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Technique. Ingredients. Passion.
It s The Way We Cook.

And it s the way you ll cook as a culinary arts student at the Columbus Culinary Institute. As a culinary arts student, you ll have 3 hours a day of hands-on kitchen instruction from our chef instructors. Most days, you will be challenged to prepare a serving to be tasted and critiqued by an instructor, your fellow students, and even yourself. We don t do anything half-way, and neither will you.

Columbus Culinary offers an 18-month Associate of Applied Science degree and a 12-month diploma option. Our culinary students graduate from both programs with an employer-ready package of cooking and business skills.

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Read below for more details about our culinary arts program.

I tell a student that the most important class you can take is technique. A great chef is first a great technician.



By the end of Columbus Culinary Institute s diploma or Associate of Applied Science degree program, you will have been exposed to a variety of cuisines, learned a variety of culinary techniques, and be ready for a variety of career options.

As a Bradford School graduate, you ll have the support of our job placement department to help you get started on the right culinary path for you. Job Placement services are available to our graduates throughout their careers.

Ready to get started? Call us at 877-506-5006 or fill out our information request form .

Culinary school graduates can:

  • Work for hospitality-related companies, including caterers, restaurants, and entertainment venues or even become a personal chef
  • Advance in the kitchen from food preparer, to cook, to sous chef, to executive chef
  • Follow your dream and open your own restaurant
  • Use your artistic side as a food stylist


Columbus Culinary offers an 18-month Associate of Applied Science degree and a 12-month diploma option. Our curriculum is intended to be hands-on and career focused, with most classes specific to your culinary development. You ll spend 3 hours per day in hands-on kitchen instruction.

To read the course descriptions, download our school catalog .

Ready to get started? Call us at 877-506-5006 or fill out our information request form .

Concentration Courses

  • Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
  • Commercial Kitchen Skills and Procedures
  • Soups, Starches and Sauces
  • Meat and Poultry Arts
  • Fish and Shellfish Arts
  • Breads, Cakes and Pastry Arts
  • Garde Manger and Charcuterie
  • Safety, Sanitation and Kitchen Design
  • Wines, Spirits and Beverages
  • Computer Applications for Foodservice
  • Purchasing and Cost Control
  • Dining Room Service and Management
  • Purchasing and Storeroom Procedures
  • Classical Cuisine*
  • International Cuisine*
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Culinary Externship*

*18-month Associate Degree Program Only



Potential applicants may find the following information at institutional accreditation; contact information for accrediting agencies and state licensing/approval agencies; admissions policies and practices; policies on transfer of credits to and from the institution; policies and processes for withdrawal and for refunds of tuition/fees; and additional consumer information.

Credit Transfer from Another School

Transcripts of work completed at other colleges may be submitted to the Director of Education for review. Transcripts should be submitted during the first term of a student’s program. Other documentation may also be required. Credits considered for transfer are evaluated by the Director of Education to determine if the course work is similar in nature, content, and level to that required at Bradford School. If the course work is comparable, transfer students may be given credit for courses completed at other approved colleges provided the grades received for the courses were “C” or better. Courses completed at other Bradford schools will be treated the same as courses taken at Bradford School. Because programs at Bradford School are specially tailored to career preparation, course credits from other postsecondary schools may not be transferable. Credit is not granted for advanced placement or experiential learning.

Credit Transfer to Another School

The acceptance of credits is always at the discretion of the institution to which a student is attempting to transfer credits. There may be articulation agreements in place at the time the student enters that may not be in place when the student graduates or desires to attend a particular school. Because programs at Bradford School are designed specifically for career preparation, students must assume that credits for courses taken at Bradford School are not transferable to other institutions. Neither Bradford School nor any of its employees can represent that another institution will accept any courses for credit. A student who is interested in attempting to transfer credits to another institution should contact the Director of Education. Bradford School will supply the necessary documentation that may aid the student in receiving credits for the completed course work provided the student does not owe the school money, is not delinquent or in default on a student loan, or does not owe a refund on any federal or state student financial aid program.


We know that cooking is a big part of your life. Get started making it your career.

We accept applications year-round, so it’s never too late to apply. Although we accept ACT and/or SAT scores, they are not required. We recommend that every interested student schedule a tour of our facilities to see, hear, and smell what makes us different.

Ready to get started? Call us at 877-506-5006 or fill out our information request form.

As a Columbus Culinary student, you will be able to:

  • Graduate and be ready to work quickly
  • Use our proactive job placement department
  • Take hands-on, career driven classes
  • Learn from faculty with experience in your field
  • Apply for financial aid
  • Finish First!

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Bradford Health Services (Huntsville Madison Inpatient – Outpatient) in Madison, AL – Rehabilitation Center Report – Services, Type of Care, Programs, Groups, Reviews, Ratings, and More #bradford #treatment #center


Bradford Health Services (Huntsville Madison Inpatient Outpatient)

Detailed report on the substance abuse treatment rehabilitation center located in Madison, Alabama (AL).

Bradford Health Services is a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center with a primary focus on substance abuse treatment based at 1600 Browns Ferry Road in Madison, AL. The provider may also be called or have a program named Huntsville Madison Inpatient Outpatient.

The facility provides detoxification and buprenorphine services to the public. The treatment center provides partial hospitalization and residential short-term treatment care. There are special groups and programs for adolescents. Special language services provided include assistance for hearing impaired. Payments via state financed insurance, private insurance, and military insurance are accepted. Payment assistance is not offered for program costs.

Overall Rating

Rated 3.00 out of 5 from 8 User Reviews

Read the Reviews | Rate this Rehab Center

Madison has a total population of 29,329, of which 8,884 are children under the age of 18 and 1,618 are seniors 65 and older. The median age is 34.5.

Total Population: 29,329 Median Age: 34.5 Males: 14,477 (49.4%) Female: 14,852 (50.6%) Children (0-17): 8,884 (30.3%) Adults (18-64): 18,827 (64.2%) Seniors (65+): 1,618 (5.5%) Age Breakdown: Married: 14,395 (49.1%) Divorced: 2,291 (7.8%) Marriage Breakdown: Hispanic Ethnicity: 675 (2.30%) White: 23,506 (80.15%) African American: 3,812 (13.00%) Asian: 1,029 (3.51%) Pacific Islander: 18 (0.06%) Indian: 185 (0.63%) Other: 197 (0.67%) Two or More: 582 (1.98%) Racial Breakdown:


The average number of disabilities per resident is 0.16, which does not include institutionalized individuals.

Disabilities: 0.16 (Per Capita) Dialysis Centers: 1 Doctors: 110 Home Agencies: 0 Hospitals: 0 Nursing Homes: 2 Medical Suppliers: 16 Rehab Centers: 1


The median family income is $74,532 while the median household income is $63,849. Roughly 5.65% of the population live in poverty.

Family Income: $74,532 Household Income: $63,849 In Poverty: 5.65%