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Dental Assistant Job Description Duties

A dental assistant job description is unique and varied. It requires many skills, as well as strong personal qualities. Fortunately, the skills needed to perform the key dental assistant duties can be learned through an accredited dental assistant training program. Learning to take on other dental assisting duties and responsibilities can be accomplished with job experience.

This page will outline the basic dental assistant job description, including dental assistant duties, skills, and responsibilities. Mastering the skills needed to perform these duties and responsibilities can help dental assistants earn a higher salary. and may help prepare them for advancement into other fields.

Dental Assistant Duties

Dental assistant duties mostly consist of preparing the patient for the dental examination, assisting the dentist during dental procedures, and doing front-office work. Front-office job duties might include helping patients schedule appointments and working with equipment suppliers to handle deliveries.

Some specific dental assisting job duties may include:

  • Answering patient questions before an appointment
  • Preparing patients for dental procedures by making them comfortable and providing any instructions
  • Sterilizing dental instruments and equipment, and placing for easy access
  • Preparing the dental exam room for use by the dentist by making sure it is stocked and organized
  • Assisting the dentist during procedures, including passing instruments, getting supplies, and using the suction tube to keep the patient’s mouth dry
  • Assisting with dental x-rays
  • Assisting with dental lab work
  • Instructing patients on dental hygiene and proper care of dental fixtures
  • Scheduling follow-up appointments
  • Keeping patient records
  • Assisting with billing and invoicing needs

Additional Dental Assistant Duties

In addition to these general dental assisting duties, a dental assistant job description might also include specialized tasks, depending on which state the dental assistant works in. Some of these tasks include:

  • Applying local dental anesthetic
  • Cleaning teeth
  • Applying dental sealant
  • Applying dental fluoride

General Dental Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

Beyond the job duties described above, dental assistants also have more general responsibilities when it comes to handling patients. Mastering these responsibilities is not taught in dental assisting courses. but can be developed while working as a dental assistant.

Some general dental assisting duties are:

  • Working with people. Dental assistants routinely work with patients who are in pain, are in a hurry, or don’t want to be there. Having good people skills comes in handy.
  • Explaining things. Dental assistants spend a lot of time explaining things such as dental hygiene, proper care of dental fixtures, and proper use of toothbrushes and other dental tools.
  • Staying focused. While the dentist is working on a patient, the dental assistant should be able to pay close attention and anticipate the dentist’s needs. Attention to detail is important.
  • Working with numbers. Since some dental assistant duties involve billing patients and receiving payments, being good with numbers is a good skill to have.
  • Staying organized. Part of a dental assistant’s job description involves managing the front office, so being able to keep an area organized is a responsibility dental assistants usually have.

If you master these dental assistant job duties and responsibilities through training and job experience, you will be able to earn a higher dental assisting salary and take on more responsibilities. Another step you can take is pursuing your dental assisting certification. which will help differentiate you in the job market.

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Medical Assisting Degree vs. Diploma vs. Certificate

Are you interested in becoming a medical assistant? There are various ways that you can get into the medical assisting career.

The medical field has an abundance of careers that one can get into. It is more than just physicians and nurses. One of the medical careers you can consider is Medical Assisting. A medical assistant usually works in a physician’s office, clinic and other health care facilities. As the term implies, a medical assistant helps in the administrative and/or clinical aspect of the facility.

There are several ways to get into Medical Assisting. You can choose between getting a degree, diploma or certificate. If you are just deciding to get into the field, choosing which way to go can be confusing. Is there really a difference between the three? And the answer is yes.

Medical Assisting Certificate

Medical Assisting Certificate programs are offered both in private schools and community colleges. The program runs for about a year, and sometimes even shorter than a year, and focuses on specific skills – administrative or clinical. When you have completed your medical assisting certificate program, you would have to take the medical assistant certification examination. This option may be the least expensive of the three.

Medical Assisting Diploma

The diploma course for medical assisting can take 9 months to 1 year to complete, depending on the school or college you are enrolled in. The program offers a more comprehensive look into the medical assisting field. It deals with both the administrative and clinical aspect of the job and offers basic training in both. At the end of your program you would also need to take the medical assistant certification examination to get certified. The medical assisting diploma program may cost a little more than the certificate program. The diploma program is offered both in private schools and community colleges.

Medical Assisting Degree

Should you opt to get a medical assistant degree you need two years to finish the whole program. It is more comprehensive and in-depth than the diploma program. Expect higher academic demand that goes with the program combined with practical and on-hand training. Just like in the diploma program, this degree program will train you in both administrative and clinical tasks associated with medical assisting. You will also need to take up additional classes as part of the program requirement. After you have completed your degree you can take the medical assisting certification examination to get certified. This is the most expensive of all the three options. The medical assisting degree program is offered in community colleges and private schools as well.

Each of these educational options will help you get into the field of medical assisting. You have to consider several factors before deciding which road to take. There is the time element – how much time can you devote to studying? Online studies may be an option here. How much money can you spend on the program? What is your career outlook for the next couple of years? Of course, the degree program offers a more lucrative job opportunities and security. Just weigh all the factors and consider all your options before deciding so you will get the best out of it.

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Dental Assistant Schools Training Programs

Exploring dental assistant schools is one of the most important steps in becoming a dental assistant. Dental assistant schools can help you prepare for employment by offering dental assistant courses that teach the hands-on skills you will use every day. Learning those skills through dental assistant schools will give you a strong foundation on which to build your dental assistant career.

Dental Assistant Schools Enrolling Now

Brightwood College

At Brightwood College, we offer accelerated programs that combine flexible schedules and professional instruction to create a rewarding learning experience focused on helping you gain skills for your chosen career.

We keep education relevant by employing instructors with real-world experience in the field, who bring their career backgrounds to the classroom. Our programs are continually assessed by faculty, staff and members of the business and education communities to help ensure your studies align with your career goals. Programs offered by Brightwood College focus on local employment needs, in areas such as allied health, nursing and technical and professional programs.

Within the classroom, it is our mission to not only provide vocational training, but to help you develop the professional skills, values, attitudes and strategies that will enhance your potential for success on campus, in your career and through life.

The success of our students is our greatest success. Because when our students succeed, we ve completed the job we set out to do: empower the courageous, and enable real and relevant change.


Arizona College

Arizona College prepares students to work in the real world of medicine. With the use of lecture and laboratory teaching, we provide our students with hands on experience. Arizona College also provides job placement services including interview techniques and preparing resumes.

Students at Arizona College can take advantage of many benefits. Arizona College students can get their resumes updated and receive job placement assistance at no charge. Whether looking for a part-time survival job while going through school, hoping for the right externship or looking for placement upon graduation, career development is available to help students through their search.


Lincoln Tech

Since 1946, Lincoln Tech has been helping students achieve professional success through personalized career support and hands-on, job-specific education. Our in-depth training programs are designed to meet the changing needs of today s tough job market, and cover a variety of fields, including: Health Sciences, Information Technology, Spa Cosmetology, Automotive Technology, Welding, HVAC and Electrical.

What sets Lincoln Tech apart from other schools? Quite a few things, actually; our training programs emphasize experiential, interactive learning activities that means you ll do the job before you take the job. Plus, our Certificate, Diploma and Associate degree programs are designed to accelerate your entry into the job market by offering a shorter length of training, so you may be earning valuable on-the-job experience before many of your peers do.

But our strengths go beyond that. Our Lincoln instructors possess a combination of seasoned teaching skills, subject matter expertise and real world experience. Plus, we ve built working partnerships with important industry contacts in your area. So when you graduate, we ll help you find a good position and start your career off right.

When it comes to choosing a post-secondary educational institution, keep this in mind: our dedication to your success sets us apart from the competition and the specialized, career-focused training you ll receive at Lincoln will set you apart from yours. Lincoln Tech offers flexible daytime and evening programs to accommodate your busy schedule. Financial aid is available for those who qualify and Career Placement assistance is available upon graduation.


All-State – Allied Health

All State was founded to provide you with the quality training necessary to meet your career objectives in many of the largest industries in the country ranging from Healthcare and trades to transportation. Many of the high demand industries have long recognized the need for professionally trained employees. By today s rigid standards, the old trial and error and on-the-job training methods are unacceptable. There s a better way!

All State is dedicated to preparing you to fill the employment opportunities available within many of these exciting industries. Our certification courses can prepare you for a lifetime of job security, stability, good income and benefits.

With All State you can achieve success. You can have a positive future, job satisfaction and financial freedom! It s as simple as committing yourself to an education at All State Career School. We do more for you then just prepare you for a job. We want you to shine, so we give you critical career skills, confidence in your abilities and the extra boost of job placement assistance.

  • Expanded Function Dental Assisting
  • Dental Assisting

Fortis College

At Fortis, our students get the skills and training needed for great careers in industries that are in demand. You are now closer to your dreams than ever before!

Fortis provides prominent education for anyone regardless of your previous educational background. Get the opportunity to receive all the personalized attention you deserve to achieve your career and educational goals!

  • Dental Assistant
  • Expanded Function Dental Assistant
  • Dental Assisting

Benefits of Dental Assistant Schools

Dental assistant schools can prepare you for a career in ways that simple experience cannot. Dental assistant schools are designed to provide career training as well as hands-on experience in the form of externships and in-class exercises. Additionally, accredited dental assistant schools may help you prepare for dental assistant certification, another important step in building a career. Having formal dental assistant training can also help you earn a higher dental assistant salary .

A good dental assistant school will not only give you the hands-on skills you need to be a successful dental assistant, it will also prepare you to help run a business and work with people.

Dental assistant schools may help you:

  • Land better dental assistant jobs
  • Gain skills that will help you in your career and other endeavors
  • Get onto the fast track toward dental assistant certification

Finding the Right Dental Assistant School

There are many good dental assistant schools you can choose from. It is important to gain as much information as possible about the schools near you, so you can be aware of all of your options. When researching dental assistant schools, it is recommended that you get information on at least three programs in order to compare them. You should look at factors like:

  • Tuition
  • Accreditation
  • Career Services
  • Course Offerings
  • Location
  • Reputation
  • Staff and Customer Service

For more help exploring dental assistant schools near you, you can also search for dental assistant schools by state .

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Medical Assistant Certificate Programs

Medical assistant certificate programs are a quick, relatively simple education option for someone seeking to become a medical assistant.

Medical assistant certificates are offered by most medical assistant schools including junior colleges, career schools and universities. They are usually designed to supplement an existing degree. Certificate programs are often the first choice for professionals in other fields who wish to become medical assistants.

Medical Assisting Certificate Curriculum

Unlike associate s degree programs which contain some general education course material, the course curriculum for medical assistant certificates focuses mostly on core courses in medical assisting. These include lecture-based classes in medical knowledge as well as hands-on courses with a patient-care focus.

A typical certificate program in medical assisting might contain courses like:

  • Medical Terminology
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Medical Law and Ethics
  • Medical Office Management
  • Clinical Practices

For example, the certificate program at Kaplan University contains beginning and advanced levels of anatomy and physiology, as well as beginning and advanced levels of clinical competency classes.

Benefits of the Medical Assistant Certificate

The primary benefit of obtaining a certificate in medical assisting, besides entry-level employment as a medical assistant, is speed of completion.

Most medical assistant certificate programs can be completed in nine months to a year. Training is quick because certificate programs offer focused, practical training with a career-oriented focus.

Unlike more advanced degree programs. certificate programs contain little or no general education courses, since they work under the assumption that students have satisfied general education requirements with previous education. These programs are designed to prepare students to fill the basic medical assistant job description quickly and efficiently.

Another benefit to medical assistant certificate programs is cost. Because of the shorter time frame, the cost of a certificate program is, in general, roughly half of that of an associate’s degree.

Applying to a Certificate Program

The strongest candidates for medical assistant certificate programs typically possess some knowledge of biology, math, and anatomy via high school coursework. Since medical assistants also perform administrative functions, high school coursework in office procedures, bookkeeping, and computers is also valuable.

Applying to a medical assisting certificate program is usually a simple process. Most medical assistant schools offer an online application form where potential students fill out personal details such as name, address, prior education, program sought, and other information. In addition, many schools require a personal essay demonstrating the student s motivation for enrolling in the program.

Other documents may also be requested, such as:

  • High school transcripts
  • Resume or CV
  • Relevant test scores
  • Letters of recommendation

Prior to applying, most students request the school s information packet, which explains course materials, program details and other important information for applicants. It is standard to compare two to three schools before applying to one.

Medical Assistant Certificate Programs Enrolling Now

Charter College

Charter College is a private, independent institution of higher education that follows a new direction. Charter College is neither a liberal arts college, a university, nor a vocational school. Instead, Charter College borrows certain elements from each of those respected educational institutions to create a unique and innovative experience for our students.

We offer career training programs in the growing fields of health care, business, law, criminal justice, information technology, and select trade careers. We strive to provide our students with a career-focused education that is both relevant in today s workspace and cutting-edge in technology and focus.

  • Certificate – Medical Office Administrative Assistant
  • Certificate – Medical Assistant

College of Health Care Professions

Change your career! Change your life!

The College of Health Care Professions is a great place for working adults to enhance their current careers, or help themselves find new career pathways to better lives. We also train high school graduates to enter in the exciting high demand Healthcare industry.

Our programs are focused and centered on empowering you with the skills you need to enter the expanding and rewarding Health Care Industry. Learn only what you need to gain employment in your particular field, so you can get certified and enter the job market faster.

  • Dental Assistant
  • Limited Medical Radiologic Technologist
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Coding and Billing Health Information Technology

*Some programs may only be offered at certain locations.

The College of Health Care Professions also features:

  • Financial aid for those who qualify
  • Job placement assistance to graduates
  • Tutorials for all programs
  • Convenient day and evening classes
  • Four convenient locations
  • Friendly customer service oriented staff

If you re ready to forge a new direction in your life with better career options in the rewarding Health Care Industry, don t hesitate to find out more about The College of Health Care Professions today!

College of Heath Care Professions is approved and regulated by the Texas Workforce Commission Career Schools and Colleges. Authorized by the United States Department of Education for participation in the certain Title IV. HEA programs (Pell Grant Program and Federal Direct Student Loan Program). Regulated by the Texas Department of State Health Services for LMRT and Massage Program. AN approved vendor of the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services ( DARS ). A provider of educational training for the Workforce Investment Act. Approved by Veterans Affairs to train eligible veterans.

The College of Health Care Professions Austin
6505 Airport Blvd
Suite 102
Austin, TX 78752

The College of Health Care Professions Dallas
8390 Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway
Suite 300
Dallas, TX 75243

The College of Health Care Professions Fort Worth
4248 North Freeway
Fort Worth, TX 76137

The College of Health Care Professions Houston Northwest
240 Northwest Mall Blvd.
Houston, TX 77092

The College of Health Care Professions Houston Southwest
One Arena Place
7322 Southwest Freeway Suite 110
Houston, TX 77074

The College of Health Care Professions McAllen
1917 Nolana Ave
Ste 100
McAllen, TX 78504

The College of Health Care Professions San Antonio
4738 NW Loop 410
San Antonio, TX 78229

The College of Health Care Professions is institutionally accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools ( ABHES ) for both degree and non-degree programs.


Medical Assisting Degree – Online Learning Available #medical, #assisting, #career, #courses, #skills


Make a Difference in the Lives of Your Patients

Earn Your Medical Assisting Diploma

Your Medical Assisting Diploma allows you to provide critical, direct patient care as a medical assistant. As a medical assisting student, you ll learn to: perform routine diagnostic procedures, record vitals, and administer medications and first aid. Even more importantly, you ll learn to connect with your patients. If you’ve got a mind for medicine and a heart for healing, this accredited, respected medical assistant program could be just the beginning of a long and successful career in healthcare.

The curriculum is offered through a blend of on-campus and online courses, through which you ll gain a solid understanding of medical terminology, anatomy, pathology and basic concepts of pharmacology and psychology, including real-world work experience in a hands-on externship. And with programmatic accreditation at many of our campuses, you will feel confident you are making a valuable investment in your higher education.

When it’s time to advance your career, you can seamlessly transfer your Medical Assisting Diploma credits to earn a Health Sciences Associate s degree with a specialization in Medical Assisting.

To see how this program can help you achieve your goals:

  • Course plan customized for you
  • Support and financial aid planning
  • Career path guidance with no obligation

Read more about this program
and then request information specific to you

Gain In-Demand Medical Assisting Skills Employers Seek

Ready to Start Your Path in Medical Assisting?

How Much Could You Earn as a Medical Assistant?

Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Employment Statistics. [salary data accessed August 9, 2016] Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook. [career information accessed February 25, 2016] BLS salary data represents national, averaged earnings for the occupations listed and includes workers at all levels of education and experience. This data does not represent starting salaries. Employment conditions in your area may vary.

How Much Will it Cost?

See how affordable your degree of choice is:

We Help Make College Affordable

At Rasmussen College, we believe higher education should be a successful investment. That’s why we offer affordable options that make earning your degree attainable. See how you can save:

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