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Skin Cancer Diagnosis and Process

A thorough dermoscopic skin check is done for a melanoma skin cancers, basal cell skin cancers or sqaumous cell skin cancers. We have specialist dermoscopists and skin cancer surgeons at Eastmed Doctors, who can not only diagnose your skin cancer accurately, but also offer you to treat them here in the custom built surgical theatre. Your skin cancer surgery will by performed under local anaesthetic injections with minimal discomfort. The skin cancer that is cut out is send to the lab for the pathologist to analyse what type of skin cancer this is and whether we have removed it completely. The skin is usually repaired with absorbable sutures to give you a very neat scar.

Melanoma Skin Cancer Treatment

Melanoma skin cancer moles can either be dark or light or sometimes an enlarging red spot. If a skin cancer is suspected to be a melanoma the only treatment option is to remove this mole as soon as possible. If you discover a new brown, black, or red mole, please make an appointment with one of our doctors and this will be dealt with promptly.

Basal Cell Skin Cancer Treatment

A basal cell skin cancer arises from the basal layers of the skin. This is a very common skin cancer. It used to be known as a rodent ulcer in the past, since it eats away in the middle destroying tissue and bone on its way and enlarges when no treatment was offered. This does not happen now since we pick these up very early. They usually look like a pearl red or pink mole with lots of tiny blood vessels on the surface. Sometimes they are flat red spots on the skin. They usually break down in the middle, causing a hole in the bump, which can bleed. Many patients also have them in the ears which bleed causing stains on the pillows.

If the basal mole is large and flat and the diagnosis is uncertain, then a punch biopsy can be done to prove what it is before cutting the whole mole out. Some we do frozen section – this is removing a small part of the mole and have this looked by the pathologist in the lab quickly, before removing more out. This is similar to Moh’s surgery

If the punch biopsy reveals a superficial basal cell cancer, then Aldara ( imiquimod ) cream is funded. This is a immune cream, which works in conjunction with your immune system to clear this mole. This is very successful. Sometime Effudix cream can also be used.

If the diagnosis is certain or the punch biopsy reveals an invasive basal cell cancer, then removing this entire mole is the only option.

Squamous Skin Cancer Treatment

Squamous cell cancers usually come in the lips or legs. There look like very rough skin on top of the mole, sometimes bleeds. They can be very large red flat scaly spots on the skin. If the area is large then punch biopsy can be done to see how bad the squamous cell mole cancer is before removing this entirely. If it is a pre-cancerous mole, then Liquid Nitrogen or Freezing Ice works very well to clear this. If the squamous cell cancers especially on the face, ears or lips or legs which are deep, they need to be removed entirely to offer complete cure.

Sun Spots – Actinic Keratosis – Pre Skin Cancer Treatment

Some of these are precancerous lesions. They can be effectively treated with Aldara ( imiquimod ) or Liquid Nitrogen or Efudix ( 5-Fluorouracil cream ) creams.

Liquid Nitrogen – Freezing Ice

Liquid Nitrogen or Freezing ice treatment is available at Eastmed Doctors. This can be effectively used to treat a variety of pre-cancerous rough spots, sun spots and superficial basal cell skin cancers.

Anticancer Creams

Aldara ( imiquimod ). or Efudix ( 5-Fluorouracil cream ) are used at Eastmed doctors for treatment of skin cancers which respond to them – mainly pre-cancerous sun spots, Actinic keratosis and Superficial basal cell cancers.

Skin Cancer Checks and Treatment

If you are new patient and wish to have a skin cancer mole check and have your skin cancer treated at the same time, book an appointment online. choose Dr. Siva Nachiappan from the list and indicate in the special instruction box you are a new patient and you are coming in to have your moles checked. Alternatively you can ring the reception on 09 585 0188.

Click here for examples of mole surgery done at Eastmed Doctors