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Siem Reap Rooms Guesthouse

Last updated: 08 Apr 2013

A Western/Khmer managed guesthouse located within a ten minute walk of the town centre.

Siem Reap Rooms is one of the most popular places to stay in Siem Reap, the guesthouse is jointly managed by Jia, Vesna and Phil with their team of friendly and helpful staff. Siem Reap Rooms tours are managed by Phil who is a British guy and has lived in Siem Reap for nearly 10 years. He has vast experience of arranging tours around the Angkor Temples and other places in Cambodia. Phil is quite often around the guesthouse for a chat or advice. He also works on a few charity projects around Siem Reap, so if you are interested in voluntary work then please let us know.

Siem Reap Rooms is only a ten minute walk from the town centre. We are just off the main Wat Bo Road on a quiet street, which is only 900 metres away from the Old Market and Pub Street area. Close to all the city’s attractions, it is an ideal location to experience all of Siem Reap’s excitement but far enough away to return to a peaceful room for some well deserved rest.

Due to our quiet location, friendly staff and delicious Western style breakfasts we are very popular with people looking for a quiet and friendly place to stay with a Western management style.

We have a large front patio where you can check out our Western breakfast menu, a beautiful roof top lounge with a small soaker pool and t.v room. The roof top is a great place to watch the sunset and relax after a long day of temples.

We have 14 immaculately clean rooms, which are all A/C rooms. All rooms have private en suite bathrooms with hot water and cable T.V. Free wifi, internet and a free pick up service is available to all of our customers arriving at their known arrival points.

Our Angkor tours are available to all of our customers. Once you make a room booking via Hostelworld we will send you an email to thank you for your reservation, if you are interested in one of our tours then just let us know when replying to our email. If you are looking for a memorable trip to Siem Reap then we would recommend you book a pre-arranged tour with us, as it gives us more time to plan the perfect itinerary for you. Alternatively, we can give you lots of information on check in about options for the temples, and we can arrange experienced drivers for your visit to the Angkor temples. However, we would strongly advise you to book a pre-arranged tour if you require a tour guide as the best tour guides are normally booked up well in advance.


We are a 10 minute walk to Old Market. Our address is:

Siemreaprooms Guesthouse, Road #26, Wat Bo, Salakamreuk, Siem Reap

If you are unable to find us please call +855 (0) 89477960 for directions or better still tell us your arrival details so we can arrange a free pick up.