Big Bend Hospice remembers veterans with a service #hospice #job

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Big Bend Hospice remembers veterans with a service

Big Bend Hospice will hold a service of Remembrance on Nov. 10. (Photo: Special to the Democrat)

Big Bend Hospice invites the community to attend the Veterans Day Remembrance Service on Tuesday, Nov. 10, at 10 a.m. at the Big Bend Hospice McCully Family House Veterans Memorial and Garden, 1723 Mahan Center Blvd.

The BBH Veterans Day Remembrance Service will provide a special opportunity to celebrate, honor and remember veterans in our area. “Big Bend Hospice understands the price that our veterans have paid to ensure our freedom,” said Cathy Adkison, President and CEO of Big Bend Hospice.” It is our hope that the community comes out for such a meaningful event.”

The service will feature a Veterans Day address from a military veteran, patriotic music, words of encouragement, and a presentation to veteran participants by the Big Bend Hospice valor team. The program will also provide an opportunity to speak the name of fallen veterans, and recognize their service through a noble and honorable flag ceremony. Big Bend Hospice grief counselors and chaplains will be on hand to provide additional support if participants would like to speak with them.

Licensed since 1983, Big Bend Hospice serves the Big Bend region with expert healthcare, encouragement, hope, compassion and companionship to people with a life-limiting illness, so that they can complete personal goals and find spiritual and emotional peace. If you would like information about services or to volunteer, please call 850-878-5310 or visit

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Orange coast college swap meet #allis #chalmers #allis-chalmers #orange #spectacular #upper #midwest



2017 Allis-Chalmers Shows


Our Club Services

***Merchandise Vendor Space Still available***

***Volunteer to sell raffle tickets at the show***

Please mail tickets and money for raffle tickets to Darrell Grams Sr

34420 State Highway 25

Green Isle, MN 55338

April 28 – It was a pleasure being your Webmaster – Randy Larson

April 23 –The Upper Midwest A-C Club would like to invite everyone to stop in at our stand at the Pioneer Power Swap Meet on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Raffle tractor will be on site and raffle tickets available.

April 8 – Today at our Membership meeting, elections were held for the Upper Midwest A-C Club. Results are Incumbent Tom Foss, Incumbent Joe Graunke, Scott Overgaard and Joan Paulson. For Board of Director appointed seats: Craig Buss, president; Joe Graunke, vice president; Terry Nowak, secretary; and Darrell Grams, Sr. treasurer.

We wish to express our thankfulness to Matt Wosmek for his years of service as board of director and his dedicated time to being the treasurer for the club. Thanks Matt, your hard work has been appreciated!

We wish to thank Darrell Grams, Sr. for his time of service as president of the Upper Midwest A-C Club. Being president can be a stressful job, but with board members willing to help, the job gets done with assistants. Thank you Darrell for your time and service as president of the Upper Midwest A-C Club.

Due to election results, the Upper Midwest A-C Club is looking for a Children’s Activity Coordinator. If you are willing to take over this important position, please contact Craig Buss as soon as possible. The Children Activities are an important part of the Orange Spectacular! We thank Rita (Everhart) Wosmek for her dedicated time to making much fun for all of the children who have attended the past Orange Spectaculars since 2012. Rita, it was a lot of work and much patience you took with our future attendees and your time and talent has been appreciated!

March 25 – As spring is arriving slowly and field work starts-up, safety really needs to be our #1 goal to follow so we can come home to our family every night.Pleasetake six (6) minutes to view this video. Stay aware how fast an accident can happen. I hear a lot of people tell me, that sure was obvious that accident was going to happen. Next thing I hear is, there was an accident in our industry. Come to find out. the person oblivious to what was going to happen.

February 24 – Do you have a family member which is going into college? Then you need to check out our Scholarship page. we have had no applicants yet! Any degree / major will be reviewed for the potential being awarded a $500.00 scholarship.

February 24 – If you have not had a chance to see this year’s Toy. Look below.IT IS DIE CAST.

January 17 – The Upper Midwest A-C Club has the DVD produced at the 25th Orange Spectacular in July of this year.

This DVD is now available! 25th Annual Orange Spectacular has hit the shelves and ready to ship!

This all Orange Power show was shot at the 25th Annual Orange Spectacular extravaganza in Hutchinson MN a few short months ago and its ready for your viewing. Presented by the Upper Midwest A-C Club and held on the McLeod County Fairgrounds, we showcase classic farm machinery from garden tractors to the D21 and more. Relive the sights and sounds of this fantastic event, including the dyno test and interviews with owners and attendees. A must-have for any A-C collectors library. 75 minutes

The DVD is $28.00 plus $5.00 shipping.

Please make out your check to the Upper Midwest AC Club with the correct amount. Send your check to Darrell Grams, 34420 State Hwy 25, Green Isle MN 55338.

Please allow a seven (7) to ten (10) days for delivery, they will be shipped in an approve USPS mailer.

* Vincent Tims will be demonstrating the adjustment of the front axle of a D series tractor during the 2017 Orange Spectacular

It’s been cold, then warm, then cold out, and it’s to get warmer this coming week, but look at it as the Orange Spectacular will be here before you know it. the days are getting longer. summer is coming.

Sept. 11 – I got this emailed to me. I have an Allis Chalmers Model 66 All-Crop Harvester. We have used it the last 6 years or so to harvest our small grain crops of a few acres. This machine works and runs well. We are moving out of the country and cannot take this with us. I need to sell this machine and it would be a travesty if some scrap iron guy purchased this as scrap. I am hoping that I can find a good home for this. I would consider any reasonable offer.

If you are able to spread the word to find a good buyer and home, it would be greatly appreciated. Anyone interested can email or call me at home (leave message). I am located near Glenwood MN.

Richard Olsen 320/634-4750

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Big data is the killer app for the public cloud #big #data


Big data is the killer app for the public cloud

Big data analytics are driving rapid growth of public cloud computing. Why? It solves real problems, delivers real value, and is pretty easy to implement on public clouds.

Don’t take my word for it. Revenues for the top 50 public cloud providers shot up 47 percent in the fourth quarter of 2013. to $6.2 billion, according to Technology Business Research.

TBR’s latest figures reveal the extent to which public cloud providers are using big data to drive their own operations, get new customers, and expand features and functions. Although public cloud customers want storage and compute services, many implementing big data systems these days find that the public cloud is also the best and most cost-effective platform for big data.

Public clouds providers, such as Amazon Web Services, Google, and Microsoft, offer their own brands of big data systems in their clouds, whether NoSQL or SQL, that can be had by the drink. This contrasts to DIY big data, which means allocating huge portions of your data centers to the task and, in some cases, spending millions of dollars for database software.

Big data is driving public cloud adoption for fairly obvious reasons:

  • The cloud cost is a fraction of that to purchase big data resources on demand.
  • Cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-enterprise data integration got much better in the last few years, so it’s easy to set up massive databases in the clouds and sync them with any number of operational databases, cloud-based or on-premise.
  • In most cases, public clouds can provide better performance and scalability for most big data systems because they can provide autoscaling and autoprovisioning.

So, big data + cloud = match made in heaven? There are always issues with new technologies, but in this case the bumps in the road have been slight. I suspect that big data will continue to drive more public cloud usage in the future.

David S. Linthicum is a consultant at Cloud Technology Partners and an internationally recognized industry expert and thought leader. Dave has authored 13 books on computing and also writes regularly for HPE Software’s TechBeacon site.

Guide to big data analytics tools, trends and best practices #big #data


Guide to big data analytics tools, trends and best practices


By now, many companies have decided that big data is not just a buzzword, but a new fact of business life — one that requires having strategies in place for managing large volumes of both structured and unstructured data. And with the reality of big data comes the challenge of analyzing it in a way that brings real business value. Business and IT leaders who started by addressing big data management issues are now looking to use big data analytics to identify trends, detect patterns and glean other valuable findings from the sea of information available to them.

It can be tempting to just go out and buy big data analytics software, thinking it will be the answer to your company’s business needs. But big data analytics technologies on their own aren’t sufficient to handle the task. Well-planned analytical processes and people with the talent and skills needed to leverage the technologies are essential to carry out an effective big data analytics initiative. Buying additional tools beyond an organization’s existing business intelligence and analytics applications may not even be necessary depending on a project’s particular business goals.

This Essential Guide consists of articles and videos that offer tips and practical advice on implementing successful big data analytics projects. Use the information resources collected here to learn about big data analytics best practices from experienced users and industry analysts — from identifying business goals to selecting the best big data analytics tools for your organization’s needs.

1 Business benefits –

Real-world experiences with big data analytics tools

Technology selection is just part of the process when implementing big data projects. Experienced users say it’s crucial to evaluate the potential business value that big data software can offer and to keep long-term objectives in mind as you move forward. The articles in this section highlight practical advice on using big data analytics tools, with insights from professionals in retail, healthcare, financial services and other industries.

Many data streaming applications don’t involve huge amounts of information. A case in point: an analytics initiative aimed at speeding the diagnosis of problems with Wi-Fi networking devices. Continue Reading

Online advertising platform providers Altitude Digital and Sharethrough are both tapping Apache Spark’s stream processing capabilities to support more real-time analysis of ad data. Continue Reading

To give healthcare providers a real-time view of the claims processing operations its systems support, RelayHealth is augmenting its Hadoop cluster with Spark’s stream processing module. Continue Reading

Complexity can seem like a burden to already overworked IT departments — but when it comes to your organization’s big data implementation, there’s a good reason for all those systems. Continue Reading

A number of myths about big data have proliferated in recent years. Don’t let these common misperceptions kill your analytics project. Continue Reading

Learn how health system UPMC and financial services firm CIBC are adopting long-term strategies on their big data programs, buying tools as needed to support analytics applications. Continue Reading

An executive from Time Warner Cable explains why it’s important to evaluate how big data software fits into your organization’s larger business goals. Continue Reading

Allegiance Retail Services, a mid-Atlantic supermarket co-operative, is deploying a cloud-based big data platform in place of a homegrown system that fell short on analytics power. Continue Reading

Users and analysts caution that companies shouldn’t plunge into using Hadoop or other big data technologies before making sure they’re a good fit for business needs. Continue Reading

Compass Group Canada has started mining pools of big data to help identify ways to stop employee theft, which is a major cause of inventory loss at its food service locations. Continue Reading

Big data projects must include a well-thought-out plan for analyzing the collected data in order to demonstrate value to business executives. Continue Reading

Data analysts often can find useful information by examining only a small sample of available data, streamlining the big data analytics process. Continue Reading

Shaw Industries had all the data it needed to track and analyze the pricing of its commercial carpeting, but integrating the information was a tall order. Continue Reading

2 New developments –

Opportunities and evolution in big data analytics processes

As big data analytics tools and processes mature, organizations face additional challenges but can benefit from their own experiences, helpful discoveries by other users and analysts, and technology improvements. Big data environments are becoming a friendlier place for analytics because of upgraded platforms and a better understanding of data analysis tools. In this section, dig deeper into the evolving world of big data analytics.

Technologies that support real-time data streaming and analytics aren’t for everyone, but they can aid organizations that need to quickly assess large volumes of incoming information. Continue Reading

Although the main trends in big data for 2015 may not be a huge departure from the previous year, businesses should still understand what’s new in the world of big data analysis techniques. Continue Reading

Before starting the analytical modeling process for big data analytics applications, organizations need to have the right skills in place — and figure out how much data needs to be analyzed to produce accurate findings. Continue Reading

The Flint River Partnership is testing technology that analyzes a variety of data to generate localized weather forecasts for farmers in Georgia. Continue Reading

Big data analytics processes on data from sensors and log files can propel users to competitive advantages, but a lot of refining is required first. Continue Reading

Consultant Rick Sherman offers a checklist of recommended project management steps for getting big data analytics programs off to a good start. Continue Reading

Big data analytics initiatives can pay big business dividends. But pitfalls can get in the way of their potential, so make sure your big data project is primed for success. Continue Reading

Consultants Claudia Imhoff and Colin White outline an extended business intelligence and analytics architecture that can accommodate big data data analysis tools. Continue Reading

Big data experts Boris Evelson and Wayne Eckerson shared ideas for addressing the widespread lack of big data skills in a tweet jam hosted by SearchBusinessAnalytics. Continue Reading

In the Hadoop 2 framework, resource and application management are separate, which facilitates analytics applications in big data environments. Continue Reading

It’s important to carefully evaluate the differences between the growing number of query engines that access Hadoop data for analysis using SQL, says consultant Rick van der Lans. Continue Reading

Marketers have a new world of opportunities thanks to big data, and data discovery tools can help them take advantage, according to Babson professor Tom Davenport. Continue Reading

The Data Warehousing Institute has created a Big Data Maturity Model that lets companies benchmark themselves on five specific dimensions of the big data management and analytics process. Continue Reading

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3 News stories –

News and perspectives on big data analytics technologies

Big data analysis techniques have been getting lots of attention for what they can reveal about customers, market trends, marketing programs, equipment performance and other business elements. For many IT decision makers, big data analytics tools and technologies are now a top priority. These stories highlight trends and perspectives to help you manage your big data implementation.

President Barack Obama has introduced proposals for data security, but not everyone thinks they will address key questions for businesses. Continue Reading

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The Horse Hotel

Exit I-40, park your truck trailer, unload your horses, have dinner, go to your motel room all without leaving the property!

Now the horsemen and horsewomen who visit the Big Texan Steak Ranch and Motel can relax knowing that their equine friends have the opportunity to stretch their legs in a safe, secure and well maintained environment.

・20 Texas Size Stalls 12 X 12 (Sand or Dirt)
・60 Round Pen
・4 Gated Runs Complimentary During Day
・Secondary 6 foot Perimeter Chain Link Fence.
・Our facilities feature WW Brand stalls with your choice of sand or dirt flooring. All areas are well illuminated.

The entire area is fenced with chain-link and each stall can be locked. There is a 60-foot round-pen and gated runs that are available free of charge while you dine at the Big Texan.

Attendants are on duty around-the-clock to accommodate your travel schedule, and allow you to check-in at your convenience. Our Horse Hotel has individual lockable stall gates plus chain-link perimeter fencing. A 60-foot round pen and gated runs can be used fr free for 2 hours during the daytime. Less expensive stalls available in Amarillo, but none are better maintained or more convenient.

Your horse’s health and safety are important to us. Coggins papers are a must!

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US big-data company expands into China #cloudera,big #data, #china


US-based tech company Cloudera, which specializes in big data services, will open three offices in China, the company announced.

The Palo Alto, California-based company already is in Asia with an office in Japan, but offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou will be the company’s first in China.

Cloudera said it will provide local customers with technology to build their own data hubs using Apache Hadoop, software that helps store and distribute large data sets.

“We are making a big investment in a big opportunity,” said Cloudera CEO Tom Reilly in a statement on Dec 10. “With the interest in open source software and big data being so strong, we expect fast growth and adoption in China.”

Cloudera joins a number of other American tech firms that have expanded into China as US and Chinese companies try to leverage the large amount of data collected from the country’s 1.3 billion consumers.

“Big data has now reached every sector in the global economy. Like other essential factors of production such as hard assets and human capital, much of modern economic activity simply couldn’t take place without it,” said Justin Zhan, director of the Interdisciplinary Research Institute at the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

“Looking ahead, there is huge potential to leverage big data in developing economies as long as the right conditions are in place,” added Zhan, who is also the chair of the International Conference on Automated Software Engineering.

“With a strong economy, successful enterprises and local developers, China is a place for great products and services powered by big data technologies like Cloudera,” said George Ling, general manager of Cloudera China, in the company statement. “The new China offices give us an opportunity to showcase our local talent in an important and savvy market, with the ability to address changes in the local economy with sensitivity to cultural dynamics ultimately ensuring our customers’ success.”

Zhan said that China is already leading the region for personal location data in the area of mobile technology, given the sheer number of mobile phone users in the country. According to December 2013 estimates from Reuters, there were about 1.23 billion mobile phone users in China.

“The possibilities of big data continue to evolve rapidly, driven by innovation in the underlying technologies, platforms, and analytic capabilities for handling data, as well as the evolution of behavior among its users as more and more individuals live digital lives,” Zhan said, adding that US companies can help China in this aspect because tech firms here lead big data research and will eventually provide the foundation for big data business in countries like China.

Ge Yong, assistant professor of computer science at University of North Carolina at Charlotte, said that there are many opportunities for US companies to help with big data management in China, particularly in the information technology sector.

“There are areas in which Chinese companies do really well – such as Alibaba with e-commerce big data – but in certain sectors, US companies have more mature analytic tools to apply to Chinese businesses,” Ge said.

NetApp, another California-based data management company, entered China in 2007 and has since opened 15 branches in China across Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Shenzhen.

“With our innovation, our selling relationships, and our great work environments and employees, NetApp believes it has the recipe to continue to grow successfully in China,” wrote Jonathan Kissane, senior vice-president and chief strategy officer at NetApp, in an e-mail to China Daily.

“Companies around the globe have common challenges meeting their business needs with increasing volumes of critical data and the need for business flexibility. Data is the heart of business innovation and customer want to free data to move unbound across private and public clouds,” he wrote.

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Next programming language #programming, #software #development, #devops, #java, #agile, #web, #iot, #database,


Why .NET Core Made C# Your Next Programming Language to Learn

Why .NET Core Made C# Your Next Programming Language to Learn

Get Your Apps to Customers 5X Faster with RAD Studio

For years I have read about polyglot programmers and how some new language was the new cool thing. Over time, it has been programming languages like Ruby, Python, Scala, Go, Node.js, Swift, and others. It is amazing to see what Microsoft, and the community, have done with .NET Core and how it has become the cool new thing.

The problem with many of the existing programming languages is they are good at one use case. Ruby and PHP are awesome for web applications. Swift or Objective-C are great for creating iOS or MacOS applications. If you wanted to write a background service you could use Python, Java, or other languages. Besides C#, JavaScript and Java may be the only languages that can be applied to a wide set of use cases.

It is hard for me to apply my skills to a broad set of problems if I have to learn many programming languages. It limits my job opportunities. The awesome thing about C# is the wide versatility of it that can be used for a wide variety of types of applications. Now with .NET Core working on MacOS and Linux, there truly is no limit to what you can do. We will explore this in more detail below.

Why C# and .NET Core Are the Next Big Thing

I have been playing with .NET Core for over a year now and have been very impressed with it. I have even ported a .NET app over to run on a Mac, which was pretty amazing to see in action after all these years!

Since our company creates developer tools that also work with .NET Core, I feel like we are more plugged in to what is going on. It feels like .NET Core is picking up steam fast and I predict there will be a huge demand for .NET Core developers in 2018. We talk to customers every day who are already running .NET Core apps in production.

According to the TIOBE programming index. C# is already one of the top 5 programming languages.

Top 6 Things to Know About C# and .NET Core

If you are thinking about learning a new programming language, I want to provide you some of my insights as to why C# and .NET Core should be on the top of your list.

Easy to Learn

If you have done any programming in C, Java, or even JavaScript, the syntax of C# will feel very familiar to you. The syntax is simple to understand and read. Based on the TIOBE index I posted above, there are millions of developers who could easily make the switch from Java or C.

There are lots of online resources to help you learn C#. Many are free and there are some that are low cost as well.

Modern Language Features

NET has been around a long time now and has steadily changed and improved over 15 years. Over the years I have seen awesome improvements like MVC, generics, LINQ, async/await, and more. As someone who has personally dedicated myself to the language, it is awesome to see it improve over time. With .NET Core, a lot has changed, including all of the ASP.NET stack being completely overhauled.

Here are some the top features:

  • Strongly typed.
  • Robust base class libraries.
  • Asynchronous programming – easy to use async/await pattern.
  • Garbage collection, automatic memory management.
  • LINQ – Language Integrated Queries.
  • Generics – List T , Dictionary T, T .
  • Package management.
  • The ability to share binaries across multiple platforms and frameworks.
  • Easy to use frameworks to create MVC web apps and RESTful APIs.

Versatility: Web, Mobile, Server, Desktop

One of the best things about C# and .NET is the versatility of it. I can write desktop apps, web applications, background services, and even mobile apps thanks to Xamarin. Besides C#, all I really have to know is a little JavaScript (aided by TypeScript) to hack some UI code together (which I still try to avoid!). ASP.NET Core templates even make use of Bootstrap layouts and npm for pulling in client-side libraries.

The versatility is a big deal because your investment in learning the language can be used for a wide array of things. Your skillset is highly portable. You can also jump from building web apps to mobile apps if you want to mix up what you are doing. This is a stark difference to most other programming languages that only work server side.

And let’s not forget the first class support for Microsoft Azure. It’s never been easier to get up and running and then deployed to the cloud in just a few clicks. Docker containers are also supported which makes it easy to deploy your app to AWS or other hosting providers as well.

Awesome Developer Tools

Visual Studio has always been regarded as one of the best IDEs available for developers. It is a great code editor that supports features like code completion, debugging, profiling, git integration, unit testing, and much more. Visual Studio now offers a full-featured, free Community edition.

It is also possible to write code for .NET Core as basic text files with your favorite text editor. You can also use Visual Studio Code on any OS as a great basic code editor. For those of you who will never give up your vim or emacs, you can even do C# development too. You could also install a plug-in for Visual Studio to add all of your favorite shortcut keys.

The whole .NET ecosystem is also full of amazing developer tools. For example, I couldn’t imagine living without Resharper from Jetbrains. There are dozens of awesome tools that exist, including a mixture of open source and commercial products.

Standardization of Skills

NET comes with a very good set of base class libraries. Unlike Node.js, simple string functions like LeftPad() are built in. The wide array of base classes really decreases the need for external packages. Microsoft does lean on some community projects as well, like JSON.NET, to be key libraries widely used in most projects.

Microsoft provides a very good set of patterns and practices for .NET. For example, there are standard data access (entity framework) and model-view-controller (MVC) frameworks built-in. Most developers use those standard frameworks. This makes it easy as a developer to move between teams and quickly understand how things work. Your knowledge and skills become more portable due to this.

.NET Core Is Open Source

One of the biggest changes to ever happen to .NET was the open sourcing of the code. Virtually all of the code is now on GitHub for anyone to review, fork, and contribute to. This is a huge change that most people in the industry never thought would happen.

As a developer, from time to time you need to look under the covers to see what your code is really doing. For example, in the past, I once wondered if I called Dispose() on a database connection if that closes the connection or not. If you can access the source code somehow, you can quickly verify these types of questions.

Even if you don’t contribute to the source code, you benefit from the huge community that is. Problems and improvements are quickly discussed, coded, and released for you to use on a regular basis. Gone are the days of waiting years in-between releases for major improvements or minor bug fixes.

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Big Four – Firm Deloitte Invests in First Blockchain Startup #big #data


Professional services firm Deloitte has invested in blockchain startup SETL.

The funding represents the first time the professional services firm has publicly invested in a blockchain startup, a Deloitte representative confirmed, though he declined to disclose the amount when reached.

SETL, which is based in London, is one of a number of startups worldwide looking to apply the tech to payment and settlement, and it recently became part of a regulatory sandbox initiative launched by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.

The funding comes less than a month after the two firms announced the development of a contactless payment card for Metro Bank that uses blockchain tech to settle transactions. As reported at the time, the project is expected to reach commercial production in 2017.

To date, Deloitte has partnered with a range of startups in the space to develop blockchain prototypes – work that representatives from the firm say is aimed at offering new kinds of services to its global client base.

David Myers, head of capital markets for Deloitte, said of the funding:

“Blockchain has the ability to transform the industry, and we have been investing heavily in real-world applications, such as identity management, cross-border payments, loyalty, trade finance and a number of others. By harnessing the capabilities of SETL’s blockchain, we can provide our clients with even more practical and transformational solutions.”

According to SETL, the investment came after a year of collaboration between the two companies.

“We have been working with the firm over the past 12 months, and today’s announcement demonstrates Deloitte’s ongoing commitment to engage with our platform,” said CEO Peter Randall.

“Together, we have the opportunity to offer a unique blockchain service to a range of financial services companies.”

How to Create a Big Data Implementation Road Map #big #data #implementation


How to Create a Big Data Implementation Road Map

Big data implementation plans, or road maps, will be different depending on your business goals, the maturity of your data management environment, and the amount of risk your organization can absorb. So, begin your planning by taking into account all the issues that will allow you to determine an implementation road map.

Business urgency and big data

Many ambitious organizations always seem to need the latest and greatest technologies immediately. In some situations, an organization can demonstrate that the availability of important big data sources can lead to new strategies. In these cases, it makes sense to create a strategy and plan. It is a mistake to assume that big data adoption and implementation are a defined project.

The adoption of big data has broad implications for the company s overall data management strategy. So, independent of some of the other factors involved, the time required to design your big data solutions should be clearly noted on any road map. In addition, the design tasks should never be glossed over or eliminated.

Select the right big data software development methodology

Most companies and organizations have IT teams that follow prescribed development processes and practices. Some of these development methodologies are well suited to big data implementations, while others, sadly, are not.

Big data projects are best suited for an agile and interactive development process. Iterative methodologies use short time cycles with rapid results and constant user involvement to incrementally deliver a business solution. Therefore, it is not surprising that an iterative process is the most effective development methodology for big data implementations.

Balance big data budgets and skill sets

It is always difficult to anticipate the budgetary requirements for a new type of project like big data. The best practice is to clearly understand the expected costs and downstream benefits of your big data implementation and then secure an appropriate budget.

Getting the right skill sets for any project is another challenge. Often the most sought-after individuals are stretched thin across several initiatives. So staff augmentation is often the answer, albeit not an easy one.

Over time, you will find more training and more qualified professionals. In the meantime, the best practice is to identify and acquire some data science skills for design and planning, Hadoop and NoSQL skills for implementation, and parallel/cluster computing skills for operations.

Determine your appetite for risk with big data

Every organization has a culture that will determine how much risk management it is willing to assume. If you are in a highly competitive market, you may need to take more risks on potential market innovation. However, even companies in highly competitive markets may be cautious. You have to understand the dynamics of your organization before you embark on a big data project.

All organizations, even those with an appetite for high risk, must be wary as they adopt big data. The development and acculturation of any new technology or solution can be fraught with failures. Using agile methodologies to help to explicate fast successes and fast failures is the best practice for setting proper expectations in a trailblazing organization.

Your big data road map

You should think of these as starting points for how you can get the ball rolling with big data and make changes as necessary for your business.

If your organization has experience with business intelligence applications and analytics, has relatively mature data management practices, and has established a high-capacity infrastructure and operations, the task of adopting big data is a bit easier. This does not imply guaranteed success or reduced risk.

Getting started is always easier if some of the people involved have done it before. Here are a few tips to consider as you contemplate bringing big data into your company or organization:

Get some help. Don t be adverse to hiring an expert or two as consultants. Be sure that they know their stuff and ensure that they are capable of mentoring people in your organization.

Get training. Take classes, buy and read books, do research on the Internet, ask questions, and attend a conference or two.

Experiment. Plan to fail. Fast failure is becoming de rigueur for contemporary technology-driven organizations. The best lessons learned often come from failures.

Set proper expectations. In the business world, properly set expectations can mean the difference between success and failure. Big data offers huge potential to your business only if you accurately represent the value, costs, and time to implement.

Be holistic. Try to look at all the dimensions. If the project is delivered on time and on budget, but the end users weren t trained or ready to use it, the project may fall into failure.

SAP s HANA will lose the big data war without open source,


SAP’s HANA will lose the big data war without open source, as proven by 21 new security flaws

SAP has been boasting about its “revolutionary” big data platform, SAP HANA, for years. While its claims have always been a bit suspect, recent revelations that HANA is riddled with critical security flaws only reinforce the mantra that, when it comes to big data infrastructure, open source is best.

Most other companies get this, even hitherto proprietary giants like IBM. Will SAP get the memo in time to rejigger its approach to big data?

Probably not, which is why SAP customers should probably check out what open source has to offer.

(Almost) everything has open source inside

Even the most proprietary software generally has open source inside. That’s why Gartner analyst Martin Kihn can declare with utmost assurance that everything—everything—is open source now, to some degree:

I am willing to guess you—yes, you—would be shocked if you really understood to what extent that whizzy piece of expensive cloud software you’re using actually (deep, deep in its soul) was running on absolutely free, not-developed-here, open source technology that you—yes, you—could probably bang into something almost as useful if you only knew how to do it.

It’s also why you really, really shouldn’t be futzing with SAP HANA, or any other proprietary data infrastructure that tries to go it alone without the aid of the open source community. Cloudera chief strategy officer Mike Olson perhaps said it best :

There’s been a stunning and irreversible trend in enterprise infrastructure. No dominant platform-level software infrastructure has emerged in the last 10 years in closed-source, proprietary form.

Which brings us to. HANA.

Big data, big problems

HANA, SAP’s big data darling, has been the subject of controversy for some time. For years Wall Street analysts like Peter Goldmacher (formerly of Cowen Co.) have criticized SAP’s financial treatment of HANA, arguing that the legacy software vendor had been misrepresenting HANA revenue to project an “inflated growth rate.”

In short, he and others argued HANA’s zero-to-$1 billion rapid growth story was “highly, highly unlikely.”

But wait! It gets worse.

That’s because security firm Onapsis just uncovered 21 significant security flaws in HANA, eight of which it deemed “critical.”

How critical? Unless companies act to change system configurations, “Unauthenticated attackers could take full control of vulnerable SAP HANA systems, including stealing, deleting or changing business information, as well as taking the platform offline to disrupt key business processes.”

Not a cheery thought.

And, it’s why Host Analytics (and data infrastructure expert) Dave Kellogg advises HANA customers to switch to “standard infrastructure,” in part because it’s “more proven.”

Peaceful coexistence. for now

Like, for example, Apache Spark.

Of course, Spark-sponsor Databricks will be quick to say that SAP HANA and Spark are complementary, that the one is great for analyzing legacy enterprise data stuck in a CRM or ERP system while the latter handles. pretty much everything else.

This is true, but maybe not relevant. At least, not for long.

After all, as Kamlesh Barvalia, business intelligence and analytics Leader at GE, argued. there is “a great deal of overlap” between the two in terms of features and use cases, and many (like he) will “bet on Spark for the long haul.”

Why? Because Spark is open source (so “you do not run the risk of getting yourself trapped in proprietary development platforms” like HANA), cheaper, and “There is a great deal of momentum behind Spark and it appears that the feature overlap as well as breadth and depth of offering will only increase as the time goes by.”

Stated in pithier fashion, “What Dave Kellogg said.”

Spark isn’t the only open source challenge to HANA’s alleged momentum (barely ahead of Informix in terms of overall popularity ). Given the pace at which the open source community keeps leapfrogging itself with better and better data infrastructure, hatched and released by companies like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn, who manage scale and speed that even SAP can hardly fathom, this is the open source community’s market to lose.

But it won’t, for all the reasons Mike Olson called out in his post. Ultimately, all data infrastructure will be open, or it will be irrelevant.

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Big Trees Lodge (Yosemite National Park, CA) – 2016 Hotel Reviews #home

#wawona hotel


Big Trees Lodge Hotel, Yosemite National Park

Reviewed 1 week ago

This is a historic hotel which has recently changed its name. It has an excellent restaurant serving lovely food and wine. Cocktails are available in the piano room before dinner whilst the pianist plays and sings. Rooms do not have bathrooms as this is the equivalent of a listed building but it is a short walk to the showers and. More

Bar / Lounge Free Breakfast Free High Speed Internet ( WiFi ) Free Parking Restaurant Swimming Pool Wheelchair access

Official Description (provided by the hotel)

Big Trees Lodge is cherished as one of the most respected and most frequently visited Yosemite hotels. Its authentic Victorian architecture features beautiful white buildings, classic verandas and lush natural surroundings. At the Big Trees Lodge, there’s something for everyone-including golf, tennis, horseback riding, or fishing. Evenings are spent gathered around the piano for musical performances in the lounge. Big Trees Lodge dining is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. more less

Additional Information about Big Trees Lodge

Address: 8308 Wawona Road. Yosemite National Park, CA 95389 (Formerly Wawona Hotel)

Location: United States California Yosemite National Park

Bar / Lounge Free Breakfast Free High Speed Internet ( WiFi ) Free Parking Restaurant Swimming Pool Wheelchair access

Price Range: $80 – $175 (Based on Average Rates for a Standard Room)

Hotel Class: 2 star Big Trees Lodge 2*

Number of rooms: 104

Also Known As: Wawona Hotel Yosemite National Park Wawona Yosemite National Park

Is This Your TripAdvisor Listing?

Own or manage this property? Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and much more.

Big BLUE Apartments – Myrtos, Ierapetra Crete, Greece #galway #bay #hotel

#big blue hotel


Welcome to Crete
Welcome to Myrtos
Welcome to big BLUE

    Welcome to Crete
    Welcome to Myrtos
    Welcome to big BLUE

    Welcome to Crete
    Welcome to Myrtos
    Welcome to big BLUE

    Welcome to Crete
    Welcome to Myrtos
    Welcome to big BLUE

  • Welcome to big BLUE

    Τhe big BLUE stands in the west end of Myrtos village, towards a long sandy beach which spreads until the end of the local road and splits into isolated little bays. The big BLUE awarded every year by the eco-certificate GREEN KEY

    The beautiful village of Myrtos lies around a small bay of east – south Crete, in front of the Mediterranean Sea. A green valley covered with orange, lemon, olive and banana trees spreads to the east and, together with the location of the village up to the 35th parallel of latitude, contributed to the temperate climate of Myrtos, bearing a very mild winter of average temperature 12o C and the cool summer 30o C.

    This might be the reason that Myrtos is the only one place of the Mediterranean where swallows remain and settle during winter.

    The Big Blue Experience, Pembrokeshire #seaside #oregon #motels

    #big blue hotel


    The Big Blue Experience, Pembrokeshire.

    Big Blue • Kite • Surf • SUP • Beach & Online Shop

    Activiy Holidays in Pembrokeshire & Switzerland

    Adventure holidays for individuals, groups and families • From the extreme to the serene • Learn something new!

    The Big Blue Experience want you to make the most of all the seasons so we offer summer activiy holidays in Pembrokeshire and winter snow holidays in Switzerland. Whether you want extreme sports that push you to the limits or a more relaxing family adventure we can cater to all abilities. Let our local guides show you the hidden spots and hone your skills with our experienced instructors.

    Pembrokeshire Adventure Holidays

    Short break and week long holidays:
    Surfing 3 day.
    SUP 3 day.
    Kitesurfing 3 day.
    Multi Activity 5 day.

  • Pembrokeshire Accommodation

    Camping, Glamping.
    Self Catered Cottages, Bunkhouses.
    Hotels and B & B.

  • Winter Adventure Holidays

    Winter Holidays.
    Snow Kiting Courses.
    Skiing, Snowboarding.
    Ski Touring, Sledging.
    Avalanche Courses.
    Progression Weeks.

  • Windsurf Kos – Big Blue Surf Center Windsurfing #home #health #aids

    #big blue hotel


    Use your credit card to pay your activites online and save money!

    Big blue surf center

    Big Blue Surf Center is situated on the beach in front of the Natura Park Village Hotel on the north east coast of Kos Island. This area is called Psalidi and it is well known for windsurfing and kite boarding, and the Meltemi, the strong north/northwest wind which is blowing side/side off from the left, almost every day during the summer season. Big Blue Surf Center is perfectly positioned facing the coast of Turkey which is only 15 km off of the center. This creates a funnel effect on the Meltemi as it is squeezed between the two coastlines giving a stronger localized wind effect. It is 6km into the City from the center, and 25km to the airport.
    The Big Blue Surf Center has a very friendly, family feel to it. It s a well equipped and organized center and operates a fixed board system.
    The wind at Big Blue Surf Center is side/side-off shore from the left. Usually the wind is lighter in the morning when the majority of beginner courses take place, making the spot also great for beginners and kids. The wind gradually intensifies through the day and gives way to sensational slalom blasting with swell/chops up to 1m on the outside. Big Blue Surf Center is one of the few places in the world where all levels can practice their skills at the same time and practically all day long – beginners, intermediates and advanced! As well as the stunning views whilst sailing, the proximity of Turkey and Kos create a wind funnel system, making way to stronger winds than other spots on the island. The sailing area is large and safe, and there is dedicated Baywatch and Rescue service free of charge.

    All amenities are on site, including:

    • Free Shuttle service from ant to the hotels of Psalidi
    • Toilets and Showers
    • Swimming Pool at the Natura Park Village
    • Free Beds and Umbrellas
    • Snacks and drinks in corporation with a take away restaurant.

    The Center takes cash payment, and credit cards.
    Recommend to bring surf shoes as there is a pebbled shore line.
    Basic harness included in the price but recommend to bring own


    Starting off is easy in small groups and with special training equipment; even children can easily learn to windsurf and kitesurf with us. Waterstarts, smooth jibes and cool freestyle manoeuvres will no longer be a secret to you – we will take care of it!

    Our VDWS and RYA approved windsurfing, and IKO kitesurf instructors are ready to make you a better surfer, with lessons from complete beginner to advanced freestyle tuition. Additionally for two weeks every August-September we host the FBC Windsurf Camps with the dream team Tom Brendt and Yoli De Brendt, Fanatic Trainer and Fanatic Pro Rider.

    The Center

    For the ultimate surf trip, the most current material of our top partners Fanatic boards, North Sails and North Kiteboarding is ready and waiting for you. With over 40 current 2015/2016 boards and over 80 sails, there is enough for everybody! Whether freestyle, speed or freeriding, we have the right setup at the Big Blue. Our experienced team is happy to advise you and help set up your equipment to make sure you have as much fun as possible.

    There is a Free Shuttle Bus service twice a day, from the Hotels to Big Blue Surf Centers and back.

    We also offer secure storage if you bring your own kit, and you still get all the benefits of our awesome spot, experienced staff and safety rescue.

    Promo Video

    Check out our promo video to get a feel for the Big Blue Surf Center.

    5 Big Data Technology Predictions for 2015 #what #is #big #data #technology


    5 Big Data Technology Predictions for 2015

    In just a few short years, big data technologies have gone from the realm of hype to one of the core disruptors of the new digital age. 2014 saw big data initiatives inside the enterprise increasingly move from test to production. In 2015, big data will push further into the enterprise with even more use cases — specifically real-time use cases — says John Schroeder, CEO and co-founder of Hadoop distribution specialist MapR .

    “This is the year that organizations move big data deployments beyond initial batch implementations and into real time,” Schroeder says. “This will be driven by the realization of the huge strides that existing industry leaders and soon-to-be new leaders have already made by incorporating new big data platforms into their analytics with “in-flight” data to impact business as it happens.”

    Schroeder says five major developments will dominate 2015.

    1. Data Agility Emerges as a Top Focus

    Data agility has been one of the big drivers behind the development of big data technologies, as the processes around legacy databases and data warehouses have proven too slow and inflexible for many business needs. In 2015, Schroeder says data agility will become even more central as organization shift their focus from simply capturing and managing data to actively using it.

    “Legacy databases and date warehouses are so expensive that DBA resources are required to flatten summarize and fully structure the data,” he says. “Upfront DBA costs delay access to new data sources and the rigid structure is very difficult to alter over time. The net result is that legacy databases are not agile enough to meet the needs of most organizations today.”

    “Initial big data projects focused on the storage of target data sources,” he adds. “Rather than focus on how much data is being managed, organizations will move their focus to measuring data agility. How does the ability to process and analyze data impact operations? How quickly can they adjust and respond to changes in customer preferences, market conditions, competitive actions and the status of operations? These questions will direct the investment and scope of big data projects in 2015.”

    18 big data certifications that will pay off #big #data #graduate #programs


    18 big data certifications that will pay off

    18 big data certifications that will pay off

    Data and big data analytics are becoming the life’s blood of business. Data scientists and analysts with expertise in the techniques required to analyze big data and engineers and developers who know their way around Hadoop clusters and other technologies, are hard to come by. If you’re looking for a way to get an edge — whether you’re job hunting, angling for a promotion or just want tangible, third-party proof of your skills – big data certification is a great option. Certifications measure your knowledge and skills against industry- and vendor-specific benchmarks to prove to employers that you have the right skillset. The number of big data certs is expanding at a rapidly. Here are 16 you should consider.

    Updated on April 20, 2017.

    Certified Analytics Professional — INFORMS

    What it’s all about: The CAP certification is a rigorous general analytics certification. It certifies end-to-end understanding of the analytics process, from framing business and analytic problems to acquiring data, methodology, model building, deployment and model lifecycle management. It requires completion of the CAP exam (available at more than 700 Kryterion computer-based testing centers in more than 100 countries) and adherence to the CAP Code of Ethics.

    How to prepare: INFORMS provides preview material and a Complete CAP Study Guide as an aid. It also provides free half-day CAP refresher sessions for organizations with 10 or more candidates.

    Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences — Columbia University

    What it’s all about: This data science certification is offered jointly through TheFU Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science and The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Columbia University. The program consists of four courses: Algorithms for Data Science (CS/IEOR), Probability Statistics (STATS), Machine Learning for Data Science (CS) and Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization (STATS).

    Certificate in Engineering Excellence Big Data Analytics and Optimization (CPEE) — INSOFE

    What it’s all about: This intensive 18-week program consists of 10 courses (lectures and labs) for students of all aspects of analytics, including working with big data using Hadoop. It focuses on R and Hadoop skills, as well as statistical modeling, data analytics, machine learning, text mining and optimization. Students are evaluated on a real-world capstone project and a series of quizzes.

    Big Blue Hotel: 4 Star Family Hotel Blackpool Offering Luxury Accommodation and

    #blackpool hotels


    Welcome to the Big Blue Hotel at Blackpool Pleasure Beach where chic, cutting-edge design blends seamlessly with an attention to detail and a level of service that is second to none.

    This modern, 4-star hotel is perfectly located for a luxury break, business trip or family holiday, with modern accommodation at affordable prices. Each one of the hotel s spacious rooms and suites provides maximum comfort and ease for our guests, with an elegant combination of neutral tones, clean lines of dark woods and sleek furnishings.

    3 Day Advance Purchase Rate, Book Early & Save!

    Our 3 day advance purchase bed breakfast rates offer a great saving on the best available bed breakfast rates when you book and pay minimum of 3 days in advance of the arrival date.

    Lazy Sundays Dinner, Bed & Breakfast Package

    Bring back Sunday stays with a great rate for a Sunday night stay including dinner, bed breakfast

    Suite Dreams. Are Made of This

    Enjoy a fantastic package from just 219.00 per couple ( 235.00 from 21st March 2016) in our deluxe suites based on two adults sharing to include dinner, bed breakfast

    Two Night Short Breaks Including Dinner On First Night

    Enjoy a great value two-night break including two night s bed breakfast with dinner on the first night too!

    Hot Ice Theatre Break Package 2016

    Our great value Theatre Break package includes accommodation on a bed breakfast basis or two course dinner, bed breakfast basis plus premium tickets for the evening performance of the world s most spectacular ice show Hot Ice Valid selected dates July – September 2016 (Excludes all Sundays)

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach Breaks 2016

    Bed Breakfast plus one day s Wristband for Blackpool Pleasure Beach (Excludes Midnight Riding and Special Events)

    Two Night Midweek Illuminations Couples Break 2016

    NEW – Enjoy a great value two night midweek Illuminations couples break with breakfast, 1st night dinner PLUS 1 days wristbands for Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

    Post Christmas 1 Night Break – 28th, 29th or 30th December 2016

    Enjoy a post Christmas break with a superb value one night break on Wednesday 28th, Thursday 29th or Friday 30th December 2016 to include Dinner in the Blues Brasserie, Bed Full breakfast

    Post Christmas 2 Night Short Break – 28th & 29th or 29th & 30th December 2016

    Enjoy a post Christmas break with a superb value two night short break on Wednesday 28th Thursday 29th or Thursday 29th Friday 30th December 2016 to include two nights bed full breakfast with dinner on the first night too!

    New Year Package – 1 Night Package – 31st December 2016

    Celebrate the New Year in style with our one night package arriving Saturday 31st December 2016

    New Years Day 01st January 2017 – Carvery Dinner, Bed & Breakfast With Disco & DJ

    Join us on 01st January 2017 for a great value carvery dinner, bed breakfast package with our popular DJ disco in the Blues Bar Brasserie, and fancy dress competition for the kids!

    “A truly amazing hotel!” – by A TripAdvisor User

    This hotel is amazing. We have been so many times now and hope to go again soon. I would highly recommend this hotel to everyone. The staff are amazing and would do anything for you, they are so friendly. The hotel is beautiful and the rooms are amazing. They have great views of Pleasure Beach and the air con was bliss! I would like to thank all the staff for being so nice when we came to stay. It won t be the last time we visit, we love the Big Blue!

    Call 0871 222 4000

    Calls will cost 13 pence per minute plus your telephone companies access charge.


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    Big Daddy Roth – The Biography of Ed Big Daddy Roth #roth


    The Biography of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth

    Ed “Big Daddy” Roth March 4, 1932 – April 4, 2001
    Sphinx Productions

    Ed “Big Daddy” Roth was born in Beverly Hills on March 4, 1932. He grew up in a German speaking household with a younger brother, Gordon. In school Ed learned to speak English and he liked to draw. Ed was able to do his homework and keep up with the rest of the class while he drew pictures of airplanes, hot rods, and monsters. His father Henry was very strict with the brothers and kept the two out of trouble by supplying them with tools and a workshop. Ed’s dad was a German cabinet maker and it was in the workshop where Ed learned how to build crazy stuff out of wood.

    Ed purchased his first car in 1946 shortly after WW II ended. It was a 1933 Ford Coupe. He graduated high school in 1949, and went on to college majoring in engineering so he could advance his knowledge in automotive design. Ed did pretty good in college but got bored with his engineering and physics classes because they just didn’t have anything to do with cars.

    Ed joined the Air Force in 1951 and went to bombsight school in Denver where he learned how to make maps. He became an expert barber on the side. He was first stationed in Africa, then transferred to South Carolina for 4 years before coming home. Ed was honorably discharged in 1955.

    By that time Ed owned several vehicles, he was married and had 5 children, all boys. Ed began working at Sears in the Display Department and started pin striping cars after work.

    As Ed’s family grew, so did the bills. In 1958 Ed went to work full time with “The Baron” and his grandson Kelly. Using junkyard parts and a newly developed product called fiberglass, Ed created automobiles in his garage. Ed’s first car was called the “Little Jewel”. Shortly after came the “Outlaw”, which showed the world that anyone could design and build a car without being a certified automotive engineer. All you really needed was imagination, some motor head know-how, a lot of elbow grease, and gumption.

    Presto! His garage became his studio where other creations came into light which include the “Beatnik Bandit” and “Rotar”.

    Ed became Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, a hot-roddin’, gear head, mad scientist, and struggling artist who financed his inventions by selling drawings and t-shirts at drag events, fairs, and car shows. Big Daddy Roth would draw cartoons of monsters that he created and pictures of cars, but when he personally airbrushed t-shirts with the monsters driving the cars, people went crazy and would line up at his booth.

    The most popular Ed “Big Daddy” Roth monster was Rat Fink. Rat Fink started as a drawing that Ed had put on his refrigerator. Ed “Big Daddy” Roth was a genius at designing cars, but it was Rat Fink that brought him fame. By 1963, teenagers across America were buying Rat Fink model kits and mass-produced Rat Fink T-shirts by Ed “Big Daddy” Roth.

    When Ed “Big Daddy” Roth got so busy that his garage couldn’t handle the work, he moved his operation into a new shop in Maywood, California. Ed had to hire several employees to help him build and produce more custom cars and t-shirts. Revell American produced model car kits that featured the “Beatnik Bandit” and “Road Agent”. Other model kits included “Rat Fink” and the gang, a group of hot rodding monsters. Here is a very interesting note: During 1963 Revell paid Ed “Big Daddy” Roth a one cent royalty for each model sold. Ed brought in $32,000 that year in royalties. Now figure out the math. That’s how popular Ed “Big Daddy” Roth creations were.

    The Ed “Big Daddy” Roth Gang included: Rat Fink, Drag Nut, Mother’s Worry, and Mr. Gasser. They soon became heroes to young kids across the nation who could relate to the stories and themes of the Ed “Big Daddy” Roth gang.

    There were also several Ed “Big Daddy” Roth record albums produced. The band was called “Mr. Gasser and the Weirdos,” featuring Ed “Big Daddy” Roth. The songs featured on these records told descriptive stories about the Ed “Big Daddy” Roth gang and their favorite pastimes, like hot rodding and surfing. The general message intended was that being different or weird was okay, and being a Fink or a Weirdo was cool. It was a lesson some of us never forgot.

    Rat Fink and the gang driving their hot rods have become rock-art icons. Originally they were adopted by surf musicians and today the gang can be found everywhere. A number of punk and alternative bands have used Ed “Big Daddy” Roth images on LP’s and CD’s such as: Birthday Party “An Australian Band” with Junk Yard cover 1981 and current releases by the Voodoo Glow Skulls Cover Artist “Marco Almera”. There is even a band called Rat Fink.

    Other Roth fans and enthusiasts include the Cramps and Rob Zombie of White Zombie.

    Ed “Big Daddy” Roth artwork can be found throughout the late 1980’s and mid-1990’s in underground comics produced by Roth and Sloane. You can also find Roth’s artwork in tattoo parlors and in art galleries. Yes, many of us consider the work Ed “Big Daddy” Roth as fine art. You can also find Ed “Big Daddy” Roth creations on concert posters by other American cult artists Frank Kozik and Coop.

    Ed “Big Daddy” Roth passed away on April 4, 2001. The doctors said his death was caused by a heart attack. Ed Roth’s genius has created a timeless monster. Rat Fink, his Show Cars, and his Monster designs still reach the diverse demographic appeal of young adults today. Rat Fink and the gang will continue into the new millennium capturing a new group of Finks young and old for decades to come.

    Big Data, Bigger Marketing #big #data #and #marketing


    Big Data, Bigger Marketing

    Big data refers to the ever-increasing volume, velocity, variety, variability and complexity of information. For marketing organizations, big data is the fundamental consequence of the new marketing landscape, born from the digital world we now live in.

    The term big data doesn’t just refer to the data itself; it also refers to the challenges, capabilities and competencies associated with storing and analyzing such huge data sets to support a level of decision making that is more accurate and timely than anything previously attempted – big-data-driven decision making.

    Many marketers may feel like data has always been big – and in some ways, it has. But think about the customer data businesses collected 20 years ago – point of sale transaction data, responses to direct mail campaigns, coupon redemption, etc. Then think about the customer data collected today – online purchase data, click-through rates, browsing behavior, social media interactions, mobile device usage, geolocation data, etc. Comparatively speaking, there’s no comparison. And to borrow an old phrase, You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

    Why big data matters to marketing

    Having big data doesn’t automatically lead to better marketing – but the potential is there. Think of big data as your secret ingredient, your raw material, your essential element. It’s not the data itself that’s so important. Rather, it’s the insights derived from big data, the decisions you make and the actions you take that make all the difference.

    By combining big data with an integrated marketing management strategy, marketing organizations can make a substantial impact in these key areas:

    • Customer engagement. Big data can deliver insight into not just who your customers are, but where they are, what they want, how they want to be contacted and when.
    • Customer retention and loyalty. Big data can help you discover what influences customer loyalty and what keeps them coming back again and again.
    • Marketing optimization/performance. With big data, you can determine the optimal marketing spend across multiple channels, as well as continuously optimize marketing programs through testing, measurement and analysis.

    Three types of big data that are a big deal for marketing

    Customer: The big data category most familiar to marketing may include behavioral, attitudinal and transactional metrics from such sources as marketing campaigns, points of sale, websites, customer surveys, social media, online communities and loyalty programs.

    Operational: This big data category typically includes objective metrics that measure the quality of marketing processes relating to marketing operations, resource allocation, asset management, budgetary controls, etc.

    Financial: Typically housed in an organization’s financial systems, this big data category may include sales, revenue, profits and other objective data types that measure the financial health of the organization.


    The challenges related to the effective use of big data can be especially daunting for marketing. That’s because most analytic systems are not aligned to the marketing organization’s data, processes and decisions. For marketing, three of the biggest challenges are:

    • Knowing what data to gather. Data, data everywhere. You have enormous volumes of customer, operational and financial data to contend with. But more is not necessarily better – it has to be the right data.
    • Knowing which analytical tools to use. As the volume of big data grows, the time available for making decisions and acting on them is shrinking. Analytical tools can help you aggregate and analyze data, as well as allocate relevant insights and decisions appropriately throughout the organization – but which ones?
    • Knowing how to go from data to insight to impact. Once you have the data, how do you turn it into insight? And how do you use that insight to make a positive impact on your marketing programs?

    Three steps for going from big data to better marketing

    Big data is a big deal in marketing. But there are a few things every marketer should keep in mind to help ensure that big data will lead to big success:

    1. Use big data to dig for deeper insight. Big data affords you the opportunity to dig deeper and deeper into the data, peeling back layers to reveal richer insights. The insights you gain from your initial analysis can be explored further, with richer, deeper insights emerging each time. This level of insight can help you develop specific strategies and actions to drive growth.
    2. Get insights from big data to those who can use it. There’s no debating it – CMOs need the meaningful insights that big data can provide; but so do front-line store managers, and call center phone staff, and sales associates, and so on and so on. What good is insight if it stays within the confines of the board room? Get it into the hands of those who can act on it.
    3. Don’t try to save the world – at least not at first. Taking on big data can at times seem overwhelming, so start out by focusing on a few key objectives. What outcomes would you like to improve? Once you decide that, you can identify what data you would need to support the related analysis. When you’ve completed that exercise, move on to your next objective. And the next.

    Residential Electrician, Electrician #are #you #in #the #dark, #are #you #in #the


    Welcome to Our Site

    We are strictly residential electricians. This means we know how to take care of your home in every way. We specialize in accent lighting, ceiling fans. kitchen remodels. bathroom lighting. can lighting, energy efficient lighting. attic fans. house wiring. and much more.

    Our company cleans up like no other contractor you ve seen. We vacuum up any mess with our own vacuum! All our employees are cordial and trustworthy. We are a family company and we consider our customers to be our extended family. Your satisfaction with our service is our utmost priority. Our customers generally come to us through word of mouth and our phone rings constantly. Thank you for recommending us through the years and trusting us with your home.

    We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in CA:

    • Orange County, CA
    • Mission Viejo, CA
    • Irvine, CA
    • Woodbridge, CA
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    • Newport Coast, CA
    • Shady Canyon, CA
    • Laguna, CA
    • Laguna Beach, CA
    • Corona Del Mar, CA
    • Huntington Beach, CA
    • Seal Beach, CA
    • Long Beach, CA
    • Sunset Beach, CA
    • Los Alamitos, CA
    • Rossmoor, CA
    • Fountain Valley, CA
    • Costa Mesa, CA
    • Yorba Linda, CA
    • Orange, CA
    • Anaheim, CA
    • Anaheim Hills, CA
    • Tustin, CA
    • Tustin Ranch, CA
    • North Tustin, CA
    • Santa Ana, CA
    • Villa Park, CA
    • Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
    • Lake Forest, CA
    • Irvine Spectrum, CA
    • Foothill Ranch, CA
    • Coto De Caza, CA
    • Coto, CA
    • Dove Canyon, CA
    • Ladera Ranch, CA
    • Ladera, CA
    • Las Flores, CA
    • San Juan, CA
    • San Juan Capistrano, CA
    • Laguna Niguel, CA
    • Laguna Hills, CA
    • Trabuco Canyon, CA
    • Dana Point, CA
    • San Clemente, CA
    • Saddleback, CA
    • South Orange County, CA

    Excellant work and very courteous. Thank you!

    The team was very efficient and did a clean, professional job of installing our two ceiling fans. The did a great job of explaining the controls after installation. Great job!

    Outstanding and professional service. will always recommend Armes Electric for any electrical work.

    Jason and Juan did an absolutely flawless job installing can lights. They left no holes in the walls or marks on the ceiling – just two lights exactly where we asked that they be installed. Your workers always do an outstanding job.

    Armes Electric provides you with these services, and More..

    Kitchen/Bath Remodels
    Recessed Can Lighting
    Picture Lighting
    Accent Lighting
    Under cabinet Lighting
    240 Spa Runs
    Convenience/Holiday Outlets

    We look forward to serving all of your electrical needs.

    We are strictly residential electricians. This means we know how to take care of your home in every way. We specialize in accent lighting, ceiling fans, kitchen remodels, can lighting, attic fans, and much more. Our company cleans up like no other contractor you ve seen. We vacuum up any mess with our own vacuum! All our employees are cordial and trustworthy. We are a family company and we consider our customers to be our extended family. Your satisfaction with our service is our utmost priority. Our customers generally come to us through word of mouth and our phone rings constantly.

    Big Rig Truck Driving Videos #big #rig #truck #driving #video #playlists #for


    Video Library

    Trucking Video Playlists compiled from youtube. Features Trucks and Truck Driver’s from around the world.

    Includes the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Russia, Poland, Germany, Mexico, Sweden, France and other countries.

    There are several Video Playlists – Some contain many videos, over 20, others only a few. Once the first video is started it will continue to play all videos in the chosen playlist. Click your playlist choice below.

    Big-Rig Trucker Training Videos – Learn how to shift 10-speed through 18-speed manual transmissions. See How to backup into narrow docks, How to handle truck tire blowouts and how to drive in traffic. Find out what Truck Driving Jobs are really like, the good and the bad.

    Perils of Speed Limiters in Big Rig Trucks Videos – See the dangerous effects of Speed Limiters that large trucking companies Don’t want you to know about. Truck Driver’s know how speed governors work in the “Real World”. Very Revealing.

    Videos – Chain Up A Big Rig. Learn from an experienced, professional, Trucker. Just How Do You Chain Up a Big Rig 18 Wheeler. Veteran Truckers Show you how. When you have to chain-up going over Donner Pass, it’s good to know how put chains on your truck. Truckers call it “hanging Iron”.

    Always Remember to keep your chains tight. The tighter they are, the FASTER you can run “I could hit 60 or 70mph if the chains fit good and were tighter than your bosses wallet.” Have fun playing in the snow.

    Custom Big Rig Truck Pictures – Video Slideshow with Music. See some of the most unique Class 8 Custom Trucks and Truck Engines, like a 24 Cylinder Detroit Motor that puts out over 3,400 Horsepower, Ungodly!

    FasterTruck’s Road Train Videos – Videos of Road Trains. The most efficient way to move large amounts of freight over long distances where Railroads Fear to Tread. See Road Trains in Action from countries including Australia, Canada, USA and Mexico. Includes Triples, Turnpike Doubles, B-doubles. Speed Up Road Trains Here

    Global Truckers Videos – Meet Truck Drivers from around the world. Watch them Driving their trucks and doing their jobs. These are the people that make the world go around. See some beautiful scenery and experience some interesting situations that truckers get involved in. Learn what being a trucker is all about.

    Video Library

    5 Open Source Big Data Analysis Platforms and Tools #big #data, #open


    5 Open Source Big Data Analysis Platforms and Tools

    It seems that Hadoop. by offering lower cost distributed computing, did as much to advance Big Data as any other software solution. So certainly any list of open source Big Data platforms will start with Hadoop. Yet as the rise of Spark shows, Hadoop may be a founding pioneer and may well retain its place as the foundation of Big Data but will not of course be its sole cornerstone. So think of this list (which does indeed start with Hadoop) as a glimpse of the pioneering days, the true infancy, of Big Data. The solutions on this list all look, to a greater or lesser extent, to Hadoop as a standard by which to compare their own performance. But the range of the list shows that this comparison is indeed just a springboard, and that many other open source Big Data solutions are sure to evolve in the years ahead.

    16 Open Source Big Data Databases

    7 Open Source Big Data Business Intelligence Tools

    8 Open Source Big Data Mining Tools

    5 Open Source Big Data File Systems and Programming Languages

    5 Open Source Big Data Tools: Transfer and Aggregate

    50 Top Open Source Tools for Big Data

    Big Bend Hospice remembers veterans with a service #motels #in #san #jose

    #big bend hospice


    Big Bend Hospice remembers veterans with a service

    Big Bend Hospice will hold a service of Remembrance on Nov. 10. (Photo: Special to the Democrat)

    Big Bend Hospice invites the community to attend the Veterans Day Remembrance Service on Tuesday, Nov. 10, at 10 a.m. at the Big Bend Hospice McCully Family House Veterans Memorial and Garden, 1723 Mahan Center Blvd.

    The BBH Veterans Day Remembrance Service will provide a special opportunity to celebrate, honor and remember veterans in our area. “Big Bend Hospice understands the price that our veterans have paid to ensure our freedom,” said Cathy Adkison, President and CEO of Big Bend Hospice.” It is our hope that the community comes out for such a meaningful event.”

    The service will feature a Veterans Day address from a military veteran, patriotic music, words of encouragement, and a presentation to veteran participants by the Big Bend Hospice valor team. The program will also provide an opportunity to speak the name of fallen veterans, and recognize their service through a noble and honorable flag ceremony. Big Bend Hospice grief counselors and chaplains will be on hand to provide additional support if participants would like to speak with them.

    Licensed since 1983, Big Bend Hospice serves the Big Bend region with expert healthcare, encouragement, hope, compassion and companionship to people with a life-limiting illness, so that they can complete personal goals and find spiritual and emotional peace. If you would like information about services or to volunteer, please call 850-878-5310 or visit

    Read or Share this story:

    Big Bend Hospice Celebrates 30 Years – Tallahassee Magazine – May-June 2013

    #big bend hospice


    Big Bend Hospice Celebrates 30 Years

    Big Bend Hospice goes beyond basic end-of-life care with programs for music therapy, respite care, camps and bereavement services.

    The region s Hometown Hospice is 30 years old, but Big Bend Hospice has grown over the decades to a $15-million-a-year operation offering services and programs well beyond what hospices normally provide. International acclaim and the years of awards tell us that whatever the original team set out to do, it was done and continues to be done right.

    Hospice programs care for patients whose illnesses no longer respond to treatment, providing medical and emotional support to allow the family to make the best of their time with their loved one. The hospice movement in the United States started in 1974. A few years later, a handful of Tallahassee leaders, including Dr. and Mrs. Al McCully and Dr. Jim Beck, decided to bring hospice services to North Florida. After receiving state permission to provide hospice care in eight Big Bend counties Leon, Franklin, Gadsden, Jefferson, Liberty, Madison, Taylor and Wakulla Big Bend Hospice began offering services in 1983.

    Sharon Davidson, Big Bend Hospice s public information specialist, reflected that the way the organization started is very special: Some of the nonprofits here started in Leon, and then started expanding out. We were right there from the get-go. Thirty years in each of these eight counties.

    Big Bend Hospice s focus continues to be providing compassionate, neighbor-to-neighbor care throughout its service area. With an office and advisory council of community leaders in each county and geographically segmented teams, the organization ensures services are completely in tune with each community s needs, and carried out by friendly, familiar faces. They also keep funds separate and local, ensuring money raised in one county provides facilities and care to that county only.

    In the beginning, Big Bend Hospice served fewer than 50 patients, with only three employees most work was done with the assistance of volunteers. Last year, they served 1,741 patients with a total staff of 173. And this year, the nonprofit has already expanded to 231 employees. In addition to a growing staff and reach, the organization has vastly expanded its scope above and beyond requirements.

    If you come to me and say, I need hospice for my mom, I don t just assign you a person and that s it. You get a team, said Davidson.

    This team would include a patient s doctor, hospice nurses, home health aides, social workers, chaplains, music therapists and specially trained volunteers.

    Core hospice services are usually covered by Medicare and Medicaid, but not everyone qualifies for this financial assistance, and the special programs, such as music therapy and chaplains, are not covered under these. Because of this, Big Bend Hospice started a foundation in 1996 to provide financial support for hospice programs, making them available whether or not a family is able to pay.

    Music therapy is not required, but Davidson maintained it is one of the most important services offered, and that their internationally renowned music therapy program initiates moments of unity, happiness or understanding for families dealing with difficult situations.

    Additionally, Big Bend Hospice makes sure to provide help across its community whenever possible. In late 2012, when Taylor County experienced the back-to-back deaths of two teens in car accidents, the organization sent its bereavement team to help the community and worked with the media to provide a resource for that grieving community.

    The organization s volunteer program is both essential and renowned. With more than 450 volunteers, Big Bend Hospice s program is recognized as one of the best in the area. Recognized as the Volunteer Group of the Year by the Tallahassee Democrat, the program trains local citizens, patients friends and neighbors to perform many tasks, including light housekeeping, meal preparation, talking with patients and staying with a patient who will pass away in less than 24 hours.

    Davidson explained that these programs are what make Big Bend Hospice special they represent the organization s drive to provide the best care possible to patients in a difficult transition.

    Since the inception of a basic, skeleton hospice team, over 30 years we ve grown into an all-encompassing team, definitely offering more than what s required, and that includes the enhancement of our bereavement team. We ve come a long way.

    Bereavement services at Big Bend Hospice are diverse. The requirement under hospice guidelines is to provide some sort of bereavement service to a patient s family during the 13 months after the patient s passing (anything from sending quarterly cards to offering the occasional bereavement session).

    Families in the Big Bend also have access to a full-time bereavement staff. Monthly specialized sessions, including a grief and loss session and a suicide loss session, combined with The Caring Tree Program, which focuses on children and teens, are available not only to patients families, but to anyone in the service area who has suffered a difficult loss in the family and needs help coping. Camp Woe-Be-Gone is another program that allows children and teens to get away, with access to art and music therapy, and also helpful interaction to deal with loss.

    While these supportive services can be provided anywhere a patient calls home, some patients need 24-hour medical supervision. In these cases, the patients may move to Big Bend Hospice s Margaret Z. Dozier Hospice House, located here in Tallahassee. This home-like, 12-room facility provides transitional care from hospital to home, advanced pain control, respite care and proper attention when a patient s condition is such that the caregiver can no longer provide for his or her needs at home.

    The Hospice House includes private rooms with home-like furnishings, each with overnight accommodations for one guest. The house also features a children s playroom, open spaces for families to gather, a Reflection Room available for quiet meditation, a garden and professional hospice staff who can provide required interventions for the patient and/or their families.

    We are the hometown hospice, Davidson said. We are the resource for those coping with death the go-to organization for those dealing with a very difficult situation.

    This will continue, according to Big Bend Hospice Chief Executive Officer Cathy Adkison, despite the changing landscape of health care with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. She explained that Big Bend Hospice is ready for the changes, and is confident about the direction it will take as baby boomers become the organization s next generation to receive treatment. The organization has recently launched the PEACE Project, which addresses the end-of-life planning needs baby boomers will face before a potential healthcare crisis.

    The future of hospice care is bright, she said. The need for hospice care will continue to rise as baby boomers age. Boomers are experiencing the chronic illness and death of their parents and peers. Big Bend Hospice provides the kind of care boomers want. Care provided in their home. Care that is individualized specifically for them. Care provided at a substantial cost savings compared to mainstream medicine.

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    Big Bend Hospice – Doctor insights on HealthTap #motel #san #francisco

    #big bend hospice


    End of life care. Hospice is meant for those who seemingly at the end of life, although that end can still be many months away. The emphasis of hospice care is not trying to save the life, but to give comfort to the individual as their death approaches. The timing of death is variable – days, weeks, months. . Read more

    8 doctors shared insights

    Care that is palliative, ie symptom support. but no treatment of underlying disease or cardio-resuscitation. . Read more

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    Big bend hospice #san #diego #hospice

    #big bend hospice


    • Welcome
    • Worship Times
    • Directions
    • What to Expect
    • FAQs

    Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, St. John s welcome you! We hope you will visit us this Sunday or during the week. After the Sunday service, look for our greeters at the exits of the church who can provide you with more information about St. John s and answer any questions you may have.

    Office hours: 8:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday


    8:00 a.m. – Holy Eucharist, Rite I
    10:00 a.m. – Holy Eucharist, Rite II, choirs Children’s Chapel
    5:30 p.m. – Holy Eucharist, Rite II (Chapel)

    7:15 a.m. – Morning Prayer (Wednesday)
    12:10 p.m. – Monday, Friday, Holy Eucharist, (Chapel); Wednesdays – Healing Service

    St. John s is located at 211 N. Monroe Street in downtown Tallahassee.

    We are on the corner of Call and Monroe Streets next to Capital City Bank.

    Parking is available along Call and Calhoun Streets or behind our Bookstore on

    St. John s is a welcoming community. Daily worship, a bustling cafe and bookstore and meeting spaces are open to the public. We are a downtown church that joyfully extends our hospitality to our members and the community. Be sure to see one of our greeters after the service who can provide you with information about St. John s and answer your questions.

    What types of programs are available for children and youth? We offer engaging
    spiritual enrichment opportunities for children and youth. Click here for more
    information on children and youth .

    What is the purpose of St. John s? We seek to love and serve Christ and our neighbors in Tallahassee and the world. More on our Core Values.

    What does it mean to be an Episcopalian? We have a wonderful web resource that explains the Episcopal life and what it means to be an Episcopalian. If you need more information, contact us. We look forward to seeing you.


    The mission of Big Bend Hospice (BBH) is to provide compassionate care to individuals with a life-limiting illness, comfort to their families, and emotional support to anyone who has lost a loved one. Licensed since 1983, Big Bend Hospice provides expert health care, encouragement, hope, compassion and companionship to people and families dealing with a life-limiting illness so they can complete personal goals and find spiritual and emotional peace.

    Care is provided in many forms and includes comprehensive medical care, skilled in-patient care at the Margaret Z. Dozier Hospice House, music therapy, spiritual care, and grief support for all ages. Additional information can be found at

    Many members of St. John’s Church volunteer or have volunteered for Big Bend Hospice, including three parishioners who currently serve on the Big Bend Hospice Foundation Board, and many of our families have received care from BBH. Numerous volunteer opportunities are available in a wide variety of areas.

    Big Bend Hospice

    Weston Hospice launch – The Big Drop #hotel #vouchers

    #weston hospice


    Weston Hospice launch The Big Drop

    Later this month, Weston Hospicecare will launch ‘The Big Drop’ campaign to ask members of the public to have a clear out and bring any un-used possessions to dedicated donation points across the region.

    The Big Drop’ will take place from May 16 to May 23 and full details of the donation points will be made available soon so businesses in North Somerset can drop items off.

    Diana Sorrell, Director of Fundraising at Weston Hospicecare comments on the scheme: “We’re really looking forward to ‘The Big Drop’ and have some exciting things lined up. It’s so important to keep our shops stocked so we can continue to sell high quality goods at reasonable prices and help fund the vital services at the Hospice. We would not be able to support the 1300 local people we do each year without the fantastic support of our community”.

    The launch of The Big Drop follows on from one of the largest single donations the charity has ever received. Weston Hospicecare’s reception was piled high with donation bags as Hospice employees and residents of Uphill pulled together stock from the charity’s 16 shops.

    Over 55 bags of stock were dropped off at the dedicated drop point at the Hospice. All the donated stock will be distributed by the Hospice delivery vans to its shops across the region including Weston-super-Mare, Clevedon, Cheddar, Yatton and Burnham.

    Sharon White, HR Administrator at Weston Hospicecare said: “I have not worn or used half of this stuff for months but it’s all still in really good condition and what better way to make sure someone else makes good use of it?”

    Marianna Murphy, who lives on Laurel Drive in Uphill added: “I was thrilled when the flyer dropped through my door. I’ve had some things to clear out for a while and this gave me the nudge I needed!”

    Weston Hospicecare hopes that this will be the first of many mass donations to help their shops gather much needed stock.

    Diana Sorrell, Director of Fundraising at Weston Hospicecare said: “Lately it has been harder to keep our shops fully stocked as we are not seeing the levels of donations we’ve been used to in recent years. The success of this month’s mass donation will really help but we’re looking to the local community to support us further in our quest for stock.”

    If your business is interested in supporting Weston Hospicecare by hosting a public drop point for ‘The Big Drop’, or would like to ask your employees to bring in donations that the Hospice can collect, please get in touch with Sarah Livermore, Corporate Fundraiser, on 01934 423921 who will give you more information.

    Big Changes Ahead… Hospice QAPI #cancer #hospice #care

    #qapi hospice


    Hospice will soon be experiencing a number of changes to quality assessment performance improvement (QAPI). These changes are driven by CMS’ commitment to increasing the availability and use of healthcare information for informed decision-making and quality improvement, coupled with a legislative mandate in the Affordable Care Act to begin implementation of a hospice quality reporting program. CMS’ FY2014 Proposed Rule identified a number of new measures and data sets beginning in 2015. If the proposed measures and timeline are finalized, it will be challenging for hospices to implement all of the new QAPI requirements. It’s not too early for hospices to begin preparing for these changes now.

    What Can Hospices Expect?

    Hospices should be currently collecting data for the QAPI Structural Measure and NQF 0209 measure for all of 2013. Data submission is April 1, 2014. After the FY2014 data collection year, CMS proposes that the QAPI structural measure and NQF#0209 that were required in FY2012/2013 be discontinued. The structural measure was used to ascertain the depth and breadth of existing QAPI programs and CMS determined that further reporting is not necessary. Due to difficulties implementing the NQF Pain Measure, CMS believes it is unsuitable for long term use in quality reporting. CMS may decide to keep NQF#0209 if an adequate pain outcome measure is not found to replace it.

    Introduction of the Hospice Item Set (HIS) July 1, 2014. The Hospice Item Set contains 7 new measures. Similar to the Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) in home health care, electronic data submission is required on admission and discharge for every patient. Hospices who fail to report quality data will have a 2% market basket reduction for FY2016. Specifics of the reporting system and precisely when specific measures would be made available have not yet been determined. Public reporting of the HIS is not expected until 2018. Before public reporting can begin, the validity and reliability of data submitted beginning July 1, 2014 needs to be analyzed, which will take at least 4 quarters of data. Specifications of the proposed HIS measures are available via the Quality Forum. Examples of the HIS forms are available from CMS .

    CMS also announced a new post-death family caregiver survey called the Hospice Experience of Care Survey that is also proposed to begin in 2015. Mandatory compliance with continuous monthly data reporting begins April 1, 2015 for FY2017 payment update. The survey, which draws heavily from the Family Evaluation of Hospice Care (FEHC) survey, is currently being field-tested. The FEHC was not used because it did not contain some of the questions that were identified as important by the public and it was not nationally standardized. Hospices with fewer than 50 deaths in 2014 are exempt, but they must submit their patient counts to qualify for the exemption. Some specifics regarding the Hospice Experience of Care Survey include:

    • There are 3 versions determined by location of death: 1) home; 2) nursing home; and 3) inpatient care. Each version contains a set of core questions with additional setting-specific questions.
    • It focuses on the patient/caregiver experience of care, rather than on patient satisfaction.
    • The survey includes questions about provider communication and care plus patient and family characteristics
    • Hospices must contract with a vendor for survey administration and quarterly data submission.
    • More information can be found at Hospice CAHPs (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems)

    What Can Your Hospice Do Now?

    • Begin testing the new HIS measures in your program. Monitor your results and conduct a Performance Improvement Project (PIP) if necessary.
    • Participate in a performance improvement measurement system to obtain comparative data. Examples include NHPCO DART system (NHPCO members only), Quality Navigator from Deyta LLC, and QAPI Snapshot from OCS HomeCare.
    • Familiarize your self with the additional resources listed below.

    Additional Resources:

    Posted by Terri Maxwell, PhD APRN, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Weatherbee Resources, Inc. Hospice Education Network Inc.

    Learn more about QAPI and other important compliance-related topics at Weatherbee’s upcoming Hospice Regulatory Boot Camp.

    Big Blue Diving – Koh Tao #hotels #in #shimla

    #big blue hotel


    Welcome to Big Blue Diving

    A Scuba Diving Resort, an SSI Diamond Instructor Training Center, a BSAC Center of Excellence and a 5 Star TDI Instructor Training Facility Big Blue Diving has a fantastic beachfront location to the northern more tranquil end of Sairee Beach, a 16 room private guesthouse one 3 bedroom family villa with private swimming pool set in a quiet location just a 5 minute walk from the beach and our Dive Resort. Big Blue Diving Resort offers a beach side bar and restaurant with a large purpose built swimming pool for confined water skills. With over 100 rooms we offer all diving courses from beginner to instructor with Asia’s leading certifying PADI SSI Scuba Diving Instructor.

    Big Blue Pro is our Professional Diver Training team with SSI BSAC Instructor Trainers aswell as a team of 4 experienced Instructors training our Divemasters. We also offer PADI IDC’s with one of the worlds leading PADI Course Directors.

    Big Blue Tech -these guys are the best in the Industry. Few people in the world have dived to 100 meters depth.These guys have. Become a Tech Diver or get involved in Sidemount, Cave or Wreck Diving. They also organise our Diving expeditions throughout Asia with annual trips through Big Blue Dive Club to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philipines China.

    Big Blue Freediving is run by two of Koh Tao’s most highly motivated, trusted and multilingual SSI instructors, teaching courses in English, French and Spanish.

    Big Blue Movies comprises of 4 of the most talented creative moviemakers on the island with prior experience ranging from programme editor for the BBC, Documentary film maker, professional Photographer. These guys not only make great movies they can help you make a great movie yourself with all our own in house Video Photo editing equipment.

    Big Blue Conservation led by our own in-house Marine Biologist, offers eco-internships and has since its conception won various Environmental Achievement Award from PADI, Project Aware, SSI BSAC for Responsible Tourism including waste water treatment, Beach clean ups, observing, complying implementing sound ecological diving practises.

    Drift by Big Blue is our high street retail outlet in Sairee Village specialising in snorkelling watersports fashionable beach Divewear. The main retailer for leading brands like Sharkskin Rashsuits, Mares Scuba Pro Aqualung dive equipment, Suunto Computers, Feelfree Dry bags our number one best seller Go Pro Cameras. Drift is Koh Tao’s leading Go Pro distributor for cameras all accessories.

    One of the longest-established dive centres on Koh Tao, Big Blue Diving, Big Blue Tech, Big Blue Dive Club, Big Blue Pro, Big Blue Freediving, Big Blue Movies Drift by Big Blue is quite clearly your all in one One Stop Shop and definitely one of Koh Tao’s most popular very best. We look forward to seeing you here soon.

    Big Bend Hospice – Doctor insights on HealthTap #motel #rocks #discount #code

    #big bend hospice


    End of life care. Hospice is meant for those who seemingly at the end of life, although that end can still be many months away. The emphasis of hospice care is not trying to save the life, but to give comfort to the individual as their death approaches. The timing of death is variable – days, weeks, months. . Read more

    8 doctors shared insights

    Care that is palliative, ie symptom support. but no treatment of underlying disease or cardio-resuscitation. . Read more

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    For these services, please use HealthTap Prime. See Additional Information

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    Big Bend Hospice Our House – family grief services by Debbie Kirkland

    #big bend hospice


    Our House at Big Bend Hospice will be used to house families with terminally ill family members in hospice care during the last day of their lives. It will also serve as a place for grief counseling, pastoral counseling, and support services for families. The Tallahassee Board of Realtors President s Gala is raising money to support Big Bend Hospice s Our House on November 16th, and we could use your support. It is a charity close to the hearts of many who have had loved ones cared for by this great non-profit service. Please donate today, help us build Our House.

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    Big Bend Hospice Our House – family grief services

    $ 50 Raised of $500 goal

    Campaign launched on Nov 15, 2012

    Our House at Big Bend Hospice will be used to house families with terminally ill family members in hospice care during the last day of their lives. It will also serve as a place for grief counseling, pastoral counseling, and support services for.

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