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How to Become a Sound Engineer

Sound engineers may be known as recording or audio engineers. The specific responsibilities of these different titles may vary. Sound engineers run live shows like concerts and plays, record and produce in the studio, and work sound systems for radio, TV, and film crews. To become a sound engineer, find a sound engineer to watch, help out, and take any chance to work with sound equipment you can get. Earning a degree may help you get a job as a sound engineer. You should be flexible, have strong people skills, and persevere through setbacks.

Steps Edit

Method One of Three:
Acquiring Hands-On Experience Edit

Watch sound engineers work. Go to a local bar or club that has live music, or the booth at a theater during a play, and watch what the sound person does. Pay attention to the set up of cords and sound boards. Watch how they interact with people. Take note of when they adjust levels and what the result is. [1]

  • Lots of churches have high quality sound systems and people who run them, so this is also a great place to go for an opportunity to watch.

Ask sound engineers if you can help in any way. The music industry involves a lot of making connections and getting your foot in the door. Once you find a sound engineer, ask if there is anything you can do, even if it just means taping cables down. You can start to build these connections, which may eventually lead to more involvement. [2]

  • Some people may tell you no. Maybe they don’t want you in the way. You can be persistent and tell them you’ll do anything and won’t bother them. Still, there’s a time to give up and find someone else to ask.
  • If you are at a venue and you see people setting things up, ask if you can help. They will most likely welcome another set of hands.

Take any opportunity you can get. This is an industry that takes a while to work up the ranks into top professional jobs. If you have the opportunity to carry in sound equipment, do it. Maybe sometime you will get to help set everything up. Then you may get to run a sound check. Every chance you get to learn a little more is a building block for your career. [3]

  • Even though it can be hard, don’t think you are too good for anything. Just swallow your pride and take the chance to help out and get some experience.
  • If you consistently show up at the same places and you are always willing to help in any way you are asked, people will start to notice and may trust you to do more important tasks.

Intern at a recording and production company. More than helping out at gigs, an internship will help you get more consistent experience. You may have to go unpaid for a while, but if you can afford to do this, you will learn enough to make up for the lack of pay. Find out if there is a studio near you and see what types of opportunities they have available.

  • Since there are so many different jobs that sound engineers can have, the range of internships may vary a lot. Any production company that has internships available is worth checking out, even if what they do is not exactly what you are interested in.

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Replacing the final stage unit # #replacing #the #final #stage #unit/blower #motor


Does your A/C-heater blower seem like it’s possessed? Does it quit working for no apparent reason, then come on again just as mysteriously? Does it run only at one speed no matter what the controls say? Does it keep running even when the car is off and the key is out of the ignition? Your problem is most likely a faulty final stage unit.

Based on what I’ve seen here and elsewhere, this is a chronic problem with the E39, but fortunately it’s a relatively cheap and easy fix. There’s a good DIY here. but since questions about it get posted here with regular frequency, I figured it would be a good idea to post one here too. Some of the photos in this post are very large because it’s very helpful to see the details if you have no idea what’s going on here.

BMW calls this thing the “final stage unit;” the parts guys call it a “blower motor resistor.” I’m not sure what the reason for the different terminology is, but it’s the same part. The PNs have changed a couple of times over the years, but as of the date of this posting, what you want is PN 64 11 6 923 204 and there’s a diagram of the system here. As far as I can tell, the same part is used in all E39 models (but you may want to confirm this). Bavarian Autosport has them for about $70, but they’re unfortunately available a lot of places, including the parts counter of your local dealership (I say “unfortunately” because it’s a reflection of how often this thing fails).

For some reason, dealer service departments are notorious for not being able to recognize this issue, and may charge you for hundreds or thousands of dollars of unnecessary repairs without solving the problem. If you don’t feel confident doing this yourself (i.e. you’re the sort of person who is more likely to take an eye out with a screwdriver than a screw), at least bring them this information. Done properly, this is a 15-minute,

This is what you’re replacing:

The silver part of it is a heat sink. I’m not an electrical engineer, but I believe this thing allows the blower controls to change the speed of the blower by altering the current that passes through it. Inside is a bundle of resistors, and by sending the current through a different combination of leads, it creates the proper current to operate the blower at a desired speed. But resistors generate heat (thus the need for a heat sink), and over time, I suspect the constant heat up-cool down cycle degrades the resistors until they no longer produce the right current, and the controller can no longer send the right signals to the blower. Thus, the blower starts acting strangely despite what the controls are doing.

Now, I’ve read a lot of horror stories about how difficult this replacement can be, but I didn’t find it that way at all. This is an extremely simple operation that took me less than 10 minutes. The hardest part was getting myself into a position where I could get at the faulty FSU.

All you need here is a Phillips screwdriver, a flashlight (the one in your glovebox will work fine) and understanding that you’re working with electrical components, not mechanical ones. That means being mindful of how much force you’re using. Nothing in this operation requires any great effort, so if you find yourself needing force things, you’re doing something wrong.

The FSU is behind the dash in the passenger side footwell. You’ll find it easier to work if you pull out the cover under the glovebox. It’s not secured by anything, so just yank it out. The FSU is behind a fabric covered plastic panel on the left side:

You want to unscrew the screw (red circle), then slide the panel backward (see arrow), not out. It’s also held in place by two metal clips that attach to the frame behind it:

Once you’ve got the panel out, lay on your back and look up at the space you’ve just exposed. The FSU is inside there.

Inside the space, you’ll see a plug with 5 colored wires coming out of it. The FSU is the thing the plug is connected to, so you’ve got to get the plug out. The plug is held in place by two clips on the side, and you need to squeeze the clips to free it.

You may find the plug a bit difficult to get out; if so, just wiggle it back and forth until it comes free. Don’t yank it out–you may break one of the wires loose, in which case you’ve just bought yourself an expensive and embarrassing trip to the dealer.

The FSU is itself held in place by another clip at the bottom. You need to push this clip down at the same time you’re pulling the FSU out.

Again, if you’re doing it right, you should not need to force anything. Once free of the clip, the FSU should slide out easily.

You may find all of this easier if you lay on your back in the footwell to get your bearings, then sit up straight, reach under the dash, and do it “by feel.”

Now, surprise, surprise, the part you’ve just removed won’t resemble the new one exactly, since as I mentioned, the PNs have changed a couple of times:

Hmm, could this be because the original version was defective?

Now just slide the new one in the spot the old one came out of. It should slide into place with a “snap” as the clip engages it.

New FSU in place. Note orientation–it will only go in one way. If you’re having trouble getting it in, you’ve probably got it rotated 90 or 180 degrees out of alignment.

Replace the plug, then slide the panel back in the way it came out. Be sure to get both clips into their respective slots, or it will hang loose. Replace the screw.

If you’ve done everything right, your blower should operate normally now. If it’s not, go back in and check the connections. If everything looks right but it still doesn’t work, you may have other problems.

Thank’s for the instructions, my wife has a 2003 530i with 54K miles and her blower stopped working entirely. Here’s a little story.

The A/C stopped blowing air and I hadn’t gotten the BMW manual for it yet so I took it in to the dealership and I figured it would probably just be a simple electrical relay .
They called my wife back telling her ;

1) $440 to fix the blower,
2) The A/C wasn’t as cold as it should be and they needed to replace the dryer – $790
3) The plastic components (bushings) of her suspension were cracking and they could fail if she hit a pothole – $825
4) Her fuel filter needed to be replaces – $325
5) They recommended a fuel injector cleaning – $350
6) Her tires were feathering and she needed a 4 wheel alignment – $350

I went online and found your instructions on how to replace the blower relay. It took 15 minutes to replace and cost $100 for the part. Everything works fine and all the other items were BS not to mention 2 to 3 times what they should be charging for the services.

For once crime didn’t pay.

Oh yeah I forgot, they charged her $135 to tell her how they were going to rip her off. I ordered the manuals yesterday.

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07-30-2006, 11:51 AM

Thanks for the great post! I was amazed at the detailed instructions on replacing the FSU.

08-04-2006, 02:40 PM

Thanks a million. Saved me a fortune. I hate to think what the stealership would have charged me. Regards UK member.

08-16-2006, 03:54 PM

Thank you. Saved me from replacing the climate control unit unnessarily (Had a similar problem on my E36 M3 that was the unit). After reading your description, I replaced the unit in under 15 mins with no fuss or drama. It really was nice knowing the details without having to go “diving” under the dash in 90 degree weather.

Tips – Send Email with attachment of any format #sap,abap,tips,tutorials,email, #any #format,


Send Email with attachment of any format

By Amit Bisht, Infosys

Target Readers: SAP ABAP developers with basic knowledge of Report Programming, Classes and Methods.

Keywords: Email Body Design, Creating Attachment and Classes ( CL_DOCUMENT_BCS ).

Purpose of the document: Step by step procedure to learn how to send an Email with attachment of any Format.

1. The method used here for creating and Emailing an attachment is very lucid i.e. the user does not have to bother about the format of the file. which he needs to send as an attachment, as the below method requires only the file-path and the receiver’s Email ID(s).

2. SAP has provided a variety of features for sending an Email to an external ID which are dependent (limitation) on the file formats of the attachments.

3. Many a times there is a requirement where in we need to send the data from a SAP to external Email IDs. If we are sure about the Attachment format, we can easily figure out the best suited Function Module (SAP has provided) and its parameters required to achieve the functionality, for the attachment to be Emailed.

4. This method of sending Email accepts any format of the Attachment i.e. it can be directly used to attach and send any kind of an Attachment via Email.

Steps involved Emailing the Attachment:

Uploading the document (to be E-mailed) to SAP.

  • Framing the body of the Email.
  • Creating the Attachment.
  • Sending the Email using Classes and its Methods.

  • 1. Uploading the Document to SAP:

    For uploading the document to SAP, function Module ‘GUI_UPLOAD’ is used with the below mentioned input parameters i.e. filename, file-type.

    The document data should be uploaded in Binary Format ; hence an internal table (T_MAILHEX in this case) of SOLIX type (Binary data, Length 255 characters) is used to hold the data uploaded into SAP. Once the internal table is populated with the document data it can be used to create the attachment and send it via Email.

    2. Framing the body of the Email:

    In order to Frame the body of the Email we can create Text Symbols with the texts to be used in the body of the Email.

    Once Text Symbols have been created we can populate them into an Internal Table of type SOLISTI1 (Single List with Column Length 255) in the sequence, in which they should appear in the body of the Email.

    1. In the below read Statement we are reading the entire text pool into the Internal table TL_TEXTPOOL of type TEXTPOOL.

    2. Internal table T_CONTENTS can now be populated with the Text symbols as per the sequence of the Texts (or sentences) required in the mail body.

    “Key” above refers to the Text Symbol.

    Once the body of the Email is ready (Table T_CONTENTS is populated) we proceed further towards creating the Attachment using the data in Internal table T_MAILHEX (populated in the step-1 above).

    For creating the Email we need to use the Method Create_Document of Class CL_DOCUMENT_BCS which requires parameters as follows:

    1. i_type: Document Class, here we are using HTML format for creating the mail body (i.e. “HTM”).

    2. i_text: Data to appear in the body of the mail, (T_CONTENTS data).

    3. i_length: Length of the document (Mail Body).

    4. i_subject: Subject of the Email.

    3. Creating the Attachment using Classes:

    Now to create the attachment we use the data uploaded to SAP in Point number 1 (uploading data to SAP) and method ADD_ATTACHMENT of the class CL_DOCUMENT_BCS as below.

    1. i_attachment_type: Extension of the file.

    2. i_attachment_subject: Subject of the Attachment.

    3. i_att_content_hex: Data (of the Document to be attached) uploaded to internal table T_MAILHEX in point number 1 (uploading data to SAP).

    4. Sending the Email using Classes:

    Finally, after creating the mail body and the attachment we can send the Email using SEND method of Class CL_BCS.

    Where in, the result of the method (whether the mail is sent successfully or not) is captured in the parameter result.

    Some useful Tips about HTML:

    1. ‘ FONT face=Arial size=2 ‘. is used to set the Font and Size of the text in the Email.

    2. ‘ br ‘. is used to insert a new line.

    3. ‘ A href= www.irctc.co.in ‘. is used to start a Hyperlink in the Email body.

    4. ‘ /A ‘. is used to end a hyperlink.

    5. ‘ nbsp;’. is used to give a space in between two texts in the mail body.

    6. For more information on HTML please visit the link http://w ww.w3schools.com/

    You can also attach Audio and Video files using the above method but there are some size constraints (i.e. if the data is huge, by the time it is converted into binary format, the session might terminate).

    Below, I have attached a demo Program for sending attachment of any format via Email.

    Click here for the report Program for attaching and sending files (any format) via Email.

    Text Symbols used in the above Example:

    001 Please enter at-least one file name

  • 002 Error in reading file for upload
  • 003 Approval Mail Sent Successfully
  • 004 Approval Mail Not Successful
  • T01 Attachment Detail
  • T02 Reciever’s EmailID
  • T04 You can change/add the Text here by changing/adding the text elements and the code.
  • T05 For giving spaces between texts, you can use HTML Keyword: nbsp .
  • T06 For Ex; Employee Numbers:
  • T07 For more information on HTML, Please visit:
  • T08 Email with Attached document

  • Selection Texts used:

    S_MAILID Email ID

    I have only attached the Screen Shots of the Test Emails (so that the document size won’t increase)

    1. A PDF Attachment with Embedded images

    2. MP3 Attachment

    After reading this tutorial you should be able to:

    · Use classes to attach and send Email.

    · Attach a file (of any format) and send it via Email.

    · Explain briefly about the various HTML key words which can be used to Format the Email body.

    © 2006-2007 SAPTechnical.COM. All rights reserved.

    All product names are trademarks of their respective companies. SAPTechnical.COM is in no way affiliated with SAP AG.
    SAP, SAP R/3, R/3 software, mySAP, ABAP, BAPI, xApps, SAP NetWeaver, and and any other SAP trademarks are registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.
    Every effort is made to ensure content integrity. Use information on this site at your own risk.

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    Table of Contents #rca, #microphone, #audio, #radio, #broadcasting


    audio-technica PRO Series comparison brochure (PDF)

    audio-technica Studio Six-Pack brochure (PDF)

    Here is a comparison chart of the audio-technica AT801, AT802,
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    Beyer (beyerdynamic) Specification Sheets

    Here are specification sheets for the Beyer M 58, M 59, M 69 N (C),
    M 88 N (C), M 101, M 130, M 160, M 201, M 260, M 300, M 380,
    M 400, M 420, M 500, M 500 N (C) S, M 600, MC 734, MC 734 Pa,
    MC 736 PV, MC 737 PV, MC 740, MC 833, MCE 5, MCE 6, MCE 10,
    MA 5 T 12 N (CF), MA 5 P 48 N (CF), MCE 50/51, MCE 52, MCE 53,
    MCE 81, MCE 86, MPC 40, and SHM 20 series microphones (PDF)

    Fostex Technical Reportscourtesy of Mr. Jay Clugston

    Fostex M51RP microphone technical report (PDF)

    Fostex M55RP microphone technical report (PDF)

    Fostex M115/M115B microphone technical report (PDF)

    Fostex M505/M505BL microphone technical report (PDF)

    Sony Specification Sheets

    Sony C-37P microphone instructions booklet (PDF)
    Courtesy of Mr. Donald Setaro

    Sony C-38B and C-37P microphone specification sheet (PDF)
    Courtesy of Mr. Jay Clugston

    Sony C-38B microphone service manual (PDF)
    Courtesy of Ms. Kimberly Stewart of Sony Electronic, Inc.

    Sony C-48 microphone specification sheet (PDF)
    Courtesy of Mr. Jay Clugston

    Sony C-74 and C-76 microphone specification sheet (PDF)
    Courtesy of Mr. Jay Clugston

    Sony ECM-16 and ECM-31M microphone specification sheet (PDF)

    Sony ECM-23F microphone specification sheet (PDF)
    Courtesy of Mr. Jay Clugston

    Sony ECM-30 microphone specification sheet (PDF)
    Courtesy of Mr. Jay Clugston

    Sony ECM-33F microphone specification sheet (PDF)
    Courtesy of Mr. Jay Clugston

    Sony ECM-50PS microphone specification sheet (PDF)
    Courtesy of Mr. Jay Clugston

    Sony ECM-53FP and ECM-41 microphone specification sheet (PDF)

    Sony ECM-56F microphone specification sheet (PDF)
    Courtesy of Mr. Jay Clugston

    Sony ECM-65F and ECM-64P microphone specification sheet (PDF)
    Courtesy of Mr. Jay Clugston

    Sony ECM-150 microphone specification sheet (PDF)
    Courtesy of Mr. Jay Clugston

    Sony ECM-170A microphone specification sheet (PDF)
    Courtesy of Mr. Jay Clugston

    Sony ECM-260F, ECM-210M, and ECM-210S microphone
    specification sheet (PDF)

    Sony ECM-990F mic specs and AC-148F power supply specs (PDF)

    Sony F-99M, F-500, and F-500/S microphone specification sheet (PDF)

    Sony F-115 microphone specification sheet (PDF)
    Courtesy of Mr. Jay Clugston

    Sony F-420 microphone specification sheet (PDF)
    Courtesy of Mr. Jay Clugston

    Sony F-520 microphone specification sheet (PDF)
    Courtesy of Mr. Jay Clugston

    Sony F-660 and F-560 microphone specification sheet (PDF)

    Sony PBR-330 parabolic microphone specification sheet (PDF)
    Courtesy of Mr. Jay Clugston

    Sony microphone applications sheet (PDF)
    Courtesy of Mr. Jay Clugston

    Sony microphone summary sheet (PDF)
    Courtesy of Mr. Jay Clugston

    Sony ECM(Electret Condenser Microphone)Service Manuals
    Courtesy of Mr. Torben Larsen

    Sony ECM-011 Service Manual (PDF)