Oldsmobile Aurora and Intrigue SES Code P0410 #oldsmobile #aurora, #p0410, #olds #intrigue, #code, #check #engine, #secondary #air #injection, #scanner, #fuse, #valve, #pump


Problem with my 2001OldsmobileAurora 3.5L.
I r
eplaced secondary air injection pump with new GM part
and 2 wire connector to fix a GM P0410 code check engine light is still on after being
cleared. Wondering if there is some fuse or wire that could be blown from the air injection pump connector
being melted? I have seen this on one other occasion and was not able to repair the problem. The
injection pump relay is ok.

The pump may be blown. But another common thing that will cause code P0410
is a 50 amp maxi fuse in the underhood fuse block. That may be blown. Another common thing that can
cause that code is one or both of the AIR diverter valves that are vacuum controlled by the bypass valve
solenoid. That solenoid is powered by the IGN 1 fuse.

These two valves get stuck and do not allow the air from the pump to enter the exhaust. The valves are
silver, and have small tubes running into the exhaust manifolds. They have 1 vacuum hose on them. One
is above the belt, near the firewall, the other is near the dr. side of the front valve cover. Use a vacuum
pump to see if the valves hold vacuum after making sure the solenoid is supplying vacuum when the AIR
pump turns on.

The PCM controls the ground. Testing for vacuum out of solenoid must either be done at the solenoid, or
if doing at the diverter valves, both valves must be disconnected, and plug 1 off while checking the other.
Then plug the other, and check the first. If you just pull a hose off one valve and check for vacuum, and
the other valve is bad, the vacuum will all go to the bad valve, and you will not get any at the valve you are
checking. It does sound like the valves are bad. They should hold vacuum. A way to test that is to jump
the pump relay so it comes on, engine at idle, use vacuum pump at 1 valve. You should hear a definite
change in the sound of the pump when vacuum applied then released if the valve is working.

The Secondary Air Injection (AIR) System reduces exhaust emissions following initial engine start up.
The powertrain control module (PCM) activates the AIR system by suppling a ground to the AIR pump
relay and AIR solenoid relay simultaneously. The AIR pump forces pressurized fresh air into the
pipes/hoses and past the check valve into the exhaust manifold, accelerating catalyst operation.

After having my transmission rebuilt I have this trouble code up po410,what could be the cause?

David Del Polito Said:
I have a 2000 olds intrigue, 3.5 with only 60000 miles on it, In one the other questions, there was mentioned a grounding issue that could possible
cause a intermittent problem shifting with the trans. I went to two different trans / mechanic shops, I told me it had to be rebuilt at a cost of $2000. The
other mechanic shop said he ran the diagnosis thru his snap- on computer system and found no codes and test drove it with his hand held plugged in
but found no problem? Can this ground be the issue. Can you tell me how to resolve it. I personally changed the oil and the trans filter, but I was
told that doesn’t replace all the oil only the pan oil. Thanks for any advise.

David Del Polito said:
Ok so first how do I get a complete oil change on the transmission. Second I never had a error code or trouble code come up ,flash or was told by the
the second mechanic he showed nothing on his diagnostic computer. But I was co concerned that the shifting wasn’t good but it now seems
intermittent. Any suggestions. Thank you for your input.

David Del Polito said:
Ok thanks I’ll try that.

Air Conditioning Repair & HVAC Service – AC Repair in Mesa, Phx #air #conditioner #repair #mesa #az


Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Repair, Installation & Service

Looking for fast, affordable air conditioning repair you can depend on day or night? We repair any make or model furnace, air conditioner, heat pump or split system with warranty and maintenance service that goes above and beyond other heating and air conditioning companies. Are you interested in saving $$$ thousands on the purchase and installation of a NEW energy efficient AC unit? See (Sales and Financing ).

Industry Best Warranty

  • 3 Years Labor
  • Always Free Estimates
  • 5 Year Parts
  • Never A Trip Charge
  • 12 Year Condenser
  • 24 Hour Service

Don’t overpay. Call us today! (480) 405-7588

PlumbSmart offers affordable heating and air conditioning repair by factory-trained NATE certified technicians. Our customer service center is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including holidays. We guarantee the highest quality service with the best warranty in the industry at the lowest possible price. That’s the PlumbSmart advantage.

The techs arrived on time were extremely knowledgeable, went right to work and explained what they were going to do at each step. I trusted them and will use them again and would not hesitate to refer them to friends and associates. Overall a nice comfortable experience. William Davis

Havre De Grace Cosmetic Dentist – Skillful Havre De Grace Cosmetic Dentistry serving the Havre De Grace, Aberdeen, Churchville, Perryville, Bel Air and Harford County, MD Areas #havre #de #grace #cosmetic #dentist, #havre #de #grace #cosmetic #dentistry, #cosmetic #dentist #havre #de #grace, #cosmetic #dentistry #havre #de #grace, #havre #de #grace #dental #care, #find #a #dentist, #dentist, #dentists, #cosmetic #dentist #aberdeen, #cosmetic #dentist #churchville, #cosmetic #dentist #perryville, #cosmetic #dentist #bel #air,cosmetic #dentist #harford #county, #21078

Havre De Grace Cosmetic Dentist
Aberdeen Churchville Perryville Bel Air Areas

(410) 939-3950

See What a Havre De Grace Cosmetic Dentist Can Offer You

It’s time to get the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. We offer a full range of dental makeover options, and we’ll work with your busy schedule. Ask us about veneers and teeth whitening and how we can maximize your dental insurance. We also provide teeth whitening, braces and dental implants.

Drs. Friedman, Morgan Telis and their staff can fix chipped, cracked or stained teeth with gorgeous porcelain dental veneers or tooth bonding. At Union Dental Center we also have years of experience with natural-looking porcelain crowns and tooth-colored composite fillings.

Call now for an appointment for Havre De Grace cosmetic dentistry at (410) 939-3950 or just fill out our simple online form. Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team if you have any questions. We are here to help!

More About Union Dental Center

Voted Top Dentist

2016 marks the fifth year in a row that Dr. Friedman has been voted by his peers as one Top Dentists in Baltimore. To receive this award once or twice is rewarding, to receive it a fifth time is humbling, said Dr. Brett. You can not even imagine how honored I am to receive such a vote of confidence from my colleagues. I try my hardest each and every day to earn my patient s trust by delivering the best and most comfortable dentistry I can.

Baltimore Magazine surveyed over 2,500 dentists in Baltimore and the five surrounding counties over the course of three months to find out to which dentist they would send a member of their family.

Meet Our Doctors

Welcome to our practice! We are proud to serve patients in our community and surrounding areas. We strive to offer our family of patients only the best dentistry has to offer.

The combination of continuing education and state-of-the-art equipment allow us to offer you and your family the high level of care.

What Our Patients Are Saying

We love hearing what our patients have to say about their experiences here at Union Dental Center! We strive to provide the exceptional customer service.

Dental Insurance

Our practice accepts dental insurance from many of the top providers. We’re committed to helping you maximize your dental plan benefits so you can get the quality dental care you and your family deserve.

Convenient Financial Arrangements

Our goal is to maximize your insurance benefits and make any remaining balance easily affordable. If you have any questions regarding your insurance benefits, please don’t hesitate to call our office to review your concerns.

Free Smile Analysis

If you want to find out how you can get the gorgeous, sparkling smile of your dreams, call our office today to schedule a free smile analysis. You’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Schedule Your Appointment Online!

Now you can conveniently schedule your appointments at your leisure!


CareCredit is a great payment option for dental healthcare services for you and your family. CareCredit offers special financing, low monthly payment options and no up-front costs.

Cosmetic dentistry appointments available. We also provide teeth whitening, braces and dental implants.

Meet the Dentist
Dr. Brett Friedman and his friendly team are committed to helping your receive the personalized cosmetic dentistry care you need. At Union Dental Center our staff is trained in the latest techniques.

Dental Service Areas

Map and Hours
If you need to find a dentist contact us at (855) 381-0700 for a map, office hours and directions. We’re looking forward to helping your learn about your options for affordable cosmetic dentistry.

More Dental Resources

Fredericksburg Heating – Air Conditioning Services #complete #comfort #heating #and #air


Fredericksburg’s Preferred Heating AC Expert

What if you could call a Fredericksburg, VA HVAC company and receive prompt service, quality workmanship, and friendly advice? That’s exactly what you will experience when you work with Total Comfort Heating Air Conditioning. Enjoy 24/7 emergency service when you call 540-373-9780.

At Total Comfort Heating Air Conditioning your peace of mind is our priority. We make every effort to provide you with the most accurate solutions in Fredericksburg, VA while ensuring that you receive the best customer service possible. It is our commitment to customer service that has helped us earn an Angie’s List Super Service Award and an A+ rating with the BBB. Join your neighbors who have put their trust in us since 2002 and give us a call today for total home comfort!

100% Satisfaction

The job is not done until you are happy with the results. Our Lifetime Workmanship Warranty means you can trust in the long-term quality of our services!

Live Answer 24/7

We’re available around the clock for your convenience. You will always be greeted by live help when you call and an expert dispatched to your door ASAP.

NATE Certified Technicians

The NATE certification is a voluntary industry exam completed by HVAC professionals going the extra mile. Our techs are true experts in their field!

Full Range of HVAC Services

Make us your one-stop resource for complete heating and air conditioning solutions from repair and installation to maintenance. We are authorized dealers of Trane, Mitsubishi Electric, York, and Carrier products. We have been recognized with the Training Leader Award from Trane for completing the most training hours. Free on-site estimates are available on replacement services.

AC Installation

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Webinar: How to Recruit and Hire Your Best Team

Do you know the tell tale signs of a rockstar employee? Can you tell which candidates can make lasting results in your company? What are the key factors that differentiate the duds from the studs? Are you creating partners or employees? Join our webinar “How to Recruit and Hire Your Best Team” for business owners to learn the 9 steps in the recruiting and hiring process that can completely change your business. keep reading

Webinar: How to Use Field Service Software for HVAC

Do you ever wish there was a way to diagnose a system and present options without paperwork? Or maybe you want to track your technicians and sales in real time? How awesome would it be to accept a credit card by taking a picture using your phone? Luckily there’s an app for that! Join our webinar “How to Use Field Service Software for HVAC Professionals” to learn how you can save time and make more money in your business today. keep reading

Webinar: Pure Motive Pricing with Rick Picard

Join our webinar with Rick Picard on “Pure Motive Pricing” to get a taste of what you will learn as part our exclusive ContractorSelling.com Super Meeting at Contractor Leadership Live on September 12th in Cleveland, Ohio. This 1-hour session with Rick Picard, the $7 Million Dollar HVAC Salesman and Joe Crisara will go over what pure motive pricing is, the process of how to implement the strategy and how to scale growth. keep reading

Webinar: 5 Day Telephone Training System: Day 3 – CSR Superstar

In our third installment of the 5-Day Telephone Training System – CSR Superstar, we will go over the best practices used for dispatchers when encountering delayed and rescheduled calls. This webinar will teach you how to read and practice scripts, input data for invoices, practice putting customers on hold, handle multiple phone lines, how to transfer calls. keep reading

It’s not hard to find contractors who think they are losing jobs because their competitors have a lower price than them. How many are losing jobs because they lower their price instead of standing firm?That is a question that is much harder to answer. Especially since most people do not want to face the truth. The truth is that you will lose far more sales with a lower price or worse yet, by lowering the price you have already given than they ever will by having a higher price than your competitors. keep reading

Hour of Sales Power: Letting Your Buyer Sell You

Join our special webinar with guest Joe Lucanie of Patriot Electric to learn how your prospects can be influenced to not only sell themselves, but also sell YOU! You will discover the strategies and results of leaving your proposal behind, the best language to use when presenting, and life-changing tactics to close the deal! Tune in on Thursday, July 13th at 5:00 p.m. keep reading

HVAC Repair Colorado Springs, CO, Plumbing Service Woodland Park, CO #westside #heating #and #air


We Service All Makes and Models!

Our qualified specialists focus on providing a positive start-to-finish experience and superior value for your investment. Through exacting standards of quality in workmanship, business practices, and products, you can trust Wright Total Indoor Comfort to deliver exceptional results

Wright Total Indoor Comfort has upheld a reputation for trusted services since 1937, and we continue to stand behind our work with our 100% money-back guarantee.

No questions asked, no confusing wording, no hidden loopholes. We guarantee all of our installation services for one full year. If everyone did business the way Wright Total Indoor Comfort does business, there would be no need for Angie’s List.

“Great company. They installed our new air condition unit. We are super happy with the service and product!!

“My wife and I felt that Wright was the company to choose for a New Air Condtioner due to comfortability with the salesmans presence, how knowledgable he was and we felt that they were priced very reasonably.”

Air Conditioning Installation, Plumbing Service, Heating Service, HVAC Service HVAC Repair
Colorado Springs, CO, Woodland Park, CO, Falcon, CO

Wright Total Indoor Comfort has upheld a reputation for trusted heating and cooling services since 1937, and we continue to stand behind our work with our 100% money-back guarantee. No questions asked, no confusing wording, no hidden loopholes. We guarantee all of our installation services for one full year. If everyone did business the way Wright Total Indoor Comfort does business, there would be no need for Angie’s List.

Expert Plumbing HVAC Service in Colorado Springs

Contact Wright Total Indoor Comfort at 719-694-3653 for plumbing, water heaters, furnaces, air conditioners, ductless HVAC units, and air quality equipment installation, maintenance, and repair across Colorado Springs, Falcon and Woodland Park, CO. Your call is always answered by a uniformed, highly-trained, and dedicated professional, who is fully qualified and prepared for the job at hand. With prompt arrival, quick turnaround, meticulous attention to detail, and conscientious cleanup, we earn your complete satisfaction.

Call today for all your heating and air conditioning repair, maintenance, and installation needs!

Have confidence in Wright Total Indoor Comfort. We achieve your goals for safe, efficient, and sustainable operation from your essential HVAC and plumbing equipment. Our team of specialists recommend only proven products and implement targeted strategies to improve convenience, comfort, and usability throughout your home. We do not disappoint, but work tirelessly to consistently exceed expectations.

| HVAC Company Plumber in Colorado Springs, Falcon and Woodland Park, CO

The Trusted Source for Heating, Air Conditioning Plumbing Service in Colorado Springs

Wright Total Indoor Comfort provides expert home comfort solutions. We re a full-service HVAC and plumbing company with a team of qualified technicians. We service, repair and install furnaces, hot water heaters, air conditioners, ductless mini split systems and more! Contact us for professional heating, cooling and plumbing services in Colorado Springs, CO.

Colorado Springs HVAC Service, Repair Installation
Colorado Springs, Falcon and Woodland Park, CO

Wright Total Indoor Comfort is an Authorized Dealer of Bryant Heating Cooling products. We carry the latest heating and air conditioning systems known for excellent energy efficiency, precise climate control, and WiFi accessibility. Our HVAC technicians stay current on continued education, product knowledge, and industry trends to provide accurate service and recommendations. Whether you need a repair, yearly maintenance or a replacement unit, we re committed to your total satisfaction. Contact us for heating and air conditioning in Colorado Springs, Falcon and Woodland Park, CO.

Plumbing Service in Colorado Springs, Falcon and Woodland Park, CO

In addition to being heating and A/C specialists, our team also includes fully licensed and certified plumbers. Call 719-694-3653 for plumbing installation and repairs in Colorado Springs. We offer a range of leading-edge products, including hot water heaters, and professional services. Contact our expert team of plumbers today!

Plumber Colorado Springs | Heating Service Colorado Springs | Air Conditioning Installation Colorado Springs | Air Conditioning Company Colorado Springs | HVAC Repair Colorado Springs

HVAC in Colorado Springs, Falcon and Woodland Park, CO

A/C Service HVAC Service Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning Repair – Service Atlanta GA #central #heating #and #air #atlanta


Air Conditioning Repair ServiceAtlanta, GA

When the summer heat and humidity interrupts your good night sleep and turns your home into an oven, it s time to call Estes Services. When you re tired of the noise and spotty cooling of cumbersome fans, call Estes Services. Our trained and certified comfort specialists have the expertise and knowledge to guide you into total home cooling. Whether you re in the market for new installation, repairs or maintenance, Estes Services does it all. We work within your schedule, budget and specifications to create an indoor oasis from the stifling Atlanta heat.

You deserve a cool place to relax after a hard day s work. If you ve ever considered installing an HVAC system, there s never been a better time. Low prices and high efficiency make single room air conditioners, as well as Central A/C, more affordable than ever. With improvements in fan-blade shape and compressor technology, most units make one-twentieth the noise of old units. Twenty years ago, an average HVAC system utilized 6,000 watts of electricity per hour to cool the average home. Today, that same home can be kept cool with as little as 1,710 watts per hour. Modern technology has also introduced many innovative features, such as programmable thermostats, allowing you control of your home s temperature even when you re away from home.

New A/C Installation

Estes Services is proud to install Carrier products, providing our customers the most reliable, quietest systems available. Built for total comfort, the Carrier Infinity Series central air conditioners offer SEER ratings of up to 21, and continue to rank among the world s best. As a certified Temperature Tough Carrier HVAC Dealer, our technicians are fully trained in installation. We respect your busy lifestyle and your home, and strive to complete all jobs with as little intrusion as possible.

A/C Repair

Our HVAC specialists are here to serve all your home comfort needs. We service and repair all makes models. When you call us, count on prompt reliable action. We understand breakdowns tend to happen at the worst of times. Estes Services won t leave you waiting for Monday, sweating the summer heat over the weekend. Call 404-647-4068 for dependable and personal service, and we ll get you back to cool comfort in no time.

A/C Service

The best way to avoid inconvenient repairs is through annual service. Estes Services will gladly tailor a maintenance plan to meet your specifications. Our certified technicians will analyze your air conditioning system, calibrate controls, and pinpoint worn or broken parts. By scheduling a regular visit from Estes Services, you ll maximize your system s performance, increase efficiency, eliminate most repair needs, lengthen the lifespan of your unit and lower utility bills. Don t procrastinate. The advantages of setting up yearly tune-ups far outweigh any cost or inconvenience.

Contact Us Today!

Whether you re looking to install, repair or service a room air conditioner or central air, Estes Services is the ideal choice. We rate customer satisfaction as a top priority and work to build relationships in the Atlanta area by exceeding expectations. Call Estes Services for all your heating and cooling needs.

Air Conditioning Repair Service in Atlanta, Decatur, Marietta, Dunwoody, Fayetteville Alpharetta GA.

Rated 4.9/5 by 1104 reviewers

HVAC Contractors – AC Repair – Comfort Air – Orange County #orange #county #ac #repair, #hvac #contractor #orange #county, #air #conditioning #repair, #home #automation #service, #honeywell #system #service


AC Repair Contractors Serving Orange County

For 18 years, Comfort Air has built a reputation for reliable same-day HVAC service within the Orange County area. We take our jobs very seriously, which is why we make sure to hire only the finest factory-trained AC technicians. Rest assured that we will fix any cooling and AC service issues you re having in an efficient manner. Your satisfaction is important to us.

Call (949) 284-6131 for a Free Estimate Today!

Our Services Include

  • New AC Heating Installations
  • New Construction HVAC
  • Replacement of AC and Heating Units
  • Air Conditioning and Heating Repair
  • Precision Tune Ups
  • HVAC Maintenance
  • Air Duct Replacement
  • Air Conditioning Heating Repair
  • All Major Brands Repaired Serviced

With our extended warranties and AC maintenance procedures, we are always looking for ways to benefit you. Don t suffer through the hot SoCal summer. Let us make your home comfortable all year around.

AC Service Repair Technicians Serving Orange County

Our Service Areas: Irvine, Mission Viejo, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Tustin, Laguna Hills, Yorba Linda, Placentia, Orange, Santa Ana, Lake Forest, Rancho Santa Margarita, and Foothill Ranch.

At Comfort Air. we provide full-service repair, maintenance, and installation for all HVAC systems. from Central ACs to furnaces. When we design our heating and cooling systems. our one goal is to prioritize indoor air quality. All of our products are made to be quiet, so that they don t disturb you. By eliminating bad air pollution, we hope to do our part to improve your life.

Our Services

  • Heating AC System Repair
  • Ductwork Fabrication and Installation
  • Precision Tune Ups
  • HVAC Remodel Work
  • Electronic Air Cleaner/Humidifier
  • Furnace and HVAC Repair
  • Whole House Efficiency Evaluation
  • Air Filtration
  • Noise Reduction
  • HVAC Maintenance

Call Us at (949) 284-6131 to Schedule an Appointment

Home Automation Solutions

Comfort Air is a trusted home automation company serving Irvine, California, and surrounding communities. We offer installation of home automation thermostats. so you can have remote control of your home s heating and cooling systems.

Home Automation Services

  • Home Automation Consultation
  • Home Automation Installation
  • Home Automation for HVAC

Nest Home Automation

At Comfort Air, we offer installation and service of Nest Home Automation systems. You can make your home a smart home with one of the most respected home automation brands in the industry. Check with us first to see if Next is the right brand for you.

If you re interested in automating your home s HVAC system, call (949) 284-6131 today!

Honeywell Heating Cooling Specialists

At Comfort Air. we offer reliable maintenance, repair, and installation of Honeywell systems. We have been the go-to HVAC Technician in Orange County to service Honeywell HVAC equipment.

We Service Repair Honeywell Systems

  • Honeywell Lyric Thermostats
  • Honeywell Heating Systems
  • Honeywell Air Conditioners
  • Honeywell AC Installation
  • Honeywell Heating Installation
  • Honeywell Thermostat Installation

Honeywell Lyric Thermostat

The Honeywell Lyric Thermostat is highly regarded in the home automation industry. With Honeywell Lyric, you can control your home s indoor air remotely with your tablet or smartphone. One call to Comfort Air and you can have your home quickly and expertly wired. Take the first step in making your home smarter. Call for a free consultation and see if the Honeywell Lyric is right for you!

Whether you re upgrading to a new Honeywell system or you need someone to repair your current Honeywell equipment, look no further than Comfort Air. Call (949) 284-6131 for a consultation.

Contact us either by calling (949) 284-6131 or by filling out and submitting the online form below. We will get back to you at our earliest convenience. Thank you!

Jacksonville, Florida #jacksonville,florida,air #conditioning,heating,ac,coils,cleaning,hvac,systems,repair,service,maintenance,contractors



Jacksonville Air Conditioning and Heating: Service, Repair, and Equipment Contractors

This local page provides resources and information about A/C and heating service, repair, maintenance, and installers in Jacksonville, Florida. This information includes featured HVAC contractors plus a link to our free and handy printable grid to compare price quotes. On this page you will also find sources of energy efficiency and equipment rebates, the ratio of hours of cooling and heating needed each year and much more.

About HVAC contractors

The contractor you choose will make a big impact on your satisfaction and purchase of a new air conditioning and heating system. Why? They determine the size and type of equipment for your situation and they control the quality of the installation. If you have not yet seen them, in the top navigation menu on this page you will find quick tips and expanded topics on two essential topics: how to select the right HVAC contractor and how to buy a new heating and cooling system.

Most air conditioning and heating contractors stock and install a limited number of equipment brands. Some independent contractors will order and install any brand of new equipment you prefer to buy. Most of these service companies will perform repair and maintenance on all brands of central heaters, furnaces and air conditioners.

In addition to heating and cooling for indoor comfort and energy savings, many HVAC companies perform air quality work such as air filters, dehumidifiers and humidifiers, ventilation and prevention of toxic carbon monoxide gas from your furnace. However, not all of these perform energy efficiency improvements to houses or buildings. If the service company you select does not perform conservation improvements on homes or buildings, they should be able to recommend another Jacksonville company who does.

How to compare air conditioning and heating equipment price quotes

Air conditioning and heating systems are made of components or units, and these can be interchanged to yield many possible combinations of performance and efficiency. Additionally, based on the particular situation in your home or building, these components must be chosen and installed to accommodate them. For these reasons, comparing proposals, features, and prices can be more than confusing.

To help you sort through your options, use our free and printer-friendly cost comparison organizer found in the navigation on the top of this page. If you get multiple price quotes, it will save you a lot of time and headaches. This grid allows you to compare the essential features from contractor bids including: main components; equipment efficiency in SEER and AFUE; manufacturer’s and installer’s warranties; and equipment brand.

How the Jacksonville climate and resources affect your HVAC needs and decisions

On the heating and cooling map of the U.S. with 5 zones, the Jacksonville area lies in cooling zone 4 and heating zone 5. These require approximately 1986 cooling hours and 1263 heating degree-days per year. As a general and relative guide, the average Jacksonville home would need 1.6 times more air conditioning than heating over a calendar year. Proximity to the ocean, lakes or other topographical or climatic influences can cause microclimates, so be sure to rely on actual measurements and calculations from your heating and air conditioning contractor.

The humid subtropical climate on the east coast of Florida brings Jacksonville mild winters and hot summers average 91 degrees F. with high humidity. The region also has many days throughout the year in which home heating and cooling may not be necessary. However, on these same days, a dehumidifier, whole house air filter or fresh air ventilation could make a huge difference in your indoor comfort and well being.

Pollen, allergies and air filters in Jacksonville

In Jacksonville air filters are a necessity to many residents. Certain northeast coastal Florida plants influence what type of air filter you and your A/C system need. Some common examples include the oak, juniper, and bayberry trees; ragweed in the fall; and flowers in the spring. For updates on the types and levels of pollen, visit the daily pollen count and allergy forecast for the area.

Local utility and conservation providers

For the Jacksonville area, the DSIRE database for Florida lists resources for energy efficiency rebates and incentives. In many cases, your A/C and heating contractor can coordinate all available energy conservation and rebate programs, from federal tax credits to local rebates and incentives.

The availability of primary fuels such as natural gas help determine which heating equipment will give you the best combination of comfort and lower utility bills. Since natural gas is generally available in Jacksonville neighborhoods, many homes and buildings have gas central furnaces rather than heat pumps. If natural gas prices climb faster than electricity rates, this trend might change. In situations where a heat pump makes the best choice, some of the factors that affect air source heat pumps include the average daily temperature, fluctuations in temperature, and humidity.

How a whole house approach includes the envelope in the load calculation

If you plan to get price quotes to buy a new A/C and heating system, look for contractors who will insert the heating and cooling demands of the NE Florida coastal climate along with the size and condition of your home or building envelope into a the critical load calculation. For many reasons, you should avoid rule of thumb load calculation based only on square footage or using the same size system as the old one without verification. This calculation requires considerable expertise or software and interpretation.

Resources for HVAC technical or vocational training in the Jacksonville area

If you are interested in learning more about the technical aspects of air conditioning and heating in the Jacksonville area, such as schools or courses to get a Florida HVAC license, here are some local or regional links:

Florida Chapter of ACCA: State chapter of the Air Conditioning Contractors Association of America.

ASHRAE Jacksonville Chapter: Local chapter of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers.

Disclaimer: This website contains information that we have carefully researched to be unbiased and useful to heating and air conditioning consumers. To allow more room for content on this page, we accept listings from only a small number advertisers shown in the table above or in the linked sites. Although we believe these contractors are reputable, we cannot be responsible for their work in any way. Having stated that, we encourage you to send us feedback on the content of this website and your experiences with all resources listed on it.

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Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Baltimore, MD – BGE HOME #heating #and #air #conditioning #maryland


Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Maryland

BGE HOME technicians are thoroughly trained and certified to work on all major brands of heating and air conditioning equipment. When your system breaks down and needs a heating and air conditioning repair, you want to call someone you can trust. Our knowledgeable technicians are available 24 hours a day for emergency service.

No one wants to be stuck in the dead of summer with a broken air conditioner, or in the cold of winter with a broken furnace or boiler. That’s why we re available any time of day to make your emergency heating and air conditioning repair and get your system up and running as quickly as possible. We’ll show up on time, in uniform and ready to make the repair right the first time.

An improperly maintained heating and air conditioning is an inefficient heating and air conditioning system. That s why we provide appointments for annual inspections with our licensed technicians. It s our goal to make sure that your home is as comfortable and energy-efficient as possible. For inspections, repairs, and service, contact BGE HOME for quality service.

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Experience

Our goal is to make you more comfortable in your home. When your furnace, central air conditioner, heat pump or boiler stops working and you need service, call the professionals at BGE HOME. Heating and cooling system breakdowns occur at the most inconvenient times, so rely on our certified, skilled technicians to make the repair quickly and correctly the first time.

For service on your heating and air conditioning system equipment, call our Customer Care Representatives at 1-888-BGE-HOME (888-243-4663) or schedule service online .

On Time. In Uniform. There When You Need Us.

At BGE HOME, our customers trust our courteous and knowledgeable technicians to repair the most sophisticated heating and air conditioning system breakdowns. Every BGE HOME technician is licensed in their trade and adheres to a stringent in-house certification program that guarantees their knowledge, affirms their commitment to the customer, and ensures excellence in completing every heating and air conditioning repair with the highest level of quality.

  • 24 hour, 7 Day Emergency Service Available
  • Fast, Reliable Repairs
  • Hundreds of Professional, Certified Technicians, Electricians and Plumbers
  • Service on All Major Brands, Regardless of Place of Purchase
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Our commitment to you is complete satisfaction through incomparable personal service before, during and long after the repair.

BGE HOME Repairs All Major Brands of Heating Air Conditioning Equipment

Our team of technicians is skilled in repairing the most sophisticated high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment. We repair air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps and boilers.

Central Air Conditioning Repairs: We provide fast, professional central air conditioning repairs to quickly get your system up and running, and restore comfort to your home. Learn more about our central air conditioning repair services.

Furnace Repairs: Our skilled technicians provide 24/7 emergency furnace repairs so your family stays warm all winter long. Learn more about our furnace repair services.

Heat Pump Repairs: Your heat pump keeps your family warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Trust our team to repair your heat pump all year round, and 24-hours a day. Learn more about our heat pump repair services.

Boiler Repairs: Turn to BGE HOME when you need a boiler repair. Our team is certified to work on all major brands, from older units to high-efficiency systems. Learn more about our boiler repair services.

Repair or Replacement?

Admiral heating and cooling #rochester #nh #hvac #contractor, #furnace #air #conditioning #sales #repair #rochester #nh, #commercial #refrigeration #systems #nh


When you lose your heat during a raging Nor’easter…
Or you’re A/C dies in the middle of a blistering heat wave…

Will you be able to find a reputable N.H. HVAC contractor
who can fix your heating or cooling system FAST?

Prompt • Affordable • Professional • Friendly
Residential Commercial Heating Cooling Equipment
Installation • 24/7 Emergency Service • ALL Brands and Models

Admiral Climate Control in Rochester, NH will save the day. Our friendly, knowledgeable HVAC technicians have 70+ years of combined experience, and will quickly and accurately diagnose and fix your furnace, boiler, air conditioning, or refrigeration system – no matter what brand you have.

  • If your furnace stopped working on a Saturday night during a Nor’easter…
  • Sweating profusely in a 98 degree heat wave because your air conditioning went on the fritz…

Oh no! What should you do?

First… take a deep breath…

Our heating and cooling specialists will keep you comfortable all year ‘round

If you’re uncomfortable in your home or business because it’s too darn hot or cold, call Admiral Climate Control at 603-330-3014!

You’ll get a reputable, experienced HVAC contractor with 5 factory-certified technicians, all experts at fixing heating and cooling problems just like yours, quickly, affordably, and professionally.

And it doesn’t matter if it’s for your home or business… Your heating system or A/C repair or new installation will be done right… the first time… on time

PLUS you’ll get our One-Year Satisfaction Guarantee on all installations.

“Your installations are done right, and your crew is very professional. I and my customers are very pleased with your service.”
Ron Richard, D.F. Richard Energy, Dover NH – www.dfrichard.com

This air conditioner works great!

Click the link that describes your
NH or ME heating or cooling needs…

  • You’re freezing, and want to get toasty warm with a reliable heating system or repair
  • You’re stifling hot… but so is the cooling system that’s supposed to blow refreshing cold air, but stopped working
  • You’re interested in other heating and cooling services. such as radiant heat or commercial refrigeration

We fix and sell ALL brands models of
furnaces, boilers A/C equipment

Our certified, licensed, and factory-trained technicians can install and repair ALL brands of heating and refrigeration equipment in your New Hampshire or southern Maine home or business…

Get prompt, affordable, experienced furnace repairs by our certified techs.

  • Furnaces and boilers, repair or installation
  • Cleaning yearly furnace boiler tune-ups
  • Air conditioning
  • Air filtration systems
  • Ductwork modifications
  • Duct cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing
  • Hot water heaters
  • Radiant heat, new or retrofits
  • Steam or forced hot air systems
  • Natural gas, propane, or oil-fired equipment
  • And more!

We install and service heating and cooling equipment in Southern New Hampshire and Southern Maine towns and cities like Portsmouth, Dover, Rochester, Wolfeboro, Kittery, and York. Give us a call, we’ll be glad to discuss your needs. We hope to earn your business!

Get your heat or A/C fixed in a jiffy by calling 603-330-3014

Just a Few of Our Manufacturers

What should I do when my air conditioner is low on freon? #air #conditioning #repair #modesto


FAQ What Should I Do When The Freon is Low in my Air Conditioner?

By: Brian Schutt | March 25, 2014

As we eventually get into spring and summer, and air conditioners across Indiana again get fired up we will get hundreds of phone calls from customers whose A/C s won t keep up. A very common diagnosis for air conditioners that can t keep up is low refrigeration. Before you give the go-ahead to your HVAC professional to charge the system, which is the term used to refill to the appropriate level, there are a few things you need to know.

1) Know what kind of refrigerant your air conditioner or heat pump uses and how low it is. R22 which is commonly known as freon was the most prominent refrigerant in use until a few years ago when the EPA mandated production be stopped. In it s place R410a (Puron) refrigerant has taken over as the primary refrigeration used. Once you know the type, the HVAC professional should be able to give at least a range of estimate on how the system is on refrigerant.

2) Why is my refrigerant low? Air conditioners and heat pumps are closed loops systems. Unlike gas in your car, refrigeration doesn t just disappear over time. If your system is low causing a lack of cooling, there is likely a leak in the system.

3) To leak test or not? Knowing that your system has a leak, there are two ways to go about repairing. If you ve never had the refrigerant recharged on your system, you can do so without a leak test. Depending on the age and condition of your air conditioning, your system might have a slow leak which may be able to hold the new refrigerant. However, if you ve already had refrigerant added in the past or are concerned that the leak is more significant, a leak test is required before adding any additional refrigerant.

4) What kind of leak test will be done? Everyone has their opinion on which leak test is the best, but many times the technician on site will offer up an opinion on which he thinks will identify your issue in the most cost effective way. There are devices that detect refrigerant that is out of the system, that a technician can run along joints and coils of the A/C system. We can evacuation the system and put it under high pressure nitrogen test, where the joints, coils and other problem areas are coated in soap bubbles to detect air leakage. There are additional tests outlined by the EPA here, which meet their high standards. The bottom line is that your HVAC professional should detail the type of test and cost before proceeding.

5) Where s the leak and how much is the repair? Depending on what the leak test shows there are really two distinct directions. It is likely an easy fix in a visible joint or valve that can quickly be repaired, or it s something more significant in the evaporator or condenser coil. The former because of the limited expense is an easy go-ahead if it s an R410a system. If you are dealing with a coil and an R22 system, you should probably discuss replacement of the full system because of the significant expense of both the equipment and refrigerant.

About Brian Schutt

Brian Schutt is the co-owner of Homesense Heating | Cooling. Born and raised in Indianapolis, he loves the city and its people, and is committed to bringing a servants mindset into the heating and cooling industry. One of the ways he does that is to translate the technical language of HVAC into the manageable and understandable for homeowners.

Direct Heating – Cooling #air #conditioning #cape #coral


Air Conditioning and Heating in Cape Coral, FL

From routine AC repairs and air conditioner maintenance to expert HVAC equipment installation and replacement, Direct Heating and Cooling is prepared to meet all of your heating and cooling needs. Give us a call at 239-567-9661 to discuss your air handlers, heater, air conditioning and other comfort concerns. We are located in Port Charlotte, Cape Coral, Naples and surrounding Southwest Florida Service Areas. Air conditioning is our business, and we take it seriously. With pride, honesty and commitment, we want to ensure your AC system works perfectly.

Air Conditioning

An air conditioning unit you can count on makes all the difference in your comfort on those hot days. Your air conditioner will not only keep you cool, but create an indoor climate that promotes good health. Direct Heating and Cooling provides comprehensive services for all air conditioning systems, from installation of new units to maintenance and repair service for your existing AC system. Click here for more information.

Duct Cleaning

The dust and debris lurking in your duct system can create dirty indoor spaces and pollute the air you breathe. Direct Heating and Cooling performs duct cleaning to eliminate these issues. Cleaning your ducts is a step in the right direction towards improving your indoor air quality. Click here for more information.

Air Quality

The quality of air you breathe inside your home makes a big difference to your comfort level as well as your health. Direct Heating and Cooling offers a number of products and services which are designed to fill your home with cleaner, quality air. We will assist you in diagnosing the air quality issues affecting your home and determining which solutions will work best for you. Click here for more information.


Stay warm on the coldest of days with a reliable heating syste
m. We provide quality installation for new furnaces and heating systems, designed to help your new unit perform at its best. We also offer maintenance services which keep your system in shape, and in the event you experience trouble with your heating system, you can count on Direct Heating and Cooling for skilled repairs. Click here for more information.


MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Products – Air Conditioning Systems #mitsubishi #electric, #products, #room #air #conditioners, #package #air #conditioners, #mr #slim, #variable #refrigerant #flow, #vrf, #city #multi, #ventilators, #lossnay, #air #curtains, #compressors



Mitsubishi Electric is a world leader in air conditioning systems for residential, commercial and industrial use. Challenged to create air conditioning systems that provide exemplary performance in the wide-ranging climatic conditions found throughout Japan, our engineers develop amazingly sophisticated yet durable units and systems capable of constant use under virtually any natural climatic condition on earth. Each product is an amazing feat in its own, delivering years of quiet operation, energy-efficient performance and minimum impact on the environment.

Select product and location to find local site or to send product inquiry.

Product List

Air Conditioning Systems

Room Air Conditioners

A wide variety of indoor unit designs and outdoor unit capacities ensures the flexibility to meet the most challenging of air conditioning needs. From aesthetic wall-mounted and floor-standing designs to ceiling-recessed cassettes, abundant options are available to match virtually any interior design. Many systems are equipped with the l-see sensor , an original Mitsubishi Electric technology that realizes better air conditioning control. This is combined with other industry-leading energy-saving and silencing technologies to produce air conditioners that provide optimum performance and room comfort wherever they are installed.

Package Air Conditioners Mr Slim

The Mr. Slim Series of small- to medium-sized split-type room air conditioners offers the convenience of being compact yet powerful; a combination ensuring excellent performance and easy installation. Available in a variety of capacity and design combinations, the Series is ideal for creating a best match system for your air conditioning requirements. Inverter-based units promise industry-leading quiet operation and a high coefficient of performance (COP).

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems City Multi

Mitsubishi Electric’s VRF air conditioning systems offer the luxury of distributed airflow and the independent control of indoor units. Installation flexibility and a wide selection of indoor unit designs and outdoor unit capacities ensure best match solutions for air conditioning needs, even for the most diversified requirements. Consideration for the environment during development has led to the manufacture of powerful, compact units that consume minimal energy, have a high coefficient of performance (COP) and contribute to maximum room comfort.

Ventilators Lossnay

The unique Lossnay heat-exchange technologies developed by Mitsubishi Electric help refresh a room’s air while leaving temperature and humidity largely unchanged. The Lossnay core is comprised of a diaphragm constructed of specially processed paper configured into a cross-flow, plate-fin structure. The advanced heat-transfer and moisture permeability properties of the paper help maximize the recovery of heat as air is circulated through the element. The result is substantial energy savings and a more comfortable indoor environment. Lossnay ventilators can be used alone or in combination with other air conditioning/ventilation systems.

Air Curtains

To meet the needs of open-front stores and shops in shopping malls, building complexes and street-level businesses, Mitsubishi Electric developed a line-up of high-performance air curtains. These systems create a wall of air that protects the interior space from climatic temperature swings, polluted air, etc. Both quiet and powerful, our systems are an energy-efficient solution for providing enjoyable indoor environments that are clean and comfortable.


Mitsubishi Electric manufactures a line-up of powerful rotary compressors designed to suit a variety of applications and operate smoothly even in harsh environments. Our advanced scroll compressors utilize a Frame Compliance Mechanism (FCM), a state-of-the-art technology that maximizes energy usage and reduces friction, thereby ensuring less vibration, higher durability and low-noise operation. Offering superlative performance and long service life, these compressors are suitable for a wide range of uses including air conditioning and heating systems.

Air conditioner repair san diego #air #conditioner #repair #san #diego


Air Conditioner Repair, Air Conditioning Installation Heating Service Medina, OH, Wadsworth, OH Fairlawn, OH

Serving Massillon, North Canton, Wadsworth the surrounding areas since 1985, Quality Heating Cooling is a locally-owned, family operated business dedicated to providing trustworthy and affordable services to our friends and neighbors. Through superior customer service and greater return from your investment, we earn your recommendation and build lasting relationships. Whether you are in need of new installation, retrofit, regular maintenance, or prompt repair of heating, cooling, air quality, or water heating systems, have complete confidence in Quality Heating Cooling.

HVAC Services in Massillon, North Canton, Wadsworth the surrounding areas

The team from Quality Heating Cooling is experienced, NATE-certified, and consistently updated in evolving technology, techniques, and products. Through accurate diagnosis and by catering to your specific goals, we don’t sell you something you don’t need or advise unnecessary repairs or replacement of equipment. Participating in internal training programs and adhering to strict installation and service procedures, we target energy efficient, reliable, and sustainable operation from your essential systems.

Give our team a call for all your heating A/C repairs, maintenance installations!

We chose our name carefully, and live up to it in every job we complete. From proven products and materials, to every aspect of service, Quality Heating Cooling is committed to your satisfaction. Convenient scheduling, punctual arrival, affordable pricing, friendly technicians, tidy job sites, and quick turnaround are a few of the ways we ensure a rewarding experience. Know that we consider our customers our neighbors and friends, and treat you as part of the family. Quality Heating Cooling is standing by and ready to ensure expert service throughout Wadsworth, Medina, Fairlawn, Canal Fulton, Montrose-Ghent, Massillon, North Canton, Canton, Uniontown, Green, Hartville Louisville, OH.

Download Our App:

“We had a great experience. Our old furnace was on its last legs. So we called them to see if they could help us out. They sent out Rick Whitaker. He is very knowledgeable and helped us select a replacement. There was never any pressure. He compare several furnace models and provided us with the information to make an informed decision. The installers came on time. They completed the work ahead of schedule. They did all of that even though the weather was not the best. It had been snowing that day. I would highly recommend them. Rick made sure we we were happy with the work. The prices were fair and honest. They didn’t try to sell us something we didn’t need.”

Wadsworth, OH

AC Repair Service Duncanville TX #quigley #heating #and #air


Your first choice in air conditioning and heating repair, remember
“Coomes For Comfort”

Sure, Calling Coomes Air Can Make Your Home More Comfortable

Ahhhhh, comfort. The temperature you want, when you want it, in every room of your home at the same time. It’s not too much to ask. We can and do provide it. And we can save money for you every month. Chances are that comfort problems are a symptom of other problems. energy problems that are costing you money every month. Don’t put up with an uncomfortable home and high utilities.Call Coomes Air Conditioning Heating today.

. And, Working with Coomes Air Will Also Make Your Home Healthier

Smell that? Feel it? It’s clean, fresh air inside your home. It’s a better night’s sleep. It’s fewer winter colds and summer allergy attacks. It comes from air that’s filtered, washed. It comes from air with just the right amount of humidity. It comes from superior quality, well-designed filtration and humidification equipment, and dehumidification from properly sized air conditioning equipment. We can improve the air quality of your home. Call Coomes Air Conditioning Heating today.

. But, Using Coomes Air Will Always Bring a Smile to Your Face!

Remember the way service used to be? Remember when a company did what it promised? Remember when service people gave service? They still do at Coomes Air Conditioning Heating. Our technicians are polite, clean, and well groomed. Our technicians will show up when promised and clean up before they leave. They will take the time to explain things to you and offer you options. And, they will do the job right, the first time, every time. Call Coomes Air Conditioning Heating today.

See What Your Neighbors Are Saying About Us

Houston Home Inspection, Professional Inspector Greg Genser #professional #real #estate #inspection, #inspector, #new, #resale, #home, #house, #condominium, #town #home, #vacation, #commercial #building, #maintenance, #warranty, #construction #phase, #construction #draw #certification, #foundation, #roof, #structure, #structural, #stucco, #electrical, #heating, #air #conditioning, #plumbing, #swimming #pool, #houston, #cypress, #houston #heights, #rice #military, #museum #district, #west #university, #galleria, #bellaire, #downtown, #midtown, #greenway #plaza, #river #oaks, #montrose, #garden #oaks, #memorial, #spring #branch, #oak #forest, #timbergrove, #briar #forest, #tomball, #spring, #spring #branch, #the #woodlands, #kingwood, #humble, #conroe, #lake #conroe, #champion #forest, #sugar #land, #richmond, #missouri #city, #sienna #plantation, #royal #oaks, #katy, #cinco #ranch, #magnolia, #hempstead, #waller, #harris, #fort #bend, #brazoria, #montgomery, #waller, #grimes, #county, #texas


Professional Real Estate Inspection services include New Home Inspection, Resale Home Inspection, Room Addition/Remodel Home Inspection, Condominium Inspection, Town Home Inspection, Vacation Home Inspection, Apartment Building Inspection, Multi-Family Building Inspection, Commercial Building Inspection, Home Maintenance Inspection, 1 Year Home Warranty Inspection, Home Construction Phase Inspection and Construction Draw Certification Inspection.

All Professional Inspections thoroughly performed by Greg Genser . with Experience Professionalism you can depend on since 1991.

Introductory Video by Greg Genser

• Detailed Thorough Home InspectionReports emailed same day

•General Liability, Errors Omissions Insurance Coverage for your protection

•Supra Key for electronic lockbox for Scheduling Convenience

•Credit Cards accepted through PayPal (CC payment required prior to inspection)

Thank you for considering Cypress Inspections for your professional real estate inspection needs, as it would be my honor and privilege to work for you. My commitment to you is to perform the most detailed and thorough inspection and written report that I can provide, and deliver that information to you in a clear manner so you can make an educated and informed decision. If you do not hire Cypress Inspections. please do your due diligence and hire the most experienced, knowledgable professional inspector you interview that meets your specific inspection needs. All Texas licensed home inspectors are required to perform a minimum level of service as stated in the Standards of Practice 535.227-535.233 by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC), which I exceed. However, all inspectors and inspection companies may not provide you with this minimum level of service required by law. Please perform a thorough interview of each company you are considering. For reviews-testimonials from actual customers, please click the Angie’s List icon below.

Serving areas including Houston, Cypress, Houston Heights, Rice Military,Museum District, West University, Galleria, Bellaire, Downtown, Midtown, Greenway Plaza, River Oaks, Montrose, Garden Oaks, Memorial, Spring Branch, Oak Forest, Timbergrove, Briar Forest, Tomball, Spring, Jersey Village, Spring Branch, The Woodlands, Kingwood, Humble, Conroe, Lake Conroe, Champion Forest, Sugar Land, Richmond, Missouri City, Sienna Plantation, Royal Oaks, Katy, Cinco Ranch, Magnolia, Hempstead, Waller. Surrounding areas include Harris County, Fort Bend County, Northern Brazoria County, Montgomery County and Waller County. Additional areas upon request.

HVAC Contractor in Salt Lake City, UT #heating, #cooling, #air #conditioning, #hvac, #repair, #installation, #sandy, #salt #lake #city, #ut, #utah


Salt Lake City, UT, HVAC Technician

Hartman Heating, Air and Fireplaces is here to help you obtain your perfect comfort. As an HVAC contractor. we provide many services and are known throughout the Salt Lake City, UT. area for being prompt, reliable, and cost effective. Call us today at 801-505-9475 to receive a free quote for your upcoming project.

We can install, replace, or maintain any heating or air conditioning products. Our specialties include fire places, stoves, and outdoor fire pits. We work with all the best brands and suppliers so that you can have a wide selection of heating and air conditioning equipment to choose from. We know we have something you’ll like, so visit our massive new showroom today!

Hiring our certified HVAC technician in Salt Lake City, UT, means hiring a HVAC contractor who can repair and maintain any heating or cooling system around. Carrier, Trane, and Honey well are all part of our expansive list of brands that we specialize in. Each HVAC technician we employ is both friendly and adaptable, so we can almost certainly be of assistance.

We have served tens of thousands of customers throughout the past 30 years we’ve been in business, and we hope that you’ll become one of these success stories. Your satisfaction is our focus, so if there are any questions or concerns you have, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Browse through the rest of our site, and when you’re ready, contact us to discuss how a Hartman Heating, Air and Fireplaces HVAC contractor can improve your home or building near Salt Lake City, UT.

I had an opportunity to use their service during this summer. After getting countless bids for an A/C installation, Hartman came onto the top of my list. It was a somewhat frustrating process searching for the right people to do home improvement works. Despite some early difficulty with the initial bidding, they quickly remedied the situation and the owner Paul Hartman even came in person to reassess the bid. They were very professional and offered multiple solutions along with pricing to our airflow problem. All of the plans were very detail and product availability was informative, we went with one of the choice with imported equipments and they were able to get that for us despite a shortage in the market. Read more

I had an opportunity to use their service during this summer. After getting countless bids for an A/C installation, Hartman came onto the top of my list. It was a somewhat frustrating process searching for the right people to do home improvement works. Despite some early difficulty with the initial bidding, they quickly remedied the situation and the owner Paul Hartman even came in person to reassess the bid. They were very professional and offered multiple solutions along with pricing to our airflow problem. All of the plans were very detail and product availability was informative, we went with one of the choice with imported equipments and they were able to get that for us despite a shortage in the market.

During the installation, there were always crew members and a supervising staff around to make sure everything goes as planned, plus a clean debris free setup to avoid any clean up hassles for us. It only took about two days to finish installations for two rooms. There was a missing part in the stock equipment, and they were able to replace and fix it within a few day. All of the installations are warranted for a year. Hartman definitely did some great work for us and we will go back to them for sure when we have HVAC problems in the future.

Bob – s Heating and Air Conditioning #denver #heating #and #air


Two-Time Medal of Excellence Recipient

We are very proud to announce that Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning was awarded the Bryant Medal of Excellence for the second year in a row! The Bryant Medal of Excellence is a prestigious recognition of the top 15 Bryant Dealers in all of the United States and Canada. These dealers are considered the best of the best in sales, professionalism, customer service and technical proficiency in the whole HVAC industry. We are so proud to say we are one of the best dealers in all of North America for 2016 & 2017, and we have our entire team of over 250 employees to thank for this great honor!

Angie s List Winners (Again)!

Bob’s Heating Air Conditioning Earns Esteemed Angie’s List Super Service Award for the third year in a row!

Bob’s Heating received the service industry’s coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award, reflecting an exemplary year of service provided to Angie’s List members in the Puget Sound area in 2016. Only about 5% of Heating A/C companies in the Puget Sound area earn a Super Service Award, which is based upon having met strict eligibility requirements including an overall A rating, good standing with Angie’s List and adherence to their operational guidelines, and a required number of outstanding, A-rated reviews.

We are so proud to have received this prestigious award – Thank you Angie’s List!

Top HVAC Contractor in Woodinville!

Porch.com has awarded Bob s Heating and Air Conditioning as a top HVAC Contractor!

Technology That Simplifies Your Life

We design simple and elegant home solutions for every budget and every need. It s never been easier or more affordable to integrate your home with custom solutions that make your life easier, more enjoyable and more secure.

Proudly offering a number of financing options to you, our customer:

No Interest, No Payments for 1 Year!
Same as Cash!

Need Low Monthly Payments?
7.99% Financing for up to 10 Years!
Monthly payments as low as $35/month!

*on approved credit

Join The Biggest And Best

Bob s Team Members receive excellent benefits, including:

Great Wages
Matching 401k Plan
Medical, Dental Vision Plan
Paid Time Off
Opportunities for Advancement

Did you know?

Dirty filters are the #1 cause of furnace failure. Don’t get stuck in the cold this winter! Change your 4” pleated filter every 90 days to ensure you maintain a healthy home and a healthy family. Better yet, take the guesswork out of it and join our Annual Filter Replacement Program! Automatically receive a new filter at your door every 90 days as a reminder to change your filter.

FREE SHIPPING on all online products!

Bob’s Heating is proud to offer our customers FREE SHIPPING on all products purchased online! Replacement filters, air purifiers, CO detectors and more!


Air Conditioning Refrigeration and Heating Technology 1 – Miami Lakes Educational Center – Technical College #miami #air #conditioning #service


Air Conditioning Refrigeration and Heating Technology 1

The primary mission of the Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning Technology program is to provide quality educational training designed to meet the current and future needs of the air conditioning heating industry.

Toward this end the following guidelines are established: assist students to choose, prepare for, enter, and be gainfully employed in the air conditioning and heating field; offer a program which emphasizes sound fundamentals while responding to the needs of this particular industry; and provide courses to meet current and specific needs of the student and this industry.

The Air Conditioning Refrigeration and Heating Technology 1 program provides students with the technical knowledge and skills needed for employment in the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration industry. Instruction includes a combination of classroom theory and practical experience. Students are encouraged to join SkillsUSA and eligible students may be nominated by their teachers to join the National Vocational-Technical Honor Society.

  • Refrigeration Fundamentals
  • Tools and Components
  • Basic Electricity, Circuitry and Wiring
  • Electric Motors
  • Room and Central Air Conditioner
  • Heating Recovery Systems and Heat Pumps
  • Employability Skills and Safety

The average length of this program is 750 hours, approximately 7-8 months, for adults if attending full-time. Actual time is dependent upon enrollment status, whether you are a full-time or part-time student, and the length of time necessary for the student to achieve competencies. This program contains several occupational completion points designed to prepare students for various entry level jobs within this occupational area.

  • Application.
    • Interview by guidance counselor.
    • Assessment in reading, math and language.
    • Must be at least 16 years old and not attending high school.
  • Fees:
    • ID $10.00
    • Application fee $15.00
    • Materials fee $100.00
    • Tuition $1920.00
    • Books $170.00
    • Miscellaneous fees
      • Coveralls $50.00
      • Eye shield $3
      • Goggles $4
      • Work boots $75.00
  • Approximate total $2347.00

This program operates on an open-entry, open-exit basis. Students may enter the program anytime during the school-year. Entrance is dependent upon space availability.

Commercial Service Technician, Domestic Service Technician, Marine Air Conditioning Service Technician, Sales-Air Conditioning, Heating, or Refrigeration Equipment.

O*NET lists the following occupations that the Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Heating Technology I program prepare students to enter:

The United States Department of Education requires the following information be disclosed for all educational programs that are Title IV eligible.

The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS ) in reporting year 09/10, under Institutional Characteristics, indicates the following average program costs:

Tuition Fees: $ 1612.50/program
Room and Board:
No on campus room or board provided
Off campus, not with family: Est. $ 10720/8 month program
Off campus, with family: Est. $6040/8 month program
Books and Supplies: $200/year
Other Cost: N/A

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Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Appliance Repair!

Looking for fast, reliable air conditioning, refrigeration sales, service, and repair and appliance repair for your Florida Home or Business? You’ll be delighted with Preston’s Air Conditioning And Appliances LLC. On top of our rapid response and satisfaction guaranteed service, enjoy $30 off any refrigeration or A/C repair and we never charge a service call fee. Don’t let unexpected repairs catch you off guard this season! Our trained specialists perform routine maintenance to make sure your Air Conditioning or refrigeration system is operating at peak efficiently! Let Preston’s Air Conditioning And Appliance LLC install a high-efficiency Air Conditioning system and drastically cut your homes heating and cooling costs call one of our air conditioning sales team member today and get your free price quote! We service all makes and models! Have Your A/C maintenance done for only $50 And for $50 diagnostic fee will come to your house and check out your system and tell you what is wrong with it and give you a price to repair it if you want it repaired will repair it for the price quoted or if you do not want it repaired all you have top pay is $50 for the diagnostic fee no service call fee and no other hidden coast. Read what our delighted customers had to say below about our customer service satisfaction guarantee

Air Conditioning

Call today only $50 dollar diagnostic fee no service call fee or hidden cost!!


walk in cooler or freezer down no problem cll us only $50 dollar diagnostic fee no overtime or service call fee!

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Ice Machine

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Refrigerator not working

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Air Conditioning Maintenance

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Our Warrenty

We give A one year warranty on parts and labor for all parts replace from repairs and 10 year parts on all new residential air conditioning system with 2 years labor!

Preston’s Air Conditioning And Appliance LLC

Oh yeah! Don’t forget about our services!

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Carrier and Lennox Furnace, Heat Pump and A/C Repairs, Service and Installation – Abbotsford / Langley.

In addition to the Lennox and Carrier product lines, we also provide service and repairs to many other gas furnace, heat pump, and air conditioner brands from other major manufacturers. Need a new hvac system? We offer free in-home estimates on new and replacement high-efficiency gas furnaces, central air conditioning systems, air source heat pumps, ductless air conditioners and ductless heat pumps.

Heating and Air Conditioning Service and Repairs

Warranty Repairs – Furnaces, Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners

At Complete Heating and Air Conditioning Services, our service and repair department is the core of our business. We are proud to be able to offer manufacturer’s Warranty Repair Services for some of the best names in the HVAC industry – Lennox. Carrier. Trane, Airco, American Standard. Honeywell. Coleman, Amana, Sears, York and many others.

No matter where you purchased your heating or cooling equipment from, or if it simply came with your home, we can provide warranty parts and service coverage if it is available under the original warranty terms. Not sure if your equipment is still covered under a warranty program? Simply call and provide us with the make, model and serial number of you furnace, air conditioner or heat pump, and we can usually verify coverage for you right over the phone.

Call us today and see why we are trusted by so many of the major HVAC manufacturers to be their authorized Warranty Service Provider.

Non-Warranty Repairs – Furnaces, Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners

We stock parts for ALL major brands of gas furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps. Even if your furnace is 40 years old, we can likely source the current parts and repair the equipment to its proper operation.

For a more complete list of brands that we cover for both warranty and non-warranty repairs, please see our Parts and Repair page.

We are extremely proud to have had members of our service department chosen by Mike Holmes’ magazine, “Holmes on Homes”, to write for the magazine’s “Ask an Expert” column.

Heating and Air Conditioning – Replacement and Installation

Remember, whether you need a new furnace or you just need furnace repairs to your current equipment, a new central air conditioner or heat pump installation, or an just an air conditioning or heat pump tune-up, we can help. For any new and replacement heating and cooling equipment installations, selecting the right HVAC company is just as important as selecting the right brand of equipment. All of our service and installation technicians are BCIT trained, Government licensed and also have additional manufacturer’s factory training to do the job right the first time.

If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we likely know who does. Just give us a call.

With dispatch centers in both Abbotsford and Langley, we are only a phone call away.

Service areas include Abbotsford, Langley, Chilliwack, Surrey, Burnaby, Maple Ridge, Coquitlam, New Westminster, Mission, North and West Vancouver.

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Tredd s Self Storage Software is intuitive, easy-to-use, and priced right at $495 with no monthly or yearly licensing fees. Check out some of our features and be sure to view some of our actual program screens.

When you purchase our software, we go the extra mile for our customers. All building graphics are drawn, billing cycle settings are entered, and your business information is entered. You simply install the software and start clicking your way to adding customers, accepting payments, charging credit cards, viewing reports, printing customer letters, and managing your self-storage business like never before.

Our Maintenance Plan includes for one year: unlimited customer support, unlimited upgrades, unlimited software licenses, unlimited customer SMS texting. and unlimited use of our online Cloud backup server.

Click here for a quick online demonstration of our software or call us toll free at 1-800-690-7956 for a no-hassle consultation about our software.

New in v7.2.2.C : New [Pay In Full] button on Receive Payment window, ability to send custom SMS text messages to customers, added Word like capabilities to customer letters, and more.

We are celebrating our�20th year�of producing quality software for the self storage industry with our latest release 7.2.2.C on 15 June 2017. Check out the What’s New to read about the 50+ new features we added in the past year including Credit Card Processing with Authorize.net and many more features requested by our customers, such as how our software can help you be Earth Friendly and Green .

Our software is 100% compatible with all latest versions of Windows including XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. We are also compatible with all latest Window server editions.

If you have any questions about our software, please contact us.

US Air Conditioning Distributors California Nevada Utah Idaho Arizona HVAC #arizona #air #conditioning


US Air Conditioning Distributors is the world’s largest privately owned HVAC distributor, with 46 locations in California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Arizona. We are a One Stop Shop for all your HVAC needs from residential to commercial to industrial including equipment, controls, parts, supplies, and sheet metal.

US Air Conditioning Distributors is your high efficiency expert, with the highest efficiency equipment available in the industry. Condensing units up to 22 SEER, furnaces up to 97.0% efficiency and rooftops with EER’s of over 11.

US Air Conditioning is one of the Greenest companies in the United States. Read More

In our business we sell more environmentally-friendly air conditioning units than any other independent distributor in the country, including a large variety of non-ozone-depleting units from ton up to 40 ton sizes, and we also can special-order large tonnage air conditioning units for very large buildings that are environmentally friendly.

In addition to encouraging the sales of environmentally friendly products, we also do everything we can to save the environment in our day-to-day operations. We produce almost all of our own electricity for our main 250,000 sq ft location in the City of Industry, California with one of the largest solar cell arrays in the U.S. At 850 KW it produces enough electricity to power over 400 homes. USACD also has natural gas fueling station and 24 clean-burning natural gas trucks, which produce only 5% of the emissions of a diesel truck of the same size. Read Case Study. US Air Conditioning also provides free fuel to its employees that drive alternate fuel cars including compressed natural gas and electric cars for employees that work in the City of Industry Location.

More about US Air Conditioning Distributors

NEW!! WiFi access for the Venstar ColorTouch thermostat. You can add WiFi capability to the Venstar color touch screen thermostat. Access your thermostat from your computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android; program, control & monitor temperatures and humidity and trouble shoot the AC equipment from your home, office or vacation home. You can even send a message from your Smartphone to your thermostat or have your thermostat send messages to you and or your dealer when it is time for service or the hvac equipment is not operating efficiently or about to fail. Dealers, contractors, school maintenance personal & building owners can control and monitor hundreds of thermostats. Visit www.venstar.com.

Alliance air products is a specialty Hvac manufacture that can custom build almost any HVAC product. They specialize in custom Air Handling units to fit any application but also engineer, design and manufacture solar assisted units, Dx package ,data rack coolers, direct evaporator units, heat recovery, and direct replacement multizone units to replace Carrier (48ma & 48me),Lennox and seasons 4. Their customers include over 50 of the top fortune 500 companies. US Air Conditioning is the exclusive distributor for all of its territories. For more information call Mike Sabbaghian at 626-854-4648. Please watch the following Video to see what Alliance can really do.

Not all brands are available in all locations.

US Air Conditioning Distributors

16900 Chestnut Street City of Industry. CA 91748

Air Conditioning Repair – Installation #dallas #air #conditioning #companies


Residential Air Conditioning
Repair Installation
Dallas, Fort Worth

For 25 years now, our skilled technicians have expertly handled A/C repairs and installations that leave you feeling cool, comfortable, and satisfied. Our certified professionals can successfully inspect, fix, or replace your air conditioning system in a timely manner, making your home a needed cool reprieve from the scorching Texas heat once again.

Thermostat Tip

Utilizing a programmable thermostat can save you up to $200 per year in energy.


Air conditioning repair that is fast, accurate, and top quality!

We understand how unbearable the temperature can start to feel in your house when your system isn’t operating properly. It can even be unsafe, especially if you have children or the elderly living with you. We also understand how valuable your time is. We provide reliable, same day air conditioning repair service, without overtime fees, so that you can return to enjoying the comfort of your home as soon as possible.


Residential A/C service that is unmatched!

Your safety and satisfaction of our A/C services are our main priorities. We never subcontract and we train and certify our technicians in-house at our own training facility. No other air conditioning company in the Dallas area does this. And soon we’ll be training technicians all across the nation, including those working for our competitors. Additionally, we use thermal imaging technology to accurately pinpoint trouble spots and find ideal installation areas before we begin any service. When choosing an air conditioning service provider to handle the comfort and safety of your home, don’t you want the best?


Air conditioning maintenance has many benefits.

If not properly maintained, A/C units are more susceptible to issues that can require costly repairs. A#1 Air offers a variety of affordable A/C maintenance plans that include air conditioning tune-ups. Regular, preventative maintenance helps to significantly reduce the need for expensive repairs, improves indoor air quality. and lowers your energy costs. It also helps ensures you get the full life of your system. Take a look at the A/C maintenance plans we have available and what benefits each plan offers.


The new air conditioning system you choose, installed to meet the needs of your home and budget.

We always keep money savings in mind, without jeopardizing quality. We offer many top of the line, trusted energy efficient products from consumer-chosen brands. Don’t forget to ask about our unbeatable warranties. On all new products, we even register the warranty for you. We also offer flexible financing. making payment options a snap. We’ll take the time to evaluate your A/C system and understand your cooling requirements in order to guide you on the best decision for you and your family. We will perform a heat load calculation that takes into account the Texas heat and humidity. Current government regulations do not account for the hotter temperatures and heavy humidity in our Dallas, Fort Worth area – but we do! If a new system is in order, we will ensure you get the best one for your personalized needs.


Proper ductwork can make your home more energy-efficient, comfortable, and healthy.

According to Energy Star, inefficient homes lose about 20% of air moving inside of a duct system due to holes, leaks, and poor connections. On the other hand, correctly sealed ducts help reduce the risk of dust, fumes, and pollutants, such as those found in outdoor pesticides and garden chemicals, from entering and circulating into your home’s air flow. They help keep the proper balance of moisture in the air. Proper ductwork also keeps the return air flowing smooth and clean, therefore keeping your system running more efficiently. Don’t forget to ask us about our duct cleaning services as well.

24 Hour HVAC Emergency Repair Service #emergency #air #conditioning, #emergency #heating, #emergency #air #duct, #emergency #hvac, #24 #hour #repair #service, #lomita #emergency #air #conditioning, #rolling #hills #emergency #air #conditioning, #palos #verdes #emergency #air #conditioning


Emergency Repair Services

Your HVAC Systems does not care if it’s hot or cold, or if it’s day or night. It’ll malfunction regardless of the weather outside. The only problem is who will the air conditioning or heating contractor be to fix the malfunctioning air conditioning or heating unit. California Air Conditioning Systems, Inc. is proud to be the company that can provide this help to you. With our 24-hour emergency service and availability on the weekends, California Air is able to provide HVAC repair services at any time of the day.

Emergency Air Conditioning Repairs During the hot summer days, air conditioners will play a vital role in the comfort of your home or office, but can be a nuisance if it was to break down during the weekend or during after-hours. Normally, businesses close early on the weekdays and stay shut during the weekends. However, California Air Conditioning Systems, Inc. does not! With our 24-7 emergency service, we are able to provide air conditioning repairs all week long anywhere in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. With years of experience servicing different makes and models, our technicians are more than capable to provide most needed repairs on the spot.

Emergency Heating Repairs Selecting a HVAC company for an urgent heating repair service is a tough choice to make, especially on a cold winter’s day. Problems with the boilers, furnaces, or heat pumps can cause the comfort level to decline dramatically and can be a huge problem in your home or office. Considering we live in Los Angeles, we do not have to worry about the cold until the sun sets. That’s one of the primary reasons why we provide emergency heating repair services on the weekends and after hours. Our technicians are experienced with repair services for gas furnaces, floor furnaces, heat pumps, and many other heating units.

24 Hour Emergency Repair Services California Air Conditioning Systems, Inc. is your best bet for services such as HVAC repairs in Los Angeles and Orange County. We are familiar with major appliances in residential settings as well as commercial air conditioning and heating. With our highly trained, professional technicians serving Southern California, you can rely on us to provide quality HVAC services such as AC repairs, heating repairs, commercial refrigeration, and ventilation.

Emergency Air Duct Cleaning Many people don’t realize the amount of mold spores, dust mites, bacteria, and fungus that are lurking within the ductwork until an unexpected emergency occurs. It can be extremely unnerving to realize you’ve been breathing in harmful contaminants. Don’t wait for an emergency to occur. Instead, have your air ducts cleaned annually to reduce the chance of allergic, respiratory, and other health conditions. Indoor air quality have a huge impact on your well-being. Achieve a dust and bacteria-free home or office by acquiring maintenance from air duct specialists like us, California Air Conditioning Systems, Inc. Our technicians are standing by to assist you with professional services to ensure you are breathing in clean air.

We work with brands like Carrier, Lennox,York, Cozy, Williams, Mitsubishi, Trane and many others!

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A-10 pilot who braved ‘hailstorm of anti-aircraft fire’ to save soldiers receives Silver Star

In the opening days of the Iraq war, soldiers from the 3rd Infantry Division’s 2nd Battalion, 69th Armor Regiment were advancing on Baghdad when they ran into fierce resistance from the Iraqis.

Tanks and armored infantry fighting vehicles dug in on the eastern side of a bridge across the Tigris River unloaded on the troops.

In his A-10 Thunderbolt overhead, then-Capt. Gregory Thornton saw the task force’s lead element taking fire and swung into action. He flew through a blinding sandstorm, dodged heavy anti-aircraft fire, and took out the Iraqi armor holding back the troops.

On Friday, Thornton — now a retired lieutenant colonel — will be honored for his bravery that day, April 6, 2003, by receiving the Silver Star, the nation’s third-highest award for valor.

“This courageous and aggressive attack, while under withering fire and in poor weather, along with Captain Thornton’s superior flying skills and true attack pilot grit, allowed Task Force 2-69 Armor to cross the Tigris River with minimal combat losses and successfully accomplish their objective of linking up with coalition forces completing the 360-degree encirclement of Baghdad,” the citation accompanying Thornton’s Silver Star read. “By his gallantry and devotion to duty, Captain Thornton has reflected great credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.”

Thornton and his leader fought for 33 minutes, braving “the ever-increasing hailstorm of anti-aircraft fire,” and destroyed or demobilized three T-72 tanks, six armored personnel carriers and several utility vehicles that were within striking distance of the U.S. troops, the citation said. He flew his Warthog within 3,000 feet of the enemy several times to open fire with his 30mm Gatling gun, showing “complete disregard for his personal safety.”

Before he retired, Thornton was assigned to the 75th Fighter Squadron at Pope Air Force Base in North Carolina. Gen. Mike Holmes, the head of Air Combat Command, will present the medal to Thornton in a ceremony Friday evening at the National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.

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Chapter 3: Resistance and Static Electricity

As we have learned, some kinds of atoms contain loosely attached electrons. Electrons can be made to move easily from one atom to another. When those electrons move among the atoms of matter, a current of electricity is created.

Take a piece of wire. The electrons are passed from atom to atom, creating an electrical current from one end to the other. Electrons are very, very small. A single copper penny contains more than 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (1×1022) electrons.

Electricity “flows” or moves through some things better than others do. The measurement of how well something conducts electricity is called its resistance.

Resistance in wire depends on how thick and how long it is, and what it’s made of. The thickness of wire is called its gauge. The smaller the gauge, the bigger the wire. Some of the largest thicknesses of regular wire is gauge 1.

Different types of metal are used in making wire. You can have copper wire, aluminum wire, even steel wire. Each of these metals has a different resistance; how well the metal conducts electricity. The lower the resistance of a wire, the better it conducts electricity.

Copper is used in many wires because it has a lower resistance than many other metals. The wires in your walls, inside your lamps and elsewhere are usually copper.

A piece of metal can be made to act like a heater. When an electrical current occurs, the resistance causes friction and the friction causes heat. The higher the resistance, the hotter it can get. So, a coiled wire high in resistance, like the wire in a hair dryer, can be very hot.

Some things conduct electricity very poorly. These are called insulators. Rubber is a good insulator, and that’s why rubber is used to cover wires in an electric cord. Glass is another good insulator. If you look at the end of a power line, you’ll see that it is attached to some bumpy looking things. These are glass insulators. They keep the metal of the wires from touching the metal of the towers.

Another type of electrical energy is static electricity. Unlike current electricity that moves, static electricity stays in one place.

Try this experiment.

Rub a balloon filled with air on a wool sweater or on your hair. Then hold it up to a wall. The balloon will stay there by itself.

Tie strings to the ends of two balloons. Now rub the two balloons together, hold them by strings at the end and put them next to each other. They’ll move apart.

Rubbing the balloons gives them static electricity. When you rub the balloon it picks up extra electrons from the sweater or your hair and becomes slightly negatively charged.

The negative charges in the single balloon are attracted to the positive charges in the wall.

The two balloons hanging by strings both have negative charges. Negative charges always repel negative charges and positive always repels positive charges. So, the two balloons’ negative charges “push” each other apart.

Static electricity can also give you a shock. If you walk across a carpet, shuffling your feet and touching something made of metal, a spark can jump between you and the metal object. Shuffling your feet picks up additional electrons spread over your body. When you touch a metal doorknob or something with a positive charge the electricity jumps across the small gap from your fingers just before you touch the metal knob. If you walk across a carpet and touch a computer case, you can damage the computer.

One other type of static electricity is very spectacular. It’s the lightning in a thunder and lightning storm. Clouds become negatively charged as ice crystals inside the clouds rub up against each other. Meanwhile, on the ground, the positive charge increases. The clouds get so highly charged that the electrons jump from the ground to the cloud, or from one cloud to another cloud. This causes a huge spark of static electricity in the sky that we call lightning.

You can find out more about lightning at Web Weather for Kids – www.ucar.edu/40th/webweather/

You’ll remember from Chapter 2 that the word “electricity” came from the Greek words “elektor,” for “beaming sun” and “elektron,” both words describing amber. Amber is fossilized tree sap millions of years old and has hardened as hard as a stone.

Around 600 BCE (Before the Common Era) Greeks noticed a strange effect: When rubbing “elektron” against a piece of fur, the amber would start attracting particles of dust, feathers and straw. No one paid much attention to this “strange effect” until about 1600 when Dr. William Gilbert investigated the reactions of magnets and amber and discovered other objects can be made “electric.”

Gilbert said that amber acquired what he called “resinous electricity” when rubbed with fur. Glass, however, when rubbed with silk, acquired what he termed “vitreous electricity.”

He thought that electricity repelled the same kind and attracts the opposite kind of electricity. Gilbert and other scientists of that time thought that the friction actually created the electricity (their word for the electrical charge).

In 1747, Benjamin Franklin in America and William Watson in England both reached the same conclusion. They said all materials possess a single kind of electrical “fluid.” They didn’t really know anything about atoms and electrons, so they called how it behaved a “fluid.”

They thought that this fluid can penetrate matter freely and couldn’t be created or destroyed. The two men thought that the action of rubbing (like rubbing amber with fur) moves this unseen fluid from one thing to another, electrifying both.

Franklin defined the fluid as positive and the lack of fluid as negative. Therefore, according to Franklin, the direction of flow was from positive to negative. Today, we know that the opposite is true. Electricity flows from negative to positive. Others took the idea even further saying this that two fluids are involved. They said items with the same fluid attract each other. And opposite types of fluid in objects will make them repel each other.

All of this was only partially right. This is how scientific theories develop. Someone thinks of why something occurs and then proposes an explanation. It can take centuries sometime to find the real truth. Instead of electricity being a fluid, it is the movement of the charged particles between the objects. the two objects are really exchanging electrons.

Learn about Electrical Circuits and electrons in Chapter 4.

AC Repair Service Corvallis OR #repair #air #conditioning


Comfort For Life!

At Hendrix Heating and Air Conditioning, our focus is your comfort and peace of mind. From the first person you talk to on the phone, to the last tech you see, each team member at Hendrix Heating believes in doing what’s right for our customers. We specialize in residential, new construction, and light commercial HVAC, and our service area spans the Mid-Willamette Valley from Salem to Eugene, and the coast to the Cascades. Whether you want to save money on utility bills or eliminate hot and cold spots in your home, we can help!

It is our belief that by serving others as we would want to be served,
we can achieve this goal. Call us today at (541) 753-6760 !

We also work with builders and business owners to design systems that not only work in the most efficient manner, but provide optimal comfort for years to come. At Hendrix Heating we stand behind our work and equipment so much so that we offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. So, you can rest assured that our integrity in workmanship and business is something on which we won’t compromise. We consider it our obligation to find out exactly what you want to achieve, to point you to options that will meet your needs, and then to help you implement the heating, cooling and air quality solutions that work best for you. Our goal is to be the most professional HVAC company in Oregon’s Mid-Willamette Valley.

South County Air Conditioning and Heating #orange #county #air #conditioning #repair


Serving South Orange County, California

South Orange County Heating and Air Conditioning

A/C Service in South Orange County California

South County Air Conditioning Heating is a small owner operated business, established in May 2000. The owner, Jim Kopp is a second generation HVAC specialist and has over 30 years experience which he gained from his father beginning at age 16. The company focuses on residential and small commercial installation as well as AC and heater repair .

Jim’s passion is to fulfill his customers needs by selecting quality materials and equipment. He offers direct control over every job assuring customer satisfaction.

South County Air delivers superior installation practices that last and are backed by labor and factory warranties.

If you are looking for a reliable and honest air conditioning heating company. you have found it! Jim looks forward to meeting all your HVAC needs, including furnace repair.

SOUTH COUNTY AIR CONDITIONING HEATING is a successful primarily referral based business built from satisfied customers.

Below, see what clients are saying about us!

Description Of Work:
I had new upstairs heating and AC ducts installed in the 4 upstairs bedrooms. I have also had a whole new air conditioning system put in.

Member Comments:
He gave the best price, and was very responsive. He also got me a great price from an independent contractor to have the old duct work removed. The price was great on the new air conditioning system, I got a rebate from the manufacturer. He even did some additional work that was not in the contract to make the system work better and didn’t charge me! I highly recommend them! They were on time and did a great job of cleaning up.

-Charles, Angie’s List member

Description Of Work:
Researched caused of AC not working. Replaced contact unit (age, wear) and fuses. Checked over air system, etc.

Member Comments:
Jim was able to give me an appointment within 36 hours. I like using local contractors who are reliable and many times, less costly. He was both. His time charges are excellent. He was knowledgeable and informative and courteous. I recommend him very highly.

-Carol, Angie’s List member

Description Of Work:
Air conditioning was not working well in some of rooms in the house. We had some filters replaced, and air duct dampers to redirect air from strong blowing areas to weaker areas.

Member Comments:
The owner Jim is very nice and extremely professional. He is always punctual and gives great ideas on improving energy efficiency to cool/heat air in the house. He is very honest and helpful. I can’t say enough good things about him and his company. He cares about his business and his customers. An excellent independently owned family business!

-Geoffrey, Angie’s List member

Jim is a true professional. He came recommended to us from our doctor. We have used him to install a new heating and air conditioning system in two of our rentals and now our personal home. He has always given us a fair price (below other bids), he has always been here when he says he will and always completes the project on time and on budget. We were given choices and options to fit our needs and our budget. I would recommend him to anyone who has heating or air conditioning needs and who wants to be treated fairly by a professional who cares about his work.

-Awesome service!
by happy-in-irvine

949-361-2AIR (2247)
Serving South Orange County, California

Proudly serving your Air Conditioning & Heating needs in San Clemente, Oceanside, San Juan Capistrano, Dana Point, Laguna Niguel, South Laguna, Laguna Beach, Emerald Bay, Corona Del Mar, Balboa, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Laguna Hills, El Toro, Rancho Santa Margarita, Trabuco Canyon, Coto de Caza, San Juan Hot Springs

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How to find fast and reliable air conditioning and heating services in Spring Hill, Florida.

It is no secret that West Central Florida is hot and humid most of the year. However, with winter evenings also dropping down into temperatures near freezing, climate control in the home can become tricky. Access to high quality, energy efficient systems are vital in Spring Hill, FL!

At Betco Heating and Air Conditioning, we are a dedicated team of professionals with years of experience in the air conditioning and heating industry. We are adept at installation, maintenance, repairs and green solutions. Our service professionals offer the highest in industry standards.

1. We are licensed professionals. All of our service professionals are experienced and licensed. We are courteous, community oriented and offer exceptional service. We respect that you take pride in your home or commercial space and we want to treat you with the same courtesy we would our own family. When you need air conditioning repairs in Spring Hill, it can be unpleasant and stressful. Let our ac installation services come to the rescue and have your home cool and comfortable in a flash!

2. We offer competitive costs for air conditioning repairs and heating repairs. Heating and air conditioning is a big, but necessary investment. In Spring Hill, the weather can be tough to weather. It is hot and humid in the day, but can drop down to freezing at night. We want your home to be outfitted with the latest in heating and air conditioning technology. We offer brand name air conditioning and heating units at prices that are fair and affordable. We also take credit cards, so making payments is simple and smooth.

3. We offer product warranties and routine maintenance packages. Maintenance doesn’t have to be a dirty word. It is reality that appliances will eventually need something replaced, repaired or removed. We offer great packages that cover warranties for products as well as service visits. Our customer service is one of our top priorities. This means, we will not just install an AC unit and ignore you after that. We are here to make repairs whenever your unit needs maintenance.

4. We offer green energy solutions and purification systems. HVAC units are not just about climate control, but also climate enhancement. With air pollution becoming increasingly a reality of human existence, air purification systems are a great way to enhance the air quality in your home or business. Breath easy and comfortably when you have a unit that not only heats and cools, but also cleanses your environment as well.

5. We carry many major brands including Comfort Maker, Rain Bryant. We can custom order anything you might need. Most importantly, we will never try to up sell you on something that you DON’T need. If we can fix your existing unit, then we will do just that. All repairs come with a service guarantee.

Cooling systems in Florida are essential for any business. It won’t work to have your place of business run without reliable ac to keep your patrons cool. The professionals at Spring Hill Pro Air can handle a variety of repairs on commercial air cooling systems. With our knowledge of a wide variety of HVAC systems, we can repair air conditioning units for buildings of all sizes. Commercial ac repair is often an urgent situation. It is nearly impossible to go without air conditioning in Spring Hill in the summer. Ask us about our corporate rates for business repairs and installations.

Our technicians are experienced in a variety of makes and models for all types of commercial ac cooling systems. We specialize in the latest in central air conditioning units. Does your building need an update for it’s ac systems? We can help with that. We offer cooling solutions that are both affordable and efficient. We can also advise on the best choice for your building’s structure based on size, number of rooms, etc. This way you can purchase the most efficient unit for your building. Contact us to arrange a price quote and get your new commercial ac soon!

We don’t always have cold weather here in Florida, but when it is cold, it is important to know you have a properly working heat system. Don’t neglect the heat for your household and then wind up in a bind when the cooler months hit in January and December. Installing an up-to-date heating system is the best way to stay warm and save money on energy costs. Did you know that an old heating system can leak heat even when you turn it off? Avoid accidentally heating your home in July by upgrading to a newer, more efficient unit!

Dependable, high quality air conditioner installation in Spring Hill, Florida is essential during the hottest months of the Central Florida summer. Anyone that has endured the sweltering heat while waiting for ac repair in Spring Hill, FL, knows that it is not bearable for very long. We understand the importance of a working ac system at Betco. In order to keep your family safe and comfortable, it is important to maintain a properly working ac unit. Our ac repair in Spring Hill is affordable and reliable. Ask us about our emergency ac repair service for immediate repairs as well!

We always try our best to repair broken air conditioners at Betco. However, sometimes it can be more economical to replace the existing ac unit with a more modern, more efficient choice. If your home’s ac unit is out of date or not running well, you could be spending thousands per year more in energy costs. Installing a new, energy efficient ac system is the best way to lower your home’s energy consumption and save money in the longer run. We are experts at installing new ac units in Spring Hill, Florida

Heat repair is something that you might not necessarily know you need until its freezing outside and the heat won’t kick on. That’s why we offer emergency heat repair services as well as maintenance repairs. Sunday night and the heat won’t come on? That’s okay, we can make house calls on any day. Florida doesn’t get cold all that often, but when those freezing temperatures do hit, you need to be able to effectively heat your home! At Spring Hill Pro Air, our technicians offer heater repairs that are high quality and will last throughout the cold season.

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Air Conditioning Services in San Antonio

Need High-Quality AC Repair Service? Call (210) 920-8010 Now!

In a hot state like Texas, you depend like your air conditioner to stay working year round. If your AC is acting up or has broken down completely, turn to our experienced team at ASC Heating and Air. Our family owned and operated business has more than a decade of experience in the industry, and we can provide you with the quality service you need and deserve. During our time working in the HVAC industry, we have seen and resolved virtually every type of air conditioner problem.

At ASC Heating and Air, we make expert HVAC service a breeze!

  • Always upfront pricing
  • Reasonable financing options
  • Same-day response, in most cases
  • Fully uniformed technicians in your area
  • Focus on energy efficiency
  • Service on your schedule
  • Free estimate or local quote
  • Experience better air for your home or business! Call our San Antonio air conditioning technicians at (210) 920-8010 and schedule a service!
    Get a Service

    Our Services: General Repairs, Replacements, Installations More

    Experiencing issues with your air conditioning unit? Is the unit making strange noises, or is it simply not functioning as well as it used to? We would be happy to come out and get your air conditioner back up and running in no time.

    • Our air conditioning services include the following:
    • Repairs. We have the skill and experience to work on virtually every make and model of air conditioning unit. Whether your AC has a slight problem or is completely broken down, we can help.
    • Replacements. If your unit is beyond replacement, you will need our assistance to select and replace your air conditioner with a new and improved piece of equipment.
    • Installations. Have you recently moved into a new residential or business property? We can help you to choose the right new air conditioner that will meet your needs.
    • Maintenance. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your air conditioner working at full capacity. You can rely on us to provide you with maintenance services.

    Providing Increased Comfort Efficiency

    Having your air conditioner serviced regularly and fixed when it stops working properly is in your best interest, as minor issues can escalate if you ignore them. We are committed to providing you with high-quality work and getting to the bottom of any issue you may have.

    Are you interested in a quote for AC repairs or replacements? Please give us a call today at (210) 920-8010 to request more information or to set up an appointment for San Antonio air conditioner services.

    24 Hour AC Repair – Plumbing Services in Corpus Christi #ac #repair #in #san #antonio, #bodine-scott #air #conditioning #co.


    24-Hour AC Repair and Plumbing Services in Corpus Christi

    The outstanding reputation we have at Bodine-Scott is built on more than 50 years of experience in the heating and cooling industry. That experience means homeowners and business owners in Corpus Christi, TX and the surrounding communities can trust us to deliver superior air conditioning services at an affordable price.

    Our technicians are experts at installing, repairing, and maintaining residential and commercial climate systems that keep our customers comfortable throughout the year. We maintain our expertise through frequent, hands-on factory training and remain up-to-date on the latest installation and repair techniques. Our installation specialists and technicians are certified by North American Technician Excellence (NATE), the highest level of certification for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration technicians that can be achieved.

    Whether you need a furnace repaired or central air conditioning installed, Bodine-Scott has a long-standing history of providing superior customer service to the Corpus Christi area.

    HVAC Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

    Air Conditioning Installation

    Our NATE-certified installation technicians are experts at designing and installing the best heating and cooling system to meet the comfort needs of our customers. If residential or commercial air conditioning repairs occur frequently, we provide professional advice to our customers to determine whether to upgrade or retrofit their system. When the time comes for an existing HVAC system to be replaced with a more economical and energy-efficient one, we help our customers select a system that best matches the energy needs of their home or business.

    Air Conditioning Repair

    Over time, even well-cared for systems need repairs due to ordinary wear and tear on the equipment. Our technicians are qualified to repair heating and cooling equipment made by the leading manufacturers in the industry. We schedule HVAC repair work at a time that is convenient to our customers. However, we know that unexpected failures occasionally occur. For emergency repair, we offer a swift, efficient response with our 24/7 emergency coverage service.

    Air Conditioning Maintenance

    At Bodine-Scott, we offer wide-ranging air conditioning service contracts that help our customers protect their heating and cooling system from sudden, unexpected breakdowns. Our flexible payment options feature the level of service you need at a price you can afford.


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    Auto Air Conditioning and Car Heater Repair and Service Auto Air Compressor and Car Heater Core

    At Bryant Auto Air, after 33 years repairing and customizing auto heat and air systems we continually strive for excellence. We know when extreme temperatures hit, your car can experience stress. We emphasize servicing your auto air conditioning and car heater systems, before they fail. Get a jump on extreme weather and save stress, time and money. Planning a trip, have your system maintenance performed before you travel. Assure yourself the convenience of getting your car maintenance and repair done on your terms, not stuck in a hotel while on vacation.

    Auto air conditioning repair and service alongside car heater core repair and service provide the Tulsa community with a reliable heat and air year round.


    Custom manufacture of hoses and components


    Custom install or retrofit your Classic Auto Air


    We will always give you the best advice


    Find out what our customers say

    Free Car Heat Check Up Offer

    Your initial checkout will be comped when you complete the work diagnosed with us.

    We Service All Makes & Models

    Car Heater Core Repair and Service

    Car heater core repair and service. Car heater and A/C repair for any make or model. Custom fabrication of hoses, heater parts, heating door repair.

    Custom Auto AC and Heat

    Compressor New & Rebuilt

    SHOP HOURS Mon – Fri 8am to 5pm

    • Custom fabrication of hoses
    • A/C, Heating, Oil
    • Cooling Lines
    • Other Hoses
    • Compressors
    • Rebuilding, Resealing
    • A/C and Heating Parts
    • Expansion Valves, Dryers, Etc.

    8704 E 43rd
    Tulsa, OK 74145

    Honda New Civic #honda #civic #air #conditioning


    Dare to be Different

    A drive focused on you.A finely engineered chassis and our all-new engines give you ultimate control.

    The Civic 5 door has been reimagined with a lighter, stiffer chassis and sporty, more engaging driving position that compliment the choice of two turbocharged engines. Matched with the wide and spacious cockpit, you get improved visibility and a seamless connection to the road.

    Styled for sport
    As you move through the Civic s crisp 6-speed manual or smooth new CVT automatic gearbox, the tightly tuned aerodynamics grip you to the road. And with technologies like Agile Handling Assist, the car immediately responds to your every touch.

    Honda CIVIC from 23,750

    Top Features

    Sporty stance

    The Civic 5 door owns the streets with a powerful and poised posture that also hints at its responsive handling.

  • Honda Sensing

    The Civic 5 door comes complete with Honda SENSING as standard. It’s our unique suite of advanced safety features that use camera and radar technology such as Collision Mitigation Braking System, Lane Departure Warning, Traffic Sign Recognition System and Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control that all monitor your surroundings – and help keep you safe and sound.

  • Room to move

    The boot has 478 litres of class leading volume to pack with anything and everything you need.

  • Eyes for the road

    The LED daytime running lights ensure the 5 door’s face isn’t one you forget

  • Completely Connected

    Inside the new Civic is an advanced Honda CONNECT touchscreen infotainment system with DAB digital radio, Apple Car Play® and Android Auto™ functionality – which means you’re linked to everything you could need: contacts, entertainment and data.

  • Wheels

    The Civic’s new larger, wider wheels and tyres further emphasise its powerful stance, and come in two sizes: “16 or “17.


    • Bluetooth TM Hands Free Telephone (HFT)
    • Parking Sensors (Front and Rear)
    • 5” Monitor Audio (AM/FM/DAB)
    • Steering Wheel Remote Audio Controls
    • Climate Control Auto Air Conditioning
    • 16” Alloy Wheels
    • USB
    • 8 Speakers

    Smart plus

    • Honda CONNECT with GARMIN Navigation
    • Rear Parking Camera
    • Climate Control Dual Auto Air Conditioning
    • 17″ Alloy Wheels
    • Privacy Glass
    • Front Fog Lights (Halogen)
    • 2x USB Jack / HDMI Jack
    • Driver Seat Power Lumbar Adjust
    • Ultrasonic Alarm Sensor
    • Leather Steering Wheel
    • Leather Shift Knob
    • Alloy Pedals
    • Rain Sensing Auto Wipers
    • Electrically Retractable Door Mirrors
    • Remote Retractable Door Mirrors (Key Fob Operation)
    • Body Coloured Door Mirrors with Integrated Indicator


    • Blind Spot Information incl. Cross Traffic Monitor
    • Leather Interior
    • Heated Front & Rear Seats
    • Glass Roof (Opening)
    • Smart Entry & Start
    • Adaptive Damper System (Front & Rear)
    • High Power Audio – 11 Speakers
    • Passenger Seat Power Lumbar Adjust
    • Auto Dim Rear View Mirror

    Premium plus

    • Wireless Charging
    • LED Headlights
    • Front Fog Lights (LED)
    • Headlight Washers

    Civic S Design

    • Exterior Sport Garnish ( Front / Rear /Side Sill)
    • Centre Dual Exhaust with Finisher
    • Piano Black Window Garnish Surround
    • Meter Red Illumination
    • LED Headlights
    • Headlight Washers
    • Front Fog Lights (LED)
    • Honda CONNECT with GARMIN Navigation
    • Rear Parking Camera
    • Climate Control Dual Auto Air Conditioning
    • 17″ Alloy Wheels
    • Privacy Glass
    • 2x USB Jack / HDMI Jack
    • Driver Seat Power Lumbar Adjust
    • Ultrasonic Alarm Sensor
    • Leather Steering Wheel
    • Leather Shift Knob
    • Alloy Pedals
    • Rain Sensing Auto Wipers
    • Electrically Retractable Door Mirrors
    • Remote Retractable Door Mirrors (Key Fob Operation)
    • Body Coloured Door Mirrors with Integrated Indicator

    Civic GT Pack

    • Blind Spot Information incl. Cross Traffic Monitor
    • Glass Roof (Opening)
    • Adaptive Damper System (Front & Rear)
    • Smart Entry & Start
    • Wireless Charging
    • High Power Audio – 11 Speakers
    • Heated Front Seats
    • Passenger Seat Power Lumbar Adjust
    • Auto Dim Rear View Mirror
    • Driver Seat Back Pocket
    • GT + Leather Pack

    Civic Prestige Pack

    • Meter Blue Illumination
    • Chrome Dr handle
    • Chrome Grill
    • Leather Interior
    • Heated Front & Rear Seats
    • Paddle Shift

  • Airframe – Powerplant #airframe, #powerplant, #test #prep, #school, #mechanics, #airplane, #pilot, #global #school, #bakers #school, #recurrent, #inspection, #training, #aeronautics, #aviation, #a #p, #inspection #authorization, #st. #george, #testing #center, #faa, #aircraft #maintenance, #airframe #and #powerplant #test #prep, #test #prep #school, #aircraft #mechanic, #airplane #mechanic, #aviation #school, #aviation #maintenance #jobs, #aviation #technician, #af #cool, #air #force #cool


    Airframe and Powerplant

    Your first step toward a career in Aviation Maintenance Science is obtaining your FAA Airframe and Powerplant (A P) Certification.
    Global’s hands-on approach trains students in the specific skills employers seek in the airframe powerplant mechanics and aircraft inspection fields. Students take courses in simulated work environments from instructors with real-world experience.
    Our curriculum was developed by educators and industry representatives to ensure that course offerings accurately reflect current industry standards. Students must complete the required course to qualify for the program’s Certificate of Achievement. Once trained, technicians will also be successful in related fields of aircraft manufacturing, electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics, welding, sheet metal, quality control, civil and military defense.
    F.A.A. Eligibility Requirements
    The A P mechanics course is for applicants who meet FAR 65.71-65.77 only. Under these regulations, you must have a certain type of mechanical experience before the F.A.A. will allow you to take the F.A.A. written exams. The required experience for the powerplant mechanic rating is a minimum of 18 months working with tools on any type of aircraft engine. The required experience for the airframe mechanic rating is a minimum of 18 months working with tools on any type of airframe. If you want both ratings, and your experience was a combination of airframe and powerplant, then you need a total of 30 months experience (not 36).
    Obtaining Your Authorization Slips
    To be enrolled in GLOBAL SCHOOL OF AERONAUTICS as a mechanic student, you must first meet the F.A.A. experience requirements. The purpose of this is to be sure the F.A.A. will permit you to take the written exam after you finish the course.
    Oral and Practical Examinations
    The F.A.A. requires the written results to be in the student’s hands before an Oral and Practical examination may be given. Therefore, in order to take an oral and practical examination with one of our examiners, you must bring your written score slips and your airmen certificate and/or rating application 8610-2. Your F.A.A. inspector should give you two copies of the 8610-2 form, both bearing original signatures. Photo copied signatures are not accepted.
    Classroom Time
    The average time to obtain the A P rating is from 11 – 13 days. Our instructors work closely with each student, progressing him/her based on their own capabilities. Our course is guaranteed 100% – we keep working with you until you pass – good for 36 months.

    Does Your Home’s A #air #conditioner #recharge #cost


    Does Your Home’s Air Conditioner ACTUALLY Need a Refrigerant Charge?

    When something technical or mechanical breaks, you re at the mercy of the expert s advice to figure out what s wrong and what you need to do to fix it. Who hasn t had that feeling with a car mechanic when your car breaks down?

    But we re betting you feel the same way if your air conditioner stopped blowing cold air and a contractor told you that it needs a refrigerant charge.

    You wonder, Do I REALLY need a refrigerant / Freon charge, or am I being ripped off?
    It s a good question! There s nothing wrong with a healthy dose of skepticism when your money is on the line.

    Here are 2 signs an A/C contractor may be trying to scam you and charge you for refrigerant when you might not really need it.

    1) Contractor says you need more refrigerant without checking A/C unit

    Imagine this scenario: You re sick, go to the doctor and tell him your symptoms. The doctor looks you up and down and says, Aha, all you need is surgery! No tests, just a quick solution.

    Sounds silly, but that is what some air conditioning contractors will do. They ll hear the symptoms (air conditioner is blowing hot air) and recommends a refrigerant charge without actually checking to see if that s the case.

    This may have some nasty consequences for you:

    1. The contractor will miss the real problem (meaning you still won t have any cool air and you wasted your money.)
    2. The contractor may overcharge your system, causing costly damage to your air conditioner.

    What else could the problem be?

    Well, there are several things that could cause your home s air conditioner to stop blowing cold air, including:

    • Compressor issues
    • Dirty air filter
    • Dirty outside condenser unit
    • The thermostat was accidentally set on heat instead of cool (hey, it happens!)

    A contractor needs to use special equipment to check the refrigerant levels before recommending that you need a refrigerant charge.

    OK, so the contractor has actually checked the refrigerant levels. But you still may be getting ripped off if.

    2) Contractor mentions your A/C used up the refrigerant

    If you re actually low on refrigerant, then there s most likely a leak somewhere in your system where the refrigerant is escaping.

    If there s no mention of finding a leak, then that means a couple things:

    1. You don t really need refrigerant and the contractor is pulling your leg
    2. You do need refrigerant, but any refrigerant that s added will leak out, only offering a temporary fix, meaning you ll be paying for more refrigerant soon enough (how soon depends on how big the leak is).

    What a contractor should do if you think you re low on refrigerant

    1. Check the cooling system s refrigerant levels
    2. If you are low, then contractor searches for a leak (this may take some time)
    3. Once found, then all the refrigerant is evacuated using a refrigerant recovery system, so not to expel the polluting gasses freely into the air
    4. Contractor fixes the leak
    5. Contractor fills the system with refrigerant levels that meet manufacturer s specifications

    If it s a major leak on a condenser or evaporator coil, repairing your A/C may be expensive. And if the air conditioner is old, then replacing your air conditioner may be the most cost efficient option .

    Do you think you need more refrigerant, and you live in the Phoenix-area?

    Contact George Brazil. and we ll examine your home s A/C, find the real problem and make sure to fix it right the first time!

    George Brazil has been keeping Phoenix-area homes safe, comfortable and energy efficient since 1955. Contact us online for more information about any of our services.

    Contact us online

    Air Conditioning Repair Potomac, MD – Rockville, MD #air #conditioning #service #houston


    Heating Furnaces Installation Service Repair

    Although we’re lucky to have reasonable weather most of the year, we still need our heating systems to be ready for those cold nights. With Richards Air Conditioning Company, Inc. you’ll enjoy exceptional heating repairs, maintenance, and installations all year round. Our qualified technicians are always ready to help keep you and your family safe and warm. Read on below to learn more!

    Air Conditioning Installation Service Repair

    We put a lot of dependence on our air conditioners in the hot summer months. At Richards Air Conditioning Company, Inc. we’re more than qualified to help you maintain your system in great working order. With regular A/C service, reliable repairs, and efficient air conditioner installations, you can trust you’ll stay cool all summer long. Our professional technicians will always ensure you have the care and attention you deserve. To learn more, contact us today or visit the pages below!

    Indoor Air Quality

    We don’t always think about the air we’re breathing. However, at Richards Air Conditioning Company, Inc. we know that the quality of your indoor air highly affects your comfort, energy savings, and health. Our professional team offers exceptional air quality solutions to ensure you’re living life as comfortable as possible. Contact a member of our team today or visit the page below to learn more about our many different options!

    Preventative care is much better than reactive care – no matter the situation. With our Preferred Service Plans, you’ll enjoy energy efficiency, optimum home comfort, priority customer service and more. We offer multiple plans to meet all different budgets and needs. To learn more about each of the different plans, visit the page below.

    Since we care about each and every one of our customers, we provide trustworthy recommendations and free estimates on a new heating or air conditioning system. Our qualified team will ensure you get an accurate estimate every time. To learn more or to request a free estimate today, click the link below or call us at (703) 241-1900!

    Furnace Repair, Heating Service, HVAC Repair, AC Service AC InstallationBethesda, MD, Arlington, VA, Potomac, MD, Rockville, MD, Ashburn, VA Falls Church, VA

    Family owned and operated since 1959, Richards Air Conditioning Company, Inc. upholds a commitment to old-fashioned values, while always looking ahead, striving to improve and staying current on the latest trends in the HVAC industry. We ve earned a reputation throughout Falls Church VA, Ashburn VA, Arlington VA, Potomac MD, Bethesda, MD, Rockville MD for quality heating and air conditioning service at affordable prices, but we re not content to rest on past achievements. Our goal is to earn your satisfaction through hard work, prompt action, and honest practices. When you trust your heating, cooling, and air quality needs to our HVAC company, we help you achieve your goals for comfort, reliability, and cost-savings. Through groundbreaking equipment from industry-leading manufacturers, precise workmanship, and conscientious service, you ll enjoy long-term and maximum benefits from your investment.

    Qualified HVAC professionals in Falls Church, Rockville Ashburn

    Less than 5% of heating and cooling professionals in the country qualify for factory authorization from Carrier. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Richards Air Conditioning Company, Inc. continues to meet strict criteria for quality, knowledge, and service. We perform to strenuous national standards, participating in extensive factory training, specific to the technical aspects of equipment installation, maintenance, and repair. Our sales team are exceptionally qualified to identify and recommend heating and cooling solutions that precisely answer the needs of our customers, achieving the greatest comfort and value. We are experts in all aspects of heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and air quality solutions, providing you dependable and satisfying results. We comply with Carrier s installation and service procedures and rely on genuine Factory Authorized replacement parts when possible, preserving original efficiency and sound levels.

    As the highest level of recognition, the Carrier President s Award is designed to distinguish businesses that exemplify true excellence in every facet of service and practice. Richards Air Conditioning Company, Inc. is extremely proud to have been awarded this honor six separate times. We are also a recipient of Angie s List 2013 Super Service Award.

    Our team of professionals are NATE-certified. North American Technician Excellence is the only national certification program for HVAC technicians developed, operated, and supported by the entire HVAC industry. NATE certification tests represent real-world knowledge, ensuring consumers receive proper installation and service of all HVAC equipment, saving time, energy, and lowering cost of operation and ownership.

    Custom HVAC design installationHVAC Repair Company in Falls Church VA, Ashburn VA, Arlington VA, Potomac MD, Bethesda, MD, Rockville MD

    For new installation and retrofit projects in Falls Church, Richards Air Conditioning Company, Inc. custom designs furnace and air conditioning systems that suit your needs for cost and performance. By taking the time to factor in your concerns, household requirements, and future plans, we properly size equipment that satisfies your expectations, not only today, but for years to come. We protect your investment through competitively priced Preferred Service Plans customized to suit our wide range of customers. Working within your schedule and keeping an organized work area, our licensed technicians promote system efficiency, reliability, safety, and longevity. We keep your HVAC system operating in peak condition, saving you time, money, and stress. If you are confronted with any repair needs, we maintain a large equipment inventory and are always ready to respond quickly. Our prompt mobile service fleet allows us to handle all makes and models, from small to complex jobs, and complete the majority in a single house call. Trust your home comfort to Richards Air Conditioning Company, Inc. and you ll never be disappointed.

    HVAC Companies, Air Conditioning Repair Service, AC Installation, Furnace Repair in Falls Church VA, Ashburn VA, Arlington VA, Potomac MD, Bethesda, MD, Rockville MD

    The Most Trusted HVAC Company in Falls Church, VA. Heating and Cooling Contractor, Furnace Repair Service, Heating Repair Service, Furnace Installation also in: Ashburn VA, Arlington VA, Rockville MD, Potomac MD Bethesda MD

    Air Conditioning Repair Heating and Cooling Service AC Installation Potomac, MD

    Award Winning Service

    Richards Air Conditioning Company, Inc. is always looking to improve based on the feedback from those who matter most, you! Read Reviews Leave One

    Trust In Richard s

    Falls Church, VA | Ashburn, VA | Arlington, VA | Rockville, MD | Potomac, MD | Bethesda, MD

    Keefes AC #air #conditioning #repair #charleston #sc


    Click to schedule Service
    or call:


    Now Offering: Nest Protect, Nest Thermostat Nest Cam

    Keefes is a
    Lennox premier dealer

    Now offering home generators systems!

    Owners Keefe and Wendy Ditta

    Keefe’s Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. was established in 1979 as a side line business. Today Keefe’s has grown into one of the leading installation and service businesses in Baton Rouge and metro New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, Slidell and the Northshore.

    From Keefe’s state-of-the-art customer service department to its highly trained service technicians, everyone at Keefe’s is committed to being the #1 Air Conditioning company in customer satisfaction and sales volume.

    Keefe’s huge inventory of name brand equipment assures you, the customer, the comfort you expect in a timely manner and at the best price possible.

    Keefe’s is always striving to bring the newest and most innovative technology to its customers. That is why Keefe’s Air Conditioning and Heating. Inc. is an industry leader.

    Since its inception, one of Keefe’s goals is to assure our customers Top Quality Service and Equipment at the Best price possible!

    We Service and Repair all makes and models of HVAC Systems

    Keefes services all makes and models of air conditioning and heating equipment in Baton Rouge and Greater New Orleans area, including North Shore and Tri-Parish areas. Keefes also installs and replaces old equipment with expert technicians and very competitive pricing.

    Contact Form

    Lennox AC Units vs Trane AC Units: AC Review & Product Comparison #trane #ac #units #vs #lennox #ac #units,air #conditioning #service #in #arizona,dave #lennox,hvac #reviews,lennox #ac #benefits,lennox #ac #units,scottsdale #lennox #dealer,scottsdale #trane #dealer,trane #ac #benefits,trane #ac #units


    One constant reality about living in the Valley of the Sun is heat. With temperatures rising above the triple digit level virtually every day between May and September, ensuring your house or business is cooled by the best air conditioning unit possible is a reality that virtually every individual must deal with. But, among the two leaders in this industry, Lennox AC Units vs Trane AC Units. which is the best?

    Both Lennox and Trane offer their customers huge selections of high-quality AC units to choose from that are tailor-made to provide the service you individually need. Whether you are trying to cool a two-bedroom condo. or a 6-bedroom home or multiple room office, it is important to find the right AC Unit that will meet your needs best. And each company, Trane and Lennox offer superior quality units for multiple applications.

    Key Benefits of Lennox AC Units

    The Lennox AC Units are available to consumers in three major categories including:

    There are a total of (7) individual units available that are all Energy Star rated and have SEER Energy Ratings ranging from a low of 13 (for the Merit Series 13ACX Air Conditioning Unit) to a high of 21.2 (for the Dave Lennox Signature® Collection XC21 AC Unit). The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER ) rating system was created by the United States Federal Government to provide consumers an easy and unified method of rating AC Units by terms of energy efficiency.

    Key Benefits of Trane® AC Units

    Trane® has a tag line that states, It s hard to stop a Trane® meaning, their units are build to last (and are exceptionally quiet). The Trane Air Conditioning Company provides consumers a total of (8) individual residential AC Units to choose from. These units, classified by their XL, XB and XR classifications range in SEER ratings from a low of 13 (in the XB300 Series AC Unit) to a high of 20.0 (in the XL20i AC Unit sold by Trane®). Trane offers customers exceptional quality, at very good pricing – similar to Lennox in many categories as well.

    Warranties Provided by Both Trane and Lennox AC Units

    Trane® offers their customers a 60 day limited warranty on all AC Units they sell. The warranty covers any manufactures defects on parts for a total of 10-years; which include both the coil and compressor. This warranty does not cover these parts for standard wear and tear, and requires that they unit be registered via phone or online. Trane® will replace parts; however the cost of installation and other materials is not covered by the manufacture.

    Lennox on the other hand is a bit more extended on their warranty coverage. They offer a 10-year warranty on parts, the compressor and the limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger for the Dave Lennox Signature Collection AC Units. The Elite Series offers a 5-year warranty plan on parts; 10-years for heat exchange and 20-years or ‘limited lifetime’ for other parts. The Merit Series is similar to the Elite Series.

    Both companies offer extended services plans through authorized dealers who install Lennox and Trane AC Units.

    View this brief presentation that highlights the Lennox vs Trane comparison:
    click the symbol at the bottom right to enable Full Screen mode.

    When choosing between each company, it is important to select the AC Unit that will fit your individual need best. As such, it is always advised to contact an authorized Trane or Scottsdale Lennox dealer and professional installation company who will provide expert advice and consultation for your AC Unit needs. To Get in touch with a certified Lennox Dealer in Scottsdale or Trane dealer in Scottsdale, we can help. Contact Scottsdale Air by calling 480-359-7141 today to get all of your questions answered, we are authorized Trane® and Lennox dealers.

    Contact the AC experts at Scottsdale Air Heating Cooling to replace your HVAC unit to keep your home cool. Email us or call 480-359-7141 now!

    Read related articles:

    http://www.scottsdaleair.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/scottsdale_logo4.png 0 0 Michael Cross http://www.scottsdaleair.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/scottsdale_logo4.png Michael Cross 2013-01-22 15:40:23 2016-11-07 19:57:35 Lennox AC Units vs Trane AC Units: AC Review & Product Comparison

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    Phoenix Air Conditioning and AC and Repairs #air #conditioning #repair #phoenix #az


    Emergency Services

    It is summertime. It is so hot that you can see heat radiating off of the asphalt. You are considering whether it would make more sense to cook dinner on the sidewalk than the stove!
    Read More.

    AC Replacements

    Has your air conditioning system broken down? Now is the perfect time to benefit from all the recent advancements in AC technology and replace your old AC unit with a
    Read More.

    Commercial Services

    The HVAC industry is continuously changing. You want to make sure you have a HVAC contractor who is at the forefront of these changes and can offer you the solutions you
    Read More.

    AC Installations

    You know that “you get what you pay for” with air conditioning systems. However, it isn’t just the quality of the AC system itself which matters. You need to make sure that you are
    Read More.


    Phoenix is one of the hottest cities in the United States. When a heat wave comes through, you don’t want to be caught with your AC system not working! It isn’t just uncomfortable, but extreme heat can put your health and life at risk. At Phoenix Air Conditioning and AC Repair, we know what the stakes are. You can count on us for reliable HVAC and cooling services every day of the year.

    Our Mission
    At Phoenix Air Conditioning and AC Repair, our mission is to provide our customers with the most innovative, intelligent solutions for their unique needs. We know that our customers excellence and we aim to surpass their expectations in every way. To ensure our customers are always satisfied, we practice the following in our daily work:
    • Licensed Class R, C, and K technicians
    • NATE-Certified
    • Energy-Star Partner
    • Modern equipment and technologies
    • Convenient scheduling
    • Open pricing policy
    • Committed to customer service
    • 24/7 service

    Informed Customers Make Informed Decisions
    We know that everyone has different priorities and needs when it comes to heating and cooling. For this reason, our HVAC technicians will never try to push a solution onto you. Instead, we have a policy of informing our customers so they can make the right decision for their needs. Whether you aren’t sure about which size of AC unit to install or whether energy zoning is right for you, you can count on our technicians to clearly explain what your options are.

    Honest Services at Fair Prices
    We value honesty, and know that our customers do too. When you choose us as your Phoenix HVAC company, you are getting a partner who will help you keep your heating and cooling systems running efficiently and find the right solutions for your needs. We know that you won’t call us back if you the services aren’t excellent and fairly priced. Our commitment to honesty, affordability, and excellence is what has grown our business from a one-man operation to a leading HVAC service provider in Arizona.

    Service Area
    We are located in the heart of Phoenix and have technicians located around the city who, thanks to our efficient GPS dispatch system, can be dispatched at a moment’s notice. Thanks to this system and our full team of Licensed, NATE-Certified HVAC experts, we are able to serve the greater Phoenix area including:
    • Central City
    • Arcadia
    • Paradise Valley
    • Deer Valley
    • North Mountain
    • Alhambra
    • Camelback East
    • South Mountain
    • Estrella
    • Laveen
    • Desert View
    • North Gateway
    • Ahwatukee Foothills
    • Encanto
    • New Village

    Your neighborhood not listed? We serve virtually all of Phoenix, so contact us to request service from licensed, NATE-Certified experts today!

    Air Conditioning And Heating Frisco, TX – Air Repair #Frisco #air #conditioning #repair


    Frisco, TX Air Conditioning And Heating

    Air Repair

    With over 38 years of experience and certification by the EPA, Air Repair provides air conditioning and heating repair, installation and sales to both residential and commercial clients in the North Dallas area. As long-standing members of the Chamber of Commerce for the cities of Frisco and The Colony, Air Repair, Inc. has proven to remain a choice provider in the A/C and heating industry.

    We are proud but humble to earned the respect and loyalty from numerous of satisfied clientele and will continue to remain committed to the old-fashioned values of integrity, professionalism, dependability and affordability for which we are known for.

    Learn More About Air Repair:

    • Heating And Air Free estimates on new installations
    • Preventative Maintenance – yearly preventive maintenance can increase equipment reliability, decrease energy consumption, ensure comfort levels, maximize system capacity, and eliminate or minimize seasonal breakdown
    • Energy Saving Tips Some tricks to save some money on your next electric bill
    • Coupons Save even more money by checking out our specials and coupons

    We pledge to keep your total comfort our foremost priority. In excellent standing with the Better Business Bureau, we have proven to remain a leader for our industry. Whether you are a repeat customer or we are meeting you for the very first time, we will promise to ensure you are always fully informed and confident in our professional suggestions we make during the time of service.

    Contact Air Repair today at 972-625-1400. or browse the website for more information about our products and services.

    Contact Air Repair of Frisco, TX

    Name of Business

    Samsung Mini Split 12000 BTU #pearl #air #conditioner



    • Nom Cooling Capacity (Btu/h): 12,000
    • SEER: 26.1
    • Cool Capacity Range (Btu/h): 3,071 – 13,648
    • Nom Heating Capacity (Btu/h): 13,600
    • HSPF: 11.5
    • Heat Capacity Range (Btu/h): 2,730 – 22,519
    • Refrigerant Type: R410A
    • De-Hum (Pints/Hr): 3.17
    • Power Voltage: 208/230V-1Ph-60Hz
    • Breaker Size: 15A
    • RLA Cooling/Heating (Amps): 5.3/8.5
    • Controls: Wireless Remote

    Indoor Unit

    • Indoor Unit: AR12JSFDHWKN
    • Airflow-High Speed (CFM): 490
    • Noise Level Low/High (Db): 20/41
    • Width (inches): 35 9/32″
    • Height (inches): 10 1/4″
    • Total Depth (inches): 10 3/16″
    • Weight (lbs): 24.7
    • Condensate Connection: 11/16″ OD

    Outdoor Unit

    • Outdoor Unit: AR12JSFDHWKX
    • Outdoor Noise Level (Db): 45
    • Width (inches): 34 5/8″
    • Height (inches): 25 1/8″
    • Total Depth (inches): 12 3/16″
    • Weight (lbs): 88.18

    Line Sets

    • Size: 1/4″ 3/8″
    • Max Line Set Length Including: 50ft
    • Max Vertical Separate of: 26ft
    • Charged with R410A for: 25 ft. (40.56oz R410A)
    • Additional R410A charge Required. 16 oz./ft. over 25 ft.



    • Super Energy Efficient: One of the most energy efficient units in the industry with a SEER of 28.1
    • Amazing Warranty: 10 Year Compressor and 10 Year Parts
    • Smart Inverter: Maintains temperature without frequently shutting off using 70% less engergy
    • Single User Mode: Reduce power consumption when your home alone but still maintain a comfortable temperature
    • 2-Step Cooling: Cools the air fast using Fast Cool mode then automatically changes to Comfort Cool mode to maintain the set temperature
    • Auto Restart
    • Auto Changeover

    Line Sets

    Condensate Pump

    Wind Baffles


    Air Marketing Group LLC is the ONLY Samsung Factory Authorized Internet Dealer in the USA To Include The Samsung Factory Warranty.
    Samsung Factory Warranty will ONLY be valid if purchser returns completed Installer from within 30 days of Purchase.

    Factory Warranty: 10 Years compressor, 10 Year Parts, 120 Day limited labor

    Furnace Filters, Air Conditioner Filters, Any Size #air #filters #for #house,air #conditioner #filters,residential #air #filters,heater #filters,furnace #filters,home #filters,filtersnow.com,filters-now.com,3m #filters,pleated #filters,3m #pleated #filters,pleeted #filters,house #filters,filtrete,3m #filtrete,indoor #air #quality,air #quality #products,allergen,allergies,allergy,3m #filtrete #filters,electrostatic #filters,permanent #filters,permanent #air #filters,a/c #filters,ac #filters,filters,air #conditioner #maintenance


    Furnace Filters

    “If any Filters-NOW product does not meet your complete satisfaction,
    return the product for a full refund.”

    At Filters-NOW. our mission is to provide our customers with air filters, and air filter related products, of the highest quality, with unmatched delivery performance. With over 15,000 items in stock, we are sure to have your filter ready to ship. Not only do we have the filter you need, we also ship your order in one business day.

    • 15,000+ products in our warehouse
    • Best shipping time in the industry
    • Over 75 years of air filtration experience
    • The ability to make custom size filters and ship within 24 hours
    • and a lifetime guarantee

    . make us your number one trusted source for clean indoor air.

    If you are looking to reduce the amount of dust, pollen, mold spores, bacteria and pet dander from your air, Accumulair air filters and furnace filters are your answer. Made from electrostatically charged pleated material that lasts up to 3 months, Accumulair air filters are designed to reduce the amount of indoor irritants and pollutants that plaque many households.

    Accumulair air filters come in over 200 different sizes. If you are in need of custom sized filters, Accumulair filters can be made to your exact specifications. Basically, Accumulair brand filters come in every possible size.

    Corona air conditioner #samsung #air, #samsung #air #conditioners,samsung #aircon, #samsung #aircon #installers, #samsung #heat #pump, #samsung #air #installations, #aircon #installer, #ducted #heating,evaporative #cooling,split #system,ducted #split,ducted #cooling,add #on #cooling,air #conditioning, #heating #and #cooling #aircon


    AR9000 Inverter

    AR5000 Max Inverter

    Samsung Air con Installations – Install – Service – Relocations – Johannesburg – Fourways – Sandton – West Rand – East Rand – Northern Surburbs.

    We at LEE’s Heating and Cooling Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps South Africa install Aircons in homes, business offices, guest lodges, hotels and mines. We Install and Supply Midwall Split Units and Heat pump Systems, Ceiling Cassettes, Under Ceiling Cassettes, Ducted units and heat pump systems, Inverter units and heat pump Systems, DVM Units and heat pump Systems in all the areas in Gauteng namely, Randburg, West Rand, East Rand, Northern Suburbs and Johannesburg.

    Samsung Aircon | Air Conditioning – Models We Supply, Install and Service.

    At LEE’s Heating and Cooling Air Conditioning we supply, install and service the following Alliance Aircon Models namely the Alliance Vertu Inverter Midwall Split System (R410A) – Alliance Corona Inverter Midwall Split System (R410) – Alliance Whisper Midwall Split System – Alliance Pacific Midwall Split Unit – Alliance 4 way Compact Ceiling Cassette units – Alliance Inverter Ducted Units – Alliance Underceiling Inverters – Alliance Heat Pumps – Alliance Window wall Units – Allince Roof packages DVM Series.

    LEE’s strives for total customer satisfaction and maintaining a high standard of excellence in the industry. Edging out their competitors with samsung air. Be sure that when you see one of our samsung air specialists at LEE’S, you will always get quality advice, service and products.

    Samsung Air con Pricing Policy

    Our pricing policy is based on our standardised rates system. Meaning, we constantly monitor our pricing structure, which can be affected by fuel prices, copper commodities etc. Where possible we endeavour to absorb small increases in prices of raw materials into our fixed prices. However from time to time, we may need to make changes to the prices before we get the opportunity to reflect those changes on our websites. When it all boils down, we essentially virtually guarantee your price is correct at the time you read this, and have work done by us. 99% of the time we charge you exactly what we quote, no trickery and no playing dutch auctions. For us it is paramount that the price we publicise is the price you actually end up paying

    First Floor Samsung Aircon installation | Johannesburg, West Rand, East Rand, Fourways – R1500.00 We will install your split system air conditioner, including all Pipework, Interconnect Cables, Drain tubing and power cords. All necessary labour for this outstanding all inclusive price. We allow for 2m of pipework, unit will be fully installed, tested and commissioned. Upon completion we will demonstrate how the unit works, and provide you an invoice and fill out your warranty details

    Ground Floor Aircon installers | Johannesburg, East Rand, West Rand, Randburg – R1500.00 We will install your split system air conditioner, including all Pipework, Interconnect Cables, Drain tubing and power cords. All necessary labour for this outstanding all inclusive price. We allow for 2m of pipework, unit will be fully installed, tested and commissioned. Upon completion we will demonstrate how the unit works, and provide you with an invoice and fill out your warranty details.

    Samsung Installation Prices for Air Conditioners are based on:

    • Back to back installation. So internal unit is mounted on a flat external facing wall. Compressor unit is sited directly behind this externally.
    • Clear access internally and externally, please ensure we have immediate unobstructed and cleared access to begin installation.
    • Installation of air conditioner only, extras are listed below in what is not included.
    • Standardised home/property construction. Brick veneer, timber frame. Extras apply to double brick construction, or concrete panel type.
    • Ground floor and first floor installations only, on private premises. Please note. we do not deal with your Body Corp. Should you need their permission for installation, we need a copy of their agreement in writing prior to installation.

    Installation, What is Included.

    • Insulated copper pipe, as per pricing structure above – for single and double storey homes.
    • Interconnecting cables, from internal head unit to external compressor.
    • Drain hose, continuous conduit drain, high performance type.
    • Mounting brackets for outdoor unit if necessary.
    • All labour to install the air conditioner.
    • All fixings, rubber vibration mounting waffles.
    • Testing, commissioning and handover.

    Installation, What is not Included.

    • Electrical work is specifically excluded from our prices see * below. Any work on Main Distribution Board is charged at R1350.00 Inc Vat.
    • Supply of Air conditioning unit is NOT included in this offer. You need to supply your own system. Otherwise you can call our helpful staff to quote you on your system requirements. If need be, we can have one of our technical sales reps come to your premises and do a site evaluation to ensure you get the right product.
    • De-commissioning and removal of existing Aircon – charges apply ( usually R650.00 Inc Vat extra per AC ). We will “remove from site” your old aircon.
    • Installation of aircons in locations outside Gauteng unless arranged with Management.
    • Scaffolding if we are working above heights of 7m will be charged for accordingly.

    Installation Exclusions and Extras:

    • We repair and service all types of Aircons.
    • We install all brands, second hand units, ex-demo or shop display units.
    • All units not supplied by us should be in decent working condition otherwise we reserve the right to reject installation.
    • We will not install in unattended or unoccupied premisses, without prior notification in writing.
    • Extra pipework/cabling/drain/duct charged at R170.00 Inc Vat per extra metre.
    • Electrical work. At your request we can engage a Private Electrical Company to provide electrical services. Their fees are approx R1450.00 Inc vat per aircon. Prices vary dependent on the property construction, access to run cables, distance of electrical run and capacity of consumer mains.

    We are a supplier as well as Air Conditioning Installers. As such we do not have shops, retail space or warehousing. To view any Samsung products, we can arrange with Samsung Air to visit their show room right here in Fourways.


    Fixed price guarantee applies to standard run of pipework and interconnects. Wherever possible if extras are required we notify you before we commence work. Standard run, for a lowset installation is 3.5 metres of pipework/cabling/drain/interconnect cables. The standard for a high set installation is 5.0 metres. All prices are based on back to back installations. This price promise does not apply to ancillary, non standard installations or electrical work by third parties.

    Air Conditioning Installation Johannesburg | Air Conditioning Installation East Rand | Air Conditioning Installation West rand | Air Conditioning Installation Northern Suburbs .


    Supreme Plumbing Heating Cooling #air #conditioners, #air #conditioning, #air #conditioning #compressors, #hvac #equipment, #gas #furnace, #heat #pump, #heat #pumps, #heating, #commercial, #residential, #ac, #airconditioning #contractors, #comfort #systems, #contractors, #contractor, #cooling #system, #cooling #systems, #installers, #installation, #indiana, #bryant, #hvac, #heating #and #cooling, #terre #haute, #in


    For more than 50 years, Supreme Plumbing, Heating and Cooling has served residential and commercial customers with the highest quality products and service from NATE-certified* technicians. Whether servicing an existing unit or installing a new or replacement system, Supreme will work with you to find the most cost-efficient, energy-saving system for your home or business, with our goal being your year-round, uninterrupted comfort.

    Our conscientious, efficient technicians are factory trained to assist you with your home and business comfort needs. They are experts in all types of applications including heat pumps, high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners, boilers and geothermal systems. Call us for a free estimate on installations.

    Our licensed, professional and courteous plumbing experts provide solutions for all of your plumbing problems including water heaters, bathroom and kitchen faucet and fixture installation and repair, washer and dryer connection, water and gas lines and more. We also have a full-service sheet metal fabrication shop for custom installations and repair needs.

    Supreme is a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer. What makes a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer stand out is the unparalleled performance the company offers – true excellence in every aspect of operations, product solutions and technical know-how. The Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer emblem indicates Supreme meets high standards for superior skills, service, products and comfort.

    Supreme Heating & Air Conditioning Co. Inc
    1399 E Margaret Dr, Terre Haute, IN 47802
    Call 812-234-4845

    For more than 50 years, Supreme Plumbing, Heating and Cooling has served residential and commercial customers with the highest quality products and service from NATE-certified* technicians. Whether servicing an existing unit or installing a new or replacement system, Supreme will work with you to find the most cost-efficient, energy-saving system for your home or business, with our goal being your year-round, uninterrupted comfort.

    Our conscientious, efficient technicians are factory trained to assist you with your home and business comfort needs. They are experts in all types of applications including heat pumps, high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners, boilers and geothermal systems. Call us for a free estimate on installations.

    Our licensed, professional and courteous plumbing experts provide solutions for all of your plumbing problems including water heaters, bathroom and kitchen faucet and fixture installation and repair, washer and dryer connection, water and gas lines and more. We also have a full-service sheet metal fabrication shop for custom installations and repair needs.

    Supreme is a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer. What makes a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer stand out is the unparalleled performance the company offers – true excellence in every aspect of operations, product solutions and technical know-how. The Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer emblem indicates Supreme meets high standards for superior skills, service, products and comfort.

    SMACNA 2016 Annual Convention #sheet #metal #and #air #conditioning #contractors # #national #association,sheet #metal #and #air #conditioning #contractors # #national #association #(smacna),sheet #metal #and #air #conditioning #contractors # #national #association #(smacna) #event


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    SMACNA 2016 Annual Convention

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    Paris Climate Agreement


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    Heating Furnace AC HVAC Repair Longmont CO #longmont #heating, #longmont #furnace #repair, #longmont #hvac, #ac #repair, #boiler #repair, #humidifiers, #air #conditioning


    Your Longmont Heating and Cooling Contractor

    Blue Valley Energy can repair, service, or install any aspect of your home or business heating and cooling systems . We specialize in geothermal heating and cooling system installation and maintenance but offer full-service furnace, air conditioning, boilers, and air handling system installation and maintenance.

    Blue Valley Energy has been in business for over 30 years and has well over 100 years of combined experience serving Longmont and the Colorado Front Range area. Our technicians are highly trained and very experienced in all aspects of HVAC service. They are experts in their field so that we can provide superior service to our customers.

    • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We want every customer satisfied. We have been in business for many years, and we re not going anywhere. We invest in long-term relationships with our local customers. A solid reputation and referrals come only from giving our all to each and every service call. We aren t happy until you re happy.
    • 24 Hour Service, Evening, Weekends Holidays. No one wants to have an HVAC emergency in the off hours but life happens. Blue Valley commits to fixing your furnace or AC fast! Call us for any heating and cooling repair emergency.
    • Same day service you need your heating and cooling fixed asap. We understand! We provide same day service to get your furnace or air conditioner back to working for you in no time.

    Servicing of all brands, makes and models of furnaces, air conditioners, boilers, air handling systems, and more:

    Blue Valley is the Best HVAC Contractor in Longmont

    Spring Attendee Homepage – Atlanta Home Show – Georgia s Largest Home Show #home #show #booth #award #winners,exhibitor #reservations,consumer #show #marketing,consumer #show,air #conditioning,air #purification,antiques,appliance,architect,art,atlanta,atlanta #home #show,attic,awning,balusters,bath,bathroom,bed,berber,billiards,birdfeeder,blinds,builder,building #product,bushes,cabinets,canopies,carpet,carpeting,cedar #shingles,cement,central #vacuum,chimney,cleaning #product,clock,closet #organization,closet #storage,closets,concrete,concrete #resurfacing,concrete #staining,construction,construction,contractor,convention,cooktop,cookware,countertop,custom #cabinets,cutlery,deck,design,design,dishwasher,door,door #handles,drain,drywall,elevator,elliptical,energy #saving,event,exhibit,exhibition,exhibitor,expo,fall,faucet,fence,fencing,financial #service,fireplace,fitness #equipment,fixture,flag,flag #pole,floor #care #product,flooring,flowers,foundation,furnace,furniture,garage,garage #door,garden,garden #and #patio #show,garden #tools,gas #logs,gazebo,georgia,glass #tinting,glasswork,granite,grass,greenhouse,grill,grout,gutters,hardware,heated #floor,heating,home,home #and #garden #show,home #builder,home #entertainment,home #improvement,home #inspection,home #office,home #repair,home #security,home #show,homebuyer,homebuying,hot #designs,hot #tub,insulating #windows,insulation,interior #decorating,interior #design,kitchen,knob,ladder,land,landscape,landscaping,landscaping,lawn,lawn #ornament,leaded #glass,lighting,liquid #vinyl,lock,log #home,lumber,mailbox,mantel,marble,mattress,microwave,millwork,mirror,natural #gas,new #product,organ,outdoor #kitchen,oven,paint,paint,painting,patio,patio,patio #enclosure,patio #furniture,pavement,paving,pest #control,piano,picture #frame,pine #floor,plant,plants,playground #equipment,plumbing,pond,pool,project,refridgerator,remodeling,renovation,resurfacing,retractable #screen,rocks,roof,roofing,room,rv,sauna,security #system,seminar,shelf,shelving,shingles,shower,shows,shrub,shutters,siding,sink,skylight,solar #energy,solar #technology,spa,sprayfoam,spring,stained #glass,staircase,stairs,stone,stone #product,storage,stove,sunroom,technology,termite #bait,tile,toilet,tool,tram #system,travel,treadmill,tree,tree,tub,utility #building,vacuums,vinyl #siding,wall,wall #covering,water #feature,water #filtration #system,water #garden,water #heater,waterfall,waterproofing,window,window #treatment,windows,wood,woodworking


    The 39th Annual Spring Atlanta Home Show – March 24-26, 2017 – Cobb Galleria Centre

    The largest Home Show in Georgia! Hundreds of participating companies! For THREE days only March 24-26, the Cobb Galleria transforms into a one-stop-shop for all your home improvement needs! For 39 years the Spring Atlanta Home Show has been improving home lifestyles and adding value to your largest single investment, your home. We’re proud of our ability to produce a family friendly environment and welcome you to our home.

    Experience exciting and interactive sessions that can inspire you in your yard, with your decor and save you a great deal of time and money on your next remodeling job. » Click here to read more.

    This year’s grand prize is a 7 LED fixture outdoor lighting package provided by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Atlanta. No purchase necessary – read more for all the details. » Click here to read more.

    Georgia Landscape presents the Red Hare Backyard Beer Garden! Come learn about landscape design, services and products ranging from grass to fire, flowers to water, patios to recreation areas. You can chat with area experts about local landscape and options for every type of backyard. This is an interactive, educational area designed to give you the information you need to turn your backyard into an outdoor living area to enjoy for years! If all that were not enough, for a $5 donation to Hope Atlanta – the programs of Travelers Aid you can taste your way through this feature. Marietta’s own Red Hare Brewing Company will have SIX of their handcrafted brews available for your approval! Cabot Creamery will also have a sampling of cheeses. So bring your friends, enjoy some great beer and help a worthy cause! » Click here to read more.

    Thanks to PMC Building Materials, members of the home improvement trade receive FREE admission to the show on Friday March 24! » Click here to read more.

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    Earn 1,000 Bonus Miles at Starwood Hotels and Resorts

    Stay two nights or more at participating Starwood hotels and resorts such as Westin ®. Sheraton ® and W Hotels ® to earn 1,000 bonus miles. Book your stay in exciting destinations like New York, Seattle, Los Angeles and more.

    Here’s how it works:

    • Book your stay under special rate code: AIRPRODL
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    • Stay at participating Starwood hotels and resorts by December 31, 2016
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    To receive the bonus miles, be sure to save your SkyMiles® number in your SPG® profile at spg.com/frequentflyer opens in a new window .

    Earn Triple Miles with Hilton this Summer

    Register and stay by November 18th 2016 at participating hotels in Latin America, Caribbean and Canada and earn Triple miles per stay.

    To earn Triple Miles with this offer:

    • Click here opens in a new window to register for this offer
    • Make sure you have selected Points and Miles as your preferred My Way™ Earning Style option in your HHonors account preferences
    • Choose Delta Air Lines as your preferred travel partner in your HHonors account
    • Book and Stay at participating Hilton hotels and resorts by November 18th 2016

    Earn Double Miles at Radisson Blu in the Americas

    From Sep 1, 2016 until Nov 30, 2016, earn double miles (500 base miles + 500 bonus miles) on eligible stays at Radisson Blu hotels in Chicago, Minneapolis, Sao Paulo and Santiago de Chile.

    To earn 1,000 miles per stay:

    · Book stay at a participating Radisson Blu hotel by November 30 th 2016.

    · Provide your Delta SkyMiles number at check-in.