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Calvary Hospital

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Hours: Do you know the hours for this business? General Info: Established in 1899, Calvary Hospital is one of the leading providers of acute medical care services in the United States. It employs a staff of more than 950 people and serves over 5,300 patients annually. The hospital operates an outpatient service center that specializes in pain control, wound care and other services related to cancer patients. Calvary Hospital also offers pastoral care, therapeutic recreation and radiology services. In addition, it provides inpatient care, case management and hospice services. The hospital also offers physical, occupational and speech therapies, as well as conducts several bereavement and support programs for families. It additionally provides nutritional counseling, nursing and medical social services. Calvary Hospital maintains a location in Brooklyn, N.Y. Extra Phones:

Phone: (718) 518-2465

Phone: (718) 518-2000

Phone: (718) 630-7000

Phone: (718) 630-6680

Primary Phone: (718) 518-2000

Fax: (718) 518-2465

Fax: (718) 518-2000

Fax: (718) 630-6680


  • Medical Services

Payment method: amex, mastercard, visa, discover Location: Lutheran Medical Ctr Neighborhoods: Sunset Park. South Brooklyn Other Link:

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Calvary Hospital Hospice – Hospitals – Lutheran Augustan Center Extended Care – Rehab, Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY #palliative #radiation #therapy

#calvary hospice


Calvary Hospital Hospice

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Calvary Hospital Hospice

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Calvary Hospital Hospice

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Calvary Hospital Hospice

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Calvary Hospital Hospice