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Embed Google Map – Add Google Maps to your Website

About Google Maps
Google Maps is currently the most popular, as well as the most effective mapping service available on the internet. In addition to providing a detailed mapped image of the entire world, the service is also capable of providing directions to any destination and can even calculate the shortest or the least expensive travel route. Google Maps is also a constantly evolving application, and users are able to provide suggestions, make corrections, and even design 3D structures for the Google Maps extension known as Google Earth. Finally, the service can be used at no cost by general users, and Google has actually gone as far as offering free access to the Google Maps API. However, there are also several enterprise solutions available, designed specifically for business-oriented applications.

Early Days of Google Maps
Even though Google Maps has become one of the staple products of Google, the original idea and the computational foundation of the service was first developed by two brothers from Denmark: Lars and Jens Rasmussen. However, the mapping application conceived by the Rasmussen brothers at their start-up Where 2 Technologies was to be distributed as a piece of downloadable software. In 2004, after trying to create various mapping systems from scratch, Google began to show real interest in the brother’s project. In 2004, after discussions with the company’s technical and marketing staff, Lars and Jens Rasmussen made two very important decisions: to sell their Where 2 Technologies start-up to Google Inc. and become Google project managers, and to revamp their software application into an interactive online service called Google Maps.

Google Maps can be created with a simple application on our website. It simply requires that you enter the address of the location and click on the button to generate the link. When the process is complete, the link can be copied and pasted into the website. This process is helpful for all types of websites including projects that incorporate storytelling with maps. Here are some tips that you should know:

1. Google Maps Integrate Satellite Imagery
Google Maps also incorporates the use of satellite imagery to provide users with greater detail of the area. The street view is amazingly accurate and precise. This was made possible by Google’s vans that acquire information by driving roads and also by acquiring panoramic photos. Users can get maps of and driving directions to almost any location around the world.

2. Expand Map Functionality with APIs
Google will make its Advanced Programming Interfaces (APIs) available for free to the public. This expands the functionality of the maps and allows users to embed the information into a website easily. Google Earth API embeds the three-dimensional digital globe into the web page. These webpages can be marked with location pins or marked with images. Directions, elevations, time zones, and distances can also be embedded in maps.

3. Google Maps Integrated User Reviews
The goal of Google Maps is to give users the most functionality.The maps can be used on mobile phones and also on tablets. The user reviews are integrated into the local map views, and users can quickly get information and opinions about local hotels and restaurants.

4. Plan Routes with Commercial Airline Data
If you want to know more about planning a route with the commercial airlines, you can also use Google Maps. This application will provide access to schedules and daily itineraries using train and routes. User thumbnails are included to give pictorial information from each of Google’s Photo Tours.

5. Google Maps Offers Accurate Driving Directions
Users can save and print the directions. Step-by-step instructions makes it easier to travel from one destination to another. Most drivers love text messages because it’s easier to read everything right on the device.

Google Maps is the Way To Go
If you want directions, you should use Google Maps. This is one of the most convenient ways to get your directions and read them while on-the-go. You don’t have to print them out. You can simply store them on the phone and pull the directions up when you travel. It’s a recommended way to travel. Try the new Google Maps application. You’ll be happy you did!

Why to Embed Google Map on Your Site
If you have ever been trying to figure out how to get from one place to another, you have probably used Map. You can punch in your starting destination and your ending destination and get a trip route, complete with directions. If you just want to look up a location, you can use the Map to look at the street view, giving you an interactive image of exactly what you will see from the street, when you get there, so that you know what to expect.

However, this is far from all that you can do with Maps. You can also embed a map on your website so that visitors can see it. This is going to look like an image at first, but people can click on it and move it around, and then they will realize that it is generated by Google Maps. It is far more than a simple image. This can be done on almost any type of website, so the real question is this: How can having one of these interactive images from Google Maps help your site?

First of all, it can be hugely beneficial because it is far more useful than just writing down your address. Even though the local streets are very familiar to you, your site’s visitors do not know anything about them. Just putting down the name and building number does not tell them much about where you are really located, which is what they are wondering if they are trying to find your store or your business. By using an image from Google Map, you allow them to scroll around and look for familiar roads, or they can look at the street view and really get a feel for where your building is located. This provides the accurate information that these people are looking for.

Another benefit of using the image from Google Map is that people can use it to get directions right to your front door. They can just put in their own address, with yours already set as a waypoint, and the map will tell them how to get there in seconds. This can help you because people will not have to call you for more information; the embedded Google Map can handle all of that for you.

At the end of the day, what the embedded Google Map are giving people who visit your site is convenience. You are making it easier for them to learn what they need to learn and to get to your physical location. You are taking steps out of the process that they would have needed to take on their own, and that can increase business and customer satisfaction.

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Add a service name to tnsnames.ora file

Oracle Database Tips by Donald BurlesonConsulting

When the Oracle DBA creates their tnsnames.ora file to define remote databases they often specify the host name of the foreign server that contains the remote Oracle database.

For example, a entry in the tnsnames.ora file for a remote database might look like this. In the example, we have added the service name berlin to our tnsnames.ora file:

berlin =
(HOST = hun)
(PORT = 1521)
(CONNECT_DATA = (SID = kraus))

Here we see a TNS service name of berlin. which defines a connection to a remote server named hun that contains an Oracle database named kraus. When a remote connection request is made from the UNIX server, the /etc/host file is accessed to get the IP address for the hum server.

From the listing below, we see that the hum server is located at In sum, the /etc/host file is used to isolate the IP address from the tnsnames.ora file. If the IP address should ever change, the UNIX systems administrator only needs to change the IP address in one place.

root cat /etc/hosts hum hum.com dopey dopey.com

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AR9000 Inverter

AR5000 Max Inverter

Samsung Air con Installations – Install – Service – Relocations – Johannesburg – Fourways – Sandton – West Rand – East Rand – Northern Surburbs.

We at LEE’s Heating and Cooling Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps South Africa install Aircons in homes, business offices, guest lodges, hotels and mines. We Install and Supply Midwall Split Units and Heat pump Systems, Ceiling Cassettes, Under Ceiling Cassettes, Ducted units and heat pump systems, Inverter units and heat pump Systems, DVM Units and heat pump Systems in all the areas in Gauteng namely, Randburg, West Rand, East Rand, Northern Suburbs and Johannesburg.

Samsung Aircon | Air Conditioning – Models We Supply, Install and Service.

At LEE’s Heating and Cooling Air Conditioning we supply, install and service the following Alliance Aircon Models namely the Alliance Vertu Inverter Midwall Split System (R410A) – Alliance Corona Inverter Midwall Split System (R410) – Alliance Whisper Midwall Split System – Alliance Pacific Midwall Split Unit – Alliance 4 way Compact Ceiling Cassette units – Alliance Inverter Ducted Units – Alliance Underceiling Inverters – Alliance Heat Pumps – Alliance Window wall Units – Allince Roof packages DVM Series.

LEE’s strives for total customer satisfaction and maintaining a high standard of excellence in the industry. Edging out their competitors with samsung air. Be sure that when you see one of our samsung air specialists at LEE’S, you will always get quality advice, service and products.

Samsung Air con Pricing Policy

Our pricing policy is based on our standardised rates system. Meaning, we constantly monitor our pricing structure, which can be affected by fuel prices, copper commodities etc. Where possible we endeavour to absorb small increases in prices of raw materials into our fixed prices. However from time to time, we may need to make changes to the prices before we get the opportunity to reflect those changes on our websites. When it all boils down, we essentially virtually guarantee your price is correct at the time you read this, and have work done by us. 99% of the time we charge you exactly what we quote, no trickery and no playing dutch auctions. For us it is paramount that the price we publicise is the price you actually end up paying

First Floor Samsung Aircon installation | Johannesburg, West Rand, East Rand, Fourways – R1500.00 We will install your split system air conditioner, including all Pipework, Interconnect Cables, Drain tubing and power cords. All necessary labour for this outstanding all inclusive price. We allow for 2m of pipework, unit will be fully installed, tested and commissioned. Upon completion we will demonstrate how the unit works, and provide you an invoice and fill out your warranty details

Ground Floor Aircon installers | Johannesburg, East Rand, West Rand, Randburg – R1500.00 We will install your split system air conditioner, including all Pipework, Interconnect Cables, Drain tubing and power cords. All necessary labour for this outstanding all inclusive price. We allow for 2m of pipework, unit will be fully installed, tested and commissioned. Upon completion we will demonstrate how the unit works, and provide you with an invoice and fill out your warranty details.

Samsung Installation Prices for Air Conditioners are based on:

  • Back to back installation. So internal unit is mounted on a flat external facing wall. Compressor unit is sited directly behind this externally.
  • Clear access internally and externally, please ensure we have immediate unobstructed and cleared access to begin installation.
  • Installation of air conditioner only, extras are listed below in what is not included.
  • Standardised home/property construction. Brick veneer, timber frame. Extras apply to double brick construction, or concrete panel type.
  • Ground floor and first floor installations only, on private premises. Please note. we do not deal with your Body Corp. Should you need their permission for installation, we need a copy of their agreement in writing prior to installation.

Installation, What is Included.

  • Insulated copper pipe, as per pricing structure above – for single and double storey homes.
  • Interconnecting cables, from internal head unit to external compressor.
  • Drain hose, continuous conduit drain, high performance type.
  • Mounting brackets for outdoor unit if necessary.
  • All labour to install the air conditioner.
  • All fixings, rubber vibration mounting waffles.
  • Testing, commissioning and handover.

Installation, What is not Included.

  • Electrical work is specifically excluded from our prices see * below. Any work on Main Distribution Board is charged at R1350.00 Inc Vat.
  • Supply of Air conditioning unit is NOT included in this offer. You need to supply your own system. Otherwise you can call our helpful staff to quote you on your system requirements. If need be, we can have one of our technical sales reps come to your premises and do a site evaluation to ensure you get the right product.
  • De-commissioning and removal of existing Aircon – charges apply ( usually R650.00 Inc Vat extra per AC ). We will “remove from site” your old aircon.
  • Installation of aircons in locations outside Gauteng unless arranged with Management.
  • Scaffolding if we are working above heights of 7m will be charged for accordingly.

Installation Exclusions and Extras:

  • We repair and service all types of Aircons.
  • We install all brands, second hand units, ex-demo or shop display units.
  • All units not supplied by us should be in decent working condition otherwise we reserve the right to reject installation.
  • We will not install in unattended or unoccupied premisses, without prior notification in writing.
  • Extra pipework/cabling/drain/duct charged at R170.00 Inc Vat per extra metre.
  • Electrical work. At your request we can engage a Private Electrical Company to provide electrical services. Their fees are approx R1450.00 Inc vat per aircon. Prices vary dependent on the property construction, access to run cables, distance of electrical run and capacity of consumer mains.

We are a supplier as well as Air Conditioning Installers. As such we do not have shops, retail space or warehousing. To view any Samsung products, we can arrange with Samsung Air to visit their show room right here in Fourways.


Fixed price guarantee applies to standard run of pipework and interconnects. Wherever possible if extras are required we notify you before we commence work. Standard run, for a lowset installation is 3.5 metres of pipework/cabling/drain/interconnect cables. The standard for a high set installation is 5.0 metres. All prices are based on back to back installations. This price promise does not apply to ancillary, non standard installations or electrical work by third parties.

Air Conditioning Installation Johannesburg | Air Conditioning Installation East Rand | Air Conditioning Installation West rand | Air Conditioning Installation Northern Suburbs .