation package. Click here now to try our online tool for free or take a guided tour.

Build a ecommerce site

A well-managed MLM company can grow at an amazing rate — as much as 20%, 50%, even 100% per MONTH. (In fact one of the biggest reasons for MLM company failure is inability to keep up with explosive growth.) It would be impossible to generate this kind of growth in a regular e-commerce site.

Since August 1998, Multi Level Store helped hundreds of people, from all walks of life, to start and operate their own online businesses based on the MLM (Network Marketing) concept.

In a few minutes, you will get turnkey web based tool to manage your entire operation. This online tool includes

Build a ecommerce siteComplete Storefront Control from your web browser

Build a ecommerce siteUnlimited number of categories and products

Build a ecommerce siteFully Integrated products Search

Build a ecommerce siteReal-time side-bar shopping cart viewable at all times

Build a ecommerce siteOne-click purchasing for registered customers

Build a ecommerce siteCustomers can view their previous orders

Build a ecommerce siteSophisticated payment verification

Build a ecommerce sitePowerful commission tracking

Build a ecommerce siteState of the art recruiting system

Build a ecommerce sitePromotion system for each member

Build a ecommerce siteMotivation system for each member

Build a ecommerce siteBuilt-in advertising tools – scrolling news board, rotating banner system and recommended links

Build a ecommerce siteDetailed downline genealogy report (available separately for each downline)

Build a ecommerce siteSelf replicating page for each member

Build a ecommerce siteBusiness chatroom

Build a ecommerce siteSophisticated replicating page editor

Build a ecommerce siteGraphical downline summary

Build a ecommerce siteState of the art, personal management page for every member

Build a ecommerce siteSeparate communication system for each downline

Build a ecommerce siteSophisticated messaging system

Build a ecommerce siteReal-time email notification system

Build a ecommerce siteRegistration email notification (on/off)

Build a ecommerce siteAdvanced downline search capabilities

Build a ecommerce siteState of the art bulletin board

Build a ecommerce siteCentral messaging system

Build a ecommerce sitePersonalized automatic welcome message

We will walk you through the various stages of establishing a profitable MLM (Network Marketing) business, including where to find the right products and services to sell, how to control the distribution and a handful of priceless tips.

Build a ecommerce site

Become A Hospice Or Hospital Chaplain Interfaith Minister #hospics

#hospice chaplain


Home Hospital and Hospice Ministry

Hospital Chaplaincy Overview

Addressing the spiritual needs of the sick and dying and their loved ones can be an incredibly rich and rewarding experience. Over half of The Chaplaincy Institute alumni work or volunteer in a hospital or hospice setting, applying the interfaith spiritual care and application principles they have learned through our programs.

Our Interfaith Studies Certificate Course prepares individuals to serve the spiritual needs of our religiously and culturally diverse world in whatever capacities they are called, including hospital or hospice chaplaincy. Many of our faculty members are professional chaplains working in these settings.

Depending on your academic and professional goals, Interfaith Studies students are required to complete 100-200 hours of supervised practicum in an area of interest that relates to their desired focus of ministry or spiritual care, and often students choose to do their practicum in a hospital or hospice environment. For many, this is the deciding factor in undertaking the journey to becoming a hospital or hospice chaplain.

Becoming a hospital chaplain involves a different set of certification criteria than becoming a hospice chaplain. Chaplaincy in a hospital generally requires a graduate degree, CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education), and board certification as a professional chaplain. The Interfaith Studies Certificate Course can be part of the process to become a hospital chaplain, and a student’s practicum can be completed in a setting that meets CPE criteria.

Currently, becoming a hospice chaplain does not require certification. In many hospice settings the individuals fulfilling the chaplaincy role are called spiritual counselors. These can be paid positions and involve many of the same responsibilities undertaken by a chaplain in an institutional setting. The interfaith focus of those who participate in The Chaplaincy Institute programs make them ideal candidates for spiritual service in a hospice setting where patients and their families embrace a wide range of spiritual and religious paths and practices, or none at all.

The Role of a Hospital Chaplain

  • Addresses spiritual needs of hospital patients and their loved ones, aligned with patients’ values and preferences
  • Provides competent and compassionate spiritual care interventions based on spiritual needs assessment
  • Offers spiritual presence and listening during times of suffering and despair
  • Comforts patients using inspirational resources important to them, such as blessing, prayer, meditation, or reading of sacred texts
  • Works to mitigate spiritual pain and to address end-of-life fears and hopes
  • Provides spiritual support, counseling, grief and healing interventions, and education for hospital staff

How to give a signer privileges to forward the signing authority to


How to give a signer privileges to forward the signing authority to someone else?

I have a customer who doesn t have authority to sign a document. She said she has always been able to forward that designation to the owner of their company. She wasn t able to on the document I sent her. Is there a setting I need to have that would allow this? She doesn t want me to send the document directly to the owner, she wants to manage that process. Can someone please advise how to accomplish this?

How to give a signer privileges to forward the signing authority to someone else?

I have a customer who doesn t have authority to sign a document. She said she has always been able to forward that designation to the owner of their company. She wasn t able to on the document I sent her. Is there a setting I need to have that would allow this? She doesn t want me to send the document directly to the owner, she wants to manage that process. Can someone please advise how to accomplish this?

best answer

chosen by Susan Reichert

Aimee Carr

If you go to your Preferences and click features on the left hand side, you should be able to tick the box for Signers can reassign envelopes

This will then allow the recipient to reassign the signatory duties to the owner whilst still receiving the document herself.

Hope this helps!

If you go to your Preferences and click features on the left hand side, you should be able to tick the box for Signers can reassign envelopes

This will then allow the recipient to reassign the signatory duties to the owner whilst still receiving the document herself.

Hope this helps!

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Marian College School of Nursing Faculty, Los Angeles & Van Nuys California


Our Faculty

Marian College Faculty:

Lourdes E. Antay, BSN, RN (part-time, LA & Van Nuys Campuses)
RN license from the California BRN
• BSN from Saint Paul University, Iloilo City, Philippines

Angeline Arrieta, BSN, RN (part-time, LA & Van Nuys Campuses)
RN license from the California BRN
• BSN from San Pablo Colleges, Laguna, Philippines

Jessica L. Bringas, BSN, LVN (part-time, LA & Van Nuys Campuses)
LVN license from the California BVNPT
• BSN from Butuan Doctors’ College, Philippines
• Graduate Nurse from Chong Hua School of Nursing, Cebu, Philippines

George L. Chua, MSN, APN, FNP-C, CLS, ASCP, RNC, CSN (part-time, LA & Van Nuys Campuses)
RN license from the California BRN
• MSN and Master of Public Health from Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Arizona
• MSN in Family Nurse Practitioner from Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science/UCLA Mervyn M. Dymally School of Nursing, Los Angeles, California
• Credential in School Nursing from California State University, Long Beach, California
• MD from University of Fatima, Philippines
• BSN from Olivarez College of Nursing, Philippines
• BS Medical Technology from University of Santo Tomas, Philippines

PatriciaL.Francis,BSMed,LVN (part-time,LA Director of Nursing, Van Nuys Campus; part-time faculty, LA & Van Nuys Campuses)
RN license from the California BRN
• BSN from University of Phoenix, Arizona
• ASN from Los Angeles Valley College, North Hollywood, California
• VN Diploma from Concorde Career Institute, North Hollywood, California

Rosauro Don E. Parco, BSHCA, LVN (full-time, LA & Van Nuys Campuses)
LVN license from the California BVNPT
• BSHCA from West Coast University, Los Angeles, California
• VN Diploma from Marian College, Marian Health Careers Center

Oliver C. Perez, BSB, LVN (part-time, LA & Van Nuys Campuses)
LVN license from the California BVNPT
• BS in Business from the University of Phoenix, Arizona
• VN Diploma from Marian College, Marian Health Careers Center

Nenuca T. Ramirez, BSN, RN (part-time, LA & Van Nuys Campuses)
RN license from the California BRN
• BSN from the University of the East, Philippines

Leny J. Ramos, BSN, RN (part-time, LA & Van Nuys Campuses)
RN license from the California BRN
• BSN from Riverside College, Bacolod City, Philippines

Tuesday Ann B. Siao, BSN, MSN, RN (part-time, LA & Van Nuys Campuses)
RN license from the California BRN
• BS Biology from Immaculate Concepcion College, Davao City, Philippines
• Doctor of Medicine from Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc. Davao City, Philippines
• BSN from North Valley College Foundation, Inc. Kidapawan City, Philippines

Flordeliza Sortigosa, BSC, LVN (part-time, LA & Van Nuys Campuses)
LVN license from the California BVNPT
• BS in Commerce from University of Iloilo, Iloilo City, Philippines
• VN Diploma from Casa Loma College, Los Angeles, California

Kimberley A. Stotmore, LVN (part-time, LA & Van Nuys Campuses)
LVN license from the California BVNPT
• VN Diploma from North Orange County Regional Occupational Program, Anaheim, California

Yee Juan (Jennifer) Yong, ASN, BA-Psych, RN (part-time, LA & Van Nuys Campuses)
RN license from the California BRN
• BA Psychology from California State University, Los Angeles, California
• AA from East Los Angeles College, California
• ASN from Pasadena City College, Pasadena, California
• VN Diploma from Marian College, Marian Health Careers Center

MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Administration #mba #with #a #concentration #in


MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Administration

The MBA Healthcare Administration Concentration

The MBA Healthcare Administration concentration is a program designed for working professionals employed in the areas of education, child care, social services, health care and business. The curriculum will focus on management systems, decision making tools, new technologies, financial management, referral systems as well as current issues in health law and ethics.

Tiffin University’s Accreditations:

Tiffin University is authorized by the Board of Regents of the State of Ohio to award the MBA degree. The program is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The program has also received a national and international stamp of approval with an accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) and the Eurpoean Council for Business Education (ECBE).

Your Life Experience Equals A Dynamic Classroom Experience

Our commitment to quality begins with an application process designed to ensure that students entering our program have the ability and background to be successful. The average MBA student enters the Tiffin University program with nearly 10 years of post-graduate work experience. The student body has degrees in fields ranging from business to medicine, from the social sciences to engineering, from law to liberal arts, humanities, and more. The life experience of this diverse student body contributes to the dynamic and interactive nature of the educational atmosphere at Tiffin University.

The Tiffin University Academic Tradition

Tiffin University is in its twelfth decade of educating students for success, providing a solid foundation upon which to build your own personal success. Yet at the same time, the curriculum and educational methods at Tiffin University are undergoing a continuous process of improvement. Our curriculum is distinguished by a focus on developing competencies in leadership and teamwork, communication skills, and managerial decision-making and problem solving.

We Provide You With Personal Support

We understand that your success depends on our ability to answer your questions quickly and correctly. Virtually every survey or study designed to identify the critical success factors in online education confirm that keeping students connected is a top priority. Our students rate the personal support they received at Tiffin University as the primary reason for their success, and they would recommend Tiffin University’s online programs to a friend or coworker because of it.

Healthcare Administration Concentration 8 hours

  • HCA540 Managing Healthcare Systems
  • HCA552 Current Issues in Healthcare Administration
  • HCA633 Healthcare Finance and Process Management
  • HCA642 Healthcare Policy, Law, and Ethics

MBA Core Curriculum 28 hours

  • ACC510 Financial Accounting
  • ACC512 Managerial Accounting
  • CIS514 Information and Decision Support
  • ECO524 Managerial Economics
  • FIN612 Managerial Finance
  • MAT513 Statistical Methods for Managers
  • MGT511 Individual and Teamwork
  • MGT522 Management of Human Resources
  • MGT613 Operations Management
  • MGT614 Global and Transnational Management
  • MGT622 Strategic Management
  • MGT623 Legal and Ethical Issues in Management
  • MKT523 Marketing Management
  • MKT611 Business Research Analysis

Total MBA 36 hours

This is a sample course sequence to illustrate course offerings for this major. Consult the official Academic Bulletin for detailed registration and advising information.

Getting a Patent in China #getting #a #patent #cost


Getting A Patent In China. The China Patent Shuffle.

Kelly Spors, the Wall Street Journal s spot on Q A columnist on entrepreneurship and small business answered a question today on securing a China patent.

The question asked of Ms. Spors by a U.S. patent holder is whether it is worth spending the money for a patent in China to prevent knockoffs from being made there?

Ms. Spors says probably yes.

She starts out by noting that given China s reputation for meagerly enforcing intellectual property rights, getting a patent there may seem like a pointless expense. But you may kick yourself later on if you don t.

She then rightfully notes that in spite of the problems companies have in enforcing their patents in China, they are sometimes critical to prevent others from patenting YOUR product:

The big risk: If another company patents your idea first, it can turn around and sue you for infringement. It isn t as much about getting a patent in China as preventing other people from getting one, says Siva Yam, president of the U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce, a Chicago-based organization that helps businesses navigate China. Mr. Yam says the Chinese government is trying to better enforce patents, so having a Chinese patent may be worth more in the future.

Mr. Yam recalls a few years back when a Pennsylvania company decided not to seek a patent in China since it was already selling the technology there. But a Chinese company later sought and received a patent on a similar technology and then sued the U.S. company, along with writing letters to its customers threatening to sue if they continued doing business with the firm. The Chinese company eventually backed down, but not before the U.S. company had spent ample time and money fending off the claims.

She says it also makes sense to get a Chinese patent if you are selling your product into the Chinese market and that a patent will allow you to fight back if the manufacturer starts selling knockoffs of your product. She then notes that if you are going to seek a China patent of that which you have already patented in the United States, you must do so within a year of filing your U.S. patent application, unless you get an extension by filing an international patent application.

She is absolutely right about this. The China lawyers at my firm have received countless phone calls from companies agonizing over whether or not to get a China patent until we end that particular agony by telling them that they are too late.

I am probably a bit less upbeat than Ms. Spoor on the benefits of securing a China patent because they do tend to be difficult to enforce in China. One of the Chinese lawyers with whom we regularly work is even of the view that getting a strong trademark and constantly updating your product militate against the need to get a patent most of the time. But this ignores the problem of someone else stepping in and registering your patent in China. Though we are constantly seeing instances where Chinese companies swoop in and register someone s US trademark in China, it is less common with patents and I think this is because it is generally considerably more complicated and expensive to register a patent than it is to register a trademark.

Bottom Line: f you are doing business in China or even just considering doing so, you should be looking now at what you can do to protect your IP (patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, etc.) in China.

Dan Harris

Dan Harris is internationally regarded as a leading authority on legal matters related to doing business in China and in other emerging economies in Asia. Forbes Magazine, Business Week, Fortune Magazine, BBC News, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Economist, CNBC, The New York Times, and many other major media players, have looked to him for his perspective on international law issues.

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About China Law Blog

We will be discussing the practical aspects of Chinese law and how it impacts business there. We will be telling you what works and what does not and what you as a businessperson can do to use the law to your advantage. Our aim is to assist businesses already in China or planning to go into China, not to break new ground in legal theory or policy.

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Fighting a dui #fighting #a #dui, #mark #coburn


Don t Let a DUI Ruin Your Life

FIGHTING TO KEEP YOUR RECORD CLEAN and keep you out of jail!

Being arrested in Las Vegas for a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) is typically the starting point of a drawn-out, stressful, costly, and embarrassing process that involves multiple Court and DMV appearances. If you have been charged with a DUI, you could be facing extremely severe penalties including: loss of your driver’s license, expensive fines, multiple DUI classes, community service, and jail time. DUI cases can become quite complex, and it is important to have an experienced DUI attorney on your side to aggressively help protect your interests and make sure you’re treated fairly. You have just found that attorney.

We Fight Aggressively to Help You Keep your Freedom Driving Privileges.

Successfully representing a Nevada DUI case requires a high level of skill, experience, and a developed understanding of Nevada’s complex DUI Laws.

Unless you are willing to accept the maximum DUI penalties, it is in your best interests to hire a qualified DUI Attorney to assist you with your DUI defense options, including pursuit of case dismissal, plea bargain negotiations, and trying the case in court.

At the Las Vegas Ticket Attorney Law Office, I, Mark Coburn, will ensure that you receive unsurpassed legal representation. I am dedicated to providing your case with personal and attentive care. Remember: your DUI Lawyer is the one person in the court room who is unconditionally on your side.

Answers and Help Here!

Awesome place to take care of traffic tickets.I’m so happy I found Mark Coburn’s LV Ticket Attorney Office. He has taken care of my speeding tickets twice so far, and both times have been good experiences.Everyone in the office is very professional and good at communicating with you about your case—and you get a letter in the mail once all is said and done, confirming your ticket case was successfully resolved.I highly recommend this attorney. There are some other places where you pay a $50 flat fee to have them take care of your tickets but then you still need to go to traffic school. Not with Mark Coburn. I got out of traffic school too, in addition to no points on my license.Totally worth it!

Mark Coburn went out of his way to take the time to work on the special circumstances surrounding my case. My calls were even taken over the weekends by the office manager. Great service! I had everything cleared up without needing to go to court, which was important because I live out of state. I felt like this law office did everything in their power to get the job done right. A big thanks from me.

This actually worked. My warrant was quashed IMMEDIATELY. The attorney told me it would be quashed by the end of the day, but it was actually quashed within the hour. Couldn’t be happier. It’s hard to find a trustworthy Law Office in this town… thank you L.V.T.A. Staff!

So grateful to the Las Vegas Ticket Attorney office. My boyfriend had two moving violations from when we were visiting Las Vegas last spring and one of them had gone into warrant. Mark, Jenny, and Stephanie all helped us through the process. They were so on top of everything every step of the way. We really appreciate the follow-up phone calls during the times we requested. My boyfriend was nervous about trusting a Vegas Law Office way from out in NYC where we live, but it all came together without any blips. Thanks guys.

Mark Coburn was a huge help with my DUI case. It was actually my second DUI, and I had a warrant and a ticket to clear up on top of it. Coburn was able to get a few of the charges 100% dropped and the other charge reduced. My record is finally clean. For that I say thank you Attorney Coburn and crew.

I was pleasantly surprised with this law office. I had a DUI from several months ago, and there was no way I was going to attempt to negotiate that on my own (I’d heard horror stories) so I called a few Las Vegas attorneys until I found Mark Coburn and decided he was my man.The Law Office manager was very helpful too. When I went in for my free consultation, he and Mark Coburn sat down with me in a professional, but soothing conference room (it even had a Buddha statue) and they took the time to make sure all of my questions were answered. I never felt like they were trying to “sell” me, but I got the impression they were aggressive in court, which of course I wanted!I was terrified about my DUI case because I have a clean record up until this point, and I didn’t know how they would possibly get this thing reduced considering I was, shameful to say, pretty darn drunk when I was pulled over and given the citation.Everything went exceptionally smoothly with my case. Good communication. Felt like they actually cared, and most importantly—my DUI was reduced to a reckless driving!!My fine was lowered, I didn’t have any community service or court appearances; basically I sat back and went on with daily life while they took care of the whole ordeal.I would definitely recommend Mark Coburn’s Law Office for DUIs or whatever other legal needs you have. I am one happy gal.

Art Teacher Education Degree Programs Online #online #classes #to #become #a #teacher


Teaching Budding Artists with a Art Teacher Education Degree

With an art teacher education degree, you will gain an understanding of the art making process whilst combining this with the joy and satisfaction of teaching by being able to share your knowledge of art history, visual arts and design to a new generation. An education degree will typically incorporate elements of human development, classroom management, education methodology and research methodology.

A bachelor’s degree and a teaching certificate are required in order to teach art at any public school. For those looking to move into administrative and managerial positions, a Master of Education, Master of Fine Arts or other advanced degrees will help you.

Art Teacher Education Degree Information

People who wish to become art teachers in public schools must get at least a bachelor’s degree. Most students get their bachelor’s in art, then complement their major with education classes and student teaching. All 50 states require teachers to get teacher certification and licensure. Some states and some schools want their teachers to hold master’s degrees. A bachelor’s in Art Education focuses on both art and education. The student for this bachelor’s will take art courses in art theory and history, studio courses in drawing, painting, sculpting and printmaking. They will also take education courses in teaching methods, classroom management and lesson planning, as well as child and adolescent development and teaching diverse learners. As part of the education training, students are required to do a stint student teaching for hands-on classroom experience.

Some students who hadn’t planned on teaching may get a bachelor’s degree in any major of their choice. To become an art teacher, these students will need to develop their art techniques as well as take a teacher training course, with the student teaching practicum. Checking to see that your chosen program is accredited ensures that you will be able to apply for certification and licensure upon graduation.

Online Art Teacher Education Programs

Art teacher training program are available online, both at bachelor’s and master’s level. Many online programs have the same classes as those offered in a traditional classroom setting, but at more flexible times. Current art teachers who wish to enhance their education may take online master’s courses. Artists who decide to become art teachers might also choose this route to becoming an art teacher.

Online Art Education Curriculum

Many online art education programs will focus on both art and education. Art courses will include art history from cave painting to Picasso and art theory and practice as well as electives in various art disciplines such as painting or sculpting or ceramics. Education classes will include psychology of education, multicultural education, educational foundations and technology. These online programs


No state requires that you have a bachelor’s degree in the area you wish to teach, but a bachelor’s degree with a major is required. Most art teachers either earn a major in art or art history then take the necessary education classes or they get a bachelor’s in art education, which includes both art and education classes, including a student teaching program. Once graduated, the B.A. student must obtain the teaching certification by passing a state exam.


Many art teachers go on and get their master’s degree, either a master of fine arts or a master’s in art education. A graduate degree in art education will build on the foundation laid down in the bachelor level studies. Today’s art teachers must learn the new technology of digital media and web applications and tools. While a graduate degree isn’t always necessary, it will help the art teacher expand his or her career horizons.


Art courses for prospective art teachers will include a good basic introduction to art history and theory. Students will also take classes such as

  • Philosophy of art education
  • Artistic development of children
  • Cultural diversity
  • Art history
  • Foundations of art education
  • Art criticism

Education classes teach the rudiments and advanced techniques of teaching, including:

  • Philosophy of education
  • Human development
  • Classroom management
  • Teaching methods
  • Psychology of learning
  • Science of education
  • Lesson planning

Career Opportunities

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) divides teaching into kindergarten and elementary school teachers and high school. Kindergarten and elementary school teacher employment is expected to increase by 17 percent, an average rate of growth. While no great increase in jobs is expected, there will always be a need for qualified teachers, at kindergarten and elementary schools and in middle and high schools. Art, music and drama teachers work at all levels, as well as in colleges and universities, and the rate of employment is about the same for other teachers. All teachers in the U.S. must earn at least a bachelor’s and be certified and licensed by the state in which they live and work.

Earning Potential

According to the BLS, the median annual salary for art teachers is between $48,000 and $51,000. Art teachers willing to work in underserved rural districts may earn more due to higher demand. Art teachers willing to relocate can also earn more as enrollment of students varies by the region. In the northwest, enrollment is falling while at the same time, students are enrolling in greater numbers in the south and west. Art teachers who can speak Spanish or another language besides English are also in greater demand due to high immigration numbers. The top 10 percents of high-earning art teachers made between $75,000 and $80,000. As with all teachers, art teachers who have worked for many years definitely earn higher salaries.

Art Teacher Education FAQ

What types of jobs can I expect with an art teacher degree?

Art teachers work Monday through Fridays during school hours, although they continue to work planning lessons, gathering needed supplies and grading artwork after hours and on weekends. Like all teachers, most art teachers do not work during the summers. Some art teachers also teach summer classes at junior colleges, art centers and museums. Teaching is a profession and being an art teacher means a dedication to both art and to teaching. If a person has the passion for the job, they’ll love teaching their appreciation of art and making art to their students. Art teachers are employed at all levels from kindergarten to university.

How long does it take to earn an art teacher degree?

Becoming an art teacher requires at least a four year bachelor’s degree, usually with teacher training education on top of that, so count on between four and six years for all the education required.

Where are the highest-paying art teacher jobs?

New Jersey, California and Connecticut tend to pay higher wages for art teachers than other states. Wisconsin pays less, as does Florida. An art teacher looking for work would do well to research various states and their respective rates of pay for teachers. Teacher Portal charts teacher’s salaries by the state. The longer an art teacher has worked, generally the more money they will make. Some 10 year and up art teachers surprisingly earn six figure salaries.

How to Raise Funds on Facebook: 6 Steps (with Pictures) #how #to


How to Raise Funds on Facebook

Social networking communities are a powerful way to build awareness of your favorite cause or charitable organization. A Facebook page can establish a sense of transparency, legitimacy and trust among supporters. Every time you share news about your organization, show who it helps and how donors’ money is being spent you are building loyalty that can result in additional donations. Keeping your page current and showing where contributions are applied can create an ongoing relationship with your audience while encouraging them to give again, provided that your Facebook page has an application that enables cash donations on the spot. Here’s how to raise funds on Facebook:

Steps Edit

Set up a Facebook page for your fundraising cause. Whether you want to raise money for a certified non-profit charity or help pay for someone’s medical expenses, you can raise money on Facebook by creating a compelling Facebook page to share your story through pictures, video and words.

Add a donation application to your Facebook page. Fund raising apps such as and FundRazr make it easy for people to give online.

  • Enable donation applications to access your page’s profile information. This ensures it will appear on the pages of every Facebook fan you currently have. Once installed, a special box will appear on your Facebook wall. This allows people to make charitable donations to your group without ever leaving Facebook.
  • Create a budget to pay for for fund-raising applications. Some will charge a fee of a few cents each time a transaction is processed. This fee is usually less than if you had a credit card processing merchant account that enables organizations to take credit cards. Most fees are based on a percentage of the total cash transaction but sometimes a monthly fee is charged instead.

Investigate additional Facebook compatible fund-raising applications. Look for software that integrates your group’s page into other devices like mobile devices. Applications such as mGive are built specifically for non-profit charities to make it easy for them to reach out to donors and easily raise money through cell phones and social networks.

  • Utilize applications that save your organization money. Many are free. They can provide an interface that integrates into your Facebook fund-raising page and enable users to donate through PayPal. In return, you only pay a small fee to PayPal based on the transaction amount.

Promote your page within Facebook. Search within Facebook for people in your existing contact list. Strategically choose those who seem close to your cause, then send a personalized message through Facebook that asks them to “like” your page.

Bring your target audience to your Facebook page.

  • Get active in social networks that are close to your cause. Look for discussion groups, newsletters and other places where people who may be interested in your group gather.
  • Actively promote your campaign on social networking websites such as Twitter. Present concise descriptions of your most compelling news and always provide a link to visit your Facebook fund-raising page.

Monitory your Facebook fund-raising page activity. Facebook’s free data analysis tools, called “Insights” will page administrators what people are doing on your page and how long they are staying there.

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What Does a Hospice Nurse Do?

Updated August 16, 2016

What does a hospice nurse do? A lot of things, as you ll see. But first.

What Is Hospice Care?

Hospice care may take place in a hospice institution or the patient’s home – frequently both. It’s based on the belief that every person who is terminally ill or injured has the right to die with dignity and without pain, and that the patient’s family also deserves compassionate care and support. Each hospice patient is cared for by a team of professionals who provide medical care, pain management, and emotional and spiritual support tailored to the patient’s wishes.

Hospice nurses are vital members of that team.

Hospice Nurses Varying Roles

Hospice nurses have a number of important responsibilities:

Hospice Nurse — Case Manager. A case manager hospice nurse is responsible for assessing and managing a patient s care. Only one case manager nurse is assigned to each patient, to foster a trusting relationship and allow for continuity of care.

A hospice case manager nurse is a Registered Nurse (RN) who must be comfortable working independently. She is the eyes and ears for the hospice physician and so must possess expert patient-assessment skills. The case manager hospice nurse is a critical thinker.

Hospice nurses have a unique opportunity to share in a patient s last moments, so they must be compassionate and empathetic. The case manager hospice nurse is compassionate and caring.

Hospice Nurse — Intake or Admission Nurse. The hospice intake or admission nurse is often the first hospice staff member to visit a patient.

He or she spends a lot of time with patients and their caregivers, explaining the hospice philosophy and developing a plan of care. Responsible for assessing a patient s need and readiness for hospice. the hospice intake or admission nurse consults with the hospice physician to accept the patient into hospice care .

Once the patient is admitted, it s this hospice nurse who 1) does a complete assessment of the patient, 2) with the direction of the hospice physician, orders the medication and equipment the patient will need, and 3) begins the process of patient and caregiver education.

Hospice Nurse — Visit Nurse. A hospice visit nurse is one who does not have any case management responsibilities but instead supplements the care provided by the hospice nurse case managers. Visit nurses are often licensed nurses (LVNs or LPNs). They typically visit patients who have immediate needs when their case managers cannot visit promptly. Hospice visit nurses may also be responsible for following up on routine care, such as wound care. that the case manager has implemented.

Hospice agencies have visit nurses on-call after hours to visit patients with urgent needs and to attend deaths.

Hospice Nurse — Triage Nurse. The hospice triage nurse takes phone calls from patients or their caregivers who are at home. He or she begins the process of assessment and treatment over the phone.

In addition to giving the patient or caregiver instructions for symptom management or medical treatment, the triage nurse consults with the hospice physician and notifies the case manager or visit nurse if there s a need for a visit.

Because the triage nurse cannot physically see the patient, he or she must have excellent communication skills to get accurate and necessary assessment information from the patient or caregiver. This hospice nurse must be a critical thinker who is able to prioritize efficiently.

“Hospice care.” National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (2015).

How to Become a Hospice Volunteer #melbourne #motel

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How to Become a Hospice Volunteer

Every year, millions of Americans die from illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes. And every year, roughly 400,000 hospice volunteers help many of these people through their last few months of life [source: Hospice Foundation of America ].

A concept introduced in the U.S. in 1963 by a British doctor who founded the first modern hospice facility in a residential suburb of London, hospice is specialized care for patients with less than six months to live. The goal of hospice is to guide terminally ill patients through the final stage of their lives without hastening or postponing death [source: American Cancer Society ].

Volunteer Ideas

The hospice team, including hospice volunteers, tries to keep patients as pain free and comfortable as possible while providing support for them and their families during the dying process.

The 24-hour care is typically provided in the patient’s home, but can also be administered at a hospital, nursing home or private hospice facility [source: American Cancer Society ]. It is considered a return to older times when people died at home rather than in a hospital, before the modern age of medicine turned dying into a medical event.

Hospice volunteers provide all kinds of support for patients and their families, including visiting, reading, watching T.V. taking walks, playing music or bringing over pets. Volunteers also help with shopping, errands, household chores, babysitting and transportation. Or they can help facilitate bereavement support groups, get involved in fundraising or provide administrative support for the hospice by filing or sending out mailings [source: Hospice Foundation of America ].

What a hospice volunteer does depends on his or her skills and interests. Read on to find out what kind of training it takes to become one.

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a data-track-gtm Byline href hsw-contact.htm Sarah Siddons a How to Become a Hospice Volunteer 3 June 2009. br lt http economics volunteer opportunities become-hospice-volunteer.htm gt 8 September 2016″ href=”#”>Citation Date

How to Become a Forensic Computer Analyst: Career Roadmap #computer #forensic #schools,


How to Become a Forensic Computer Analyst: Career Roadmap

Becoming a Forensic Computer Analyst?

Forensic computer analysts work in a variety of areas, including national defense, federal and local government, law enforcement and corporate and private sector investigative organizations. Analysts retrieve encrypted or erased data from computers, smart phones and other computing devices. The information recovered must be analyzed and restored to its original, undamaged state, a task that requires specialized skills and tools. This information is recovered for use in legal proceedings or in conjunction with criminal investigations or for national security purposes.

Forensic computer analysts usually work alone in a comfortable office setting, though they also might sometimes work in teams. They could also have to travel to serve several government offices or law enforcement agencies. Like forensic science technicians and other types of investigators, these specialists might have unpredictable work hours, since they can be on call to work cases at any time. However, like all those who contribute to solving crimes, they also have the satisfaction of knowing they are working to keep the public safe.

Career Requirements

Digital forensics, computer forensics, computer security, or related field

Voluntary certifications available

Good analytical and communication skills; comprehensive and accurate report writing; knowledge of all operating systems, digital storage devices, networking, data recovery, and evidence chain-of-custody procedures

$68,357 (median for forensic computer analysts)

Sources: Forensic computer analyst job listings, Computer forensics/digital forensics degree programs,

Aspiring forensic computer analysts typically need a bachelor’s degree in a field such as digital forensics, computer forensics, or computer security. Multiple voluntary certifications are also available. These professionals should also have some key skills. such as analytical ability, comprehensive and accurate report writing, good communication skills, evidence of chain-of-custody procedures, knowledge of digital storage devices, and knowledge of all operating systems.

According to in 2016 forensic computer analysts made a median annual salary of $68,357.

Let’s go over, in more detail, the steps needed to enter this career.

Step 1: Obtain a Degree

Forensic computer analysts require an educational background that prepares them for intensive computer-based investigative work. There are associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs that cover essential digital data coursework in forensics and operating system forensics, hacking, computer and network security, law and procedure. Some bachelor’s degree programs offer digital forensics as a minor, while the student obtains a major in finance, criminal justice, law or computer science as the field where the candidate plans to conduct forensic computer investigations. Regardless of the degree level, the basic digital forensic courses remain very similar.

Those interested in the field should also:

  • Consider takinga professional certificate program. Some schools offer professional certificate programs in digital forensics for working professionals who do not have a bachelor’s degree. These programs focus strictly on computer forensics courses, allowing the professional to obtain computer forensics skills in less than a year.

Find schools that offer these popular programs

  • Computer and Information Sciences, General
  • Computer Programming
  • Computer Systems Analysis
  • Data Entry Processing
  • Information Technology Management
  • Networking and Telecommunications
  • Software and Computer Media Applications

Step 2: Find Employment

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), some individuals working in computer forensics learn the specifics of their job while employed by a law enforcement agency. Law enforcement agencies may sponsor forensic training programs, which newly hired analysts attend to immerse themselves in the computer forensics world.

Agencies also employ civilians to perform forensic computer analysis. Forensic computer analysts are also hired by state and local government agencies to work in their administrative offices, which can be targeted by hackers and spyware. The legal profession makes extensive use of digital forensics experts to recover evidence from computer devices for civil litigation; companies hire digital forensic graduates to provide this service for litigation purposes.

  • Be law-abiding. This is a career field that demands high moral and ethical standards. Certifying authorities and employers will often require candidates to undergo background checks and polygraph examinations. The background checks must show no felony convictions or disqualifying misdemeanor convictions. If there are disqualifying convictions, the candidate may not be considered for employment or certification.

Step 3: Obtain Certification

Several digital forensic certifications are available. Some apply to specific fields of forensic analysis, while others are more generic. The Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE) certification is offered by the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS) and involves a peer-review phase and a certification phase that includes a practical exercise and an examination. The CyberSecurity Institute offers the CyberSecurity Forensic Analyst (CSFA) certification after passing an FBI background check, a practical examination and a written test.

The International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners (ISFCE) offers the Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) certification to applicants who pass a four-part testing process. Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) offers the Certified Forensic Analyst Certification (GCFA) – which covers Linux and Windows computer systems – to candidates who pass an exam consisting of 115 questions. The Digital Forensics Certification Board (DFCB) offers certification based on an assessment of the candidate’s education and experience and the candidate passing the certification examination.

  • Choose the right certification. Some certifications carry more weight than others. Since so many certifications are offered, candidates face the risk that they may obtain a certification that is not exactly what prospective employers require. One way to decide is to review job listings offering the position for which the analyst is applying to determine the certifications that employers want.

Step 4: Continue Training and Education

No matter which certifications the analyst obtains, all of them will require the analyst to complete a minimum number of continuing education hours in order to re-certify. The forensic analyst who does not keep current with the latest technology will not be competitive in this field. Knowing how to use the latest tools on the latest computing devices ensures that the forensic computer analyst can continue to perform his or her data recovery duties effectively and efficiently, and maintaining certification demonstrates this knowledge to potential employers and clients.

  • Consider a master’s degree. Some universities offer Master of Science programs in computer or digital forensics. These are typically graduate programs comprised of a core computer forensics curriculum as well as a group of electives. Electives may cover extra-disciplinary topics such as criminal justice and communications law.
  • Consider graduate certificate programs. Many schools offer graduate-level certificate programs in computer forensics. These programs may be open to students pursuing a degree as well as to non-degree students who wish to learn more about the field. They require coursework in fields like network security and computer crime.

In summary, those who aspire to work as forensic computer analysts should earn a bachelor’s degree in digital forensics or a similar field before earning experience in the field, gaining voluntary certification, and possibly even enrolling in graduate level courses to stay atop of industry changes.

Next: View Schools

  • DBA with an Emphasis in Data Analytics
  • Bridge (Doctor of Business Administration with an Emphasis in Data Analytics)
  • Bridge to the M.S. in Information Technology Management
  • M.S. in Information Technology Management
  • M.S. in Instructional Technology
  • Master of Science in Cyber Security
  • Master of Science in Cyber Security (Bridge)
  • B.S. in Information Technology
  • B.S. in Computer Programming
  • B.S. in Information Technology with an Emphasis in Cyber Security
  • View more
    • BS in Management Information Systems
    • Diploma Program – Cisco Network Associate
    • Diploma Program – Network Technician
    • Certification – Network Technician
    • View more

  • Purple Heart Foundation #donating #a #car #in #nj


    American Made

    Proceeds benefit the Purple Heart Foundation

    Songs for Unsung Heroes

    American Made was created to raise funds for non-profit organizations that assist and support our troops and veterans. It is the maiden release of STONE SOUP RECORDS, a subsidiary of Imagine a Better World Productions, dedicated to addressing the needs of people by the people.

    Spanning multiple genres – including country, pop, folk, hip-hop and rock – American Made is a heartfelt tribute to those who have served our country. From the anthemic optimism of the title track to songs of gut-wrenching loss, this compilation evokes a range of emotions. Through it all, one fact remains true: in the face of adversity, we are a nation that always soldiers on. Listen to these stories. and hear what it truly means to be an American hero.

    On sale now for $19.99

    Corporate Sponsorship

    We can work with your corporation to structure a meaningful partnership with Purple Heart that funds our programs and at the same time helps align your brand with a worthwhile, widely admired cause.

    Your partnerships with Purple Heart can include opportunities to involve your employees and customers in boosting Purple Heart programs, including matching gift donations.

    To explore a partnership opportunity, call our national office in Annandale, Virginia at 703-256-6139.



    Hear Our Stories

    Bahia Mar Fort Lauderdale Beach – a DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel #how

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    Our Hotel

    Enjoy stunning surroundings along the Intracoastal Waterway at Bahia Mar Fort Lauderdale Beach – a DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel. Located near the International Swimming Hall of Fame, this hotel in Fort Lauderdale Beach is a short walk or water taxi ride away from the shops, restaurants and nightlife of Las Olas Boulevard. Stay active with water sports, sail away on a cruise, or simply relax on the white sandy beach. Our Bahia Mar hotel is only a short drive from the Fort Lauderdale International Airport and Port Everglades Cruise Terminal.

    Bahia Mar Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort offers guests a contemporary haven. Rooms and suites are inviting, with a color scheme indicative of the days you ll spend with us sunny and bright. Select one that offers views of the courtyard, the marina, or Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy movies and a favorite television show on the 40-inch LCD TV available in each guest room and suite.

    Dine in or out at this Fort Lauderdale Beach resort. A mini-refrigerator and microwave are available to keep snacks cool or heat take-out. Indulge in a delectable meal in one of our three restaurants: Waves Bar Grill, Breezes Bar Grill or The Market Deli Liquor. Engage in any of this ocean-side resort s fun-filled activities, including physical fitness options and water sports.

    Hotel Information

    Check-in: 4:00 pm Check-out: 11:00 am Smoking Non-Smoking Parking Self parking: $25.00 Valet: $30.00 Pets Service animals allowed: Yes Pets allowed: Yes

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    The 10 Fastest-Growing Industries for Small Business

    Apply now to be an Entrepreneur 360™ company. Let us tell the world your success story. Get Started

    Past performance is no guarantee of future results, as the old business truism says. But you also may have heard that you can t know where you re going without knowing where you have been.

    To get a sense of which industries small businesses are growing in, the analysts at Raleigh, N.C.-headquartered private-company financial-information company Sageworks ran some numbers for Here s a look at the industries where U.S. companies with $10 million or less in annual sales have shown the highest and lowest percentage change from Jan. 1 to Dec 31, 2012. As a benchmark, the average growth rate across all U.S. small businesses in the time period was 8 percent, says Libby Bierman, an analyst at Sageworks.

    Fastest-Growth Industries for U.S. Small Businesses in 2012

    1. Residential building construction: 14.77 percent
    2. Building custom software and servers for businesses: 14.29 percent
    3. Machinery, equipment, and supplies merchant wholesalers: 13.75 percent
    4. Management, scientific, and technical consulting services: 12.31 percent
    5. Architectural, engineering, and related services: 11.40 percent
    6. Foundation, structure, and building exterior contractors: 11.37 percent
    7. Building finishing contractors who make additions, alterations, maintenance and repairs: 11.32 percent
    8. General freight trucking: 10.41 percent
    9. Services to buildings and dwellings, including pest exterminators, janitorial services, and landscaping: 10.11 percent
    10. Other specialty trade contractors, including site preparation activities and other specialized trades: 10.04 percent

    Slowest-Growth Industries for U.S. Small Businesses in 2012

    1. Skilled nursing care facilities: -3.29 percent
    2. Printing and related support activities: 1.86 percent
    3. Automotive repair and maintenance: 2.81 percent
    4. Offices of physicians: 3.00 percent
    5. Highway, street, and bridge construction: 4.24 percent
    6. Insurance agencies, brokerages, and other insurance-related activities: 4.32 percent
    7. Lessors of real estate: 5.07 percent
    8. Other miscellaneous manufacturing including jewelry and silverware, sporting and athletic goods, dolls, toys, and games, office supplies other than paper, and signs: 5.55 percent
    9. Offices of health practitioners other than physicians and dentists, including chiropractors, optometrists, mental health practitioners, speech and occupational therapists: 5.98 percent
    10. Other amusement and recreation services including bowling centers, golf courses, and recreational centers: 6.03 percent

    The good news for entrepreneurs is that much of the fastest growth is in service businesses, which can be started without a lot of money to buy equipment and inventory, says Bierman. Software development, management consulting and architecture firms have been frontrunners have been for a few years now, says Bierman.

    Not all of the businesses on the fastest-growing list are service based. In particular, the residential housing market has just started to recover, and that is supporting businesses related to the construction industry, including foundation and exterior construction and specialty contractors. A lot of construction projects were abandoned during the recession and so part of the bounce in construction is businesses and individuals picking back up old half-finished projects.

    Business services and construction are looking strong in the coming years. They provide services that are, maybe not critical, but very much needed by other businesses and people who are trying to even grow their homes, Bierman says. I don t see these industries going anywhere. Maybe their growth rate won t be as high as it has been, but I don t think it will be a decline anytime soon.

    A list of the fastest-growing industries for all businesses would include manufacturing, says Bierman, but most successful manufacturers have more than $10 million in annual revenue. Manufacturing as a whole has been something that has pretty positive news lately, she says. If those manufacturers are having pull, the middlemen, or the wholesalers that are transacting those sales, will continue to see growth, too.

    During the depths of the recession, many industries were contracting. Now, almost all industries are growing, albeit some at more sluggish rates. The slower-growth companies are not seeing impressive growth rates because they are entrenched in technology that is becoming obsolete, such as printing. But some of those industries are seeing slower growth simply because they have relatively inelastic demand. For example, an economic recession does not change the fact that sick people need to go to the doctor. The growth rate for physician s offices does not typically change drastically.

    Overall, the home health-care industry has seen positive growth rates in revenue over the past year as consumers look for an alternative to moving into a nursing care facility, says Bierman. Skilled nursing care facilities come up on this list as a shrinking, but that s partly because of the restrictions placed on the data. For this research, Sageworks included only those businesses with less than $10 million in annual revenue. The decline in skilled nursing care facilities may be an indication that smaller facilities are losing ground to their larger competitors or home health care alternatives, she says.

    If you thinking about starting your own business, what industry are you considering and why? Leave a note below and let us know.

    Catherine Clifford

    Processor – The Cloud Company #what #is #a #cloud #company


    • CASES



    Infraestrutura como serviço

    Conservação e restauração de dados

    Depósito de longo prazo para dados

    Portais e sites de alta performance

    Desktops e aplicações

    Continuidade para ativos tecnológicos

    Soluções como BPO

    Software como BPO



    LiveCloud disponibiliza de forma inovadora serviços e soluções de tecnologia gerenciados e operados pela Processor para que organizações de qualquer tamanho acelerem seu processo de transformação digital.


    Serviço Processor. que disponibiliza uma série de soluções integradas, incluindo capacidade computacional, armazenamento, dados, networking, backup, aplicativos, software, entre outros serviços, que permitem fazer negócios de maneira rápida, flexível e altamente competitivos.

    Como evoluir para a nuvem

    Benefícios Livecloud

    Gestão profissional dos seus recursos na nuvem.
    Implementação ágil, simplificada e escalável, com migração total ou parcial do seu ambiente, mantendo a integração de forma transparente.
    Monitoramento constante do ambiente por nossa equipe, permitindo que você foque no que realmente interessa: seus negócios.
    Permite a criação de novas áreas ou projetos de negócios com agilidade e baixo investimento.
    Redução nos custos com tecnologia.
    Redução nos prazos de entrega e execução.
    Confidencialidade, integridade de dados e informações garantidos por robustos processos de segurança.

    Metodologia LIVECLOUD

    A Metodologia de Gestão de Serviços Processor foi desenvolvida a partir da experiência e know-how adquiridos pela empresa ao longo dos anos, aliados à utilização das melhores práticas segundo padrões internacionais.

    A Metodologia inclui gestão a vista, processos com PDCA contínuo, operação, monitoramento, governança e gestão de desempenho.

    de Valor

    O que é

    Como evoluir
    para nuvem


    Totalmente em Nuvem ou Híbrido?

    Os dois – Flexibilidade para escolher a plataforma dinâmica e flexível do LiveCloud permite adotar a arquitetura mais adequada e consistente para os negócios de sua empresa.

    Desde um modelo totalmente baseado em nuvem pública até um modelo híbrido, com cada serviço rodando em nuvem privada ou pública, conforme fizer mais sentido.

    Padrões abertos e flexibilidade de escolha

    O LiveCloud suporta uma vasta gama de sistemas operacionais, linguagens e ambientes de desenvolvimento, permitindo a criação de aplicações, serviços e ambientes que endereçam todas as necessidades de negócios.

    Elasticidade e Praticidade

    A elasticidade de uso, combinada com a capacidade de pagar somente pelos recursos utilizados permite uma economia sem precedentes na utilização da tecnologia, bem como a capacidade de responder rapidamente a demandas inesperadas ou sazonais, sem prazos de espera e sem pagar por recursos ociosos no ambiente.

    Em todo o mundo e no Brasil também

    O LiveCloud é mantido por uma estrutura de datacenters que se estendem pelas principais regiões do Globo, garantindo alcance mundial, com presença no Brasil.

    Nuvem ou


    LG Get Product Support #lg #customer #service, #lg #support, #lg #firmware #update,


    Get Product Support

    Find my model #? Would you like to register a product?

    • Manuals & Documents View and download information for your LG product.
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    Attorney Profile – Law Offices of John Adams #was #john #adams #a


    Attorney Profile

    John Adams, Esquire, graduated from the University of Baltimore School of Law with a Juris Doctorate Degree. Upon taking the Bar Exam, Attorney John Adams was recruited to manage the Maryland State Senate election campaign for Richard Bennett, who is now a Federal Judge. Shortly thereafter, Attorney John Adams was appointed to the position of Assistant State’s Attorney and worked as a prosecutor for nearly three (3 ) years. It was in that capacity that he fully trained and acquired the experience and skills for becoming a successful litigator.

    Attorney John Adams was invited by a prominent Law Firm to leave the prosecutor’s office and begin private practice. Attorney John Adams private practice flourished. A few years later, Steve Braun, Esquire, who was the elected State’s Attorney who appointed Attorney John Adams to his position as a prosecutor, had himself entered private practice and started a partnership. Steve Braun, Esquire, proposed for Attorney John Adams to join him in that practice. The firm was named Farmer, Braun and Adams. Attorney John Adams business continued to grow, so he opened his own law firm, which he has now held for over twenty (20) years. The corporate name is Adams law Firm, Chtd. d.b.a The law Offices of John Adams.

    Attorney John Adams is a superior litigator concentrating his law practice on defending criminal and serious traffic cases in the District and Circuit Courts all over the state of Maryland, as well as in the District of Columbia, and in Federal Court.

    Attorney John Adams has handled every type of criminal and serious traffic case. Traffic offenses have included manslaughter and homicide by motor vehicle while intoxicated, DUI, fleeing and eluding, driving while revoked, driving while suspended, driving without a license, and driving without insurance. Criminal defenses have included murder, manslaughter, distribution, possession with intent to distribute, cds possession, weapons offenses, prostitution, arson, sex crimes, robbery, theft, assault and battery, vandalism, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and child abuse.

    Extensive experience gained by focusing his practice to these cases has given Attorney John Adams the sharpened skills and ability to provide his clients with the best representation and consistently securing excellent outcomes. Thank you cards are always pouring into the office from former clients who are so happy and grateful for the results achieved in their cases. These notes contain statements such as “my son gets another chance thanks to your legal defense” and “words alone can never thank you for all you’ve done.” One client commissioned the creation of a plaque commemorating all of the hard work that went into his case and the successful outcome.

    Attorney John Adams continues his education in order to provide the most modern, effective and state of the art defense. Attorney John Adams is a member of exclusive and prestigious defense associations. They include the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the National College for DUI Defense, and the Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney’s Association. Attorney John Adams is a member of the NATIONAL TRIAL LAWYERS TOP 100 TRIAL LAWYERS.

    Below are just a few of the many excellent dispositions Attorney John Adams has obtained for his clients:

    1. Client was arrested and charged in D.C. Federal Court with drug distribution having been caught with two suitcases containing 2,000 vials of cocaine. A successful challenge of the legality of the search resulted in the case being dismissed.
    2. Client was caught with 100 lbs of marijuana. Fully prepared for trial, Mr. Adams leveraged his trial threat convincingly enough in negotiations with the prosecutor and secured drastic concessions that resulted in the case being dropped to a simple misdemeanor and the client received no jail time.
    3. Client was charged with two counts of solicitation to commit murder. Mr. Adams got it reduced to a misdemeanor and a suspended sentence.
    4. Client was charged with a drive by shooting. Mr. Adams won the jury trial and the client was spared what would have been a heavy prison sentence.
    5. Client was facing fifteen years and a felony conviction for grand theft auto. Mr. Adams had the case dismissed.
    6. Client was facing one hundred and eighty days in jail for violation of probation. Mr. Adams got the probation closed without any jail time being imposed.
    7. Client was exposed to one year in jail, and twelve points for driving while suspended. Mr. Adams got the case placed on the stet docket, which is similar to a dismissal in that there is no conviction, jail or points.
    8. Client was charged with DUI, and Mr. Adams secured a dismissal. Another recent case involving the charge of DUI, Mr. Adams took it to trial and won.
    9. Client was a high-ranking military official that had been charged with numerous cases involving a theft scheme. Mr. Adams kept him from getting any jail time and saved him from a conviction.
    10. Client was charged with hit and run involving a fatality. After a two day trial, Mr. Adams won the case.
    • National Association for Criminal Defense Lawyers
    • National College for DUI Defense
    • Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney’s Association
    • Admitted to Practice in State Courts:
    • Maryland
    • District of Columbia
    • Admitted to Practice In Federal Courts:
    • United States Supreme Court
    • United States Fourth Circuit Court Of Appeals
    • United States District Court

    Los Angeles Hotels – Planning a Trip to LA – Best Western

    #los angeles motel


    Best Western

    Los Angeles, California

    Planning a trip to Los Angeles? Our Los Angeles hotels feature premium amenities and the perfect location near some of the area’s most-famous sights, including Universal Studios Hollywood, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive and Universal CityWalk.

    Los Angeles Hotels – Plan a trip to Los Angeles, California

    Los Angeles, California Area Travel Information

    Los Angeles is a place where people can mingle with movie stars, and shop where celebrities shop. Los Angeles is also a great place to take the family vacation as many amusement parks are just a short drive away. Los Angeles is one of the must-see destinations that offers something for travelers of any age as it features year round activities and attractions. Universal Studios Hollywood is one of the most popular Los Angeles attractions and the closest theme park to the Los Angeles area. Not only is it an amusement park but Universal Studios Hollywood is also a working movie and television studio. To get a taste of the magic of movie-making, visitors should take part in the Studio Tour which gives participants a close look at how movies are made, and Jaws might even pay you a visit as well. After a long day of enjoying all that LA has to offer, be sure to relax at one of our Los Angeles Hotels.

    The theme park portion of Universal Studios has some unique attractions not found at most other parks. For instance, there is a stunt show, 3D show as well as a 4D show. One of the more popular attractions at the park is Jurassic Park The Ride. Those brave enough to ride will encounter many dinosaurs and creatures from the films. Revenge of the Mummy is one of Universal Studios newest and thrilling rides.

    When finished taking the studio tour and riding the attractions, visitors should definitely check out Universal CityWalk which is just outside the park. The CityWalk has many shops, restaurants and movie theatres and it is extremely popular at night. In addition, Disneyland is only about a 45 minute drive from Los Angeles as is Knotts Berry Farm.

    After touring the world of movies at Universal Studios or exploring a great theme park, why not visit the place where stars are made? Situated northwest of Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood is home to the most famous movie theatre in the world, the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. This theater opened in 1927, and millions of movie patrons and visitors have been drawn to the theatre. Movie premieres and Hollywood parties are still held at the legendary venue. The theater is filled with exotic art from China and features a jade-green bronze roof that rises 90 feet into the air. Spectacularly lit at night, the theatre is a true Hollywood landmark.

    Once visitors have finished mingling with the stars they can shop for clothes at the same stores just a short drive away in the Beverly Hills area. Beverly Hills is a famous section of the Los Angeles area and has been immortalized in the movies and in television. Beverly Hills is home to the most recognized zip code in the world (90210) as well as some of the most expensive stores. Rodeo Drive is one of the most expensive shopping districts in the world and features some of the more famous clothing boutiques such as: Giorgio Armani, Bijan, BVLGARI, Chanel, Gucci, Cartier, Christian Dior, Geary’s, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tiffany, Versace, Louis Vuitton, and Harry Winston. Those looking for a less expensive outing can check out the La Brea Boulevard shops or the Beverly Center.

    Visit Los Angeles Hotels

    Begin your search here for more information on Los Angeles hotels. You can read more about the LA area and look for hotel deals in other California cities at the Best Western Hotels of California website. To receive more LA travel information, read more about LA vacation attractions or look for visitor guides visit the Los Angeles tourism site .

    Downtown Los Angeles Hotels

    Los Angeles Area Hotels

    Hollywood Hotels

    A Premier Nashville Hotel #motel #santa #barbara

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    Welcome to Loews Vanderbilt Hotel

    Welcome to Loews Vanderbilt Hotel

    Welcome to Loews Vanderbilt Hotel Nashville, your home base in Music City. Here, true southern comfort hits all the right notes. Distinctive, yet comfortable. Sophisticated, yet casual. Located right across from Vanderbilt University in the West End neighborhood, our hotel has everything you need just minutes from the city s most renowned attractions.

    Our Nashville Hotel features:

    • 340 newly renovated guestrooms, including 14 suites
    • Complimentary Fitness center
    • 24,000 square feet of dynamic function space for groups of up to 1,000
    • Mason’s Restaurant and Bar
    • Ideal location across from Vanderbilt University

    Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, Nashville

    2100 West End Ave.
    Nashville, Tennessee 37203
    Phone: 615-320-1700
    Toll Free Reservations: 1-877-866-9574

    Useful Information:

    • Check in: 4 PM | Check out: 12 PM
    • (Late check-out available at an additional charge.)
    • Self-parking: $30; Valet Parking: $35
    • Business Center: Lobby level, 24 hours
    • In Room dining available 24 hours
    • Fitness Center: 2nd floor, 24 hours
    • Find a map and directions to the hotel here

    Copyright 2016 Loews Hotels & Resorts.
    All rights reserved.

    The Graduate Catalog 2016 #u #of #a #doctoral #programs


    Graduate Catalog 2016 – 2017

    The Graduate Catalog is applicable to students who enroll at the University beginning Summer 2016 through Spring 2017. The Graduate Catalog is the official listing of the policies governing graduate education at the University of Louisville. This Catalog documents policies and procedures set by the Graduate Council, and is updated each academic year to reflect changes and updates to policy. It is the document of authority for all students. The program requirements listed in the catalog supersede any information which may be contained in the bulletin of any school or department.

    The University of Louisville is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award associate, bachelor, master, specialist, doctoral, and first-professional degrees (D.M.D. J.D. M.D.). Individuals who wish to contact the Commission on Colleges regarding the accreditation status of the university may write the Commission at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097, or call (404) 679-4500.

    The University of Louisville reserves the right to change programs of study, academic policies, academic requirements, fees, course information, procedures for the confirmation of degrees, or the announced academic calendar and related deadlines without prior notice.

    The provisions of this publication do not constitute an express or implied contract between the University and any member of the student body, faculty, or general public.

    The University of Louisville is an equal-opportunity institution and does not discriminate against persons because of race, religion, sex, age, handicap, color, citizenship or national origin. Inquiries or complaints about illegal discrimination including sexual harassment or handicap access can be made to the Affirmative Action director (852–6538) if response from the unit staff is unsatisfactory.

    The Redbook is the official statement of the organizational structure, the rules of governance and procedures, and university-wide policies of the University of Louisville. If there is any conflict between the policies, procedures or other statements contained within this catalog, the Redbook shall govern. A copy of The Redbook is available electronically.

    Reference copies of the university catalog are maintained by University Libraries, the university registrar, the Student Government Association Office, the student grievance officer, and the vice president for student affairs. Other policies and information covering students can be found in the Student Handbook.

    Admissions criteria for many of the colleges and schools are reviewed periodically. Students should contact their anticipated unit or the Graduate Admissions Office for information on the requirements in effect at the time of admission.

    Students should check with their academic advisor concerning the General Education Requirements in effect at the time of their admission.

    How to Clean a Microfiber Couch #can #you #steam #clean #a #microfiber


    How to Clean a Microfiber Couch

    Microfiber is a stain-resistant material with a smooth, velvety texture. Thus, microfiber furniture is trendy, aesthetic, and yet easy to maintain. They are super absorbent and easy to clean because of the microscopic fibers.

    However, if you do not clean your microfiber couch regularly then it can become dreadfully dirty. Most microfiber couches, feature a mix of pure microfiber and polyester-based material.

    They cannot be cleaned with water alone as it is likely to leave behind water stains or marks. Nevertheless, you can use water safely if your microfiber furniture’s tag is marked with a ‘W’ which refers to water.

    How to Clean a Microfiber Sofa

    Step for Cleaning

    1. Remove the cushions from the couch.
    2. Vacuum the couch or sofa thoroughly to get rid of dust and debris.
    3. Clean the couch with a slightly damp microfiber cloth to get rid of surface dirt. Prefer to use a white rather than a colored cleaning cloth as while scrubbing it can leave behind its own color on the couch.
    4. Remove tough stains by spraying rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) or clear alcohol (gin, vodka) on the affected area and scrubbing it with a soft, absorbent, cotton cloth, scrub sponge, or a soft scrub brush.

      Unlike water or any water-based solution, alcohol evaporates quickly and hence, it is less likely to saturate the fabric. If the tag on your sofa or couch reads S-W then you can use water-based cleaning solutions like a gentle soap, carpet cleaner, upholstery shampoo, etc.
    5. Let the fabric dry. To speed up the drying process, you may use a blow dryer on the wet spots.
    6. Finally, scrub the surface of the fabric with a soft, clean scrub brush in circular motion. It helps fluff up the microfiber and soften the stiff fibers.

    How Remove Stains and Other Problems

    • Apart from rubbing alcohol and clear alcohol, distilled water and baby wipes are considered useful for clearing stains, even ink stains and water rings from a microsuede couch. You can try a dry cleaning solvent, too.
    • For removing nail polish or other tough stains, consider using an aerosol hairspray or simply a nail polish remover on the stained spot.
    • To remove pet hair from the couch, use a sticky lint roller. Besides, you may pick up the pet hair with rubber gloves.
    • When dealing with vomit stains, use a mixture of white vinegar and water, both mixed in equal parts. Spray the solution on the stain and scrub it with a soft cloth or scrub sponge. As for the vomit smell, you may sprinkle baking soda on the affected area and leave it overnight. In the morning, vacuum it away. You can use this trick to get rid of urine stains and smells, too.
    • In case there is chewing gum stuck on the fabric, rub an ice cube on it. Ice helps harden the chewing gum so that it can be peeled off easily.
    • Using a steam cleaner with fabric attachment (set to delicate mode) is also considered good for cleaning microfiber sofa, cushion, loveseat, and so on.

    Additional Tips

    • Before cleaning the entire sofa or couch, make sure you test your cleaning solution on a small portion of the sofa. Cleaning microfiber furniture with soaps and detergents is usually discouraged as it tends to ruin the material’s ability to repel stains and damage its texture.
    • It is recommended to avoid saturating the fabric of your couch with water or any cleaning solvent as it may leave behind stains.
    • Though microfiber furniture is stain-resistant, it is not completely immune to stains. So, deal with fresh spills and stains immediately. Spills in particular, should be blotted with a paper towel as soon as possible so that the fluid does not seep in the padding present underneath.
    • You should clean the couch at least one a month. Plus, vacuum clean the dust and dirt once or twice a week, especially if you have pets.

    What to Do After a Car Accident #what #to #do #after #a


    What to Do After a Car Accident

    Each year, thousands of people are involved in traffic accidents during the Memorial Day Weekend. If you are one of these unfortunate people, will you know what to do in the aftermath of a collision? How you react can prevent further injuries, reduce costs and accelerate the clean-up and repair process.

    The Consumer Protection Association of America is increasing public awareness on this subject by designating the week before Memorial Day “National Driver Education Week.” The Association has developed a list of suggestions to help drivers anticipate what they need to know about dealing with an accident.

    “These tips can make a big difference in everything from protecting yourself and your passengers to ensuring that you won’t be without a car while yours is in the shop,” said Dr. Ray Bruce, president of the association.

    Over 6.3 million police-reported motor vehicle crashes occurred in the United States in 1998. Almost one-third of these accidents resulted in injury. In 2001, nearly 42,000 people died on America’s roadways. Clearly, accidents are a part of life in America.

    So, if you are involved in a traffic collision, try to remain calm, and follow these steps:

    Action Plan to Deal with Accidents:

    1. Keep an Emergency Kit in Your Glove Compartment. Drivers should carry a cell phone, as well as pen and paper for taking notes, a disposable camera to take photos of the vehicles at the scene, and a card with information about medical allergies or conditions that may require special attention if there are serious injuries. Also, keep a list of contact numbers for law enforcement agencies handy. Drivers can keep this free fill-in-the-blanks accident information form in their glove compartment. The DocuDent Auto Accident Kit ($19.95), supported by AAA and insurance companies, offers a comprehensive kit that includes a flashlight, reusable camera and accident documentation instructions. A set of cones, warning triangles or emergency flares should be kept in the trunk.

    2. Keep Safety First. Drivers involved in minor accidents with no serious injuries should move cars to the side of the road and out of the way of oncoming traffic. Leaving cars parked in the middle of the road or busy intersection can result in additional accidents and injuries. If a car cannot be moved, drivers and passengers should remain in the cars with seatbelts fastened for everyone’s safety until help arrives. Make sure to turn on hazard lights and set out cones, flares or warning triangles if possible.

    3. Exchange Information. After the accident, exchange the following information: name, address, phone number, insurance company, policy number, driver license number and license plate number for the driver and the owner of each vehicle. If the driver’s name is different from the name of the insured, establish what the relationship is and take down the name and address for each individual. Also make a written description of each car, including year, make, model and color and the exact location of the collision and how it happened. Finally, be polite but don’t tell the other drivers or the police that the accident was your fault, even if you think it was.

    4. Photograph and Document the Accident. Use your camera to document the damage to all the vehicles. Keep in mind that you want your photos to show the overall context of the accident so that you can make your case to a claims adjuster. If there were witnesses, try to get their contact information; they may be able to help you if the other drivers dispute your version of what happened.

    5. File An Accident Report. Although law enforcement officers in many locations may not respond to accidents unless there are injuries, drivers should file a state vehicle accident report, which is available at police stations and often on the Department of Motor Vehicles Web site as a downloadable file. A police report often helps insurance companies speed up the claims process.

    6. Know What Your Insurance Covers. The whole insurance process will be easier following your accident if you know the details of your coverage. For example, don’t wait until after an accident to find out that your policy doesn’t automatically cover costs for towing or a replacement rental car. Generally, for only a dollar or two extra each month, you can add coverage for rental car reimbursement, which provides a rental car for little or no money while your car is in the repair shop or if it is stolen. Check your policy for specifics.

    The final question in dealing with an accident is usually who will pay for the damages? If the accident was minor, you and the other drivers may decide to handle the damages yourselves without the involvement of an insurance company. But this isn’t always the best idea, for several reasons.

    While the other driver may agree to pay for the damage to your car on the day of the accident, he may see the repair bills and decide it’s too high. At this point, time has passed and your insurance company will have more difficulty piecing together the evidence if you file a claim.

    Also, keep in mind that you have no way of knowing whether another driver will change his mind and report the accident to his insurance company. He may even claim injuries that weren’t apparent at the scene of the accident. This means that your insurance company may end up paying him a hefty settlement, or worse yet, you could be dragged into a lawsuit. So make sure that your company has your version of what happened and check your policy if the damages paid out by your insurance company are below a certain amount, the accident may not be considered chargeable. And you will avoid the penalty of a premium hike.

    Auto accidents take a tremendous toll on everyone involved, both financially and emotionally. If you’re one of the lucky ones who have thus far avoided a serious accident, hopefully the tips on prevention will help keep it that way. The chances are high, though, that at some point you will be involved in a minor accident. Just keep your head and make safety your primary concern. You’ll have plenty of time to deal with the consequences later.

    To find a dealership that knows how to treat shoppers right, please visit’s Dealer Ratings and Reviews .

    A to z leak detection #a #to #z #leak #detection


    Leak / gas detection

    This Technical Measures Document refers to issues surrounding the detection of leaks and gases and what type of containment control systems have been designed to manage unplanned releases.

    See also Technical Measures Documents on:

    The relevant Level 2 Criterion is:

    General principles

    The following aspects should be considered with respect to Leak/Gas Detection:

    • Human Factors;
    • Objectives of leak/gas detection systems;
    • Types of leak/gas detectors required;
    • Maintenance of leak/gas detectors; and
    • Management of leak/gas detector systems.

    The following issues may contribute towards a major accident or hazard:

    • Unrecognised high-risk areas, where detectors could be used;
    • No detectors or the wrong types in place in high risk areas;
    • Detectors incorrectly positioned and installed on site;
    • Poor level of maintenance and control of detection systems;
    • Too heavy a reliance on ineffective detectors.

    Contributory factors for an assessor to consider concerning leak/gas detection

    The Safety Report should address the following points:

    • The appropriateness of the types of detectors being used (UV detectors, IR detectors, smoke detectors, intrinsically safe detectors, heat detectors, specific substance detectors, explosimeters) in terms of the environment in which they are located and to perform the duty expected;
    • The effectiveness of using the detectors in terms of their positioning relative to the possible leak sources, taking account of dispersion and dilution of the released gases/vapours;
    • The effectiveness of the detectors for the types of substances to be detected (flammable substances, acid gases, smoke, explosive substances, toxic substances) at the concentrations required. Detectors may be chosen to react to more than one substance;
    • The types of protective devices linked to the detection systems (alarms, warning lights, reaction quenching systems, isolation systems, fire retardant systems, plant shutdown systems, trip devices, emergency services);
    • The reliability of each detector (range of detection, response time of detection, level of maintenance, calibration frequency, performance testing frequency, proof testing);
    • The detectors can be clearly seen, heard and understood, (appropriate warning signs, lighting, noise recognition), on plant, in the control room and off-site (if appropriate);
    • The procedures to respond to alarms, as a result of a leak/gas being detected (emergency evacuation plans, fire drills, risk assessing existing emergency evacuation plans), to confirm that the release has actually occurred and to record and investigate false alarms and take action to change the system to maintain the confidence of operators;
    • The level of risk associated with each potential leak source (risk assessments, risk-rating systems) and the reduction in that assessed risk value achieved by the use of detectors;
    • The provision and accessibility (to operators, maintenance staff etc)of a sufficient site plan which maps all potentially hazardous areas (zones 0, 1 2, segregation of compatible hazardous substances);
    • The detectors conform to British Standards such as BASEEFA (British Approved Service of Electrical Equipment in Flammable Atmospheres), if required.

    Contributory factors for an assessor to consider concerning fire detection and control

    The Safety Report should address the following points:

    • The types of fire detector systems in place (infrared detectors, ultraviolet light detectors, temperature detectors, smoke detectors);
    • The area covered by the detection system;
    • The reliability of the fire detection systems (fail-to-danger faults, spurious alarms); and
    • The types of fire protection systems in place (fire proofing, water sprays, foam/filming agents, monitor guns, combustible gas monitors, foam on tanks, fire walls/barrier walls, emergency relief venting for buildings, dust explosion control).

    Major hazards

    The Safety Report should address the following points:

    • Detector fails to detect in time (i.e. response time of instrument and/or response to high reading/alarm failing to prevent a major accident),
    • Detector fails in undetected unsafe state (reading zero),
    • Alarms, warning devices and protective devices fail to operate on demand,
    • A leak occurs which cannot be detected (due to position of sensor or weather conditions), and
    • Maintenance procedures not followed, increasing unavailability of system or rendering system ineffective.

    Guidance and Codes of Practice relating to leak/gas detection

    The following publications can be used as guidance material relating to safety issues surrounding the use of gas/leak detectors:

    • HS(G)22 Electrical apparatus for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, HSE, Not in current HSE list.
      Paragraph 6 – 18 refers to 8 types of protection against ignition in a potentially flammable atmosphere.
      Paragraph 20 refers to flameproof equipment having to meet BS 5501. Part 5. 1977. Also, all electrical apparatus must be approved by BASEEFA if used in flammable environments.
      Paragraph 51 refers to maintenance schedules listed in BS 5345 .
      Paragraph 58 refers to the relevant legislation applicable to electrical apparatus in explosive atmospheres.
    • LPGA COP 1 Bulk LPG storage at fixed installations. Part 1. Design, installation and operation of vessels located above ground, LP Gas Association, 1998.
      Supersedes HS(G)34 Storage of LPG at fixed installations, HSE, 1987.
      Part 1, Appendix A.1 recommends the use of suitably calibrated explosimeters to test for leak detection.
    • HS(G)34 Storage of LPG at fixed installations, HSE, 1987.
      Paragraph 21 refers to containment pits where it recommends that gas detectors be installed in case of leaks.
    • HS(G)176 The storage of flammable liquids in tanks. HSE, 1998.
      Paragraph 35 refers to electrical apparatus used in explosive atmospheres and refers to BS EN 60079-10 .
    • HS(G)113 Lift trucks in potentially flammable atmospheres, HSE, 1996.
      Paragraph 43 refers to the use of intrinsically safe gas detection systems which will automatically shut down a truck in the event of a spillage or release of flammable vapour in a zone 2.
      Paragraph 46 refers to gas detectors being constructed to a zone 1 standard and set to operate at 25% of the lower explosive limit of a gas or vapour.
    • CS1 Industrial use of flammable gas detectors, HSE, Not in current HSE list.
      This document highlights the accuracy, instrument errors and the safety precautions required for the use of flammable gas detectors.

    Further reading material

    • Control of Major Hazards – (3rd Report): Appendix 6 Heavy Gas Dispersion. ISBN: 0115537532 .
      Appendix 6 refers to the use of gas detectors to generate hazardous substances dispersion profile data.

    Case studies illustrating the importance of leak / gas detection


    How to Make Business Videos from Start to Finish #how #to #make


    Это видео недоступно.

    How to Make Business Videos from Start to Finish | with Mike Tringe

    Опубликовано: 13 авг. 2013 г.

    Want to promote your business with professional looking videos, but can’t afford to hire out a pro to help make them? Learn how to make your own professional looking business videos on a reasonable budget.

    Learn how to make professional looking business videos that inspire your customers to buy your products and services. Learn how to write your story, shoot quality visuals with a DSLR camera, and edit the video into a story with simple free software. Creating professional looking videos is a great way to help your business grow online by building your brand and differentiating your business from the competition.

    Introduction: How to Make Business Videos from Start to Finish

    “I’m excited to teach you how to make your first video for your business. This is a nuts and bolts course, and we’re going to go through the script content, what you should say in your video (Writing a Script), how do you actually make your video with your camera (Setting Up a Camera) (Setting Up a Shoot), and the last part is, how you can edit that video to tell the story that you want to tell about your business (Editing a Video). We want to talk about this in three very simple steps. We want to make it easy for you and know you don’t have a lot of time, but we’re going to show you how to do it quickly, efficiently, and get you a quality video to put on your website, or to use over and over again for more of your video marketing purposes. Good luck, it’s going to be a lot of fun, and can’t wait to get started.”

    Chapter 1: Writing a Script for a Business Video

    Lesson 1-1: How to Make an Introductory Business Video? (2:32 )
    Lesson 1-2: How to Write the Script of a Business Video? (2:31 )
    Lesson 1-3: What to Visuals to Show in a Business Video? (3:02 )

    Chapter 2: Shooting Business Videos
    Lesson 2-A: What Kind of Camera to Use? (1:28 )
    Lesson 2-1: Where to Set Up the Camera? (3:48 )
    Lesson 2-2: What Should the Camera Settings Be? (13:41 )
    Lesson 2-3: How to Set Up Lighting and Sound? (6:30 )
    Lesson 2-3: How to Shoot Your Main Script? (7:39 )
    Lesson 2-5: How to Shoot Extra Footage? (6:59 )

    Chapter 3: Editing Your Business Story
    Lesson 3-1: How to Review, Organize, and Import Your Footage Using Software? (7:26 )
    Lesson 3-2: How to Edit Your Footage to Tell a Story? (10:26 )
    Lesson 3-3: How to Publish and Upload? (10:55 )

    Bonus: How to Make a Video Emotional and Personal? (2:00 )



    Earn a Degree Online – Regent University #online #degree #from #regent #university,


    Secondary Navigation

    • Regent Online Home
    • Online Degrees
    • Why Study Online
    • What It’s Like
    • Is Online Right for Me?
    • What You’ll Need
    • Online Study Tips
    • FAQ
    • Online Resources
    • SuccessPath

    Your browser does not appear to support JavaScript, or you have turned JavaScript off. You may browse our site without enabling JavaScript, but certain functions may not be available.

    Earn Your Degree Online

    Convenient. Affordable. Flexible.

    An online degree from Regent University can equip you for a new career or increase your earning potential while maintaining your busy life. We offer flexible degree programs for busy adults so you can earn a degree online while working. These fully accredited programs allow you to study at your own pace and on your own time as you learn from distinguished professors dedicated to your success.

    All of Regent’s courses are taught from a biblical view by faculty who are respected leaders in their fields—one reason Regent is ranked a Top 20 Best in Online Bachelor’s Education and #8 Online Programs for Veterans by U.S. News World Report and one of only 22 universities in the U.S. to receive an A rating by ACTA .

    Whether you choose to learn in an online or a campus environment, Regent’s College of Arts Sciences will help you reach your full potential and make a difference in the lives of others.

    Our Online Degree Programs

    Find the online degree program that fits your goals. Begin a new career or accelerate your current academic or professional path.

    Is Online Learning Right for You?

    Our online degree option features the same high-quality academic standards as our on-campus programs.

    Visit Regent Campus

    Info Sessions for Adult Students a FREE event filled with information about Regent University’s degrees for adult students. how to access financial aid and our admissions process.

    Calgary Hotels and Motels – A Lodging Guide to Calgary Alberta Canada

    #motels in calgary


    Browse > Home / Calgary Hotels Lodging

    Calgary Hotels Lodging

    Calgary Alberta offers an extensive range of hotels and motels throughout the city. No matter what the purpose of your visit or which area of the city you need to stay in, your are sure to find a wide selection of Calgary hotels to suit your requirements. Motel Village is a good place to look for cheap hotels, and there are several luxury hotels in downtown Calgary. If you are visiting Canada from overseas you may want to stay at one of the several Calgary airport hotels, and if you are visiting Calgary on business, you are sure to be able to find a hotel or motel close to your meeting.

    Whether you are looking for a Calgary hotel. Calgary motel, or Calgary B B, our recommendations below should help you find your preferred Calgary lodging option.

    Downtown Calgary Hotels

    Best Western Suites Downtown

    Affordable hotel with a great location, close to the restaurants and shops of 17th Ave and a short walk from the downtown core. Selection of room types, from executive king to one or two bedroom suites. Internet access, fitness centre and sauna.
    For more information visit
    1330 8th Street S.W. Calgary, Alberta
    Tel: 403 228 6900

    Regency Suites Hotel

    Located in the heart of downtown Calgary and the business district. Well equipped studio, one bed or two bed suites with full size kitchen, internet access and air conditioning. Fitness room, dry cleaning service and complimentary newspapers.
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    Calgary Airport Hotels

    Sandman Hotel Suites

    Just 5 mins from Calgary airport with a 24 hour shuttle service. Choose between guest rooms or suites with kitchenettes. Fitness room and Moxies Classic Grill on site. Good value and convenient.
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    25 Hopewell Way NE, Calgary Alberta
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    Delta Calgary Airport

    Fantastic location, right at the departures level of Calgary airport. High standard of accommodation with excellent on site facilities, including 2 restaurants, bar/lounge, fitness centre and indoor pool.
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    2001 Airport Road N.E. Calgary, Alberta
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    Calgary Cheap Hotels

    Hampton Inn and Suites – Calgary University

    Good value accommodation in Motel Village just 10 mins from downtown Calgary. All rooms have microwave, fridge, in-room coffee maker, iron and ironing board, hair dryer. Free local calls and newspaper. Indoor pool and fitness room.
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    Days Inn Calgary South

    Located in the south of Calgary, close to the Chinook Centre, approx 4km from downtown. Affordable well appointed rooms with fitness room, swiining pool and jacuzzi on site.
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    3828 Macleod Trail S. Calgary, Alberta
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    Calgary Luxury Hotels

    The Fairmont Palliser

    Elegant historical hotel within walking distance of all the attractions and business district of downtown Calgary. All rooms are luxurious with first class amenities, and for even higher standards of accommodation they offer the Fairmont Gold floor. Excellent selection of restaurants plus Health Club.
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    Hyatt Regency Calgary

    Located in the heart of downtown Calgary on Centre Street. Spacious and modern guest rooms with city or mountain views. Full service spa, gym and swimming pool. Award winning restaurant.
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    Calgary Motels

    Super 8 Motel Calgary

    Located in the far south of Calgary in an area called Shawnessy, around 15km from downtown. Well located for shopping and not far from Spruce Meadows. All rooms have fridge, coffee maker, cable TV and free dial up internet access. Value priced, clean and comfortable.
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    Royal Wayne Motor Inn

    Located in the north west of the city, 10 mins from downtown Calgary. Affordable accommodation with microwave, fridge, morning coffee and free local calls. Restaurants within walking distance.
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    2416 – 16th Avenue NW, Calgary Alberta
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    Calgary Bed and Breakfast

    Twin Gables Bed and Breakfast

    Located close to the popular 4th St SW with its great selection of restaurants and bars, and just a 20 min walk from downtown. Well appointed guest suites and a selection of common areas. Hot full breakfast on fine china.
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    611 – 25th Ave SW, Calgary Alberta
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    Inglewood Bed and Breakfast

    Located in the trendy area of Inglewood, and within walking distance of downtown. Victorian style home with comfortable rooms with private bath. Private entrance, wireless internet, off-street parking, breakfast menu.
    For more information visit
    1006, 8th Ave. SE, Calgary Alberta
    Tel: 403 262 6570

    BEATING A SPEEDING TICKET #how #to, #beat, #a, #speeding #ticket, #ticket, #court,


    The best way to beat one is NOT to get one, so we’ll deal with that first.

    1. Don’t act like a dick. If you act like a belligerent idiot, you will end up with a lot more than just a speeding ticket. More likely you will end up in jail with your car impounded!

    2. Do not admit guilt. Say nothing, if possible. The cop can use your admission against you in court. Better to say nothing or act dumb (see below )


    1. Say yes Officer, no Officer to everything. You want this over with – fast!

    2. Act stupid. It helps, even cops don’t want to torture the stupid!

    3. Act scared! As if the tickets means the end of your life! Again, cops waver at this point. They may not write it if they feel sorry for you.

    4. Act ignorant about what you did. Even if they give you a ticket at least you didn’t admit you were speeding, which they will use in court against you later.


    1. Don’t argue the situation out on the road – you will not win! You don’t want them to remember you when you do go to court. SAY NOTHING – then drive away.

    2. Remember everything about the situation! How much traffic, the weather, which lane you were in. Write it down if you are too stoned to remember this stuff.


    1. Always plead ‘not guilty.’ This may be a pre-trial appearance, or you may be able to send in the ticket with ‘not guilty’ plea. Try to delay a pre-trial appearance if possible. There will be a specified date if you have to mail in the plea.


    1. Very important. DELAY, DELAY, DELAY. Keep putting off that court date! You don’t want to go to court! You want to make it so the cop thinks the case is so far in the past he’ll never remember anything. A small story: When John Hussar, the director of The Blur of Insanity went to college he got a speeding ticket (90 mph in a 55 mph zone) from a New York State Trooper. He successfully put off going to court for two and a half years (mainly by lying about going on various trips to Europe). When he final did show up in court he discovered that the Trooper had been transferred out of the area! The case was immediately dismissed!
    The Lesson? The longer you wait the better chance the cop won’t show up!

    2. Request information (optional, it can work for you, or make them want to nail you more!) Also they may or may not give you any of this depending on local laws!:

    a.Copies of manufacturers names, including makes, models and serial numbers of all radar/laser guns in use by the Town/City/State Police Department.

    b. Copies of manufacturers recommended maintenance for all of the above stated radar guns.

    c. Copies of any manufacturer literature as it relates to the correct use, including but not limited to mounting, aiming, weather and traffic limitations, for all radar guns in use by the Town/City/State Police Department.

    d. A copy of the past six months’ maintenance records for all of the above stated radar guns, including, but not limited to, calibration specifications.

    e. A copy of the Authorized Certification of Training, issued to the Officer who gave you the ticket, in the proper use of all radar guns in use by that Town/City/State Police Department he/she works for.

    f. A copy of the patrol car assignments for the date you got the ticket.

    This should give you something to work with, and also make the cop not want to show up to deal with all this crap!


    What happens in court:

    • Go check in with the clerk.
    • See if your officer arrives, if he doesn’t that will often be the end right there.
    • The judge will call your case.
    • The officer will testify first.
    • You then question the officer
    • You then call any witnesses you have
    • The officer can make a closing statement
    • You can make a closing statement
    • The judge decides.

    1. Wear a suit, if you own one. If you look like a derelict, you will be treated like a derelict. We don’t care if you think that is unfair! The world is not fair – grow up.

    2. Be nice. Again, being a dick will just get you in trouble and solves nothing.

    3. IT is the officers duty to prove you GUILTY. If he fails to prove your guilt the case will be dismissed.

    BE confident that you will win the case!

    Check the actual wording of the code you violated. If the officer fails to prove guilt in any part of the code then you should be dismissed.

    BEFORE an officer can use the radar/laser reading as evidence, he has to establish a few things Jurisdiction Certification, up to date, accurate, traffic and engineering survey, radar/laser properly calibrated, tuning forks calibrated (with radar), FCC license, radar/laser unit appears on that FCC license

    If the officer attempts to use the radar reading before establishing those things above, politely interrupt and say objection your honor, inadmissible evidence.

    Then tell the judge why. If the officer fails to prove your guilt at the end of his testimony don’t question him, move to have the case dismissed. And explain what he failed to prove.

    If the officer was moving when was his speedometer last calibrated? Have the records to see if he contradicts himself. If officer guesses your speed. throw something and ask him how fast it was going. If he is off by 3 MPH at 15 MPH speed then think about how far off he is at 35 MPH.

    Were the speed limits prima facie? or Absolute? If prima facie then prove the speed you were traveling at wasn’t unsafe.

    ASK questions like: what color clothes was I wearing? did I have any passengers?

    What was the weather like? To see how well versed the officer is.

    See if you can attend traffic school in exchange for a dismissal of the charge (never bothers your insurance.)

    OFTEN the worst part of a ticket is the increase in your insurance. By beating the ticket you don’t have to worry about that.

    Hopefully the cop won’t show up – in which case you will ask that the case be dismissed – 99% of the time it will.

    Anyway – there you have it. Good Luck. And if you beat a speeding ticket with any of this advice you have to make ten people you know go and see the movie!


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    The Facts About Bisphenol A, BPA #bpa, #bisphenol #a, #bpa-free, #bpa #risks,


    The Facts About Bisphenol A

    In 2008, the possible health risks of Bisphenol A (BPA) — a common chemical in plastic — made headlines. Parents were alarmed, pediatricians flooded with questions, and stores quickly sold-out of BPA-free bottles and sippy cups.

    Where do things stand now? Have plastic manufacturers changed their practices? How careful does a parent need to be when it comes to plastics and BPA? Here’s the latest information we have about possible BPA risks.

    BPA Basics

    BPA is a chemical that has been used to harden plastics for more than 40 years. It’s everywhere. It’s in medical devices, compact discs, dental sealants, water bottles, the lining of canned foods and drinks, and many other products.

    More than 90% of us have BPA in our bodies right now. We get most of it by eating foods that have been in containers made with BPA. It’s also possible to pick up BPA through air, dust, and water.

    BPA was common in baby bottles. sippy cups, baby formula cans, and other products for babies and young children. Controversy changed that. Now, the six major companies that make baby bottles and cups for infants have stopped using BPA in the products they sell in the U.S. Many manufacturers of infant formula have stopped using BPA in their cans, as well.

    According to the U.S. Department of Health, toys generally don’t contain BPA. While the hard outer shields of some pacifiers do have BPA, the nipple that the baby sucks on does not.

    BPA Risks

    What does BPA do to us? We still don’t really know, since we don’t have definitive studies of its effects in people yet. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration used to say that BPA was safe. But in 2010 the agency altered its position. The FDA maintains that studies using standardized toxicity tests have shown BPA to be safe at the current low levels of human exposure. But based on other evidence — largely from animal studies — the FDA expressed “some concern” about the potential effects of BPA on the brain. behavior, and prostate glands in fetuses, infants, and young children.


    How could BPA affect the body? Here are some areas of concern.

    • Hormone levels. Some experts believe that BPA could theoretically act like a hormone in the body, disrupting normal hormone levels and development in fetuses, babies, and children. Animal studies have had mixed results.
    • Brain and behavior problems. After a review of the evidence, the National Toxicology Program at the FDA expressed concern about BPA’s possible effects on the brain and behavior of infants and young children.
    • Cancer . Some animal studies have shown a possible link between BPA exposure and a later increased risk of cancer .
    • Heart problems. Two studies have found that adults with the highest levels of BPA in their bodies seem to have a higher incidence of heart problems. However, the higher incidence could be unrelated to BPA.
    • Other conditions. Some experts have looked into a connection between BPA exposure and many conditions — obesity. diabetes. ADHD. and others. The evidence isn’t strong enough to show a link.
    • Increased risk to children. Some studies suggest that possible effects from BPA could be most pronounced in infants and young children. Their bodies are still developing and they are less efficient at eliminating substances from their systems.

    Although this list of possible BPA risks is frightening, keep in mind that nothing has been established. The concern about BPA risks stems primarily from studies in animals.

    A few studies in people have found a correlation between BPA and a higher incidence of certain health problems, but no direct evidence that BPA caused the problem. Other studies contradict some of these results. Some experts doubt that BPA poses a health risk at the doses most people are exposed to.

    BPA: Governmental Action

    The federal government is now funding new research into BPA risks. We don’t know the results of these studies yet. Recommendations about BPA could change in the next few years.

    For now, there are no restrictions on the use of BPA in products. The Food and Drug Administration does recommend taking “reasonable steps” to reduce human exposure to BPA in the food supply. The FDA has also expressed support for manufacturers who have stopped using BPA in products for babies and for companies working to develop alternatives to the BPA in canned foods.

    A number of states have taken action. Connecticut, Maryland, Minnesota, Washington, Wisconsin, and Vermont have laws restricting or banning the sale of certain products containing BPA, like bottles and sippy cups. So have cities like Chicago and Albany, as well as a few counties in New York. Similar laws are likely to pass in New York and California, and state legislatures are considering restrictions in many other states.


    BPA Risks: What Can Parents Do?

    Although the evidence is not certain, the FDA does recommend taking precautions against BPA exposure.

    Trying to eliminate BPA from your child’s life is probably impossible. But limiting your child’s exposure — and your own — is possible. It doesn’t even have to be hard. Here are some tips on how to do it.

    • Find products that are BPA-free. It isn’t as hard as it once was. Many brands of bottles, sippy cups, and other tableware prominently advertise that they are BPA-free.
    • Look for infant formula that is BPA-free. Many brands no longer contain BPA in the can. If a brand does have BPA in the lining, some experts recommend powdered formula over liquid. Liquid is more likely to absorb BPA from the lining.
    • Choose non-plastic containers for food. Containers made of glass, porcelain, or stainless steel do not contain BPA.
    • Do not heat plastic that could contain BPA. Never use plastic in the microwave, since heat can cause BPA to leach out. For the same reason, never pour boiling water into a plastic bottle when making formula. Hand-wash plastic bottles, cups, and plates.
    • Throw out any plastic products — like bottles or sippy cups — that are chipped or cracked. They can harbor germs. If they also have BPA, it’s more likely to leach into food.
    • Use fewer canned foods and more fresh or frozen. Many canned foods still contain BPA in their linings.
    • Avoid plastics with a 3 or a 7 recycle code on the bottom. These plastics might contain BPA. Other types of numbered plastic are much less likely to have BPA in them.

    WebMD Medical Reference Reviewed by Dan Brennan, MD on December 22, 2015


    Harvey Karp, MD, pediatrician, author of The Happiest Baby on the Block and The Happiest Toddler on the Block; assistant professor of pediatrics, UCLA School of Medicine.

    American Nurses Association.

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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    Food and Drug Administration.

    George Mason University’s Statistical Assessment Service (STATS.)

    Healthy Child Healthy World.

    National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

    Ryan, B. Toxicological Sciences. March 2010.

    Sharpe, R. Toxicological Sciences. March 2010.

    U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

    © 2015 WebMD, LLC. All rights reserved.

    What Is a Fee-Only Financial Advisor? The Simple Dollar #finding #a #financial


    What Is a Fee-Only Financial Advisor?

    Make sure a financial planner s interests align with yours.

    If you re looking for a financial planner, one of the first things you ll want to know is how they are paid.

    Financial incentives influence decision-making in even the most critical situations. and your financial planner is no different. How he gets paid can impact the recommendations he makes, and if those recommendations become the foundation of your financial plan you ll want to be sure they re being made with your interests in mind.

    In this post we ll look at the different ways financial planners get paid, and how working with a fee-only financial planner aligns your planner s financial incentives with your financial interests.

    How Does a Financial Planner Make Money?

    There are three main ways:

    Commission-based: These planners get paid when they sell a product, like a mutual fund or life insurance. They may offer advice for free, but they will make their money by selling the products they recommend.

    Fee-only: These planners do not sell any products. Instead, they are paid directly by the client for the advice they give. There are a few different models here. with some planners working under a monthly retainer, some charging for investment management, and others offering hourly services.

    Fee-based: These planners are a combination of the two. They both charge client fees and earn commissions for selling products. It should be noted that fee-based is not the same as fee-only.

    How Fee-Only Benefits You

    I ll be upfront about this: I am a fee-only financial planner and I therefore have a bias toward the fee-only model. But I chose to go that route because I believe it s the best way to align the planner s interests with the client s interests, and therefore to get the best possible outcome for all involved.

    Here are three big reasons why:

    1. Follow the Money

    For a fee-only financial planner, the financial incentive is to satisfy the client. If the client is satisfied with the advice she is receiving, she will continue to pay for it.

    For someone earning commissions, the financial incentive is to sell more expensive products. And since we know that low cost is the single best predictor of future investment returns. those expensive products may not be in your best interest.

    2. The World Is Your Oyster

    A fee-only financial planner is able to recommend any product or solution that helps you reach your goals. There are no limits.

    A commissioned planner is, at the very least, limited to products that will earn him a commission. Many are further limited to the products their specific company sells.

    Would you rather have your financial planner recommend the best solution for your situation, or the best solution that he is able to sell?

    3. Who s on Your Side?

    Many fee-only financial planners chose that path for the same reason I did: They believe it s the best way to align their own interests with their clients interests.

    That certainly doesn t guarantee that they ll provide a quality service, but it s nice to know their heart is in the right place.

    How to Tell If Your Financial Planner Is Fee-Only

    There are a few easy ways to tell:

    You can start by looking at their website. Many will proudly state that they are fee-only on their home page or about page. A good example is Sophia Bera of Gen Y Planning. who explains that she is a Fee-Only CFP ® in the sidebar that shows up on every page of her site.

    Another option is to check their network membership. The XY Planning Network. NAPFA and the Garrett Planning Network are all financial planner organizations that require their members to be fee-only. If your planner is a member of one of those networks, he or she is definitely fee-only.

    You can also use the CFP Board s financial planner search tool. which lists each planner s compensation method and will clearly say fee-only if they meet the definition.

    Finally, you can always ask them directly if they are fee-only. If their answer is anything other than an immediate yes, you will know they re not.

    This Is About Your Life

    In the end, this is about finding the best financial planner for your specific situation. You want someone who is in a position to make the best possible recommendations for the goals you re looking to achieve.

    No single revenue model can guarantee someone will be able to do that. Not all fee-only financial planners are good, and certainly not all commission-based or fee-based planners are bad. It is by no means that black and white.

    But as an initial filter, going fee-only can increase your odds of finding a financial planner who will give you good, objective advice.

    Matt Becker is a fee-only financial planner and the founder of Mom and Dad Money. where he helps new parents build a better financial future for their families. His free book, The New Family Financial Road Map , guides parents through the most important financial decisions that come with starting a family.

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    Cloud computing service models, Part 1: Infrastructure as a Service #cloud #computing,


    Infrastructure as a Service

    Software as an asset (business and consumer)

    SLAs; UI powered by thin-client applications; cloud components; communication via APIs; stateless; loosely coupled; modular; semantic interoperability

    Thin client; client-server application

    Avoid capital expenditure on software and development resources; reduced ROI risk; streamlined and iterative updates

    Centralization of data requires new/different security measures

    Primary facets of IaaS

    Rather than imagining the Internet as a single global cloud, it is perhaps more accurate to imagine it as a system of many clouds, like a thunderstorm. With this metaphor, it could be logically asserted that lightning is the weather system equivalent of communication among clouds. This metaphor is perhaps more accurate in the sense that clouds systematically interact with each other to create a single result: the Internet.

    It is unlikely that the Internet will be made up of one single cloud at least in the near future because of the lack of standards in cloud computing and obvious attempts by companies to capitalize long term through vendor lock-in. Nevertheless, cloud computing would not have advanced to where it is currently if it weren’t for innovation in the spirit of capitalism. Perhaps one day, the Internet really will be a single, interconnected cloud in which VMs could be transferred effortlessly to “the cloud” without concern for file format and interconnected clusters of VMs could be managed across service providers, all through a single interface. But that day is a long way off. In the meantime, we’ll speak of the Internet as consisting of many clouds. (Ironically, I’m using the Apple MobileMe cloud to store this article so I can work on it on across several devices.)

    Meet the elastic infrastructure

    Elasticity is the first critical facet of IaaS. To illustrate the concept of elasticity, I’m going to require you to use your imagination for a moment. Pretend that clouds are actually made of marshmallow clusters stuck together so that people can sit and ride on them. Each marshmallow cloud can hold a certain number of people, depending on the number of marshmallow clusters that make up the cloud and how many marshmallows are contained in those clusters. As more people get on to ride the marshmallow cloud, you can expand the marshmallow clusters by sticking more marshmallows to them, increasing the surface area. As you have probably already figured out, the people represent the applications that require compute resources, such as those that host Web sites and run software services. The marshmallow clusters represent clusters of VMs, with each marshmallow a VM.

    Although this might sound like something you’d expect to find in a Dr. Seuss book, it provides a means of understanding a concept considered by many a dark art: elastic clustering. Clustering of physical servers to form a virtual cloud is a concept known as cloud clustering, and if it is in fact a dark art, then mastery is measured by the scalability of an artist’s system design.

    Let’s look at an example. Say that you’re a statistical researcher working for the U.S. government. The government is a bit short-handed, and you’ve just been tasked with compiling all the data from the latest U.S. census. You’re responsible for formulating the necessary statistical data so that Congress can make important decisions regarding the allocation of economic recovery funds and tax dollars three days from now. Needless to say, this is a pretty important job, and you’re on a bit of a time crunch. What’s more, the amount of data you must process is astronomical, and you just found out that the compute resources required to compile it is going to take the IT department three weeks to get ready!

    This is exactly the kind of problem that you can easily mitigate using IaaS. As a matter of fact, using IaaS, you could have the entire U.S. census data analysis completed within an hour. You’d start by creating a single instance of a server that contains the database software to run queries on the data. This is called an image.

    After you deploy the image and import the data into the database, you could then duplicate that image as many times as necessary and start running your data-processing tasks. While the tasks are running, you might manually or automatically add and remove resources. For example, if the compute tasks were not running quickly enough, simply add more duplicate machine instances to the cluster.

    Now that you understand the concept of elasticity, let’s take a look at the second major facet of IaaS: virtualization.

    Machine virtualization

    Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the founders of Google, had the right idea back in 1995 when they spent their evenings sifting through dumpsters behind Stanford University’s computer science building, pulling out disregarded computer parts. They’d bring these random x86-based computer parts back to their dorm room to add to the Frankenstein machine hosting the legendary rogue Web crawler that took down Stanford’s entire network twice.

    Today, it is estimated that Google has more than 1 million x86 servers in 12 major data centers and about 20 smaller centers on different continents. That’s a pretty big cloud. Two key factors to the system design allowed them to scale the dorm-room beast in 1995, and it still holds true for the million-plus servers in the Google network today. To this day, Google continues to use inexpensive x86 parts instead of the much more expensive enterprise server components found in many corporate data centers. Second, failover, redundancy, monitoring, clustering, and other infrastructure management tasks are handled by a virtualization system that runs beneath the operating system level rather than using separate hardware such as load balancers to handle such tasks.

    IaaS is easy to spot, because it is typically platform-independent. IaaS consists of a combination of hardware and software resources. IaaS software is low-level code that runs independent of an operating system called a hypervisor and is responsible for taking inventory of hardware resources and allocating said resources based on demand (see Figure 1 ). This process is referred to as resource pooling. Resource pooling by the hypervisor makes virtualization possible, and virtualization makes multi-tenant computing possible a concept that refers to an infrastructure shared by several organizations with similar interests in regard to security requirements and compliance considerations.

    Figure 1. The relationship among VMs, the hypervisor, and the computer

    With IaaS, you have the capability to provision processing, storage, networks, and other computing resources, where you can deploy and run arbitrary software such as operating systems and applications. Most use cases for cloud computing follow the same fundamental layering structure you are already used to: a software solution stack or platform is deployed on a network infrastructure, and applications are run on top of the platform. However, virtualization makes the cloud paradigm unique.


    In this article, you learned about many of the basic principles of cloud computing as well as the anatomy of IaaS and how it might be used in a real-world situation. The second article in this series will dive into the second major classification of cloud computing: PaaS. In the meantime, check out the Related topics section for links to more information on IaaS.

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    American Liver Foundation – Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease #liver, #liver #cancer, #liver




    The liver is the second largest organ in your body and is located under your rib cage on the right side. It weighs about three pounds and is shaped like a football that is flat on one side.

    The liver performs many jobs in your body. It processes what you eat and drink into energy and nutrients your body can use. The liver also removes harmful substances from your blood.


    Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is the build up of extra fat in liver cells that is not caused by alcohol. It is normal for the liver to contain some fat. However, if more than 5% – 10% percent of the liver s weight is fat, then it is called a fatty liver (steatosis).


    NAFLD tends to develop in people who are overweight or obese or have diabetes, high cholesterol or high triglycerides. Rapid weight loss and poor eating habits also may lead to NAFLD.

    However, some people develop NAFLD even if they do not have any risk factors. NAFLD affects up to 25% of people in the United States.


    NAFLD may cause the liver to swell (steatohepatitis). A swollen liver may cause scarring (cirrhosis) over time and may even lead to liver cancer or liver failure.


    NAFLD often has no symptoms.

    When symptoms occur, they may include fatigue, weakness, weight loss, loss of appetite, nausea, abdominal pain, spider-like blood vessels, yellowing of the skin and eyes (jaundice), itching, fluid build up and swelling of the legs (edema) and abdomen (ascites), and mental confusion.


    NAFLD is initially suspected if blood tests show high levels of liver enzymes. However, other liver diseases are first ruled out through additional tests. Often, an ultrasound is used to confirm the NAFLD diagnosis.


    There are no medical treatments yet for NAFLD. Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly may help prevent liver damage from starting or reverse it in the early stages.

    • See a doctor who specializes in the liver regularly
    • Talk to your doctor about ways to improve your liver health
    • Lose weight, if you are overweight or obese
    • Lower your cholesterol and triglycerides
    • Control your diabetes
    • Avoid alcohol


    There are ways to prevent NAFLD:

    • Maintain a healthy weight
    • Eat a healthy diet
    • Exercise regularly
    • Limit alcohol intake
    • Only take medicines that you need and follow dosing recommendations.


    The more severe form of NAFLD is called non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). NASH causes the liver to swell and become damaged. NASH tends to develop in people who are overweight or obese, or have diabetes, high cholesterol or high triglycerides. However, some people have NASH even if they do not have any risk factors.

    Most people with NASH are between the ages of 40 and 60 years. It is more common in women than in men. NASH often has no symptoms and people can have NASH for years before symptoms occur.

    NASH is one of the leading causes of cirrhosis in adults in the United States. Up to 25% of adults with NASH may have cirrhosis.

    The Real Cost of a DUI in California #average #cost #of #dui


    The Real Cost of a DUI in California

    Most of us are well aware of the dangers of drinking and driving. The exponentially increased risk of hurting yourself and others in an accident should be more than enough to deter everyone from driving under the influence (DUI). Still, just to make the case against drinking and driving even stronger we can take a look at the outrageous cost you will meet if you are convicted of a DUI. From having your car impounded when you get caught to license reinstatement fees after your driver’s license gets suspended, several factors go into the true cost of a DUI.

    Car Insurance Increase

    It’s not exactly a secret that car insurance premiums increase after a DUI, but many people might not realize that this increase is the highest DUI-related cost. This may be because people think of the increase in the short term, since insurance coverage is usually only bought months at a time. However, there is more to the short term when it comes to a DUI-related car insurance increase. To reinstate your driver’s license after it has been suspended due to a DUI in California, you must file a proof of financial responsibility with the court known as a SR-22. After a DUI you will be required to file your SR-22 for at least 3 years. Your insurance company will take care of this for you, but it will come with a hefty increase in your premium. After you are no longer required to file a SR-22, your car insurance premium may lower a bit, but will likely remain well above standard car insurance rates. These several years of increased rates will quickly add up and when all is said and done you may end up paying up to approximately $40,000 in insurance rate increases over the years.

    Towing and Storage

    When a police officer catches you drinking and driving, you will be arrested, and your car will be impounded. The costs of towing and storage can reach about $685 and can even get higher the longer you keep your car in storage.

    DUI Classes

    After a DUI conviction, you will be required to enroll in and complete a DUI course. The length of time you will have to attend a course will depend on the severity of your DUI violation, but you can expect to pay at least $650 for the course.

    Fines and Attorney Fees

    If you are caught drinking and driving you will have to go to court.

    A Note about Lawyers

    It is rarely a good idea to go to court without legal representation. This is especially true for such a serious case as driving under the influence. Even if you know for certain that you are guilty, you should have an attorney who can help protect you from excessive penalties. There are several DUI attorneys who can help you with your case. If the court does find you guilty of a DUI you can expect to pay hefty fines. With these fines and the addition of attorney fees you are looking to pay around $4,000 after your court conviction.

    Driver’s License Reinstatement

    When you are caught driving over the legal limit your driver’s license will be suspended. Once the duration of your suspension has ended, and you have fulfilled any other requirements to be eligible to get your license back, you will have to pay a license reinstatement fee. This fee will be at least $100. Need to learn more about reinstating your license? Visit our Suspended License in California page.

    The True Cost of a DUI

    Added together all of these DUI-related costs mean you should be ready to pay an estimated $45,435 for a DUI. Keep in mind that this is an estimated minimum for a first-time offense. There is a very good chance you could end up paying more and the number will just keep increasing after each violation. So it is easy to see that getting behind the wheel after drinking is just not worth it. A cab ride is going to cost nowhere near $45,000. Save some money and some lives, don’t drink and drive.