New Minnesota law makes it easier to expunge criminal records #criminal #attorney


New Minnesota law makes it easier to expunge criminal records

The third time a company offered her a job, then rescinded it, Katie Tourand lost all hope.

Although she had served time for two felonies almost a decade ago, Tourand had spent the intervening years cleaning up her act.

She recovered from addiction, had children and got a business degree. But on the last step to turning her life around — embarking on a career in marketing — she kept hitting a roadblock.

Although they were wooed by her résumé and skills, potential employers would balk once they did a criminal-background check.

“I felt like I got punched in the stomach,” said Tourand, now 29.

Want to get the expungement process started?

Here are some resources:

The MN Courts Self-Help Center offers information on starting the criminal expungement process, including a step-by-step tutorial at

Ramsey County Courts offers a criminal expungement clinic on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, 1 p.m. at the Ramsey County Law Library, 18th floor, Ramsey County Courthouse, 15 W Kellogg Blvd, St. Paul.

The Council on Crime and Justice has frequently asked questions about expungement, including a list of assistance and filing options, at

First Tuesdays from the Council on Crime and Justice and the Volunteer Lawyers Network provide free informational seminars on the first Tuesday of every month. The 50-minute overview of the expungement process is followed by one-on-one interviews that determine if a volunteer lawyer can help you with your case. Information is also available about how to represent yourself or find a lawyer.

The next First Tuesdays seminar is on Feb. 3, 2 to 5 p.m. at the Urban League, 2100 Plymouth Ave. N. Minneapolis. Attendees must bring their criminal record. More information:

Second Chance Saturdays from the Council on Crime and Justice and the University of Minnesota Law School is a free workshop on the third Saturday of each month that helps people obtain and understand their Minnesota criminal record.

The next Second Chance Saturdays workshop is on Saturday, Feb. 21, 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the University of Minnesota Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center, 2001 Plymouth Ave. N. Minneapolis. More information:

Like Tourand, hundreds of thousands of Minnesota ex-offenders — adults with convictions who have completed the terms of their sentences, whether they be probation, parole or prison — face similar barricades to employment. In Minnesota, employers are allowed to make blanket prohibitions on hiring people with criminal records.

Now, some ex-offenders have the option of a second chance.

A new law that went into effect Jan. 1 makes it easier for Minnesotans convicted of low-level felonies — as well as misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors and juvenile delinquency — to seal their records from the background checks routinely run by employers and landlords.

“It’s good for everyone,” said Gary Schiff, president of the Council on Crime and Justice, one of the leading advocacy organizations that lobbied for the change. “If someone has a job, if someone has housing, they are less likely to re-offend and end up back behind bars.”

Under the new law, some former offenders can apply to have their records sealed two to five years after completing their sentences. Victims have the opportunity to weigh in during the process, and expungement is not guaranteed.

This law is only the latest in a wave of reforms in criminal justice sweeping Minnesota and the rest of the country. State-by-state, there has been a push to help people who have low-level, nonviolent criminal records move on from their pasts.

“We see ourselves as part of a national movement,” said Sarah Walker, founder of the Second Chance Coalition, a local criminal justice reform group.

In Minnesota, advocates won in 2013 the “ban the box” legislation that deters employers from looking into criminal backgrounds until after an interview with the applicant. And in the upcoming legislative session, they will work to pass a law making it easier for former felons to get their voting rights restored.

All told, this is a trifecta of bipartisan efforts to provide better opportunities for ex-offenders to re-enter society.

“If we want to create pathways out of poverty and into prosperity, then we have to develop the infrastructure to allow individuals to be judged on their skills and qualifications, and not just on their past,” said Sen. Bobby Joe Champion, DFL-Minneapolis, chief author of all three bills.

From Subway to school

Tourand’s troubles began in high school when she started doing drugs. She dropped out of school, moved out of her home in Burnsville and got her first charge, second-degree possession, at age 18. She served four months in jail, and when she got out, went right back to using drugs.

At 20, she had a second felony charge, for aiding and abetting a check forgery.

Everything changed when she found out, shortly after her second arrest, that she was pregnant.

“That was the catalyst, the motivator, the inspiration,” said the well-spoken and candid Tourand. “It was everything I needed to stop.”

Tourand returned to her family, had a son, Jack, whom she gave up for adoption, and took “baby steps” to get back on track. She made sandwiches at Subway for years, until she decided to go back to school.

That was the first time she experienced how different life could be for felons. At Normandale Community College in Bloomington, Tourand volunteered with get-out-the-vote initiatives. But she couldn’t legally cast a ballot.

Tourand later transferred to the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis to study marketing.

She was able to work part-time during school and didn’t have any issues getting those jobs. So when Carlson hosted a job fair for seniors, she took advantage of it.

“I was all excited about what my future was going to hold, until I realized these are all major corporations and they are all requiring a background check,” she said.

She said she received signed offer letters from Wells Fargo and MetLife; both were rescinded. Another employer told her over the phone that she would have been hired if not for the record. (Neither Wells Fargo nor MetLife could discuss the particulars of Tourand’s case, but spokespeople for both companies said that they are required to comply with federal screening standards.)

Having the offers revoked was devastating for Tourand. “I had my head down working so hard for so long and to have this happen, it hit me — I realized, this is going to be my future,” she said. “I felt really hopeless.”

So she decided to do something about it.

Tourand got involved with criminal justice advocates who were waging a campaign to change the expungement law. She told elected leaders her story, on the record.

“I spoke at the final committee meeting before the vote on it, and it was very liberating,” she said. “I was like, ‘What do I have to lose? I can’t get a job anyway.’ “

Things began to turn around almost immediately. At the bill-signing ceremony, Gov. Mark Dayton came up to her and offered her a part-time job.

Turns out, there was something to Tourand’s catharsis. Christopher Uggen, a criminologist at the University of Minnesota and a leading researcher on expungement, found in a study he conducted that just the idea of expungement helped ex-offenders get jobs.

“Almost immediately it has a positive value,” Uggen said. “Expungement helps present a more balanced vision of a job seeker than just one record on paper, and at the same time, it also provides some hope for people who are stigmatized.”

Last fall, Tourand finally got her dream job, working full-time in digital marketing for a local firm. Her bosses didn’t think her record was relevant. When her new colleagues look her up online and find links to articles about the expungement law, they “go out of their way to tell me how proud they are of me,” Tourand said.

She’s still living with her father in the Burnsville house where she grew up, because her criminal history prevents her from easily renting an apartment. There, she raises her 3-year-old son, Charlie. She still sees Jack, too.

She is finally beginning to work toward getting her record sealed.

She hopes her journey can inspire others in her position to take control of their pasts.

“Before this, you had to sit in the shadows and wait for someone who was willing to take a chance on you. But now, we’re actually able to come out of hiding,” she said.

“I understand what I did in the past was wrong, but I’m not as ashamed. I own it.”

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The Criminal Justice System

The CPS works in partnership with the police, courts, the Home Office, the Ministry of Justice and other agencies throughout the Criminal Justice System.

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Her Majesty’s Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate (HMCPSI)

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(Versión en Español) March, 2017 RUMORS: Once again, the rumor-mongers of TDCJ are waging their campaign that the Legislature has changed a law. Once again, I am informing the inmate population: The Texas Legislature does meet this year, but no one will know whether there will be any new laws affecting the inmate population until at least June 2017. Just because a Bill (a suggestion by one of the Legislatures for a.

Parole in Texas is rather unique. If a family member or loved one has been placed in prison in the state of Texas you should forget about everything you have seen on television. In Texas the parole board members very seldom interview an inmate personally, the inmate is never brought before the parole board to meet and answer questions put to him by the parole board members. A parole package (an evidentiary.

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Houston Top Lawyer Award I have recently been honored as one of Houston s Top Lawyers for 2014 in H Texas Magazine. I humbly thank my fellow. News (Versión en Español) March, 2017 RUMORS: Once again, the rumor-mongers of TDCJ are waging their campaign that the Legislature. Paroles Parole in Texas is rather unique. If a family member or loved one has been placed in prison in the state of Texas you should. Parole Wins I am often asked by family members, loved ones, and inmates what type of cases I accept and how successful I have been in.

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This lawyer helped steal $600 million from the government, got caught — then disappeared

He called himself “Mr. Social Security” — a disability lawyer whose parking-lot replica of the Statue of Liberty and sophomoric ads helped make his rural practice one of the best known in Kentucky.

The government, on the other hand, simply calls him by his name: Eric Conn. It appears again and again in court documents surrounding Conn’s guilty plea earlier this year to bribing a judge and helping to defraud the government out of $600 million in disability claims.

Conn’s name also appears on an arrest warrant issued recently, after he disappeared before he could be sentenced and forced to repay tens of millions of dollars.

“It was totally predictable,” Ned Pillersdorf, a lawyer who helped Conn’s former clients win a class-action lawsuit for which he will also owe damages, told the Associated Press. “There has been a betting pool going on in Prestonsburg on not if he would flee, but when.”

Indeed, an FBI agent and other witnesses had urged a judge not to grant Conn bond after his arrest last year, according to the Courier-Journal. The lawyer had spoken of plans to flee the country, they warned, and may have stashed away cash.

In the preceding decades, he’d made plenty of it.

In business since the 1990s, Conn “worked out of an office complex made of five connected mobile homes in Floyd County,” the Lexington Herald Leader reported.

Those modest facilities hardly suggested the 56-year-old lawyer’s reputation, which had spread across much of eastern Kentucky even before his legal troubles began.

He was, the website Kentucky for Kentucky once wrote. “the most ridiculous lawyer in a land of ridiculous lawyers.”

For example: the scale model Statue of Liberty outside his mobile-home office compound — along with a 19-foot version of the Lincoln Memorial. which was once sung about in a promotional rap song.

Conn once hired a Miss Kentucky USA to be his public relations director for $70,000 a year, the Herald Leader reported. He had a crew of “Conn Hotties”— women in tight T-shirts printed with the firm’s 1-800 number, whom he sent to public events, according to the Associated Press .

Conn claimed to have created “the first lawyer 3-D commercial,” and once recorded a country music video in which he bumped buttocks with a woman while a man played a banjo behind them.

The lawyer explained to the Courier Journal that he hoped the video would persuade President Barack Obama to appoint him to the Social Security Advisory Board, despite his flamboyant public image.

“I’m a traditional, boring lawyer,” he said, “who conforms, of course, to all the rules and regulations of the bar.”

This was not true.

Between 2005 and 2015, the Herald Leader reported. the Social Security Administration had paid Conn’s firm $23 million.

In 2011, the Wall Street Journal reported that a local judge appeared to be rubber stamping hundreds of disability claims for Conn’s clients.

A years-long federal investigation ensued — until Conn, the judge and a psychologist were brought up on federal charges last year.

Federal investigators accused Conn of bribing the judge and the doctor to approve his clients’ claims based on fake evidence, according to the Associated Press. They allegedly bilked the government out of nearly $600 million.

The charges brought his law empire crashing down, and at least two of Conn’s clients committed suicide after the government threatened to cut off benefits to all of them, according to the Herald Leader.

After his arrest, government witnesses warned that Conn was a flight risk.

According to the Courier-Journal, they testified that he had spoken of leaving for Ecuador or Cuba, and may have had at least a quarter-million dollars in cash in a safe-deposit box.

But the judge called the testimony hearsay, had Conn’s passport confiscated and ordered his release — secured by his $1.5 million mansion in Pikeville, an electronic monitor, and a defense lawyer’s assurances that his teenage daughter and elderly mother would dissuade him from fleeing.

“Your trust is not misplaced,” Conn told the judg e, according to the Herald Leader.

And for a while, it seemed not to be.

In March, the Associated Press reported, Conn pleaded guilty to stealing from the government and bribing a judge. He agreed to pay more than $50 million in reimbursements, damages and penalties to the government and Social Security employees who helped expose him.

Next month, he was supposed to return to court for sentencing — facing the prospect of repaying millions while serving up to 12 years in prison.

But on Saturday, the FBI told the Associated Press that Conn had removed his monitoring device and disappeared.

This was stunning,” Conn’s lawyer, Scott White, wrote to The Washington Post. He said he last saw his client on Friday, and had seemed intent on testifying at a hearing next week.

“He gave every indication he both appreciated that there was a light at the end of the tunnel and he was able to make some amend for his admitted criminal conduct,” White said. “Now, he is just seen as the guy who took the coward’s way out.”

With his law practice shuttered and his whereabouts unknown, Conn’s commercials are about all that’s left of his public image.

In one ad, posted to YouTube shortly after his legal crisis began, the embattled lawyer parks his Rolls-Royce in front of his Abraham Lincoln statue and walks past a woman in an open-chested coat.

She calls out to him: “Eric, we need you back.”

Conn turns and assures her in a gravelly voice: “I never left.”

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Waupaca Asbestos Mesothelioma Lawyers – Local Attorneys & Law Firms in Waupaca,

Waupaca Asbestos Mesothelioma Lawyers, Attorneys and Law Firms – Wisconsin

Need help with an Asbestos matter?

You’ve come to the right place. If you have been exposed to asbestos in consumer products, the environment, or from working in an industry likely to be exposed to asbestos — like construction, mining, manufacturing, longshore — and have developed health issues resulting from asbestos exposure, an asbestos and mesothelioma lawyer can help.

Use FindLaw to hire a local asbestos lawyer to seek compensation for medical expenses resulting from asbestos exposure or mesothelioma cancer.

Need an attorney in Waupaca, Wisconsin?

FindLaw’s Lawyer Directory is the largest online directory of attorneys. Browse more than one million listings, covering everything from criminal defense to personal injury to estate planning.

Detailed law firm profiles have information like the firm’s area of law, office location, office hours, and payment options. Attorney profiles include the biography, education and training, and client recommendations of an attorney to help you decide who to hire.

Use the contact form on the profiles to connect with a Waupaca, Wisconsin attorney for legal advice.

How do I choose a lawyer?

Consider the following:
Comfort Level – Are you comfortable telling the lawyer personal information? Does the lawyer seem interested in solving your problem?
Credentials – How long has the lawyer been in practice? Has the lawyer worked on other cases similar to yours?
Cost – How are the lawyer’s fees structured – hourly or flat fee? Can the lawyer estimate the cost of your case?
City – Is the lawyer’s office conveniently located?

Not sure what questions to ask a lawyer?

Here are a few to get you started:

  • How long have you been in practice?
  • How many cases like mine have you handled?
  • How often do you settle cases out of court?
  • What are your fees and costs?
  • What are the next steps?

Want to check lawyer discipline?

Kansas City Bankruptcy & Injury Attorney #when #to #get #an #attorney #for


Kansas City Bankruptcy and Personal Injury Attorney

You may only need an attorney once in your life. But, if you do, we are here, right here, to fight for you every step of the way.

Castle Law Office Fights For You

Castle Law Office focuses on injury cases and bankruptcy. We fight to get those who are injured at work or due to someone else s negligence, such as a car or motorcycle accident, distracted and drunk driver victims get suitably compensated. And our bankruptcy attorneys are dedicated to creating solutions for people who are hit hard financially. We help the people we represent get the fresh start they need.

Bankruptcy Law

We offer NO CASH upfront options to some qualified filers!!

At Castle Law, we offer clients free consultations and a free credit repair program. And we have dedicated every Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for you to walk in and get answers to questions such as:

  • How do I stop creditor harassment?
  • How do I stop wage garnishment?
  • How can I keep my house and car?
  • What is the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13?
  • And much more!

Kansas City s Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle accidents are among the most devastating traffic accidents. They often result in very serious injuries and may wreak havoc on you or your family s finances and personal lives. Motorcycle accidents often lead to enormous medical expenses, loss of employment or future earning power, and severe pain and suffering for those involved. Victims have the right to make a claim for compensation for the negligent actions of unsafe drivers on the road. If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident hiring a Castle Law motorcycle accident lawyer is the best way to protect your legal right to a recovery.

Auto Accident Attorney s

Our car accident lawyers at Castle Law Office have helped thousands of people in your situation. We know the questions that keep you up at night. We are here to answer those questions and put you at ease so you can focus on recovering.

Let us handle these issues for you. We help you get the most out of your claim by launching a thorough investigation into the crash. We ll fight for an appropriate settlement to cover all of your damages, including lost wages and potential long-term medical care.

Workers Compensation

If you have been injured on the job, you deserve Missouri workers compensation benefits to cover your medical needs. That is the grand bargain in worker s comp: employees are guaranteed to get care; and in return they can t sue their employers or coworkers for negligence.

For more than 14 years, we have helped Kansas City area residents get their lives back on track. Castle Law Office is passionate about helping people because we believe that during a difficult time in your life, you deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and as more than just another case.

The mission of Castle Law Office of Kansas City is to extend caring and compassionate legal counsel to people that are dealing with financial difficulty and/or personal injuries. Our experienced attorneys and staff will provide peace of mind by listening, advising and guiding individuals to make informed legal decisions. We offer a family friendly environment to each and every client while our staff works diligently to obtain the best results possible.

What Makes Castle Law Office Different

Castle Law takes pride in giving highly individualized, careful attention to each case we pursue. Castle Law does not operate as an assembly line law firm. Every Castle Law Attorney lives in the Kansas City area. That is what makes us unique. We are here, right here, fighting for you every step of the way.

Our attorneys are here to help. We offer a free consultation where we can guide you through the process, and our site has many resources to answer your questions. We have also dedicated every Wednesday as Walk In Wednesday. Stop by from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. to speak with an attorney without an appointment. You ll be glad you did.

Contact us today to discuss your case for free.

Orange County Injury Lawyers – The Tomalas Law Firm #orange #county #car


The Tomalas Law Firm

Need medical treatment, but don’t have health insurance. No problem!

If you have been injured and are concerned about the cost of the medical treatment you need, CALL US IMMEDIATELY! The Tomalas Law Firm has relationships with individual medical providers, medical facilities and health care networks to ensure that you get the medical care you deserve. Many of these doctors, therapists, facilities, etc. will treat you and not expect to be paid until your case is resolved!

Orange County Injury Lawyers

If you have been injured in a vehicle accident or are the victim of someones negligence, turn to The Tomalas Law Firm to ensure the protection of your rights. Specializing in personal injury law, The Tomalas Law Firm has more than 30 years of experience representing auto accident victims and those injured or killed in slip-and-fall accidents, by defective products, as the result of a dog bite, or due to the negligence of others.

Turning the Tables on Insurance Companies

Prior to founding his own firm to represent individuals injured in accidents, Roger Tomalas worked within the insurance industry, gaining first-hand insight into how insurers tried to minimize payouts to injury victims. Armed with this knowledge, The Tomalas Law Firm excels at maximizing settlements for injury victims.

A Father and Son Team on Your Side

After founding his own firm and practicing law as a solo practitioner for over 30 years, Roger Tomalas realized a lifelong dream when he and his son Ryan, joined forces and established The Tomalas Law Firm. Both Roger and Ryan possess unique skills, experience and expertise which combine to provide their clients legal representation that is second to none.

What does a paralegal do compared to a legal assistant or a


What does a paralegal do compared to a legal assistant or a legal secretary?

Many clients wonder what does a paralegal do for me. The simple answer to that question is a paralegal does whatever tasks assigned to him or her by the supervising attorney to assist the attorney in representing the client. What does a paralegal do :

  • Assist attorneys during trials
  • Organize case files and prepare trial notebooks
  • Perform legal research on current laws and cases
  • Prepare legal briefs
  • Draft correspondence and legal documents
  • Conduct client and witness interviews

In smaller firms, a paralegal may perform secretarial duties while she is completing assignments. For instance, if the attorney gives the paralegal a legal pleading to draft, she may type the document herself rather than dictating the document for a secretary to type. A paralegal may also do her own office filing, copying and mail outs instead of giving these tasks to other staff members. However, some paralegals may spend all of their time performing legal research, interviewing clients or drafting pleadings.

Because there are no national standards or certifications for paralegals, it is up to the legal community as a whole to determine job descriptions. A paralegal’s job description will vary depending on the attorney, the type of law the attorney practices, the size of the law firm and the location of the law firm.

Question: What does a paralegal do?

Answer: Any task assigned to her by the attorney.

What does a paralegal do that a legal assistant cannot do nothing. The National Association of Legal Assistants states that the terms legal assistant and paralegal are interchangeable. Therefore, a legal assistant may perform the same tasks for an attorney that a paralegal performs for him. However, some attorneys consider only assistants who have a degree to be a paralegal. Anyone without a paralegal degree performing similar tasks would then be considered a legal assistant. Smaller firms may use either term to describe the same position but larger firms and corporate legal departments will normally require a paralegal to have a minimum of an Associate’s Degree before they can use the title of paralegal.

What does a legal secretary do?

Now that you know the answer to the question, “What does a paralegal do?” you will be able to distinguish a paralegal from a legal secretary. A legal secretary types documents for the attorney from dictation, prepares correspondence, answers the telephone, greets and assists clients and maintains the attorney’s calendar. In some firms, the duties of a legal secretary may include some of the same tasks that would be assigned to a paralegal or legal assistant in larger firms. The same is true for legal secretaries as it is for paralegals they do whatever is assigned to them to assist the attorney and keep the law office running smoothly.

Job skills required to be a paralegal, legal assistant or legal secretary

To perform the legal tasks assigned to them by an attorney, legal staff members must possess certain skills. Computer skills are required because a growing number of law offices, and courts, are paperless. Good communication skills and strong organizational skills are essential since paralegals work with the public and under multiple deadlines. Attention to detail and the ability to multitask round out the qualities of a good paralegal.

If you want to know how to become a paralegal, the first step you should take is finding an accredited paralegal program through a university or community college. Search for a paralegal school that has been accredited by the American Bar Association. Programs that have been accredited by the ABA have met the educational standards of the ABA’s Standing Committee on Paralegals. Some programs offer a paralegal certificate but those programs are usually very short and overly broad. An Associate’s Degree in paralegal studies offers a two-year degree. These programs are more in depth and provide a better foundation for a career as a paralegal.

For individuals who desire to work in larger law firms, a Bachelor’s Degree is usually required. The advantage of having a Bachelor’s Degree, in addition to a paralegal degree, is that the student receives a more rounded education including courses in English, literature and history, which help develop good communication skills.

How much does a paralegal make?

The answer to this question depends on several factors. The factors that influence paralegal salary primarily are:

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Type of law
  • Location of law firm
  • Size of law firm
  • Attorney’s attitudes and preferences

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median income for a paralegal is $46,680 per year. However, this does not take into consideration many of the individual factors listed above. reports that the median income for a paralegal is $47,377 per year; however, you can narrow this figure by entering the location of the job. The region’s cost of living and the salary trends for that specific location will also affect the average salary of paralegals.

It is important to remember that paralegals holding a Bachelor’s Degree often earn more than paralegals without a degree; however, there are exceptions to this rule experience and the attorney. Some attorneys give more weight to experience over education because no matter how much education a paralegal may have it can never be substituted for real world experience. In order to increase base salary, a paralegal can focus on a specific area of law to obtain more experience.

Is becoming a paralegal a good career choice?

Now that you know the answer to the question, “What does a paralegal do?” you may want to know if being a paralegal is a good career choice for you. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that jobs in the paralegal field are expected to increase by 18% between 2010 and 2020. Therefore, paralegal graduates can be optimistic with the outlook for the career.

Furthermore, careers in the legal field will not likely disappear with changes in the economy. Individuals will continue to need the services of an attorney for various life events such as buying a home or preparing a will. In addition, as attorneys seek ways to cut overhead, corporate law firms try to reduce in-house legal costs and clients demand lower legal fees, the role of a paralegal will become increasingly more important since a paralegal can perform many of the same tasks as an attorney but for a much lower rate.

Posts related to What does a paralegal do compared to a legal assistant or a legal secretary?

Fishman Law Firm – Personal Injury Lawyer #personal #injury #attorney #ny


The Fishman Law Firm, P.C. was established in 1990 with the goal of providing a complete array of superior counseling and litigation services at a reasonable cost to clients. Today, we serve a diverse group of individual and corporate clients both locally and nationally. We represent plaintiffs and defendants in a vast variety of general lltigation and provide defense work involving criminal matters. Our firm combines the legal skills, litigation experience and administrative support found in a large firm with the virtues of a more personal practice– accessibility. attention and prompt action at affordable rates.

In addition, The Fishman Law Firm, P.C. is a St. Louis, Missouri personal injury and wrongful death law firm – r epresenting individual plaintiffs who suffer serious injuries due to the negligence of individuals, hospitals or corporations. We are attorneys dedicated to obtain full compensation for client injuries. The settlements and verdicts obtained for our clients total in the millions of dollars. If you are looking for personal injury attorney . please contact the Fishman Law Firm for help.

Our client cases involve:

Real Estate Litigation

Fraud Misrepresentation

Partnership Corporate Disputes

Business Owner Defense

Nursing Home Negligence

The attorneys at Fishman Law Firm, P.C. are supported by an extensive state and administrative law library, computerized legal research and facilities to meet all of our clients’ needs. We practice in the courts all throughout Missouri and parts of Illinois. If you are looking for quality yet affordable attorney at law in St. Louis or Illinois, call us or contact Fishman Law Firm for a consultation.

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IRS Debt – Arizona Tax and Bankruptcy Attorney helping Mesa, Phoenix, Chandler,


IRS Debt Blog

17 situations when the IRS won t collect

By Anderson Michael on February 24, 2017

Tax Debt left unattended will result in IRS collection activity levies, liens and property seizures. IRS collection activity just doesn t stop on it s own. It will happen after the tax debt has been: a. Assessed  (entered into the books as a debt) b. You have been sent a notice of the debt and demand for


By Michael Anderson on February 17, 2017

1. BANKRUPTCY WHAT IS IT? Bankruptcy is a process that takes place in Federal Court. The Bankruptcy Code governs the process and it is designed to provide debt and other relief to consumers and small businesses. Most consumers and small business people file a bankruptcy as a liquidation case called a Chapter 7, and


By Michael Anderson on February 10, 2017

1. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR HOME In Arizona, a person or married couple is allowed to protect the first $150,000.00 equity in their personal residence from creditors. This rule applies in bankruptcy as well.For example, if you own a home, you live in it, and it is worth $200,000.00 and your only mortgage is $50,000.00,


By Michael Anderson on February 3, 2017

Tax Debt? You Have Options The following is a list of the most common legal ways to deal with large IRS tax debt. Some are obvious, some are difficult and require extensive planning and some only work best in combination with another option. Despite the fact that a review of the list alone won t solve

Debt Collection Protection Using Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Co-Debtor Stay

By Michael Anderson on January 27, 2017

In most bankruptcy cases, a powerful tool called the automatic stay comes into existence the moment the case is filed. This stay prevents almost every type of debt collection from continuing. A home foreclosure, car repossession, and garnishments all end by operation of law. The automatic stay applies to the debtor or debtors who actually

Received a 1099 for canceled debt? Make sure it s right

By Michael Anderson on January 20, 2017

Creditors like to issue 1099-c documents if they ve worked out a settlement and decided to forgive the debt entirely. Creditors also issue 1099 forms when bankruptcy is filed and it discharges the obligation to pay the debt. These forms also show the IRS that the debt forgiven matches the amount written off in their own tax

IRS to begin using private collection within months

By Michael Anderson on January 13, 2017

In September of last year, the IRS issued a notice indicating an intent to use private debt collection services. This is going to become reality when the collectors begin handling old accounts within a few months. The IRS will send a notice explaining the details and the private debt collection agencies will also send a

Income Producing Assets in an IRS Offer in Compromise

By Michael Anderson on January 10, 2017

If you own a business and that business has value, many people would assume that it should be included as an asset in calculating the amount of settlement. As a result, many offers are calculated much higher than they should be. Income producing assets in an IRS Offer in Compromise shouldn t always be fully included

3 Problems IRS Liens create if a bankruptcy is filed

By Michael Anderson on January 6, 2017

When the IRS is owed more than $10,000.00, it will record a notice of federal tax lien in the County in which you or your real property are situated. It will do this unless you ve arranged a streamlined installment agreement, or you file a bankruptcy case before the recording occurs. The recorded document puts the world

Why did the IRS terminate my installment plan?

By Michael Anderson on December 30, 2016

Just because you are in an IRS Installment Plan with the IRS doesn t mean that your work is done. One of the common questions I get is why did the IRS terminate my installment plan? . The following are the most common reasons why this happens. Your Income Changed When you file a tax return the

Lake County Family Lawyer #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice, #lawyer, #attorney,


Experienced Attorneys Serving the North/Northwest Chicago Suburbs

At Lois Kulinsky Associates, Ltd. you will find lawyers who have been providing skilled representation to people throughout Illinois for more than 45 years combined. We have helped thousands of people get positive outcomes in practice areas that include family law, estate planning, disabled estates, guardianships, probate and business law.

“Excellent attorney and caring person. Very professional and informed. Actually returns phone calls! Highly recommended!” — S. Lindstrom, Palatine, Illinois. Read more testimonials.

We have earned the trust and respect of the people we serve, as well as from the legal community itself. In fact, a significant portion of our clients is referred to us by members of the legal community, including attorneys and judges. These people have seen our integrity in action in the courtrooms of Illinois; they know we care about our clients and work hard to get a positive outcome in every case we handle.

We charge affordable rates and maximize every dollar by working as a team on each case. Installment plans are available, and we accept credit cards. Contact us online or call 847-459-4448 (Wheeling office), (Buffalo Grove Office) or 847-281-0200 (Libertyville office) to set up a free half-hour initial consultation with our experienced family law attorneys.

Communication Is Key

The hallmark of our practice is communication. By communicating frequently with our clients, we make sure that their needs are being met and that they feel secure in what we are doing for them. We pledge that we will:

  • Send monthly statements to you, with all expenses carefully itemized (this is above and beyond the quarterly statements required by law in family law cases)
  • Return all of your calls and emails quickly
  • Get your approval for every action we take
  • Keep you informed about all developments in your case

Even if you do not become one of our clients, we can provide you with information to help you through your legal issues.

See our Articles page to read articles written by our attorneys.

Contact Us Now for a Free, Half-Hour Initial Consultation

Contact us to speak with one of our attorneys about your legal needs. We focus our practice on the north and northwest suburbs, but we serve clients throughout greater Chicago. Our main office is in Wheeling, and we also have an office in Libertyville and Buffalo Grove for your convenience. We are pleased to provide free, half-hour initial consultations to all new clients.

Case Tried by Lois Kulinsky Sets Precedent in Illinois on Military Survivor Benefit. Read More

Consequences of a Hit and Run Accident #accident #attorney #albuquerque


Consequences of a Hit and Run Accident

Getting into a vehicle accident can spur some pretty basic human instincts: If we feel we ve done something wrong, our first impulse could be to flee the scene. But it should come as no surprise that fleeing the scene of a car accident can result in very serious ramifications down the road. We’ll look at those consequences in this article.

What is Hit and Run?

Generally speaking, a hit and run is defined as being involved in a car accident (either with a pedestrian, another car, or a fixed object) and then leaving the scene without stopping to identify yourself or render aid to anyone who might need assistance. At least a few states also include in the definition of hit and run any collision with an animal.

In most states it doesn t matter whether you caused the accident or not. The act is committed simply by leaving the scene. If you must leave the scene of an accident to access emergency assistance — by going to a nearby hilltop to get a cell phone signal, for example — most states do not consider that to be a hit and run, as long as you return immediately to the accident scene.

Most states do not require that the hit and run occur on a highway or public road. Many states extend hit and run laws to cover parking lot collisions. For example, if you back into an unoccupied car in a parking lot and fail to leave a note with your contact information on the windshield, the laws of many states treat this as a hit and run.

Criminal Penalties for Leaving the Scene of a Car Accident

The criminal penalties imposed for a hit and run vary from state to state. Many states classify the criminal penalties for a hit and run as either felonies or misdemeanors, depending on the circumstances. Felony hit and run is defined by most states as leaving the scene of an accident where there is any type of injury to a person, whether the injured person is a pedestrian or an occupant of a vehicle.

The penalties for felony hit and run can be quite severe. Most states impose fines of between $5,000 and $20,000. And there is very real potential for incarceration as punishment for a felony hit and run. Depending on the nature of the accident and the injuries that resulted, in some states a felony hit and run is punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

Remember, a hit and run might be classified as a misdemeanor instead of a felony. While the term misdemeanor sounds relatively minor to some people, in most states misdemeanors are punishable by a significant fine of up to $5,000 and also by up to one year in jail.

Administrative Penalties for Leaving the Scene of a Car Accident

In addition to the criminal penalties for hit and run, almost every state imposes administrative penalties related to your driver s license. These penalties are often imposed through the individual state s Department of Motor Vehicles.

Any conviction for hit and run, regardless of whether it s for a felony or misdemeanor, typically results in an automatic suspension or revocation of your driver s license for a period of six months or so. In some states the revocation can be as long as three years. Depending on the state in which you live, and the nature and circumstances of the car accident in which you were involved, the penalty for hit and run may include a lifetime revocation of your driver s license. These administrative penalties are in addition to any criminal punishment that might be imposed for hit and run.

Civil Penalties for Hit and Run

If you have caused the accident, it is possible that another person involved in the crash may sue you in court for the damages they suffered. Such a lawsuit may ask for monetary compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and property damage.

Of course, this kind of lawsuit is likely to happen anyway even if you did not commit a hit and run at the scene of the accident, if you are deemed at fault for the car accident. But if you are liable for hit and run on top of having caused the accident, the damages that a court orders you to pay will almost surely be increased. Many states will impose treble damages on you. What this means is that any damages awarded to the plaintiff are automatically tripled, mainly to punish the defendant’s bad behavior.

For example, if the jury in a civil suit awards the plaintiff $10,000 in damages, the judge will automatically triple that amount to $30,000 because the hit and run amounts to particularly reckless and egregious conduct. In most instances, treble damages of that nature are not covered by your car insurance policy. In other words, you will have to pay that amount out of your own pocket.

Your Insurance Company

In addition to the other penalties we’ve already touched on, many insurance companies have a practice of cancelling your automobile insurance policy if you are guilty of a hit and run. Learn more about the role of car insurance in a car accident case .

Get the compensation you deserve.

Investment Fraud Lawyer Specializing in Stocks, Bonds, etc #attorney #broker


Thomas Law Group specializes exclusively in arbitration and litigation of securities and commodities disputes. We also represent brokers who have employment disputes with their firms. Our firm provides a team of attorneys, experts and consultants with vast experience in the securities and commodities industries. Since 1991 we have represented over 1,000 clients nationwide to recover their investment losses.

We have represented hundreds of brokers on bonus disputes. With our experience and expertise we are able to significantly reduce or completely void repayment of bonuses and promissory notes and in some cases, on top of voiding the entire note, our clients were awarded compensatory damages. Our representation of brokers relates to many aspects of labor law violations including: religious discrimination, gender discrimination, age discrimination, sexual harassment, hostile work environment, defamation, U-5 problems, wrongful termination, breach of contract, unjust enrichment and more.

We have represented clients and individual brokers in securities arbitration at FINRA (formerly NASD), NYSE, the American Arbitration Association, JAMS, the National Futures Association (NFA) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

Our firm also handles enforcement and disciplinary hearings at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) as well as arbitrations at the National Futures Association (NFA). Collectively, our clients have recovered tens of millions of dollars through our assistance and representation in settlement negotiations, mediations, arbitrations and litigations.

Our firm’s practice focuses principally on the representation of brokerage customers. Our representation of customers relates to violations such as unsuitable recommendations, excessive trading commonly referred to as churning, misrepresentation, unauthorized trading, negligence, breach of fiduciary duty and failure to supervise.

Zachar Law Firm #Attorney #for #dog #bites


Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyers:

Zachar Law Firm is a long time, extremely well-respected personal injury law firm in Phoenix, Arizona. Our professionals are ready to help you recover full and fair money damages for injuries and losses you have suffered as a result of an accident. Christopher J. Zachar, a State Bar Certified Specialist in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death law understands the pain, frustration and uncertainties people face following an injury-causing event.

With over 21 years of experience, the Phoenix Law Firm instills confidence through preparedness, accessibility and knowledge. Although most Phoenix Personal Injury claims settle out of court, we are fully prepared to take your case to a jury trial, if needed. Our methods are to vigorously pursue compensation for your personal injury or wrongful death claim, and assure not only that you understand the process the whole way through, but also, that you get the best result under all circumstances.

Free case evaluation about your personal injury or wrongful death case. In most cases, no attorney’s fees unless you recover money damages.

Working With Excellent Attorneys

1. Have a question?

Ask a personal injury question. No obligation.

2. Get The Facts

Get free legal advice
direct from our experienced lawyers.

3. Get answers

Stop guessing. Get facts. Get answers.

no win. no fee.


Latest Testimonials

Zachar Law Firm is proud to share with you recent success stories that have helped our personal injury clients not only recover damages that they have sustained due to negligence of another, but also help clients get back their lives.

I can’t begin to thank you enough for taking my case. After being turned away from several firms, I had lost hope. The day I walked into your office I knew I had found a winning team. Thank you for taking the time to listen to me on that day. You worked my case with an exemplary level of professionalism, compassion, commitment and efficiency. I will never forget you. 5/5 Stars.

Chris was very professional and very thorough. Overall, he did an excellent job for me. Chris was always available to answer questions, and if he wasn’t available when I called, he always returned my call right away. I have referred other clients to Chris.

Attorneys: Davis Davis Davis – Davis Roanoke VA #william #davis #attorney



Experienced, dedicated Roanoke personal injury lawyers committed to fighting for justice

The Roanoke attorneys at Davis, Davis, Davis Davis, PC, have dedicated their careers to fighting for the rights of injury victims throughout Virginia. Founded in 1891, our law firm has a long, storied history of successfully protecting the rights of our clients.

Our attorneys have extensive knowledge about a variety of legal issues. From auto accidents to criminal charges, we understand the nuance of the law and know what it takes to win the most complicated types of cases. Our experience and case results speak volumes. That’s why we’re members of the Million Dollar Advocate Forum, which is reserved for attorneys who obtain verdicts or settlements over $1 million.

Every legal case is unique. No two clients are the same. That’s why we won’t take a one-size-fits-all approach toward your case. We want to work closely with you and develop a strategy to solve your specific legal issues. Your case truly matters here.

Why should I hire Davis, Davis, Davis Davis, PC to help me with my case?

Each one of our lawyers stands out for our commitment to excellence and the results we deliver every day for our clients. You can learn more about each one of our attorneys by clicking on their name below:

Our talented legal team has years of experience working on complicated legal cases in Roanoke and throughout the state. There’s no substitute for the knowledge we have amassed during our decades of legal work.

Compassionate, caring Virginia law firm focused on your needs

Many lawyers might seem the same. We see things differently. We take the time to learn about our clients. We’ll listen. We believe in building strong relationships with our clients. That way, we can move forward as a team. At Davis, Davis, Davis Davis, PC, we’ll treat you like family.

We take this approach because many of us have worked and lived here for generations. Our roots run deep in the Roanoke area. Attorney Davis’ family founded this firm more than a century ago with one simple goal in mind – to help people get their lives back on track. That’s what drives all of us to work hard every day. It’s not about the money. It’s about justice, about helping our neighbors make things right.

Davis, Davis, Davis Davis, PC

35 East Court Street
P.O. Box 829
Rocky Mount. VA 24151
Phone: (866) 434-1581
Local: (540) 483-5221
Fax: (540) 483-8234

With more than 100 years of experience in personal injury law, our firm has developed a powerful presence in Virginia’s courtrooms. Experience matters. Discover what we can do for you. Contact us today. Call (866) 434-1581 and schedule a free case evaluation .

William P. “Will” Davis

Born in Roanoke, Virginia on January 14, 1971.

Bridgewater College, B.S. 1993

Regent University, J.D. 1998

Professional Honors Activities:

Franklin County, Virginia and American Bar Associations

Virginia State Bar

Association of Trial Lawyers of America

Virginia Trial Lawyers Association

George P. “Tripp” Hunt III

Roanoke College, B.A. May 2006

Appalachian School of Law, J.D. 2011, Phi Delta Phi

Other Legal and Professional Experience:

Assistant Public Defender, 2011; represented clients charged with misdemeanors and felonies in Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, General District Court, and Circuit Court; advocated for clients in all aspects of their defense.

Appalachian Journal of Law, Senior Editor, 2010-2011

David B. Hart – of counsel

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, B.A. 1963

George Washington University, B.A. 1963; L.L.B. 1966, Phi Delta Phi

Professional Honors Activities:

Member, Virginia Bar Association

Member, American Bar Association

Member, Roanoke Bar Association

American Board of Trial Advocates

Best Lawyers in America from 1987 Edition

Virginia State Bar; 1966, Supreme Court of Virginia; US District Court, Western District of Virginia; 4th Circuit Court of Appeals

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Nashville Criminal Lawyer-Criminal Defense Law Firm in Nashville #nashville, #law, #criminal, #defense,



If you are charged with a crime

If you are being questioned by the police

If you are under criminal investigation


Haymaker Heroux, P.C. is a Nashville, Tennessee based criminal defense law firm practicing in both State and Federal Courts.

Haymaker Heroux is dedicated to providing excellence in the area of criminal defense.

Haymaker Heroux has a team mentality. When the complexities of a case require the efforts of more than one lawyer, Haymaker Heroux will bring its team of lawyers to your defense.

Make no mistake, the prosecution will use every asset available to win a case and has the technical and financial resources of State and Federal law enforcement agencies at its disposal. The legal team of Haymaker Heroux is ready, willing and able stand between you and the Government to protect your liberty and present the best criminal defense for you and your loved ones.

The clients of Haymaker Heroux benefit from the knowledge that they are being represented by criminal defense professionals devoted to providing the best possible defense to persons charged with crimes.

In the criminal context every person has rights which include: the right to counsel, the right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure, the right to a speedy public trial by jury, the right to not testify against oneself, the right to cross examination, and the right to appeal. Over the years, many of these rights have been reduced or qualified by the Courts. The law is complex, and persons charged with crimes need the best legal representation available to ensure that these and other rights are protected. Haymaker Heroux, P.C. having handled hundreds of criminal cases, brings years of criminal defense experience to ensure that our clients’ rights are protected.

If you or a loved one is charged with a crime, it is imperative that you secure the best legal defense available. Time is of the essence, and valuable legal advantages can be lost by waiting to secure legal representation. Haymaker Heroux is here to help you in your time of need. Contact us so that we may discuss your case. The consultation is free, and if you are unable to afford our services, we will gladly refer you to other legal defense resources.

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Criminal Law

You ve seen it time after time on primetime television police shows cops slapping the cuffs on a perp and reading him his rights: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and

Many people believe that if they are arrested and not read their rights, they can escape punishment. Not true. But if the police fail to read a suspect his or her rights, the prosecutor can t use anything the suspect says as evidence against the suspect at trial.

A person s first thought upon landing in jail is often how to get out — and fast. The usual way to do this is to post bail . Bail is cash or a cash equivalent that an arrested person gives to a court to ensure that he will appear in court when ordered to do so. If the defendant appears in court at the proper time, the court refunds the bail. But if the defendant doesn t show up, the court keeps the bail and issues a warrant for the defendant s arrest.

Even the most well-intentioned prosecutors file charges against innocent suspects occasionally. Regardless of the reason charges were filed, innocent defendants want to know what they or preferably, their lawyers can do to avoid a conviction. So, other than going to trial, how can defendants avoid a guilty plea or verdict?

Defendants charged with crimes are almost always best served by obtaining a lawyer, for the reasons explained below.

As anyone who has ever contested a traffic ticket knows, courts frequently assume that whatever an officer says is the truth, even when witnesses refute the police s version of events.

The Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides that no person shall “be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb.”

Disorderly conduct (also called disturbing the peace in some states) is a crime that usually involves some kind of offensive or disruptive public activity. Criminal statutes in some states include public intoxication as one kind of behavior that can be considered disorderly conduct. In other states, public intoxication is a separate criminal offense, while the laws in other jurisdictions might include a crime called drunk and disorderly conduct. This article highlights disorderly conduct and public intoxication laws.

Manslaughter is an unlawful killing that doesn’t involve malice aforethought—intent to seriously harm or kill, or extreme, reckless disregard for life. The absence of malice aforethought means that manslaughter involves less moral blame than either first or second degree murder. (But plenty argue

A criminal record can create difficult downstream consequences whether you (or your child) was arrested or convicted (or both). For example, employers and landlords commonly ask job applicants and apartment seekers whether they have ever been convicted of (or perhaps even arrested for) a criminal offense.

A noncitizen of the U.S. whether an undocumented immigrant or a lawful permanent resident (a green card holder) needs to understand the immigration consequences of any crime that he or she faces

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New York Criminal Defense Lawyer – Manhattan, New York DWI Attorney –


New York Criminal Defense Attorneys

At the toughest time of your life, you need the toughest New York criminal defense attorneys. The Law Offices of Jeffrey Lichtman is a full service New York criminal defense firm which has handled and won some of the largest and most difficult criminal cases in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and all over the country. Recognized by peers, judges and the media as tenacious advocates for those charged with serious state and federal crimes, we understand that being charged with a crime is perhaps the single most terrifying experience anyone can have and that you need a fighter in your corner to get through it. Through exhaustive pretrial preparation we have managed to get dozens of cases dismissed including such serious federal cases as RICO violations and wrecked other prosecutions through meticulous investigations which have revealed major credibility problems with the prosecution’s witnesses. Unlike many lawyers you can find on the internet spouting their own false praise, our New York criminal defense lawyers have a track record of success second to none in the criminal law community in New York City you can look it up.

A 26 Year Record of Success.

The Law Offices of Jeffrey Lichtman is headed by New York trial attorney Jeffrey Lichtman who is nationally known for his successful advocacy on behalf of high profile clients and for those charged in the most difficult of criminal cases. With over 26 years of practice on some of the country’s largest stages, Mr. Lichtman has developed a cross-examination style described in the media as a relentless pounding in which witnesses were put through the blender and shredded. We have handled major federal cases including trials in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and all over the country; New York state cases in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Nassau/Suffolk Counties, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, Albany and Westchester.

Recent cases successfully defended include tax fraud, extortion, structuring, assault, bribery, kidnapping, narcotics offenses, murder and conspiracy to murder, firearms offenses, money laundering, Medicaid fraud, securities fraud, and DWI/DUI. In addition, we have successfully handled federal, state and IRS tax investigations and have managed to end them before they become criminal cases, preserving your freedom and career.

Our trial practice has been very successful and not just in the run of the mill cases: we represented John Gotti, Jr. in a nearly two month federal trial which ended with the dismissal of three murder conspiracy charges, an acquittal on a $25 million securities fraud charge and a deadlocked jury on all remaining counts. This case and many more we have had are seemingly long shots but not to us. If you hire a law firm which puts the time in, any case is winnable. A legal strategy can be found to handle any set of facts as long as your lawyer is willing to think outside the box and truly be innovative. And the concepts we employ to win these high profile cases have been used to assist doctors, attorneys, accountants, hedge fund owners, musicians and police officers win their cases as well. Sometimes you can win even when pleading guilty: our enviable success at trial and exhaustive witness preparation have led to very favorable plea bargains with prosecutors, rather than their risking a loss after a trial.

Motion and Appellate Practice.

Our motion and appellate practice has also borne fruit: recently in Newark, New Jersey, a client had his 27 year sentence for sexual assault vacated and walked out of prison a free man after we successfully argued that he was denied constitutionally effective assistance of trial counsel. Additionally, in late 2015 we successfully moved to dismiss a $6 million Medicaid fraud case in Albany prior to trial; the client had been facing 25 years in prison. We have won dozens of suppression motions which have severely compromised the government s cases against our clients, leading to very favorable plea offers.

Call Us Today For a Free Consultation.

Picking a criminal attorney is perhaps the most important decision of your life as your freedom and your family s future rests upon it. Finding the best criminal attorney in New York is difficult due to the unending hyperbole found on the internet and the attorney ratings service which can be manipulated with fake reviews. Yes, at the Law Offices of Jeffrey Lichtman we are rated the highest possible score on every legal ratings service. But more importantly, our verifiable 26 year record of success in the most difficult criminal cases in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and throughout the country are the reason you should contact us today to discuss your own legal case. Our New York criminal defense attorneys understand what you are going through and are willing to go the extra mile to get your legal problem fixed. Call us 24 hours a day to speak with an attorney today.

We are proud to announce the Jeffrey Lichtman Criminal Justice Reform Scholarship. This annual $1,000 award will be presented to a higher education student who we feel embodies and effectively communicates our shared belief in the need for true reform in the criminal justice arena that includes comprehensive review of existing sentencing guidelines and possible eradication of mandatory minimum sentences.

Arlington, VA Family Law Divorce, Child Custody, Immigration Attorney #arlington #va #family


Dedicated and Passionate Northern Virginia Family Law Attorney

Celebrating 25 years serving the families of Northern Virginia – Martindale Hubbell Client Appreciation Award. read more

If you are going through a challenging family law matter such as divorce, separation, or a child custody dispute, family law attorney Claudia Zucker is here to help. Ms. Zucker is a lawyer who is dedicated to listening to your needs and learning about your concerns. When you choose her to represent you, she will help you focus on solutions for your immediate issues while helping you develop a long-term plan to deal with any future needs.

To discuss your case with her, please send her an e-mail or call (703) 596-1005. English, French, and Spanish are all spoken in her office.

“You will understand the process because I will take the time to outline it for you. I do not believe in setting unrealistic expectations. I only provide sincere, straightforward guidance so that you truly understand what you will be going through. I will guide you throughout your journey.”

Articles by Attorney Claudia Zucker

The firm is available to help people throughout Virginia, including those in Arlington, McLean, Alexandria, Falls Church, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, and Prince William County.

When you turn to an attorney for help, you want honest answers to your questions. Claudia Zucker will provide them. She has more than 15 years of experience dealing with all types of complex family law matters, including those involving multi-jurisdictional and international issues.

The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisement. Before you decide, ask us to send you information about our qualifications and experience. For honest and practical legal advice, contact the Law Offices of Claudia Zucker at (703) 596-1005. Our firm is committed to the highest level of integrity while resolving your family law matter.

All of the materials within this website have been prepared by Attorney Claudia Zucker is for informational purposes only and it is not to be deemed, in any manner, legal advice.

The Law Offices of Claudia Zucker represents people throughout Northern Virginia. including those in Arlington, Fairfax, McLean, Alexandria, Falls Church, Vienna, Manassas, and residents in all cities within Fairfax County. Loudoun County. Arlington County. and Prince William County .

Attorney Advertising | The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your own situation.

© 2016 Claudia Zucker, All rights reserved. Powered by Strategic Legal Web | Sitemap

You may reproduce materials available at this site for your own personal use and for non-commercial distribution. All copies must include this copyright statement.

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Florida Chapter 7 bankruptcy information

In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy you wipe out your debts and get a Fresh Start . Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a liquidation where the trustee collects all of your assets and sells any assets which are not exempt. (see Florida Exemptions ) The trustee sells the assets and pays you, the debtor, any amount exempted. The net proceeds of the liquidation are then distributed to your creditors with a commission taken by the trustee overseeing the distribution.

Certain debts cannot be discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, such as alimony, child support, fraudulent debts, certain taxes, student loans, and certain items charged. (see Florida Non-Dischargeable Debts ) In most Chapter 7 cases, the debtor has large credit card debt and other unsecured bills and very few assets. In the vast majority of cases a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is able to completely eliminate all of these debts.

You may keep certain secured debts such as your car or your furniture or house by reaffirming those debts. To do so, you must sign a voluntary Reaffirmation Agreement . If you decide that you want to keep your house or your car or your furniture, and you reaffirm the debt, you cannot bankrupt (or wipe-out) that debt again for eight years. You will still owe that debt and you must continue to pay it just as you were obligated to continue to pay it before you filed bankruptcy. In order to reaffirm the debt, you must also bring it current. In other words, if you are three or four months behind, then you must pay the back payments which are due in order to reaffirm it. You can selectively reaffirm your debts you can state that you wish to keep the house and the furniture, but that you want the car and the jewelry to go back to the respective Creditors.

Reaffirmation agreements can be set aside during the earlier of 60 days after the agreement is filed with the Court, or upon the Court s issuance of an Order of Discharge.

Are you struggling with debt and feeling overwhelmed? Talk to a local attorney and get a free case review.

Riverside Bankruptcy Attorney #bankruptcy #attorney #riverside #ca


Riverside Bankruptcy Attorney

Many people are experiencing financial shortcomings due to the current state of the economy. If you find yourself in a tough situation where you cannot pay important bills, your best option could be bankruptcy. Unfortunately, the laws can cause unneeded confusion, therefore contacting a knowledgeable Riverside bankruptcy attorney at Sood Bankruptcy Law Firm should be your first step. You may also want to learn more about the Chapter 7 13 Bankruptcy Process .

Riverside is the most populated city in the Inland Empire and Riverside County. It is home to an array of business firms and institutions. Although rich in culture, a significant percentage of the city s population lives below the poverty line. Many residents struggle to make ends meet and sometimes find themselves in debt. Knowledgeable and experienced attorneys at Sood Bankruptcy Law Firm are here to help! We have successfully represented thousands of clients in the local bankruptcy court, our lawyers possess local expertise about Riverside and are also known by court personnel and local judges.

3890 11th St. Suite 117
Riverside, CA 92501

Call to schedule a free consultation!

Riverside, CA Bankruptcy Resources

Sood Bankruptcy Law Firm’s Riverside office is located 1 minute from the Riverside Community Hospital and 6 minutes away from the University of California, Riverside.

Directions from CA-91 3 minutes from freeway

Exit 63 toward 14th St/Riverside Community College/Riverside City Campus – head northwest on 14th St – turn right onto Market St – turn left onto 11th St – Sood Bankruptcy Law Firm, Riverside will be on the left.

Directions from CA-60 5 minutes from freeway

Exit 52B for Main St – head southwest on Main St – turn right onto 3rd St – turn left onto Market St – turn right onto 11th St – Sood Bankruptcy Law Firm, Riverside will be on the left.

Daytona Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer #daytona #beach #dui #attorney


Daytona Beach Criminal Defense Attorney

35+ Years of Legal Experience

Hager Schwartz, P.A. offers aggressive criminal defense representation in Daytona Beach and Volusia County, Florida. With more than five decades of combined experience, we are confident in our ability to provide the effective advocacy that you deserve, even against the most complex charges.

As former state prosecutors, our Daytona Beach defense lawyers approach each case with from a unique advantage one that allows us to create strategies specifically designed to find weaknesses in the prosecution s case against you. If you were arrested for a crime, contact our law firm today.

Avoid Common Mistakes After an Arrest

A successful defense starts with early involvement. Do not wait to contact a lawyer before it s too late. When you work with our lawyers, we will guide you through every facet of the legal process from start to finish, to ensure the best possible chance of a favorable case outcome.

When looking for a defense lawyer, remember this: shopping for a bargain isn t a good deal. A public defender may seem like an economical option, but a criminal conviction can cost more in the long run. With a skilled legal professional on your side, you can have pace of mind that your case is in capable hands.

Why hire a former state prosecutor?

Our background in criminal prosecution gives us a unique advantage in court. We understand common strategies and techniques used by prosecutors to obtain a conviction; let us put this experience to work for your case. Learn more about our prosecution experience and representation philosophy here.

Defense for Drug Crimes in Daytona Beach

Drug crime is an umbrella term that encompasses criminal charges related to any controlled substances. This includes marijuana charges, cocaine, drug manufacturing, cultivation, sales, and possession. These offenses range from misdemeanors to serious crimes: first-time drug possession all the way to trafficking and manufacturing.

If you are under investigation for a drug crime, it is imperative that you speak with an attorney today. Drug crimes involve a variety of legal complications not found in other case types, and our firm is ready to help you make educated decisions to choose the best path for your defense. To learn more about your options with us, visit our drug crimes defense page.

Case Results

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A skilled tax attorney in Sacramento and Modesto is here to help you, every step of the way

After trying to resolve my Tax debt for many years to no avail I found Montgomery Wetenkamp. My debt had escalated to over $80,000.00. Within 10 months they negotiated with the IRS on my behalf and it was settled for $955.00. A little over 1% of the debt. Give them a call and let their law firm do the rest. Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough.

Christian turned an impossible situation with the Franchise Tax Board of California to a total win for my wife and I. We found him easy to communicate with. He kept us informed every step of the way and was very responsive and compassionate to our questions, and obtained excellent results in our legal matter. He has earned our highest possible endorsement.

Attorney Advertisement. Tax Attorneys Montgomery Wetenkamp are licensed by the State Bar of California, are licensed attorneys authorized to practice before the United States Tax Court, and may practice before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as attorneys in all 50 states. Sacramento Tax Attorneys and Modesto Tax Attorneys Montgomery Wetenkamp perform all services in Sacramento, California and Modesto, California. The content of this website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. The tax information contained on this website, is not intended to be used, and cannot be used, referred to or relied upon, for the purpose of avoiding tax-related penalties under the Internal Revenue Code or promoting, marketing, or recommending to another party any tax-related transaction or matter addressed herein. Past successes cannot be an assurance of future successes because each case must be decided on its own merits and will differ if based on different facts. Full disclaimer provided on our disclaimer page and is incorporated herein by reference.

Montgomery Wetenkamp

Tax relief attorneys that will fight for you

Don’t fight the IRS alone. Get the power of an IRS tax attorney to obtain the IRS tax relief you deserve, nationwide.

Sacramento Office

3112 O Street
Suite 1
Sacramento, CA 95816

Modesto Office

1400 K Street
Suite C4
Modesto, CA 95354

Business Hours

Call Toll Free at 1.800.454.7043

  • Monday-Friday: 7am to 7pm
  • Saturday-Sunday: Call for Appointment

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mark weeks attorney

Mark weeks attorney

Mark weeks attorney

Mark weeks attorney

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Riverside Father Parental Rights Lawyer #fathers #rights #attorney #riverside #ca


What is Dad s Law?

Father s Rights Attorney in Southern California

Men Sometimes You Have to Fight for Parental Rights

At a time when men s rights are often disregarded in favor of awarding alimony, marital property and custodial rights to women, it may seem as if men have nowhere to turn for legal representation. At Southern California Dad s Law, we stand up and fight for you. Our lawyers have earned a reputation throughout the California family court system for making sure that fathers receive equal protection under the law. Because we handle divorce and child custody matters for women as well, we know that dads often have different concerns from mothers. But that doesn t mean that men are willing to have their interests forgotten about or their rights trampled on. Contact Southern California Dad s Law today.


Paternity is presumed for children born during a marriage, but must be established in a court of law for children of unmarried parents. Many women sue to establish paternity in order to receive child support, but then fight against the father s parental rights and visitation schedule. Paternity confers all legal rights as if the child were born within a marriage to that father. We represent the rights of unmarried fathers, as well as men seeking to disprove paternity. We are committed to aggressively protecting the rights of fathers and the best interests of their children. Whether you are single father or a dad facing divorce, we help you protect your rights as a father.

Military dads must look at all these issues from their unique perspective as active military members. Southern California Dad s Law handles all aspects of family law conflicts for men on active duty in the military.

Divorce and Separation

Increasingly, women are awarded large marital property settlements that often strip the husband of the house, personal savings and retirement income. We aggressively fight to make sure that the wife s potential for future earnings is taken into account before the judge awards an unfair amount of spousal support and property. Our lawyers also work to ensure fair child custody and visitation orders so divorced fathers can continue and strengthen their relationships with their children. We handle post-divorce modification petitions as well, whether to address a mother s failure to allow agreed-upon visitation or to lower child support payments in response to job loss or accusations of unpaid support.

Domestic Violence

Men are often the victims of false charges of domestic abuse. We use our experience to help you fight jail time and other negative effects that can result from a conviction of domestic violence or violation of a temporary restraining order or police order of protection. We don t let your spouse get away with charging you with abuse in order to gain the upper hand against you in your divorce or child custody dispute.

Gender Bias in Divorce is Real. We Fight Aggressively for You.

Our divorce and family court attorneys are attentive to your unique situation and listen to your concerns about gender bias in court. Contact us today to learn how our knowledge and experience can help you through all of your Family Law issues involving divorce, child custody and restraining orders. We provide a free initial telephone consultation and accept all major credit cards for your convenience.

DISCLAIMER: The information on this website is provided for informational purposes only and should not be taken as legal advice on any matter.
The use of this website, or communication with Holstrom, Block & Parke, APLC. via the website, online submission forms, social media, e-mail, or any other means of electronic or online communication, does not create a lawyer-client relationship between you, the firm, or any of its staff members. Do not send any confidential information in response to this website without first executing a written retainer agreement with our law firm. Any information submitted to Holstrom, Block & Parke, APLC. through this website or other electronic means will not be privileged or confidential unless a retainer agreement has been executed.
Our attorneys are licensed to practice law in California and limited federal courts, and only provide services within these jurisdictions.
Any mention of past case results, client reviews, or testimonials are not intended to convey, and do not convey, a guarantee of specific results in future cases. Results vary by case.
We do our best to provide current, informative information about the law on this website. However, the law is constantly evolving so do not rely on any information on this website without speaking to an attorney first.

Irvine, Corona, Temecula & Riverside Offices (855) 466-6073

Foreclosure Lawyers #stop #foreclosure, #bankruptcy #lawyers #in #queens, #cheap #bankruptcy #lawyers, #foreclosure


Queens Foreclosure Lawyers

Foreclosure defense in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and Nassau County. Our legal team will help you Stay in Your Home .

Poltielov Habib, LLP is a foreclosure defense and bankruptcy law firm servicing clients in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester Counties. Our New York lawyers offer personalized legal representation to our clients to achieve the best results possible. We take pride in our work and strive to achieve the most for our clients.

If you have been served with a notice of foreclosure by your bank or have been served with a summons and complaint, a Queens foreclosure defense lawyer at Poltielov Habib, LLP may be able to help you. Foreclosure is a very stressful and daunting process, but you do not have to lose your home. Our foreclosure defense lawyers will take the time to explain the process of defending you in your foreclosure. By consulting a foreclosure attorney at our firm as soon as possible, you can fully understand your options and fight to stop foreclosure.

Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Nassau County Bankruptcy Lawyers

Our Bankruptcy Attorneys will take the time to explain the process of filing for bankruptcy, and our low fees make it possible for most people to file and get a fresh start. Our Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers can eliminate debt, stop collections, stop wage garnishment, stop the eviction process, stop foreclosure, and get rid of old IRS debt as well as judgments. Most people file Chapter 7 bankruptcy to get rid of credit card debt and medical bills, and are surprised to learn that the benefits of filing extend far beyond wiping out that debt. Filing Bankruptcy is usually a great step towards re-building credit.

Our Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney can immediately stop your foreclosure, eliminate your debt, stop collections, and eliminate [strip] a second lien, if possible. Filing a Chapter 13 is usually the best way to stop a foreclosure and save your home. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy can often achieve a more favorable forbearance and/or re-instatement agreement, as long as you can afford to keep paying the mortgage and get caught up on missed mortgage payments.

Gainesville Foreclosure Attorney – Rory K #foreclosure #attorney, #foreclosure #defense, #stop #foreclosure,


Foreclosure Attorney in Gainesville

If you are serious about saving your home the first question on your mind should be, “How is `Foreclosure Defense’ even possible?”. Banks argue you agreed to a debt (your mortgage). If you’re having problems paying it isn’t their problem – and anyone who advocates otherwise is a fraud.

The truth of the matter is that in order to keep the momentum of the steam roller that is the mortgage industry rolling lenders and brokers often crossed ethical – and legal – lines that can be use in your defense. The bank may have you feeling like you have no options – but the truth of the matter is is that they are the ones with their hands in the cookie jar. They’re afraid they’re going to get caught.

We do not advocate launching a complex sustained foreclosure defense “pro se”, but for those unable to handle the financial burden of an attorney we’ve created a resource that offers a foreclosure knowledge center with news, and a comprehensive collection of foreclosure forms and guides (many used by legal counsel in Florida) virtually free of charge at

Before retaining anyone educate yourself about the foreclosure process – learn your options and familiarize yourself with the current status of the foreclosure industry. Make sure your next decisions are the right ones.


There may be no guarantees, but recent developments have greatly enhanced the number of favorable outcomes of foreclosure defense efforts nationwide. Take a few moments to review these videos – Florida Congressman Grayson demands for an investigation into illegally “robo-signed” affidavits used in over 50,0000 foreclosure cases, Ratigan on MSNBC covers growing “fraudclosures” nationwide . and several Judges nationwide support a class action suit against bank funded “foreclosure mills”.
note: Videos require a moment to load in Firefox.


Our primary goal at Rohan Law truly is saving homes. Which means ensuring all – regardless of financial status – are afforded a fighting chance to save their property.

It requires years of experience in litigation and real estate law as well as special training in foreclosure law to launch an effective defense. We encourage only those with no other recourse to use the materials provided on


Over thirty years as an attorney, developer, construction contractor and real estate professional has given Mr. Rohan a unique perspective in defending foreclosure matters. He was educated at the prestigious University of Florida Warrington School of Business and at the renowned University of San Diego ALCALA School of Law, both excellent institutions of higher learning.


An aggressive defense to foreclosure is really the only path forward and we will provide that aggressive defense. My team and I will find the problems with the plaintiff’s pleading and bring those issues to the attention of the judge over and over until we are able to convince the judge that the foreclosure is not proper and should not go forward. We will force the plaintiff to prove their case and we will not rest until you are afforded the proper defense that you deserve.

Tulsa Workers Compensation Lawyers: Tulsa Lawyers: Injury While Working: Oklahoma Attorneys #workers’


If you have been injured on the job or suffered a short term disability from work, contact a Tulsa Worker’s Compensation Lawyer for a FREE Consultation.

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Help If You Have Been Injured On The Job

It’s bad enough that you got hurt on the job; your lost wages could put you in a huge financial hole. The Workers’ Compensation Act in the State of Oklahoma mandates that any person injured while working on the job is entitled to compensation under the law. The only exception, being an employer who has five or less employees, all of which are related by either blood or marriage to said employer.

There are some workers in the agricultural or horticultural field, licensed real estate brokers, household laborers as well as federal employees who are not covered by the law. Individuals employed by an independent contractor are covered under the law by the independent contractor’s insurance. If for some reason, the contractor does not have insurance, the injured individual may be able to get benefits from the principal employer. Contact one of the seasoned Tulsa workers’ compensation lawyers to see if you are eligible .

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Workers Compensation Coverage in Oklahoma – Learn Your Rights if you are Injured on the Job

If for some reason, your employer or does not have coverage, you still may have the right to recover damages for a personal injury which happened while you were employed. This right also extends to the heirs of deceased individuals. If you have been injured on the job or if you lost your spouse to a job related accident, a Tulsa workers’ compensation lawyer can help you obtain what is rightfully yours.

If you are injured while on the job and you are unable to work for more than three calendar days, you can receive weekly benefits equal to 70% of your average weekly wage. The maximum weekly temporary total disability weekly benefits are based on the date of your injury and Oklahoma’s average weekly wage.

If you have been denied a workman’s compensation claim and you have been injured while on the job and unable to work because of that injury, contact a Tulsa lawyer immediately.

Per the law, the maximum a Tulsa workers’ compensation attorney can charge you in a temporary disability case is 10% of the award. In a permanent disability or death case a 20% fee is allowed. All attorney fees are subject to the court’s approval. Direct expenses, to prepare your case for settlement or trial, are not included in the percentages listed above.

Attorney Website Designers is a web development and marketing company. Our many years of experience launching legal websites stands us in good stead.

The Sam Masters Legal is a Daytona Beach Personal Injury Firm litigating cases against major insurers for over twenty years.

Alabama Workers Compensation Lawyer Fees #workers #comp #attorney #fees


Alabama Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Fees

By William Powell posted in Alabama Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Fees on Thursday, February 2, 2012

AlabamaWorkers’ Compensation Lawyer Fees

With offices in Huntsville, Alabama and Birmingham, Alabama, the Alabama Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at Powell and Denny are ideally situated to handle claims for workers’ injured at work* in North Alabama** and Central Alabama+.

A question we are always asked during our initial meeting with potential clients is “what are your fees?” We inform everyone that in accordance with Alabama’s Workers’ Compensation laws, we do not charge a fee unless your case settles or you are awarded workers’ compensation benefits by the court at trial, and our fee only applies to the settlement or award of a permanent impairment-we do not take a fee off of you weekly temporary total disability benefits.

Pursuant to Alabama’s Workers’ Compensation Law, the attorney fee is capped at 15% of the settlement or court judgment. We are also entitled to reimbursement of our case expenses (costs of medical records, filing fees, deposition costs, etc.), which unlike some Alabama Workers’ Compensation Lawyers, we do not collect unless your case settles or you were awarded workers’ comp benefits by a judge. No up front costs are associated with your workers’ compensation case, so you don’t have to worry about our fee.

If you live in North Alabama or Central Alabama and are having difficulty getting your workers’ compensation benefits or having medical treatment authorized, don’t give up-call an Alabama Workers’ Compensation Lawyer at Powell and Denny

Powell and Denny: We Work When You Can’t

Offices in Birmingham, AL and Huntsville, Alabama

* also referred to by the following phrases: Workman’s Comp; Accident at Work, Workplace Injury, Work place accident, Workers’ Compensation, Workers’ Comp; Work Injury, Work Injuries, On the Job Injury, Injuries on the Job, Injured at Work.

** from Ider to Florence, Russellville to Scottsboro, Stevenson to Athens, Hartselle to Huntsville, Tuscumbia to Paint Rock, Gadsden to Muscle Shoals and everywhere in between.

+ includes the following Alabama counties: Cullman County, Autauga County, Marion County, Lamar County, Pickens County, Sumter County, Tuscaloosa County, Jefferson County, Shelby County, Fayette County, Winston County, Etowah County, Cherokee County, Randolph County, Coosa County, Tallapoosa County, Chambers County, Lee County, Blount County, Walker County, Hale County, Bibb County

AlabamaWorkers’ Compensation Lawyer Fees

Milwaukee Family Law Lawyers – Local Attorneys & Law Firms in Milwaukee,


Milwaukee Family Law Lawyers, Attorneys and Law Firms – Wisconsin

Need help with a Family Law matter?

You’ve come to the right place. Whether you are a parent, child, single, or married a family law attorney can help.

Family Law attorneys assist in situations like parents with juvenile issues, children seeking emancipation, singles with cohabitation and prenuptial agreements before marriage, and spouses or ex-spouses.

Use FindLaw to hire a local family law attorney to help you resolve your domestic legal issues.

Need an attorney in Milwaukee, Wisconsin?

FindLaw’s Lawyer Directory is the largest online directory of attorneys. Browse more than one million listings, covering everything from criminal defense to personal injury to estate planning.

Detailed law firm profiles have information like the firm’s area of law, office location, office hours, and payment options. Attorney profiles include the biography, education and training, and client recommendations of an attorney to help you decide who to hire.

Use the contact form on the profiles to connect with a Milwaukee, Wisconsin attorney for legal advice.

How do I choose a lawyer?

Consider the following:
Comfort Level – Are you comfortable telling the lawyer personal information? Does the lawyer seem interested in solving your problem?
Credentials – How long has the lawyer been in practice? Has the lawyer worked on other cases similar to yours?
Cost – How are the lawyer’s fees structured – hourly or flat fee? Can the lawyer estimate the cost of your case?
City – Is the lawyer’s office conveniently located?

Not sure what questions to ask a lawyer?

Here are a few to get you started:

  • How long have you been in practice?
  • How many cases like mine have you handled?
  • How often do you settle cases out of court?
  • What are your fees and costs?
  • What are the next steps?

Want to check lawyer discipline?

Missouri Workers – Compensation – What is Workers – Compensation? #what #is


Missouri Workers Compensation

Filing a workers compensation claim can be a complicated process with unexpected pitfalls that can potentially prevent you from getting the benefits you need.

Details are important at every stage, and if you don’t understand exactly what the bureaucracies are looking for you could be missing out on compensation or treatment options.

We hope that you find the information contained in our practice center useful in answering your workers compensation questions and familiarizing yourself with the work comp process.

Missouri Workers Compensation Claims

US employers and their employees rely on our dependable workers compensation system to resolve disputes about vocational injuries and disease and to provide for related worker needs. Workers compensation benefits are commonly awarded for work-related injury, illness and death, helping to meet the needs of injured workers and their families even when faced with overwhelming situations. (read more)

Have you been injured in an accident?
Call (314) 361-4300.
Free Missouri Workers Compensation Consultation !

Employees can suffer all kinds of injuries while working. In Mr. Hoffmann s 20 plus years of practicing workers compensation law, he has represented clients who have suffered all types of work-related injuries, from head, back and neck injuries to foot injuries. (read more)

The workplace is one of the most common places that people are injured and Missouri has rules in place that are supposed to help people who have suffered an on-the-job injury. We have assisted all types of injured workers through the claim process to obtain workers comp benefits. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to get the benefits you deserve. (read more)

You do not have to be involved in a terrible accident to claim workers compensation benefits. Your injury could be a severe back strain from lifting a heavy object, a cumulative injury from repetitive tasks or an illness related to chemical exposure. (read more)

Our St. Louis legal team can provide you with answers to frequently asked questions regarding Missouri workers compensation. (read more)

Attorney Fees

The Law Office of James M. Hoffmann advances all costs and expenses associated with our clients cases and does NOT charge a fee until there has been monetary recovery. This arrangement is called a contingency fee agreement . We pay all of the expenses (medical records, expert fees, depositions, etc.) along the way. (read more)

Workers Compensation Laws

The Missouri Workers Compensation Laws were substantially changed effective August 28, 2005. This is a brief summary of the new workers compensation laws. Please do not hesitate to contact attorney James M. Hoffmann for any questions regarding the workers compensation laws. (read more)

Free Workers Compensation Consultations

Our legal team has a strong history of helping injured workers get the medical attention and financial compensation that they need. Based in St. Louis, and handling workers compensation cases throughout the State of Missouri, our law firm will ensure that your rights are protected. Please call (314) 361-4300 or toll free at (888) 872-6795. You can also complete our online contact contact form. All communications are returned promptly.

Missouri Workers Compensation

Macomb County Bankruptcy Attorneys #criminal #defense #attorney #baltimore


We get you out of debt fast

Bankruptcy with Dignity

No Tricks or Gimmicks

Friendly, Compassionate Staff

Meet My Team

We have one of the friendliest and most helpful offices in Macomb County, or anywhere for that matter. Our staff is friendly, honest and outgoing. Every person here is here because they are the best at what they do and they do it consistently with compassion and professionalism. We are never stuffy or overly formal. We never let our phone go to voice mail during regular business hours. We are always here and available to answer your questions.

As an experienced Macomb County bankruptcy lawyer, Jeffrey J. Randa understands that bankruptcy is difficult, but no matter how bad things may seem right now, our team can help you find a reason to smile. In the end, we make things better for you.

Our staff will carefully and thoroughly review every detail of your case. As a result, our firm has a 100 percent success rate with our bankruptcy clients. Search around and you will be hard-pressed to find another firm that can boast such success.

If you are struggling with too many bills, we can help make them disappear in no time. You will wish you had called us sooner, instead of having wasted months, if not years, stressing out over endless payments on balances that never go down. We believe that bankruptcy is often the best means to get back on your feet and regain your peace of mind.

Phone NEVER Goes to Voice Mail – always Personally Answered

Contact Our Bankruptcy Law Firm Today

We completely understand how an unfortunate circumstance can affect a person’s life. Nobody imagines they will ever have to file for bankruptcy. The reality, however, is that these things do happen.

The question then becomes, what are you going to do about it? Nothing will get better by waiting or ignoring the problem; you have to do something. Jeffrey J. Randa has been working hard in Macomb County for more than 20 years and is here to help you move forward.

Whatever your circumstances, from the moment you pick up the phone and call our office, your experience will be pleasant and informal, even though your concerns are serious. We will make sure that you see how helpful and kind our office is right from the start. You will be glad you called us.

Our office is conveniently located on Main Street in downtown Mt. Clemens, Michigan, across the street from the county court building. We help people who live in the Macomb, Oakland, Wayne, St. Clair and Sanilac counties get out of debt and enjoy the fresh start they deserve.

The Difference Between a Chapter 13 and a Chapter 7

The two most common types of bankruptcies are a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Although we do not practice Chapter 13 bankruptcies in our office, they still need to be mentioned because if you are not eligible for a chapter 7, you most likely will file a chapter 13. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy View Article

What You Should Know About Payday Loans

The payday loan industry is a controversial one, with regular disagreements over what regulations should be placed on payday lenders. As lawmakers explore regulating the payday loan industry, one man who played a major role in bringing payday loans to Michigan speaks out about his experience with the payday loan empire that he operated. As View Article

Men and Women Have Different Reasons for Seeking Bankruptcy Protection

Bankruptcies occur among people of both genders. However, men are more likely than women to go bankrupt. One study of bankruptcies over the course of 2014 found that 60 percent of the debtors who went bankrupt were male compared with 40 percent of the debtors who were female. However, the number of bankruptcies among women View Article

West Virginia DUI Lawyers #dui #attorney #virginia


Our West Virginia DUI Attorneys Are Standing By To Help You

The best DUIlawyer in West Virginia that is ideal for your particular needs is just a click away. You don’t have to try to tackle your DUI case alone. The West Virginia DUI lawyer you choose will stay with you throughout your entire case, easily available at all times to help you if you have any questions or concerns. Only the best legal services and innovative resources can be found through our site. Take advantage of them today!

In West Virginia, it is illegal for all persons to operate a motor vehicle while intoxicated on alcohol and/or drugs. Those who are caught violating this law will be charged with DUI, or Driving Under the Influence, a serious crime punishable with several penalties.

“Per se” DUI laws in West Virginia state that any motorist over the age of 21 who is operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level of .08 percent or higher will be arrested and charged with DUI. For commercial vehicle drivers, the BAC limit is .04 percent and for minors (persons under the age of 21), the limit is .02 percent.

However, there is also a “common law” in which motorists may be arrested if they show physical signs of impairment. An officer may arrest a motorist if they were driving erratically, failed a field sobriety test, smelled of alcohol or any other sign that they were under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Common law arrests have nothing to do with BAC level and are based on physical impairment alone.

DUI offenders in West Virginia incur both administrative and criminal charges. Administrative charges pertain to the fate of the motorist’s license while criminal charges include fines and jail time. Penalties for DUI offenses are very strict and it is in the motorist’s best interest to hire legal help to ensure that their case runs quickly and smoothly.

Virginia DUI Penalties

The following penalties may be incurred by those convicted of DUI in West Virginia. Punishments increase in severity with each subsequent DUI offense as well as if the offender’s BAC level was above .15 percent or if they were transporting a minor (person under 16 years of age).

1st DUI Conviction

• Imprisonment
o Up to 6 months
2 days to 6 months if BAC above .15 percent
2 days to 13 months if minor in vehicle
• Fine
o $100-$500
o $100 to $1,000 if BAC above .15 percent
o $200 to $1,000 if minor in vehicle
• Driver’s license suspension
o 15 days
o 45 days if BAC above .15 percent
• May be required to install interlock ignition device

2nd DUI Conviction

• Imprisonment from 6 to 12 months
• Fine from $1,000 to $3,000
• Driver’s license suspended for 1 year
• Ignition interlock device required

3rd DUI Conviction

• Considered a Felony offense
• Imprisonment from 1 to 3 years
• Fine from $3,000 to $5,000
• Driver’s license suspended for 1 year
• Ignition interlock device required

Amendments to West Virginia DUI Laws

As of 2010, any DUI offender who had their license revoked will no longer have to appeal to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for reinstatement. Motorists must now turn to the Department of Transportation.

The amendment also allows first time DUI offenders the chance to have their records expunged if they participate in an ignition interlock device program.

West Virginia Implied Consent Law

As per the implied consent law in the state, any motorist in West Virginia must submit to a chemical test of their blood, urine or breath to determine level of intoxication. Those who refuse will have their driver’s license suspended for up to 1 year for a first refusal. Subsequent refusals will incur harsher punishments similar – if not worse – than actual DUI charges.

Working with a West Virginia DUI Attorney

A DUI conviction can completely ruin a person’s life, leading them to lose their jobs, have trouble finding a new one and can even affect a person in their financial endeavors. If you have been charged with driving under the influence in West Virginia, contact a skilled DUI lawyer right away for help. Your West Virginia DUI attorney will help get your charges lowered or completely wiped out altogether.

DUI lawyers investigate the incident to make sure you were not unfairly charged with driving under the influence. If they find any evidence to show that you were unjustly arrested, rest assured that they will bring it up in court. Many times, motorists are arrested for DUI based on officer suspicion alone or were issued a faulty breathalyzer exam. If this has happened to you, you can bet that your DUI attorney in West Virginia will not rest until your charges are dismissed

For the best possible outcome of your case, speak to an acclaimed team of DUI lawyers in West Virginia today to fight for your rights.


Criminal Law Attorney Richmond #lawyer, #attorney, #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice,


Helping You When You Need It Most

The Richmond phone book is full of lawyers. It’s easy to find an attorney who will take your case. You don’t want an attorney from the phone book. You want — and deserve — an attorney who takes the time to get to know you, who understands your unique situation and who knows what it takes to get you where you want to be.

Experienced and Dedicated Lawyer Representing Your Interests

You do not have to face your legal issues alone. I have years of experience that I use when handling my clients’ cases – whether defending a client facing solicitation or prostitution charges, assisting a client in obtaining a record expungement or advising a client through a real estate matters. A substantial portion of my practice involves helping individuals restore their right to own firearms. If you have a prior felony conviction, I can help you explore your options and file a petition to the Governor and the circuit court in the city or county where you live.

I am thorough and detail-oriented, which allows me to better present your case to the opposition, a judge or a jury. It is important that we develop a trusting relationship. When you are honest with me about your situation, needs and goals, I can take steps toward protecting your rights and pursuing a resolution that is in your best interests.

Guiding People Through The Expungement Process

There is no greater satisfaction than helping a client overcome barriers. Many people do not recognize the damage that comes with a criminal case even when an arrest does not result in a conviction. Arrest records and court documents are publicly available and may appear on a background check. These records can be viewed negatively by prospective employers. As an experienced Virginia criminal law attorney, I can help you put the matter to rest once and for all by helping you get criminal records expunged.

At the Law Office of Susan E. Allen in Richmond, I offer friendly, aggressive and experienced legal counsel to people throughout Richmond and the surrounding area. Contact my office or call me at (804) 592-2058 to set up a meeting to discuss your legal needs.

My areas of practice include:

  • Criminal defense : I provide vigorous criminal defense for people facing felony and misdemeanor charges. As a knowledgeable Virginia criminal law attorney, I provide aggressive defense representation in a full range of criminal cases. I handle offenses that include solicitation and prostitution. drug crimes. assault and battery, theft and probation violations.
  • Traffic violations : I represent Virginia residents and out-of-state motorists, including commercial truck drivers, who have received traffic tickets for speeding and reckless driving.
  • Expungements : If you were charged with a crime but never convicted, I may be able to help you remove the charges from your criminal record.
  • Fathers’ rights : I protect the rights of fathers in actions involving custody, visitation and support, including modifications.
  • Child support : I defend fathers in child support actions, including enforcement actions and modifications.

E-mail meor call me at (804) 592-2058. I am available Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. and evenings and weekends by appointment.

Top Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney #los #angeles #criminal #lawyer, #pre #indictment


Federal And Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney David Elden

For highly skilled representation in complex criminal cases involving fraud, conspiracy or federal drug charges, Contact the Law Offices of top Los Angeles criminal lawyer David Elden.

Based in Los Angeles, David Elden is a highly acclaimed and experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney who serves clients throughout the United States. With more than 35 years of experience focused on federal criminal defense, he knows how to protect your rights and fight the charges against you aggressively.

Successful Criminal Attorney Los Angeles

Named a Top Southern California Lawyer by a Los Angeles magazine, David Elden works with a talented staff of professionals who can spot the weaknesses in the government’s case, no matter how complex the charges might be. In cases involving fraud or corporate crimes, he relies on former IRS agents to provide the forensic accounting support essential to the development and presentation of your defense. In federal drug cases or ongoing conspiracy investigations, he turns to former FBI, DEA, and Sheriffs Department agents whose investigative experience and thoroughness is often greater than that of the officers working the case against you.

Our ability to attack the government’s case on the basis of a highly professional review of the evidence can frequently give us the leverage you need to negotiate with the prosecution for a non-prosecution, dismissal or a very positive result.

Use A Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles

As an expert criminal defense attorney, Los Angeles based David Elden is prepared to serve as trial counsel, special counsel, or local counsel in cases where a corporation is based anywhere in the world. He can also assist with the federal defense of California personnel who encounter criminal prosecution in other parts of the country. David Elden has a national reputation for outstanding client service among the leading defense lawyers in the country, and can often arrange for an experienced and skilled criminal attorney to arrive wherever needed within hours of being contacted. Our clients are best served when they engage us at the earliest possible point of a criminal investigation.

Why You Should Engage This Skilled Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer

Our ability to protect you from the most serious charges that a Federal Grand Jury might return against you is only effective while the investigation is still under way and before the indictments are filed. In conspiracy investigations involving a drug distribution network or complex fraud, our early intervention can make the difference whether you get indicted or not. If you live in Los Angeles or you simply want the best Los Angeles Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer to represent your freedom and your rights you need to call acclaimed criminal attorney in Los Angeles David Elden today and schedule a Free Consultation.

Contact The Best Criminal Lawyer

For additional information about the scope of experienced criminal lawyer, Los Angeles based David Elden’s criminal defense client service, contact our Los Angeles office at (888) 991-9353 for a free consultation. Mr. Elden serves clients throughout the United States.

Areas Of Practice David Elden Has Experience With:

Of Counsel

Criminal Defense Attorney Victor Sherman

An experience trial lawyer who has tried hundreds of cases in both federal and state courts, Victor has has defended clients in cases ranging from business fraud to drug offenses, tax crimes, securities fraud, money laundering, public corruption, customs violations and racketeering, as well as misdemeanor and felony offenses and crimes of violence such as murder, sexual assaults and arson.

Victor Sherman s clients have included a Watergate defendant as well as a defendant charged with the largest bank heist in the nation. Attorney Victor Sherman has argued before the United States Supreme Court (United States v. $8,850) and Courts of Appeal in many federal circuits.

Victor Sherman was a national commentator during the O.J. Simpson murder trial, and is currently challenging the secret and indiscriminate wiretapping of over 100,000 California residents conducted by Los Angeles County District Attorney and law enforcement agencies in Southern California over the past decade.

Innovative and Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

The Aspen Advanced Criminal Law Seminar was established by Victor Sherman in 1980 to foster an environment for defense attorney to share common experiences and learn from one another. The seminar has been co-sponsored by by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers since 1997.

Named one of the Best Lawyers in Southern California, in the 2009 as a supplement by the Los Angeles Times in its December supplement to the 2008 edition of the Los Angeles Times magazine, Victor Sherman regularily appears on MSNBC to provide legal commentary on current high profile cases.

Victor Sherman received his B.S. in Business from the University of California, Los Angeles, in 1962 and his J.D. from the University of California, Berkeley (Boalt Hall School of Law), in 1965.

Comments are closed.

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Long Island Lawyers

No matter what type of legal issues you are facing, having a lawyer assist you can make addressing legal issues less stressful, and easier to take care of. From preparing wills and protecting assets, to helping you resolve legal troubles and lawsuits, having a lawyer work with you through the process of handling legal matters can take much of the burden off of your shoulders. There are many lawyers on Long Island that specialize in different types of law, whether it be property, taxation, criminal, divorce or any other specialty, finding the right law firm to help you handle your. Read More No matter what type of legal issues you are facing, having a lawyer assist you can make addressing legal issues less stressful, and easier to take care of. From preparing wills and protecting assets, to helping you resolve legal troubles and lawsuits, having a lawyer work with you through the process of handling legal matters can take much of the burden off of your shoulders. There are many lawyers on Long Island that specialize in different types of law, whether it be property, taxation, criminal, divorce or any other specialty, finding the right law firm to help you handle your issues can make a world of difference in resolving your troubles promptly and efficiently. Show Less

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For over 50 years – Personal Injury, Estate probate, wills – recovering millions for seriously injured clients. Free Consultation. More

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Matthew J. Kiernan
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Bankruptcy Attorney #bankruptcy, #attorney, #connecticut, #ct, #lawyer, #foreclosure #defense


Connecticut Bankruptcy

We just can’t seem to catch a break here in Connecticut. Last week, the United States Census Bureau announced that Connecticut was one of the few states to lose population. A few months ago, General Electric (a really big company with lots of employees) began the move of its headquarters out of Connecticut to the Boston area. And now, statistics show that Connecticut now places 8th in the country for new foreclosure filings in 2016.

In a recent interview with the Waterbury Republican American newspaper, Gene Melchionne was asked what he thought was the case of these increased foreclosure filings. The answer is simple. To make a mortgage payment, you need to have a job that pays. To live in Connecticut, you need to have a job that pays well. Sometimes you need two or three of these jobs.

It is not cheap to live in this state. To hold on to what you have here, you need to make more than the average American. While Connecticut regularly trades places with New Jersey as one of the highest average income states in the U.S, that average is skewed by some really, really wealthy people who live here. Unfortunately, that does not help he average guys who’re my clients.

With the end of the Federal programs on mortgage modification and the lowering standard of living here in Connecticut you may need help. If you re facing financial stress and the possibility of foreclosure, there are still some avenues to treat the problems. Don’t wait too long to see help. My contact information is right here.

The web is filled with legal self-help services that claim to make filing for bankruptcy seem like a relatively simple procedure that anyone can do. However, while you may be able to find and submit the forms, having a bankruptcy lawyer guide you through the process is the best way to ensure that you get the debt relief you’re after.
Here are a few reasons why seeking out the services of a professional is the best thing to do when you are considering filing for bankruptcy.

  • Legal Expertise: Document preparation services and online tools can type up your petition, but that is as far as they can legally take you. These services cannot provide you with the legal advice you need to successfully file for bankruptcy. A bankruptcy lawyer will go through every aspect of your financial situation with you, helping you to avoid the mistakes that could result in losing valuable property or creditors filing a claim against you.

  • Guidance In Filling Out Forms: Bankruptcy forms and paperwork can be incredibly complicated. They will require information that you don’t have on hand or can’t easily access. Even minor filing mistakes will expose you to liability, or cause your petition to be rejected outright. A bankruptcy lawyer is trained to prepare your petition so that it’s both completely error-free and has the highest chance of being successful.

  • An Understanding Of The Issues: The issues raised during the bankruptcy process cross over into all areas of the law, such as taxes, inheritances, and personal injury claims. Determining how your petition will impact every area of your life requires the expertise of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. Most consumers do not possess the legal skills or knowledge to navigate such delicate financial matters.

  • Proper Timing: While you may want immediate relief from your debts, it’s important to time the filing of your case correctly so that you can maximize your benefits . If you file too late, you could miss your chance to recover some assets lost to repossession or garnishment. On the other hand, rushing to file the case could cause you to lose assets you could have saved for financial support, such as an inheritance or a tax refund.

For over 35 years, I have provided compassionate services to clients dealing with even the most complex financial issues. I understand how confusing and intimidating the bankruptcy process can be, which is why I am committed to guiding my clients every step of the way. Call (203) 757-3437 to schedule a consultation with a real bankruptcy lawyer today.

◆ Proper Foreclosure Procedures Were Not Followed

A lender seeking to foreclosure a home has to follow strict foreclosure procedures set by the Connecticut Supreme Court. If these procedures and steps are not followed, the borrower can challenge the foreclosure. If the problem is serious, the case can be dismissed and the lender forced to start the foreclosure over. Connecticut does have a rule that absent some fraud or mistake, once the foreclosure is completed, it is done aunt here inso going back.

◆ You Are An Active Member Of The Military

If you are an active member of the military serving our country, no foreclosure can proceed. The lender has to certify to the Court that they have investigated whether or not you are an active service member before they re allowed to obtain a judgment of foreclosure. Military members can utilize the protections afforded by the ServiceMembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA). which offers assistance to members of the military facing foreclosure.

◆ Mortgage Terms Are Deemed To Be Unconscionable

Unconscionable mortgage terms presents a rarer defense to foreclosure. The mortgage’s terms may be unfair or illegal. If you were not represented by a lawyer or otherwise unable to make an informed decision about the mortgage loan, a court could refuse to enforce the mortgage at all.

◆ The Best Defense Is A Good Offense

Connecticut, like many states, has a mediation procedure that offers homeowners a chance at working out the mortgage problems. If requested, the Court will refer the case to an impartial mediator who will facilitate communication between the parties to see what resolution can be made. Solutions include a temporary or permanent reduction in the interest rate, an extension of the life of the loan or a temporary forbearance in the payments. There are also several government programs available, but they are not expected to last after the end of the year.

You can find a bunch of information on the internet about filing for bankruptcy, but what happens afterwards?

Here are three things that you can expect:

  • Debts are discharged – For consumers, the best part of filing for bankruptcy is the elimination of your debt without giving anything up. The Bankruptcy Trustee may try to take your property to pay back your creditors, but a skilled bankruptcy lawyer can help you keep it without losing anything.

  • Creditor Go Away, Don’t Come Back Any Day: There are several types of bankruptcy for consumers and they all offer an automatic stay . which immediaty stops any attempts to collect. This is true for civil judgments that may have already entered bu also for phone calls and collection letters, wage garnishments, repossessions and most kinds of court actions.

  • A Fresh Start: IMost people believe that filing for bankruptcy will have an effect on their credit score. The Credit Score is the great marketing gimmick of the credit industry and it does not matter much . Many consumers can rebuild their credit immediately, but the secret is to avoid getting back into debt. Planning for the future is more important than having that shiny new thing. It is more important to have only a few current credit accounts that can rebuild your credit.

A study by the Federal Reserve found that when dealing with debt, it wasbetter to file bankruptcy than struggle monthly to pay off debt.

Attorney Melchionne was a featured speaker at the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys in San Francisco on May 20 – 22, 2016. During the Convention in, Attorney Melchionne met with colleagues from around the country to share ideas and new developments in Bankruptcy Law, Foreclosure Defense, Credit and Student Loan forgiveness. In his role on the Board of Directors for NACBa, he also helped plan the three days of seminars and spoke at several of the sessions.

Car Accident Attorney Los Angeles #accident #attorney #in #los #angeles

Este artículo también está disponible: Spanish

Daniel Gibalevich Car Accident Attorney Los Angeles

The attorneys at the DAG Law Firm are familiar with the specific legal structure associated with personal injury accidents within the state of California. As a result of damages suffered from a car accident, victims may be overwhelmed by health challenges and the confusing process of navigating insurance claims to achieve proper compensation.

Understanding the Process

California attorney, Daniel A. Gibalevich has achieved great success in dealing with Personal Injury Lawsuits associated with automobile accidents. If you or someone you love has been injured in an automobile accident, it is important that you have the necessary information to insure just compensation from your insurance company and from the responsible party involved in your accident.

Common Car Accident Related Injuries

Severe automobile accidents often leave victims in excessive pain, with mental and emotional stress as well as negative impacts on a family. Our lawyers are well versed in dealing with a wide variety of accidents where injuries may include:

  • Broken Bones or Bone Dislocation
  • Lacerations, Contusions and Abrasions
  • Amputation
  • Cosmetic Disfigurement
  • Neck and Spinal Injuries
  • Traumatic Head Injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Death

Recovering Compensation for a Car Accident

In situations where Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance does not sufficiently cover damages, you may be entitled to full or partial compensation beyond your coverage limitations. At the DAG Law Firm, our expert personal injury attorneys will support you in bringing appropriate legal action against an insurance agency or defendant. Whether you are dealing with an uninsured motorist or an uncooperative insurance company seeking to limit your total payout for damages, we are committed to obtaining maximum compensation on your behalf. It is important to fully understant your legal situation and our attorneys will guide you in determining whether your car accident was the result of negligence, manufacturer liability, wrongful death or malicious intent. As a victim of a car accident, you may have legal recourse to recover compensation for the following:

  • Payment for current and ongoing medical expenses
  • Payment for emotional and psychological distress
  • Payment for loss of wages and income earning ability
  • Payment for pain and suffering

Speak to Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney

An understanding of case specifics is crucial to the outcome of your lawsuit and it is important to clearly know your legal rights. At the California DAG Law Firm, our skilled attorneys have over 12 years of experience dealing with personal injury law and can assist you in recovering compensation for a car accident. To speak with a personal injury attorney about a car accident, please call us at (323) 947-2224 for a free consultation.

NC Workers – Comp Lawyer #worker #comp #attorney


NC Workers Comp Lawyer Kevin Bunn

Kevin Bunn, Board Certified Expert in North Carolina Workers Compensation Law

Workers compensation attorney Kevin Bunn is a life-long resident of North Carolina. He graduated from Enloe High School in Raleigh, N.C. and in 1986 he received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In 1989, Kevin earned his Master s degree in Public Administration from UNC, where he was awarded the Robert House Fellowship. In 1993, Kevin received his Juris Doctor from the UNC School of Law.

Kevin has practiced law in Cary, N.C. since 1993. He is licensed to practice in North Carolina and federal courts as well as the Cherokee Tribal Courts.

Kevin specializes in NC workers’ compensation claims, exclusively representing injured North Carolina workers. He has been designated as a Board Certified Specialist in Workers Compensation Law by the North Carolina State Bar. Kevin is a member of the North Carolina Advocates for Justice where he is past Chair of the Workers’ Compensation Section. He regularly presents continuing legal education classes on workers compensation in North Carolina and is the author of the death claims chapter in North Carolina Workers Compensation Law: A Practical Guide to Success at Every Stage of a Claim .

In recognition of his preeminent standing among local attorneys and judges for both legal knowledge and professionalism, Kevin has been awarded the prestigious AV rating from Martindell-Hubbell. AVVO has assigned Kevin a perfect 10 Superb rating.

NC workers compensation attorney Kevin Bunn regularly represents injured North Carolina workers before the North Carolina Industrial Commission (NCIC). His North Carolina workers’ compensation practice, often referred to as “workman’s comp” or “workmen’s comp,” focuses on a wide variety of workplace injuries, including occupational diseases, back injuries, falls, automobile accidents while on-the-job, as well as hip, leg, knee, ankle, foot, shoulder, arm elbow, wrist and hand injuries. Kevin represents workers injured on the job in North Carolina, as well as workers who are injured outside North Carolina while working for a North Carolina company.

Kevin is currently accepting new NC workers’ compensation clients. Call or email today for your free consultation with Board Certified NC Workers Compensation Attorney Kevin Bunn.

My Commitment to You

If you hire me to be your NC Workers Comp Lawyer:

I will respond to you. If you call or email I will return your contact within 24 hours. With many NC workers comp law firms you will deal only with a paralegal. With me, you will have direct access to your workers compensation attorney. I try to communicate with each client at least once a month. I have no interest in having the largest workers’ compensation practice in North Carolina, but I do intend to be the most responsive to my clients.

I will work hard for you. I will take the time to understand your workers compensation medical and disability issues, even when they are complex. I will stay up to date on workers’ compensation law in North Carolina, as well as other rules and regulations that affect workers’ comp cases. I cannot control every aspect of your NC workers’ compensation case, but I can control how hard I work. I will do what needs to be done to push your case forward.

I will be fair with my fees. I generally charge a percentage of the recovery I earn for you. If I do not earn a recovery for you I will not take a fee. I get paid only when you do.

Kevin BunnNorth Carolina Workers Compensation Attorney

Joanne Latta is a life-long resident of Wake County and a graduate of East Wake High School. She attended North Carolina State University and High Point College before receiving her Paralegal Certificate from ECPI in 1996. She has worked with NC Workers Comp Lawyer Kevin Bunn ever since.

Joanne is integrally involved with all aspects of NC Workers Comp Lawyer Kevin Bunn’s practice. She has responsibility for client communications and calendar and case management. Joanne works extensively with injured North Carolina workers on their NC workers’ compensation claims. Joanne is experienced in obtaining and evaluating the medical records of injured North Carolina workers, working with medical providers and workers’ compensation insurance companies to ensure prompt medical treatment for injured NC workers, and in preparing the various NC workers’ comp forms issued by the North Carolina Industrial Commission. Our office consistently receives compliments and remarks from our NC workers’ comp clients regarding Joanne’s professional and prompt demeanor.

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sheriff’s office


How Do I.

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Legal Counsel / Attorney

The Legal Counsel for the Cumberland County Sheriff s Office provides legal advice and counsel to the Sheriff and Sheriff s Office employees on a variety of legal matters regarding criminal, civil and administrative law.

The Legal Counsel serves as advisor to all deputies and detectives concerning arrest, search and seizure and other high liability issues. This office provides written legal opinions and legal updates for agency-wide dissemination relating to criminal matters, performs legal research on cases, court rulings and other laws affecting the operation of the law enforcement, the corrections and the administrative divisions of the agency. The Legal Advisor also conducts civil forfeiture litigation, serves as liaison to the District Attorney s Office in criminal cases and to outside counsel in civil actions filed in federal and state courts, and serves as legal advisor to the Professional Standards Office on internal investigations. The legal office acts as an agency representative in employee discipline litigation, reviews and prepares agency policy and procedure, reviews public records requests, and monitors legislative activities in order to propose legislation needed to keep pace with contemporary changes in practice and procedure.

In addition, the Legal Counsel for the Sheriff s Office conducts in-service training classes on various law enforcement topics such as arrests, search and seizure, civil liability, use of force, trial preparation, depositions and testifying in court.

The Legal Counsel is available on a 24 hour basis to respond to field situations having potential liability for the Sheriff s Office such as deputy shootings, unusual occurrences or hostage incidents, and situations at the jail which result in serious injury or the death of a correctional officer or inmate.

Attorney Ronnie Mitchell (910) 677-5400

Paralegal Marjorie Memoli (910) 321-6764

Hours of Operation: M – F 8:00am – 5:00pm

After hour emergencies should contact the Watch Commander at (910) 677-5432



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sheriff’s office

New York Bankruptcy – Bankruptcy BasicsBankruptcy Basics #new #york # #bankruptcy #attorney


New York Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy: New York

Filing bankruptcy in New York aims to achieve two things: First, it gives debtors a chance to overcome crushing debt, and second it allows creditors to be repaid to the extent that the debtor’s property value or earnings permit. 55,596 bankruptcies were filed in New York in 2010, ranking New York 42 nd in the country for the number of bankruptcy filings per capita. 81% of New York’s bankruptcy petitions in 2010 sought protection under Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Filing Bankruptcy in New York

Federal law governs bankruptcy proceedings in New York, and as such all bankruptcy cases are filed in the US Bankruptcy Courts located in:

  • New York Northern District Court: Albany, Syracuse, Utica
  • New York Eastern District Court: Brooklyn, Hauppauge, Westbury
  • New York Western District Court: Batavia, Buffalo, Mayville, Niagara Falls, Olean, Rochester, Watkins Glenn
  • New York Southern District Court: New York, Poughkeepsie, White Plains

While federal courts have jurisdiction over bankruptcy proceedings, New York law allows petitioners to use the exemptions listed in the U.S. bankruptcy code or listed under New York state law. The federal and state exemption systems cannot be mixed and matched. With the guidance of a bankruptcy attorney New York debtors can gain a full understanding of what personal property the systems permit the petitioner to keep in bankruptcy, and what must be sold.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, New York

Chapter 7 bankruptcies in New York are the most common bankruptcy filing. Chapter 7 is best suited to petitioners who do not have significant assets such as investments or substantial equity in a home, for the reason that a Bankruptcy Trustee may liquidate personal property that isn’t protected by New York’s bankruptcy exemptions. Liquidation occurs when the Trustee converts personal assets to cash for distribution to creditors. New York’s Chapter 7 bankruptcy law allows debtors to keep some essential property and the exempt assets are strictly off-limits to creditors seeking repayment.

The vast majority of Chapter 7 cases are “no-asset” cases where no property is taken.

New York Bankruptcy Exemptions

New York bankruptcy law designates specific property exemptions that permit debtors to keep certain personal property and assets so they may move forward from bankruptcy as productive members of society. In real terms, this means the creditors cannot force a debtor to sell the shirt off their back. Bankruptcy in New York permits petitioners to choose exemptions only from the federal or state lists.

Property exemption amounts are subject to change, so it is suggested that individuals or couples considering bankruptcy seek the counsel of a New York bankruptcy attorney and discuss the options open to them. New York bankruptcy exemptions include:

New York Homestead Exemption

  • Real property including co-op, condo, or mobile home, to $150,000 for the counties of Kings, New York, Queens, Bronx, Richmond, Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland, Westchester, and Putnam; $125,000 for the counties of Dutchess, Albany, Columbia, Orange, Saratoga, and Ulster; $75,000 for the remaining counties in the state (Husband and wife may double)

New York Personal Property Exemption

  • In bankruptcy, personal property exemptions claimed may not exceed $10,000 total (including tools of trade and limited annuity)
  • $4,000 total: Motor vehicle. $10,000 if vehicle equipped for a disabled person (Husband and wife may double)
  • $2,500 total: Electronic deposits of exempt payments into bank account within last 45 days
  • $1,000 total: Domestic animal with food to last 120 days
  • Health aids, including service animals with food
  • $600 Banking: Savings and loan
  • 90% of income: Spendthrift trust fund principal, if not created by debtor
  • Security deposit to landlord, utility company
  • Lost future earnings recoveries needed for support
  • College tuition savings program trust fund
  • Personal injury recoveries up to 1 year after receiving
  • Recovery for injury to exempt property up to 1 year after receiving
  • Wrongful death recoveries for person you depended on
  • Church pew or seat and Burial plot without structure to 1/4 acre

New York Tools of the Trade Exemption

  • $600 total: Farm machinery, team and food for 60 days; professional furniture, books and instruments
  • Uniforms, medal, emblem, equipment, horse, arms and sword of member of military

New York Wage Garnishment Exemption

  • 100% of pay of noncommissioned officer, private, or musician in U.S. or N.Y. state armed forces
  • 90% of earned but unpaid wages received within 60 days prior to, and anytime after, filing
  • 90% of earnings from dairy farmer s sales to milk dealers

New York Public Benefits Exemption

  • Social Security and Public assistance
  • Home relief, local public assistance
  • Aid to blind, aged, disabled
  • Workers’ and Unemployment compensation
  • Veterans benefits Work. Comp.
  • Crime victims compensation

New York Insurance Exemption

  • $400 per month: Disability or illness benefits
  • $5,000 total: Annuity contract benefits due the debtor, if debtor paid for the contract and if purchased within 6 months prior to filing (Not tax-deferred)
  • Cash surrender value of life insurance
  • Life insurance proceeds and avails if the beneficiary is not the debtor, or if debtor s spouse has taken out policy
  • Life insurance proceeds, if clause prohibits proceeds from being used to pay beneficiary s creditors

New York Pensions and Retirement Savings Exemption

  • Public retirement benefits
  • State employees
  • Teachers
  • Village police officers Unconsolidated
  • Volunteer firefighters and Volunteer ambulance workers benefits
  • ERISA-qualified benefits, IRAs and Keoghs and income needed for support

New York Miscellaneous Exemption

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, New York

In 2010, 19% of petitioners filed for protection under Chapter 13 bankruptcy in New York. Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy in New York initiates a financial restructuring process whereby a court-appointed Trustee negotiates with creditors and implements a 3-5 year repayment plan, using the debtor’s future earnings to repay creditors. Chapter 13 petitioners in New York keep most or all of their property.

How to File Bankruptcy in New York

Eligibility for property exemptions should play a key role in deciding whether to pursue bankruptcy protection from creditors. The goal should be to achieve an outcome that protects major assets and discharges debts. Because each bankruptcy case is unique, a New York bankruptcy attorney can counsel debtors and to understand their financial options regarding Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies.

Bankruptcy Attorney: New York

It is the bankruptcy petitioner’s responsibility to know their rights and obligations as debtors. A New York bankruptcy attorney can make things easier to understand, particularly in terms of federal laws and exemption systems. The counsel and support of a New York bankruptcy attorney is valuable to anyone facing the complex and stressful road to personal bankruptcy.

Sex offender registry removal #removal #from #sex #offender #registry, #get #off #sex


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Getting off the sex offender registry

Mr. McColl, a sex crime lawyer. has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of sex offender cases, from getting No-bills before the Grand Jury (that is, keeping an indictment from being returned); successfully trying aggravated sexual assault cases to a jury or a panel of “members” in a military court martial with resulting “not guilty” verdicts; filing successful applications for writs of habeas corpus to set aside convictions; and, preparing motions to have a client’s name removed from the sexual offender registry.

Contact Arch McColl now for a 30 minutes of free consultation on how to get off the sex offender registry.

Examples of sex offender registry removal cases successfully argued by Mr. McColl

Case Study 1

An example of sex offense lawyer McColl’s having set aside aggravated sexual assault convictions would be McColl’s getting back-to-back life sentences overturned from a State District Court in Denton County, Texas, because of an alleged sexual assault by the client of a 13-year-old.

Sex offense attorney McColl successfully (and accurately) convinced the Court that the conviction was erroneous and was able to free the client, who would never have been outside of prison for the rest of his life.

Case Study 2

An example of sex offender attorney McColl’s efforts in connection with drafting legislation was to get a bill sponsored by a State Senator and a State Representative from Dallas, to introduce companion bills whose purpose was to allow for a jury trial on the issue of mistake of fact of the age of the alleged victim, where the so-called victim had already created, in advance of the offense, a tangible object (such as a website or fake driver’s license) with the obvious purpose of deceiving the public as to his/her age.

Case Study 3

Another example of aggressive, innovative work in a sex-related criminal case occurred where McColl, on more than one occasion, has interviewed the underage, alleged victim on videotape before the police or Child Protective Service got involved; and, got the potential Complainant/victim to acknowledge that they were mistaken and/or that the offense did not happen; and, that they were just retaliating for having been punished (by a teacher or parent) or having been spurned because of their unsuccessful romantic advances ( e.g. to a teacher). *

Process (or how to get off sex offender registry )

As for a client getting his name off the sex offender registry, that takes a combination of the following: A thorough knowledge of a complicated area of the law; intense scrutiny of all the case facts and the biographical facts of the client; imagination; resourcefulness; targeted persistence and a clean record of the client since the date of the entry of the judgment for the sexual offense. There is an interrelationship between the federal statutory scheme and any state statutory scheme. An effective legal strategy is to use the federal statutory scheme as leverage for the petition to get off the state registry. Under the federal statute there are three levels of severity of sexual offense:

Tier 1 – In general, non-violent sexual contact;
Tier 2 – Non-violent but serious commercial involvement with sex, such as sex trafficking;
Tier 3 – Aggravated sexual assault involving violence, kidnaping, etc.

The time periods required to stay on the federal sexual registry are as follows: Tier 1 – 15 years; Tier 2 – 25 years; Tier 3 – Lifetime. Under the federal statute (Sexual Offender Registration Act, also known as SORNA), one can file an application to reduce the period of time that one’s name must remain on the sexual offender federal registry.

Four things are necessary in order to apply to shorten the above referenced periods of time under SORNA:

  1. The sex offender, for a ten-year period, has not committed any crime punishable by over one year’s imprisonment, since the date of his sentence ( e.g. custody, probation, supervised release), (Tier 1); or 25 years (Tier 3); the statute does not provide for a reduction of the time period of 25 years (Tier 2);
  2. The sex offender has committed no additional sex crime other than the original one;
  3. The sex offender has successfully completed a certified sexual rehabilitation course that is accepted by the federal government;
  4. The sex offender has successfully completed probation, parole or supervised release.

A successful legal strategy a sex offender lawyer could employ is to apply for the reduction in the time period under SORNA and then, once granted, file the petition in the applicable state court for getting completely off the state sex offender registry.

This whole process takes time and patience, but the upside is that a person doubles his chances for a successful petition in state court if he first gets the federal motion granted, as described above. The downside, of course, is that the offender may have to wait a few years. However, given the alternative ( e.g. in Texas) of lifetime registration, and the greatly improved chance of getting the state petition granted after the federal motion is granted, it is well worth any wait that may be required, and one can be productive during the waiting period, as noted below.

During the waiting period before filing, there is much preparation that needs to be accomplished, such as the following: The Complainant can be approached and an affidavit obtained from her/him consenting to the applicant getting off probation, but this is a delicate process, and needs to be approached very cautiously; numerous letters of recommendation, especially from employers, should be obtained. However, for those letters to have maximum effect, they must contain specific comments about certain categories. Polygraphs can be taken regarding the facts and circumstances of the case and/or the rehabilitation that has been accomplished; the details and the credentials of the programs that have been taken or, in the case of a residential, enrolled in, are very important; a detailed employment history and current detailed employment, specifying the skill and level of responsibility required, are critical; past accomplishments where the offender has shown a civic responsibility to nonprofit or charitable institutions on a sustained basis is helpful; a carefully worded statement from the offender documenting his self-knowledge, his rehabilitation and his plans for the future is vital; the detailed clinical report of a Ph.D. psychologist who specializes in sex offender evaluation is a must; and, there are up to a dozen other important items that will make the federal motion, and, later, the state petition, compelling.

Most, if not all, of the items noted above can be used in support of both the federal motion and the state petition. Once the federal motion is granted, if the items are to be used for the state petition, they should be appropriately updated. The legal relief available under both the federal SORNA and Art. 62.401, et seq. of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, exists for a reason: The U.S. Congress and the applicable state legislature have determined that it is appropriate to give relief to those who have earned it. The successful lawyer will present an extremely well-documented and compelling case, showing by clear and convincing evidence why the client deserves the privilege of receiving legal relief, as provided by both federal and state law.

In conclusion

Arch McColl, an experienced sex crime attorney. can get a client’s name removed from the sex offender registry or answer a client’s questions regarding that subject or sex offender prosecutions in general. For over 30 years, Mr. McColl has had a successful history dealing with sex-related offenses, including derailing many potential prosecutions. He has also taken clients to the legislature to testify on pending bills designed to ameliorate harsh penal code statutes relating to sexual offenses. He has also been successful in filing applications for writs of habeas corpus to get judgments in sexual assault cases completely set aside.

Mr. McColl provides 30 minutes of free consultation. Contact Arch McColl now for a free case evaluation.

Columbus Criminal Defense Lawyer #columbus #criminal #defense #attorney,columbus #criminal #defense #lawyer,columbus,ohio,lawyer,attorney,criminal #defense,lawyer,dui


Columbus Criminal
Defense Attorney

What Sets Us Apart

The Koffel Law Firm acts quickly, every day of the week, and every day of the year. If you or someone you care about is in jail, call us. We can probably get them out today. (To learn more about jail release, click Jail Release Immediate Bond Hearings.) If you or someone you know has a court date right around the corner, we can most likely handle it. If you or someone you know has been contacted by a detective, call us before speaking to the detective. In all likelihood, we’ve seen your situation many, many times before. We have low retainers, connections with bail bondsmen, and we know all the judges and prosecutors quite well in the counties in which we practice. In Criminal / DUI law, being quick, connected, and reputable are the keys to success.

Same Day Next Day Appointments

Because clients and their families are scared, we are specifically designed to get you in for a consultation immediately. We always have an attorney at the office with open office hours, Monday – Fridays. Call 614.675.4845 if you would like to come in for a meeting.

It s not just what you know, it s also who you know

When you get arrested or are under investigation, you want a lawyer who knows the people on the other side – the police, the prosecutors and the judges. This is our bread and butter.

We are active in seeking sentencing alternatives, diversion deferred prosecutions

Many offenses and offenders may qualify for pre-indictment dispositions such as diversion. Post-indictment may permit intervention in lieu of conviction or non-prison sentencing alternatives. We are vocal and passionate about finding non-prison alternatives for our clients.

Real Reviews

We deeply appreciate the guidance, confidence, knowledge, support, and professionalism

It has been a pleasure being your client

Thank you for your work on [our son’s] behalf and the care shown both to [him] as well as to us.

Not Guilty Verdict

Our client was charged with his 2nd DUI / OVI in as many years. The case proceeded to trial after the client rejected a plea bargain. The client was acquitted in 45 minutes.

Not Guilty Verdict – Hosting a Teen Drinking Party

Mr. Koffel’s client was acquitted at trial based upon allegations that she knowingly permitted underage drinking a summer pool party at her home where nearly 70 teens were gathered. The party was.

Charges Dropped

DRUG CHARGE DROPPED AND DUI REDUCED IN HEISMAN TROPHY WINNER’S CASE– our client, a former winner of the Heisman Trophy and All American Ohio State football player, was charged with DUI and possession.

1 year Diversion Program Negotiated for 2 Counts of Forgery

PRESIDENT OF MEDICAL SCHOOL CLASS AVOIDS FORGERY CHARGES–Mr. Koffel’s client was indicted on 2 counts of forgery after she allegedly forged the signature of a professor regarding the reimbursement of.


17 YEAR OLD’S FELONY DRUG CHARGES DISMISSED – our client was charged with felony drug possession. It turned out he was deeply addicted to Xanax. Mr. Koffel referred the family to Dr. Andy Erkis (Erkis.


Mr. Koffel’s client, a 46 year old man, was raided by the FBI in the summer of 2015 for downloading suspected child pornography. The client was subsquently indicted on F2 Pandering and F4 Pandering.

Rape Indictment Dismissed

Client’s Rape Indictment Dismissed – enters a plea to a reduced charge and receives community service — Mr. Koffel’s client, a 34-year-old husband and father, was falsely accused of raping a.

DUI Conviction Avoided

20 Year Old Avoids Delaware County DUI Conviction After Single Car Accident — our client, a 20 year old college student, was on his way home after dinner with his father. He lost control of his.

Avoided Conviction

Our client, a 24 year old Columbus resident, was charged with Ohio OVI / Ohio DUI after crashing into the back of a semi-truck. Our client was concerned that if he suffered an Ohio OVI conviction his.

Charge Dismissed

Our client, a 22 year old insurance claims representative, was charged with Ohio OVI / Ohio DUI after passing out behind the wheel. Our client performed poorly on the field sobriety tests. His breath.

Lawyer and Attorney: Is There A Difference? #lawyer #and #attorney,state #bar #associations,


Lawyer and Attorney: Is There A Difference?

All attorneys are lawyers. but it is improper to say that all lawyers are attorneys.

Who Are Lawyers?

A lawyer is someone who is educated in the law. A person who has been educated in the law will always be addressed as a lawyer, even if he or she does not give legal advice to other people. In fact, a lawyer in the United States is simply anyone who has gone through law school. However, the lawyer who has just completed law school may not be allowed to do certain legal jobs (e.g. representive you in court) until they successfully pass the bar exam that is conducted in the specific legal area they wish to practice.

Who Are Attorneys?

Attorneys are also recognized as lawyers. Attorneys graduate from law school and they can also choose to practice law as a profession. However a potential attorney must pass the bar exam to be eligible to practice law within a specific jurisdiction. Apart from performing the basic functions of a lawyer, attorneys can also act as legal representatives for their clients. An attorney does not just interpret the law; he or she also applies his knowledge of the law to provide the needs of his client. Attorneys act as lawyers but not all lawyers can perform the work of attorneys.

How Can I Find a Qualified Attorney?

LegalMatch can match you with a pre-screened, qualified attorney in your local area. Thousands of experienced attorneys across the Untied States use the LegalMatch service to assist those seeking legal representation (more info on How LegalMatch Works ). Click the button below to quickly locate the right attorney in your area:

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Other differences. One of the essential steps involved in becoming an attorney is sitting for the bar exam. This is usually a rigorous test lasting two or three days and in many states the passing rate is below 50%. Conversely, a lawyer may work as a technical lawyer by serving as a consultant or policy advisor although he is not empowered to act as a legal representative.

Another term that is often misunderstood in law is “esquire”. The term is an informal title for acknowledging educated people in the UK. Apart from being a title for solicitors and barristers (terms also used in the UK for legal professionals), it is also used to honor doctors and those that have successfully completed their doctorate courses. In the US, “esquire” is mostly used as a title for attorneys. Other people in the US who use the term “esquire” as a title may find themselves in trouble especially if they do the things that are solely reserved for lawyers.

Although it is possible to differentiate these terms, the real meaning of the words can only be appreciated by a lawyer. Many people just feel safe to interchange these terms inasmuch as the lawyer in charge of their case also acts as an attorney.

Everyday, people make use of the words “attorney” and “lawyer” on televisions and newspapers. Sometimes, our family and friends may also talk about their need for a lawyer or attorney. These words are often interpreted to mean the same, but they are actually two different things. Although there is little difference between them, state bar associations consider it very important to use them appropriately, especially in cases where the practice of law is investigated. However, the two words are often interchanged in the United States.

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